Gordon White | The Dominant Of Witchcraft: Charles Fort, Elite Rituals, & Space Scouts

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Join The Higherside Chats podcast as host, Greg Carlwood, talks The Dominant Of Witchcraft: Charles Fort, Elite Rituals, & Space Scouts with returning guest, Gordon White.

Back in the saddle again, your favorite wizard and magical guru, the man jockeying for first place in THC airtime, with his 8th appearance on The Higherside, Gordon White returns to give us his take on what to expect in the upcoming year.
4:00 With 2017 clocking in as the year of chaos, where we employ bad solutions to worse problems, Greg and Gordon take a minute to analyze the forecast for 2018, otherwise known as the year of mind control. White explains the importance in recognizing the range of mind control tactics employed, avoiding the pitfalls in the rescue ranger narrative that our chosen politician can somehow save us, and suppressing unfounded and irrational fears that distract us from the impending war, where the principle battlefield is our mind.
14:00 Greg and Gordon continue with their discussion about personal responsibility. Gordon points out how seriously flawed both sides of the aisle are, and encourages a more proactive approach to understanding geopolitics. They also discuss the upcoming cycles, from both Martin Armstrong’s model and Austin Coppock, how these overlap and the chaos we should expect to ensue. White is quick to point out the value of remaining calm and how understanding future ebbs helps us cope and prepare.
20:00 Greg and Gordon pivot to discussing the false missile alert in Hawaii. With a well defined model of consciousness and it’s effects on the physical world, Gordon gives his interpretation as to what may have been the motive behind this false, false-flag.
28:00 With the culture of material science making way for consciousness and panpsychism, Greg and Gordon examine what this shift may signify, how the nefarious elite have used these past shifts to manipulate us and what ops they have in store for the future.
38:00 Greg and Gordon discuss long term predictions and possible effects of the transformation from a science-centric worldview to a witchcraft dominant perspective.
42:00 Disrupting the current worldview on many levels, Greg and Gordon tackle Oumuamua, NASA, and what this disclosure means.
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– plagues and disease

– updates on Directed Panspermia, Pimps, & Octopi

– what it’s like to run a digital magic school

– the importance of timing & it’s effect on getting the attention of the spirits

– the Grimoire Era and the Sola-Busca Tarrochi Deck

– the elite & haunted bloodlines

– the Our Lady of Fatima event and it’s importance to Ufology

– civilizing Tricksters events & the prospect of the last one being less public

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42 Responses

  1. I fucking love Gordon white. He’s so on point. And holyshit! I just finished American gods yesterday so it’s cool you brought it up. Such a great show! And that gay jinn sex scene was brilliant. He jizzes fire in him and it goes through his body and out his eyes and mouth. What? Amazing. That show is a mindfuck. I’m all for equal opportunity nudity. There’s no reason tits should be shown more than dicks. Oh and VAGINA NEBULA! Hahah

  2. I have a history of testing my guardian spirits too. I only wore seat belts when I had a “feeling”. The same with parenting. While everyone around me was doing the helicopter thing I was pretty hands off until I felt that tug at my heart. I would hone in and check in, help where I could and let her get back to being a kid. Thanks for the show, in a time of fear. looking for saviors and being pulled around by the media agenda. Staying centered and working the magic is the way to go and it gives me hope knowing how many of us there are doing that work, walking that path.

  3. Sorry Greg don’t trust this guy he feels just too smooth and know it all. Why does he always side step the issue of being possessed? These beings would be smooth and tricky – they are not going to jump out and show their true motivation and would be well disguised but that’s just paranoid me! Take care xx

    1. I maybe should have explained that I have trained in one of the most ancient healing modalites from the Australian Originals calle Holographic Kinetics and it is VERY easy to invite entities in and carrying out rituals and externalising requests for “help” is a sure fire way of doing that.

  4. Another great episode. I’ll have to listen again as there was so much in this one. Initial observation: it was interesting to hear that disease has an uptick in Martin Armstrong’s model as that confirms what I and fellow magical practitioners have been tracking through divination over the past 6 months or so. I was hoping it would tail off after this latest flu cycle but it’s still showing. And on that last flu virus, me and my pals who got infected noticed it having effects on a magical level. It enabled us to work at levels and get to places we ordinarily wouldn’t be able to get to. So maybe that virus has several agendas? Dunno. Something for me to ponder some more.

  5. Gordon is consistently my favorite guest. More of him please Greg. It’s not just him though, I feel like the interaction between you two as host and guest is so great to listen to. I always feel like you are on your game when you interview him.

