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Austin Coppock | Assessing Omens, Divine Kingship, The Picatrix, & Astrological Magic

Topics Covered: Astrology, Magical Toolbox

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Join The Higherside Chats podcast as host, Greg Carlwood talks Assessing Omens, Divine Kingship, The Picatrix, & Astrological Magic with returning guest, Austin Coppock.
With the patterns pointing to a higher order and synchronistic sequences becoming harder to ignore, it seems only sensible we looks to the stars. Historically the embodiment of the heavens on Earth, astrology has guided generations of elites through tumultuous times and been held in high regard for centuries.
While understanding this complicated technology is no easy task, with the help of today’s astrologer extraordinaire, perhaps we can peel back the curtain and take a peek.
Finishing off the trifecta of magical guests in all their glory, Austin returns to The Higherside to give his thoughts on 2017, the cycles we find ourselves in and what 2018’s skies have in store for us.
3:00 Beginning at the end, Greg and Austin kick things off by discussing 2017, the year of the Fire Cock. Austin explains how after considering the events and tone of last year in conjunction with the sky’s forecast, he’s concluded the theme of 2017 was “a year with a lot of smoke and very little fire.” They also discuss the Great American Eclipse, the immediate assault of flood and fire that reigned on the US, the Charlottesville marchers and Bannon’s departure from the White House and Trump’s inner circle.
13:00 Continuing with their discussion of the Great American Eclipse, Greg and Austin talk about previous cycles, where leaders find themselves in the cross-hairs and how they have coincided with both Clinton’s impeachment and the attempted assassination of Reagan. With the cascade of meteoric falls from leaders in high positions from Harvey Weinstein and half of Hollywood, to unprecedented turnover in White House staff, Austin explains how these correlate to the post-eclipse six month cycle we are in. Coppock also discusses omens, ancient Mesopotamian magic, symbolic substitution, the age old practice of the dummy king sacrifice, and the skeptics path to belief.
21:00 Austin discusses the model for divine kingship, the noble origins of astrology in the king’s court, and the prohibition of it’s practice by commoners and peasants. Following this thread of elite use and control of astrology, from Hitler’s embargo and subsequent crackdown of unsanctioned practitioners, to England’s outlawing the calculation of birth charts during the days of John Dee and Queen Elizabeth, Austin breaks downs instances of suppression throughout history. A mechanism for mediating heaven and Earth, Greg and Austin examine the protective and proactive aspects of astrology, the astrological bible “The Picatrix”, and it’s Mesopotamian roots.
31:00 With Haran’s heretic tax, Bloomberg’s temple to Mithras, and Super Bowl halftime shows steeped in Babylonian symbolism, Greg and Austin discuss the value of ancient Mesopotamian magic, it’s lineage from divine kingship, and influence on Egyptian magic. Austin describes the importance in the miniaturization and individualization of astrology, which was originally a royal power. Coppock goes onto explain how this reclamation of power relates to the Picatrix grimoire, it’s powerful imagery and how it’s been hijacked throughout history.
42:00 Greg and Austin discuss the 200 year cycle of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, the historical context, and consistent patterns associated with it. In examining precedence of previous air cycles, Coppock has uncovered historical highlights that include noteworthy events during reign of Genghis Khan, the decline of the Western Roman Empire, and Alexander’s dismantling of the Persian Empire. Austin and Greg examine the favorability during these times to disruptive conquerors and whether the Internet fills this roll during the current cycle.
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– getting a better understanding of what Saturnian influence truly means

– what to expect from the US economy

– the coming arrival of the two Maleficents

– since the elite see the astrological patterns on the horizon and work to manage them, how can we do the same in our own lives?

– more details about the 2018 forecast

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