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Join The Higherside Chats podcast as Greg Carlwood hosts returning guest Gordon White. As we know by now, the once widespread and celebrated activities of ritual dances, powerful enchantments, communal entheogenic exploration, peering through multi-dimensional window areas, imagination cultivation by the flickering glow of the campfire’s edge, and a whole grab bag of shamanic activities have largely faded to the brink obscurity. As a learned Wizard, curator of and author of three books, including Star.Ships, Chaos Protocols, and his most recent book Pieces of Eight: Chaos Magic Essays and Enchantments, it’s clear, now more than ever a resurgence of the magical perspective from Gordon White is needed. Back in the THC saddle for a sixth time and ready to ride the wave once again as he runs away with the title of “returning champion” Gordon joins Greg for another go round on the magical carousel.

3:00 Diving directly into the belly of the beast, Greg begins by discussing Gordon’s presentation, Campfire’s Edge. Listen as Gordon expands on the idea that magic is not something we “created” and that by widening our perspective to include the entire population of humans throughout the history of time, we come to realize we are a minority existing in a time where there is no presence and acknowledgement of the magical universe. Keeping this fact in mind, we can start to better understand and reformulate our ideas or modern and ancient history.
10:20 Elaborating on the concept of alien ghosts, Greg and Gordon discuss the possibility that inter-dimensional contact with beings may simply be the projected consciousness of physical beings on another planet. Could the these beings simply be plugged into the same server in another realm?
13:50 Listen as Gordon helps Greg rectify the concept of dead spirits with the evidence that suggest multiple lives. Listen as Gordon contends that if reincarnation is real, it may not function as the outward Tibetan Buddhist model suggests, but perhaps instead is more intentional.
17:57 Instead of steering away from the physical ET hypothesis, Greg and Gordon decide to take the topic head on. After closely studying a star in the Cygnus constellation that may be home to a Dyson sphere, Gordon elaborates on the likelihood of it’s existence.
20:45 Armed with the realization that Materialism is false, listen as Greg and Gordon discuss the specifics of Idealism and Animism. Rooted in the concept that everything is consciousness rather than matter, Idealism contends the physical world is a secretion from one’s divine mind. Whereas, an Animist model is one better suited for a magical perspectives.
23:50 Listen as Gordon describes the bend of Idealism with the Hermetic magic techniques of fetishizing objects and drawing spirits into inanimate objects, and how and the Animist view fits more seamlessly with these practices.
26:42 Elaborating on the concept of physical and living systems being an outpost of the spirit world, Gordon explains that everything falls on a spectrum between real and unreal. Gordon contends, this model in which we naturally Goldilocks ourselves to, is the one that best describe reality, and can be best used in the application of chaos magic.
29:35 Greg and Gordon discuss the model of Animism in contrast to the works of Materialists such as Richard Dawkins and their differing views on topics including animals.
Expanding on the Animist model, they discuss the work of Rupert Sheldrake, the thought provoking evidence he presents, and how this comes full circle with Animism.
33:00 Getting back to Campfire’s Edge, Greg and Gordon discuss the utility of fire and it’s role in both magical and cultural development. As Gordon explains, we do fundamentally different things by daylight than by the light of the campfire. This difference gave way to the spiritual development and education within societies.
35:15 Greg and Gordon discuss the details of the rituals that took place by the glow of the campfire light. Gordon continues with particulars by describing the anthropological affects of fire as well as the unique relationships forged with spirits such as Prometheus, and the wisdom imparted as a result.
40:00 Looking at human history and going to back to it’s origins, Greg and Gordon have previously discussed the pig-chimp blending hypothesis, the mimivirus and directed panspermia. Graduating from this, but maintaining an interventionist perspective, they begin to dissect Terence McKenna’s stoned-aped theory and the role of fungus and retro-viruses as a more nuanced view of the ancient aliens hypothesis.

42:30 Taking the interventionist theory to a whole new level, Greg and Gordon discuss panspermic impact on permaculture, the emergence of soil, octopus ascending from space and magic mushrooms being an extraterrestrial gift.

46:00 Adding another log to the fire, Greg and Gordon discuss the sacrifitic nature of mushrooms and how their colonization coincides with ours.

Continuing to investigate the role of magic within the “Field of Dreams” perspective, Greg and Gordon analyze the Catholic institiution’s banning of magic by rather than the outright denial of it’s existence.

53:00 With it’s alluring taboo nature, magic attracts the many. Greg and Gordon explore the magical universe’s existence despite one’s willingness to participate and they also help to ease the mind of fledgling practitioners by reviewing a few simple tools to arm one’s self and ensure a symbiotic existence within this magical world.

58:00 Greg and Gordon discuss an interesting submission to Gordon regarding a request for a favor from an entity in the three dimensional world. Listen as Gordon explains the proper precautions one should take before entering into any type of pact, especially when dealing with something so perceptive in nature

1:01:20 Returning to the realm of animals in magic, Greg and Gordon tackle the topic of ritualistic sacrifice including some interesting takes on species such as octopus, crows, and the elephant.

