Join The Higherside Chats podcast as host, Greg Carlwood, talks The Dominant Of Witchcraft: Charles Fort, Elite Rituals, & Space Scouts with returning guest, Gordon White.

Back in the saddle again, your favorite wizard and magical guru, the man jockeying for first place in THC airtime, with his 8th appearance on The Higherside, Gordon White returns to give us his take on what to expect in the upcoming year.
4:00 With 2017 clocking in as the year of chaos, where we employ bad solutions to worse problems, Greg and Gordon take a minute to analyze the forecast for 2018, otherwise known as the year of mind control. White explains the importance in recognizing the range of mind control tactics employed, avoiding the pitfalls in the rescue ranger narrative that our chosen politician can somehow save us, and suppressing unfounded and irrational fears that distract us from the impending war, where the principle battlefield is our mind.
14:00 Greg and Gordon continue with their discussion about personal responsibility. Gordon points out how seriously flawed both sides of the aisle are, and encourages a more proactive approach to understanding geopolitics. They also discuss the upcoming cycles, from both Martin Armstrong’s model and Austin Coppock, how these overlap and the chaos we should expect to ensue. White is quick to point out the value of remaining calm and how understanding future ebbs helps us cope and prepare.
20:00 Greg and Gordon pivot to discussing the false missile alert in Hawaii. With a well defined model of consciousness and it’s effects on the physical world, Gordon gives his interpretation as to what may have been the motive behind this false, false-flag.
28:00 With the culture of material science making way for consciousness and panpsychism, Greg and Gordon examine what this shift may signify, how the nefarious elite have used these past shifts to manipulate us and what ops they have in store for the future.
38:00 Greg and Gordon discuss long term predictions and possible effects of the transformation from a science-centric worldview to a witchcraft dominant perspective.
42:00 Disrupting the current worldview on many levels, Greg and Gordon tackle Oumuamua, NASA, and what this disclosure means.
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– plagues and disease

– updates on Directed Panspermia, Pimps, & Octopi

– what it’s like to run a digital magic school

– the importance of timing & it’s effect on getting the attention of the spirits

– the Grimoire Era and the Sola-Busca Tarrochi Deck

– the elite & haunted bloodlines

– the Our Lady of Fatima event and it’s importance to Ufology

– civilizing Tricksters events & the prospect of the last one being less public

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Martin Armstrong’s Economic Models: https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/models/7219-2/
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