  6. Another great discussion with Gordon White!
    Re alignment in time versus space, I’ve had this idea for a while – I’m sure i’m not the first/only – that the whole world should be on one time. I think this would empower positive conceptions of “One World.” Then you would know that different parts of the world are generally awake or asleep at different times. The current system is certainly a divide-and-conquer strategy. Of course, everyone would fight about where the day starts/ends and Greenwich would like win out. I looked a bit and couldn’t find how to participate in Gordon’s prayer groups but would love to.
    In poking around on Gordon’s web site, where i had never been before – just listened in the past, – i noted that Gordon says he’s obsessed with sharks. If you haven’t already – maybe you did in the pig chimp hybrid discussion? (I forget) – please ask him about sharks some time.
    Thanks for always being so clear!!!

  7. When I was a kid I thought quite frequently that I had superpowers and experiences that adults didn’t seem to have and never talked about. Leaving my body and floating around the living room, just looking at my body sitting there. Seeing a mysterious figure on the hill in the backyard, only for it to sink into the ground after we both knew we were seeing each other. Knowing a baseball player was going to prove my Mom wrong when she would talk shit. But mainly it was a sense of openness to experience, that was the superpower. I say superpower, because I was a kid and that’s how I remember thinking about it. The older I got the more I felt the need to push those experiences away (for the sake of not being ostracized)…Then we all started getting high and telepathy was the elephant in the room. It felt like every time some telepathic moment would occur people would say, “I’m so high right now!” But in a way that led you to a conclusion that they didn’t have the words to describe what was happening, or perhaps didn’t want to say. And here we are in 2018 where conspiracy and magic are the maps myself and many others look to and I can’t believe how many others there are. Time to start finding them. All this to say, great episode, Gordon is awesome, and excellent closing statements.

  8. I appreciate you using the proper “Ol’ Chuck” moniker for Mr. Fort, Greg ;). I feel like he really deserves to have some sort of affectionate nickname among his intellectual descendants.

    I think Gordon is spot on thinking of the world right now in terms of transition to a new Dominant. It’s like Fort brushed off the scientific triumphalism of his day, blew past the Post-Modern relativism that was yet to ascend, and surveyed the territory the big We is coming to the borders of. The whole UFO contact/disclosure discussion called to mind a passage from The Book of the Damned. Fort cites a whole slew of falls of red-colored rains, and then says scientists were justified trying to attribute them all to sand blown up from the Sahara because “rains of blood” were terrifying to people of the Middle Ages.

    “My own acceptance is that such assurances, whether fictitious or not, whether the Sahara is a “dazzling white” desert or not, have wrought such good effects, in a sociologic sense, even though prostitutional in the positivist sense, that, in the sociologic sense, they were well justified;
    But that we’ve gone on: that this is the twentieth century; that most of us have grown up so that such soporifics of the past are no longer necessary:
    That if gushes of blood should fall from the sky upon New York City, business would go on as usual.”

    Maybe he was exaggerating for the world of 1919. But it’s safe to say now that people in general have never, since the rise of the current Materialist Dominant, been more prepared to accept the revelation of visitors from another world in stride. And, in contrast, I’m pretty sure nobody here thinks that all the obfuscations and soporifics pushed on the issue were done with truly good intentions in the ‘sociologic’ sense. So much effort has been made by the PTB to prepare for the time when the denials of consciousness and external relations could no longer hold anyway. Gah, a zillion different thoughts branch off from there. Anyway, thanks Gordon for a dose of calm assurance that we’ve actually got some chance of maybe not getting clobbered and actually riding those massive waves!

    1. I’m wth the detractors. 6 is human, 7 is peak. 8 was OTT. If timing matters then THC has overcooked it. Clearly placed episode to reinforce Knowles message. Too constructed Greg. Let it flow, let go. Don’t be another manager.

  9. Why is everyone so excited to hear Gordon White? I’m not saying this to troll. He is extremely well informed and exceedingly eloquent. But I’m not really interested in his opinion of Donald Trump and other things. He takes so long to say anything, and a lot of it is just his own personal take on current events. I guess what I’m saying is can we get a little more magic talk from the magician?

    Greg seems to be so fascinated by every word that comes out of Gordon’s mouth. I suppose Gordon really is a magician! I guess I’m just not under his spell.

    I have to say as well that it sounds like a conversation between two people who know each other really well. The problem with that is it alienates outsiders. I have heard the interviews from the past but don’t really remember them all too well now. If it is required that people have heard them, new listeners will be lost, as well as people with bad memories like me!

    Anyway, once again, my purpose here is not to troll, but to give honest feedback. THC is a big part of my life and I listen to each episode many times over the week that it comes out. But honestly I don’t think I can bear to hear Gordon take so long to say so little. There’s just so much more real information in an hour of Chris Knowles than an hour of Gordon.

    Respectfully, Marchello.