1:05:23 Building on the blocks of ritual sacrifice, Greg and Gordon explore the role of demonic ritual murder and the weaponizing of magic by the deep state.

1:13:56 With attention seeking being a prevalent theme throughout magic, past empire’s constructing ritual cities, and the curious layout of cities such as London and Washington D.C., Greg and Gordon examine the use of techniques such as sacred architecture and the value of a magical context when decoding these mysteries.

1:20:55 Taking an interesting turn, Greg and Gordon discuss the Sixth Enochian Key, it’s ability to dial up the Magonia, and it’s crucial role as a way to summon “the nine”.

1:26:30 Greg and Gordon discuss the effect of the the Faraday cage and how isolating the brain from electromagnetic radio waves improves the brain’s ability for psychic powers. Think Stranger Things!1:31:40 Returning to the topic of permaculture, Greg and Gordon discuss the parasitic nature of the lawn as it consumes vast amounts of acreage and precious resources such as water. Segueing talk of the western lawn obsession, Greg and Gordon work their way into the forest of the Amazon, where they discuss the possibility of paradigm changing perspectives through examining permaculture.

1:38:30 Greg and Gordon discuss the geopolitical moves on today’s chessboard and the shifting balance of power in the landscape giving rise to a rule of a new archon covered in Gordon’s newsletter,  “The All Red Line”.1:46:20 Greg and Gordon give their two cents on the upcoming US election.

1:54:00 Gordon elaborate on his un-writable fourth book, his take on a grimoires.

Want more Gordon White? Check out his website here. Looking for a guide to your magical worldview? Check out his books Star.ShipsChaos Protocols, Pieces of Eight: Chaos Magic Essays and Enchantments or sign up for Gordon’s e-newsletter “The All Red Line”.
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    1. You’re right! Our Greg has become quite the wordsmith. I’m beyond empressed ! He’s so much better than other podcast interviewers as he is always well prepared and he lets the guest talk. How awful that things have gotten so crappy that the way things OUGHT TO BE has become rare and special. Glad I found THC. And Mr. Greg, of course.

      1. So Glad I found this show by accident!!! I stopped listening to coast 2 coast and had gotten tired of Caravan to midnight. Greg is so great at setting the stage and a great interviewer, can’t go back now.

  1. “Everything unconditional belongs in pathology”. For the best critique of modernity and Western values read chapter one of Nietzsche’s key work Beyond Good and Evil, 1886. Or as I like to call it, ‘Battle Ground Europe’.

    1. Cheers GW & GC at 48 minutes. Unfortunately the popular view of science in support of materialism persists with bow tie wearing hacks who failed philosophy 101 and can’t even avoid the prejudice of scientism. Meanwhile, philosophy has been rejecting materialism every since metaphysics has been attempted: try 500 BCE and check out Buddha’s contemporary, my man Heraclitus in Ancient Greece for instance. I’m sure GW at 48mins meant that it was a specifically modern Anglo/Analytic philosophy of science that recently rejected materialism in the “70s”. As a heterologist, GW would know that Continental philosophy cut materialism down in the 19C, before the physicists in the 1930s got onto the materialists’ empirical presumptions. Small but crucial point: Anglo analytic philosophers want to represent the whole of philosophy as their discipline but they can’t. The best they have is Wittgenstein who was 50 years behind Nietzsche. But to say that Philosophy canned materialism in the 1970s is helpful when we can see imposters and hacks claiming to discover that materialism was flawed and thereby grant themselves credit, but all they did was fabricate history. This is onanistic intellectualism: weak ass, knee jerk professionals must be called out at every turn.
      Thanks guys, great cast(ing). MQ out. PS: as philosophy is my ‘wheelhouse’, you can send me a PM, or your Questions, to Mike at: and I will make sure THCers get the goods on the substance & history of the discipline of philosophy. PPS beware the Hegelian dialectic! All purposes are secondary to what you are: MAGIC!

  2. Dope, cant wait to listen. Downloading now. On a side note, I did a ‘carlwood’ and quit my shit job yesterday. Tome to pursue a work of passion. Although it does mean no more THC blasted over the PA system!

    Cheers greg.

      1. Cheers! Bonus round!

        “The bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is before them, glory and danger alike, and yet notwithstanding, go out to meet it.”
        – Thucydides

        1. Spot on! It’s not that you don’t care what happens anymore,( far from it!) It’s just that you don’t mind anymore.
          Lao Tzu eyes; best setting on the goggles I have toggled to date. 🙂

  3. Golly Gee!! It’s late and I’m Jonesin for some THC. It’s 3 AM and I sign in just in case Greg gave us a new podcast. Fuckin A !!! Happy Dance all ova the damn place!! And Girdon Whiye to boot !! Oh thank you Greg!!!! You sure came thru for me, Buddy! I’m so excited. And I just can’t hide it. I’m about to lose control and I forgot the rest. But yippe. Shut up Julie and push the PLAY button. Thank you Greg. I mean it sincerely.

