Join The Higherside Chats podcast as Greg Carlwood talks Chaos Magic, Alien Ghosts, Animism and more with returning guest Gordon White

As we know by now, the once widespread and celebrated activities of ritual dances, powerful enchantments, communal entheogenic exploration, peering through multi-dimensional window areas, imagination cultivation by the flickering glow of the campfire’s edge, and a whole grab bag of shamanic activities have largely faded to the brink obscurity.

As a learned Wizard, curator of and author of three books, including Star.Ships, Chaos Protocols, and his most recent book , it’s clear, now more than ever a resurgence of the magical perspective from Gordon White is needed.

Back in the THC saddle for a sixth time and ready to ride the wave once again as he runs away with the title of “returning champion” Gordon joins Greg for another go round on the magical carousel. 

3:00 Diving directly into the belly of the beast, Greg begins by discussing Gordon’s presentation, Campfire’s Edge. Listen as Gordon expands on the idea that magic is not something we “created” and that by widening our perspective to include the entire population of humans throughout the history of time, we come to realize we are a minority existing in a time where there is no presence and acknowledgment of the magical universe. Keeping this fact in mind, we can start to better understand and reformulate our ideas or modern and ancient history.
10:20 Elaborating on the concept of alien ghosts, Greg and Gordon discuss the possibility that inter-dimensional contact with beings may simply be the projected consciousness of physical beings on another planet. Could these beings simply be plugged into the same server in another realm?
13:50 Listen as Gordon helps Greg rectify the concept of dead spirits with the evidence that suggests multiple lives. Listen as Gordon contends that if reincarnation is real, it may not function as the outward Tibetan Buddhist model suggests, but perhaps instead is more intentional.
17:57 Instead of steering away from the physical ET hypothesis, Greg and Gordon decide to take the topic head on. After closely studying a star in the Cygnus constellation that may be home to a Dyson sphere, Gordon elaborates on the likelihood of its existence.
20:45 Armed with the realization that Materialism is false, listen as Greg and Gordon discuss the specifics of Idealism and Animism. Rooted in the concept that everything is consciousness rather than matter, Idealism contends the physical world is a secretion from one’s divine mind. Whereas, an Animist model is one better suited for magical perspectives.
23:50 Listen as Gordon describes the bend of Idealism with the Hermetic magic techniques of fetishizing objects and drawing spirits into inanimate objects, and how and the Animist view fits more seamlessly with these practices.
26:42 Elaborating on the concept of physical and living systems being an outpost of the spirit world, Gordon explains that everything falls on a spectrum between real and unreal. Gordon contends this model in which we naturally Goldilocks ourselves to, is the one that best describes reality, and can be best used in the application of chaos magic.
29:35 Greg and Gordon discuss the model of Animism in contrast to the works of Materialists such as Richard Dawkins and their differing views on topics including animals.
Expanding on the Animist model, they discuss the work of Rupert Sheldrake, the thought-provoking evidence he presents, and how this comes full circle with Animism.
33:00 Getting back to Campfire’s Edge, Greg and Gordon discuss the utility of fire and it’s role in both magical and cultural development. As Gordon explains, we do fundamentally different things by daylight than by the light of the campfire. This difference gave way to the spiritual development and education within societies.
35:15 Greg and Gordon discuss the details of the rituals that took place by the glow of the campfire light. Gordon continues with particulars by describing the anthropological effects of fire as well as the unique relationships forged with spirits such as Prometheus, and the wisdom imparted as a result.
40:00 Looking at human history and going to back to its origins, Greg and Gordon have previously discussed the pig-chimp blending hypothesis, the mimivirus and directed panspermia. Graduating from this, but maintaining an interventionist perspective, they begin to dissect Terence McKenna’s stoned-aped theory and the role of fungus and retroviruses as a more nuanced view of the ancient aliens hypothesis.

42:30 Taking the interventionist theory to a whole new level, Greg and Gordon discuss the panspermic impact on permaculture, the emergence of soil, octopus ascending from space and magic mushrooms being an extraterrestrial gift.

46:00 Adding another log to the fire, Greg and Gordon discuss the sacrifice nature of mushrooms and how their colonization coincides with ours.

Continuing to investigate the role of magic within the “Field of Dreams” perspective, Greg and Gordon analyze the Catholic institution’s banning of magic by rather than the outright denial of its existence.

53:00 With it’s alluring taboo nature, magic attracts the many. Greg and Gordon explore the magical universe’s existence despite one’s willingness to participate and they also help to ease the mind of fledgling practitioners by reviewing a few simple tools to arm one’s self and ensure a symbiotic existence within this magical world.

58:00 Greg and Gordon discuss an interesting submission to Gordon regarding a request for a favor from an entity in the three-dimensional world. Listen as Gordon explains the proper precautions one should take before entering into any type of pact, especially when dealing with something so perceptive in nature

1:01:20 Returning to the realm of animals in magic, Greg and Gordon tackle the topic of ritualistic sacrifice including some interesting takes on species such as octopus, crows, and the elephant.

1:05:23 Building on the blocks of ritual sacrifice, Greg and Gordon explore the role of demonic ritual murder and the weaponizing of magic by the deep state.

1:13:56 With attention seeking being a prevalent theme throughout magic, past empire’s constructing ritual cities, and the curious layout of cities such as London and Washington D.C., Greg and Gordon examine the use of techniques such as sacred architecture and the value of a magical context when decoding these mysteries.

1:20:55 Taking an interesting turn, Greg and Gordon discuss the Sixth Enochian Key, it’s ability to dial up the Magnolia, and it’s crucial role as a way to summon “the nine”.

1:26:30 Greg and Gordon discuss the effect of the Faraday cage and how isolating the brain from electromagnetic radio waves improves the brain’s ability for psychic powers. Think Stranger Things!1:31:40 Returning to the topic of permaculture, Greg and Gordon discuss the parasitic nature of the lawn as it consumes vast amounts of acreage and precious resources such as water. Segueing talk of the western lawn obsession, Greg and Gordon work their way into the forest of the Amazon, where they discuss the possibility of paradigm changing perspectives through examining permaculture.

1:38:30 Greg and Gordon discuss the geopolitical moves on today’s chessboard and the shifting balance of power in the landscape giving rise to a rule of a new archon covered in Gordon’s newsletter,  “The All Red Line”.1:46:20 Greg and Gordon give their two cents on the upcoming US election.

1:54:00 Gordon elaborate on his un-writable fourth book, his take on grimoires.

Want more Gordon White? Check out his website here. Looking for a guide to your magical worldview? Check out his books Star.ShipsChaos Protocols,  or sign up for Gordon’s e-newsletter “The All Red Line”.

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