    1. I have to say, i share your feelings exactly. I don’t know what all the hype about Gordon is. Sure he knows things and has nice insights, but he really makes it difficult to understand what he’s trying to say because many times, he just doesn’t get to the point he’s trying to make and goes into long, convoluted explanations. There were a lot of times topics being discussed were not explained and just taken as a given, so I imagine new listeners would have been lost. I was lost a few times, and i’ve listened to Gordon before, so I think things should be explained because there are other people listening besides Greg. He really didn’t have much to say about the subject in question itself, Witchcraft, besides in general, so I found that disappointing.

      Enough Gordon already, please!

    2. Well put Marcello. May your nay-saying always be as free as a bird. In the final analysis what Western magicians offer is an aesthetic. We novices enjoy that good sense but now suspect a danger inherent to any imagination swayed by external forces.

      1. Thank you. I don’t actually think I’m nay-saying in the classic sense (trolling). I wanted to give it another go, so I randomly clicked at minute 42 to skip the long current affairs recap. Right where Greg says let’s talk about omurumuru. I still don’t know what omurumuru is, unless they defined it previously, but it sounded like it was the first time Greg mentioned it. I’m really not too keen to go back and relisten to the first forty minutes to find out. Seriously though, from the blustery and long winded response of Gordon, they had pretty much stopped talking about omurumuru by minute 55 and I’m telling you I still didn’t have a frikkin clue! And really by that point I had no idea what was going on! 😀 Aside from the obvious, there are billions of stars so there must be aliens, kind of thing. Thanks Carl Sagan. I think they said the word magic once? I am truly sorry to harp on this but I can’t believe people were impressed.

        Maybe since these guys are buddies, Greg was comfortable puffing a little extra beforehand, which would explain his, Whoa dude that is so deep! response to everything Gordon said. :/

        Once again, just to be clear, Gordon is extremely well spoken, and while I don’t find his opinions of current affairs any more insightful than my own, he certainly is a far more talented public speaker than I will ever be.


    3. Saying No is a positive, and nothing like trolling. The asteroid hurtling towards us is just another one coming our way, but this one just happened to appear soon after LV. (Even aliens can produce red herrings). What’s of value for some in the know is that the current Knowles data points get a rise in the mainstream like these have in the past, thus THC and others can actually gauge their value. Otherwise, as a loopy fringe area we really are in the wild. A blip on the Normative radar is a positive sign. Our prob as listeners is that we get a sense of a clique developing, even a sense of a hierarchy of knowledge among genuine seekers. That’s for Greg to sort. I’ve heard all 8 GW podcasts and they are highly useful, but familiarity can breed contempt. PS why no comments on much loved Peter Levenda as the sidekick in the Delonge drama series?

    4. Saying No is a positive, and nothing like trolling. The asteroid hurtling towards us is just another one coming our way, but this one just happened to appear soon after LV. (Even aliens can produce red herrings). What’s of value for some in the know is that the current Knowles data points get a rise in the mainstream like these have in the past, thus THC and others can actually gauge their value. Otherwise, as a loopy fringe area we really are in the wild. A blip on the Normative radar is a positive sign. Our prob as listeners is that we get a sense of a clique developing, even a sense of a hierarchy of knowledge among genuine seekers. That’s for Greg to sort. I’ve heard all 8 GW podcasts and they are highly useful, but familiarity can breed contempt. PS why are there no comments on much loved Peter Levenda as the sidekick in the Delonge drama series?

    5. You know, I agree with you. I am brand new to THC coming over from Crrow777 and have not ever heard Gordon (Gordian, From the name of a legendary knot tied to a pole near the temple of Zeus in Gordium) White speak before I must say that I yawned a lot, he tied a knot or two in my progression of thinking, still there was merit and I am use to listening to lecturers for hours while trying to glean a couple good points out of it, so I did. I really AGREE, Chris Knowles was great and pushed my thinking fast and furiously. Greg your shows are great….GW or not, who cares… keep it coming. I am not a troll and I am a physician….not a self proclaimed “doc” fyi.

  10. Now for my rant….I don’t always love what Gordon or Chris Knowles have to say, but they definitely do have a great understanding on all things occult, magical, and the elite’s OCD rituals. From my amateur perspective, they’re right on the money in how they articulate the gameplan. But I do think this random, out of nowhere, cigar shaped asteroid ‘Oumuamua’ is another laughable NASA fiction. Was it magically summoned by the vegas rituals? – HELL NO! You can’t on one hand say everything NASA put out is fake, and on the other hand say this is real goddammit! It’s just another part of the ‘never ending ritual’ as Chris calls it. Once again it’s just them fucking with us, keeping us distracted and in fear and awe of their lame-ass technology which is nothing but a CGI hollywood illusion. They just keep generating NOISE, they drop a shit and demand we tell them what it smells like, and if we don’t they have paid lifetime actors who have no value to persue the endless futile narative. Management in the corporate world are masters at this too. It’s so easy and it works. Average Joe is clueless to their plan so they become hypnotised by the smooth talking used car salesman/politician style who speaks loudly but says nothing. All we need to do is ignore them and they loose their power – giving them attention and trying to solve their probelms is how they charge energy
    Is queen lizard-breath & victor’s use of occult magic the reason the royale with cheeseburgers are still together and in power? – I’d say it’s more thanks to the 6 o’clock news, tabloid media, deep state connections, old money, and their absolute desperation to hold on to it because it’s all these crusty old fucks have. From their perspective, why not use occult magic if they think it may work, which plays into the biology of belief that things will work out for you, which I believe IS a real thing.
    All this ritual stuff reminds me of a bad 80’s high school teen flick, watching the asshole jocks fuck with the outcasts, while they have the teachers and adults on their side and get all the accolades. Bring on the revolution baby! Maybe all the revolution needs to be is us calling out bullshit when we see it, and standing up for ourselves and each other

  11. By far one of the best podcasts I’ve heard on THC so far.

    While I don’t agree with all of Whites conclusions, I think it really hits hope when he describes the philosophical, ontological and scientific perspectives held by the deep state with their knowledge of the alien or “alien” presence (see the wilbert smith memo on saucers and mental phenomenon). This non materialistic, better view of reality has afforded these people with a tremendous advantage in terms of understanding of the nature of reality.
    Also really fascinating hearing this from a guy who has been involved with magic for a while.

    Just mind blowing stuff, and I feel more and more people are waking up to this magical reality.

    This is the kind of education you don’t even get at Ivy League institutions (unless maybe you get tapped into skull and bones).

  12. Regarding Greg’s valid comments on why we’ve been taught to avoid magic in all its forms. Other than the fact that the powerful want to hide their bag of tricks, which is no surprise to anyone, there’s an argument to be made that for a moral individual the goal shouldn’t be to achieve worldly aims. So a Taoist, Buddhist or a Christian approach advises against magic simply because it further embroils one in the world, making the attainment of Nirvana or the Kingdom of God impossible, hence Samsara or Hell is our fate because we willingly participate in and fight for worldy power. It’s like one of those Tibetan thangka showing the bhavacakra (had to Google it), a cycle of existence. In order to escape it, one must release themself from worldly goals including power to defend oneself. As counterintuitive as it sounds, if this life is permeated by consciousness, is consciousneess, and it takes many forms, there may be nothing to defend against. Or more properly worded, the battle might be the trap.

    I had experience with the Ouija when I was in my early teens and yes it works. A friend who was a bit older said a prayer at the beginning and at the end of the session. From what I hear it is mandatory and retrospectively am very grateful, just in case. I’ve used the I Ching over the past two decades, in the last five years or so very sparingly. Overall, in addition to a few other poignant and frightening experiences, I have no doubt that magic is a genuine tool and not the stuff of fancy. It is obviously one of the key methods of manipulation, whether day to day lovecraft or mass manipulation. Nevertheless, in light of the aforementioned moral living, I stay away from it. If anything, when I do use the I Ching I use it with the intention of discovering how to be a moral individual in a trying situation.

    Just one stray thought. Now that they know that we’re onto them, and we know that they know, perhaps some of these overt magic rituals taking place in public and on camera are a psyops whereby they want to convince us that they are more powerful than they actually are in practice.

    Fuck knows. Anyway, my tuppence.

    1. Magic comes in many different flavours, it is not all about worldly aims or probability enhancement. Many magicians serve through their practice – Josephine McCarthy and Frater Acher are well-known ones in the magical community, but there are plenty of others. By service I mean service to your neighbours, animals, the land, whatever you are called on to do. It’s my preferred path, I’m not that interested in doing anything else with magic. But I do like Gordon’s podcasts and interviews 🙂

  13. Gordon White, you are an inspiration for me. I could listen to you talk all day long. I badly want to read Star Ships but it appears you are sold out, and the listing on Amazon is at $90…I am but a lowly waitress.

    And Greg, I really love what you said at the end about how THC is supposed to be like food for thought–mind expanding–not a linear path to one narrow-minded viewpoint. It’s the main reason I love this show–because you like exploring new ideas instead of settling on one then endlessly defending it. I like that you never pick a side, and I think it’s smart, especially considering how difficult it is to be certain of anything in this world. I think it’s best not to have strong, limiting beliefs and opinions because it creates a bias. There’s something to be said about remaining on the fence, because when you pick a side, the balance is thrown off, and the weight shifts to one side, thus clouding the other side. To remain in ambiguity, while it can be uncomfortable, it’s the ultimate place to reside to see all perspectives, and it’s all about perspective.

  14. Very interesting. It would be great to hear more about Charles Fort on the show, since if he were alive today he would almost certainly be a guest here. I did a search for Fort and this was the only episode that came up. But he was definitely ahead of his time, and his suggestion that there might be a world above this one is pretty far out.

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