  4. Sometimes you just gotta let go of the reins, ride blind, into the dark, to oblivion: to elicit an early taste of an inevitable fate, to chew properly on the dilemma: “Life”!

  5. Can’t say enough good things about this episode.
    Bravo to the both of you – great dynamic and flow,
    covers the right topics, just too many precise points
    to appreciate. On second listen now. Animism, yes.
    Pets w/ ‘personhood’, yes. Earth not flat, yes. Trump
    no, Hillary no, Weather the storm, yes. THC+ and GW
    are so, so, so important. History, take note. :3

  6. Gordon White on THC, great as always. I need to listen again as a lot of what Gordon says goes over my head the first time, e.g. when talking about 9/11, Gordon’s thoughts seemed to get a bit convoluted to my ears, but I’m hoping it’ll become clearer on a second listen.

    I had to laugh at the conversation about telepathic mushrooms. Reminded me of the Myconid species from Dungeons and Dragons.

    I’m working my way through the Rune Soup podcast archives as well at the moment. There’s some really good stuff in there – recommended.

  7. Just started my second listening. I really like his generalist approach.

    Just a quick point here: I don’t see a conflict between animism and idealism as GW alluded to it, the view of it that he dismissed as, “a kind of warmed over vedic idea.” The thing about this idealism, the sort that comes down from the Vedas, is that it can be apprehended in experience by way of inquiry, a whittling down of what can be seen as thought to be known, and like Greg stated, “you’re foolish to think you know for sure.”

    You can whittle away enough to begin to see that mentally or intellectually, nothing can truly be known. If a brutally honest questioning of each bit of knowledge is run to its conclusion, stuff starts to show up as merely conceptual. When you are going for the whole banana, trying to it sum it up via an ‘ism,’ it’s bound to come up short. It winds up as a telling of the Tao, rendering It not it.

    Spirit is in all things, as the animists would tell us. All things are consciousness/spirit, as the Vedanta idealists might say. If we set aside consciousness, what is left to us? Consciousness gets there first, making it look to me as the prime actuality. I, being of the nature that fostered and animated all of what is, must find my being in, and as, consciousness. Seeing this, I must understand that all I sense is this very same being as well. I think that is the meaning of the next word:



  8. GW never disappoints. Could be his best appearance yet.

    Greg, you nailed it with your closing remarks. My frustration level has dropped exponentially since accepting the things in this world I can’t change. Defeated? Fuck no. Just shifted effort to my personal revolution. In the last 5 years I quit my shit job – literally telling the boss to fuck himself, started my own business (doing what I love, finally), unplugged the TV, and embarked on a journey studying and practicing magic. Couldn’t ask for a better mid-life crisis.

  9. On the subject of the intergalactic ecosystem of spirits and their cavorting across the pan-dimensional lawn of space, it is interesting to ponder the macro-consciousness of suns and planets – aggregate or otherwise. What ectoplasmic fragrance does our world trail through the Aether I wonder? What kind of beings sniff that out to feed, farm or fortify?
    The Wheel of Samsara and other such turnstile reincarnating roundabouts sound very much like a contract of engagement to me. If we look to the natural world for reference on reincarnation, we can try to extrapolate the day/night, waking/sleeping rhythm to guess at the nature of larger dilations and contractions of awareness.
    Problems with centralised authority aside, Trump is a CEO. If he runs the US like a legitimate business, he is qualified. Out of a choice of two, it could be worse.
    Speaking of witch; the only experience Hillary brings to the table is the ability to play ball with the compromised power structure.
    Probably going to be martial law anyway.

    1. Well, maybe we won’t care that much for having a federally endowed CEO with POTUS potential. It could take “terrible bosses” to a whole new level.

      I think I may defer to John Trudell’s viewpoint on voting this time around.

  10. Great show as always, but could have chose a better way to not mock your flat earth audience. Are you still earth shaped agnostic? They don’t deserve that anymore than Gordon deserves to be called a shill. I didn’t miss the forest for the trees though. Over all a enlightening show with fun topics.

  11. Love this….. you have a very level head Greg perfect for this kind of stuff I love thc look forward to every new podcast in fact I think there should be more of them thanks Greg your class

  12. I finally got to another place in the interview where I had to comment. At 1:17:15 we slip of into the ethers (and up my alley). A NASA scientist, Dr. Rolf Schaffranke, writing under the pseudonym, RHO SIGMA, produced a small book in 1977 called, “ETHER-TECHNOLOGY: A rational approach to gravity control.” You can find pdf.s of it around the web, one of these being here: I would love to discuss this stuff if the forum ever works for me again.

    Where Gordon said something about a similarity between Reich’s Orgone Accumulators and Thomas Townsend Brown’s electro-kinetic devices, except that Brown “ran electricity through it…” was to confuse what both devices might be doing. Saying what he said, how he said, gives the idea of an electric current being involved. What was involved in Brown’s works were electrostatic charges, sans current flow. By way of the construction of Reich’s devices, I am pretty certain static charges were involved there as well.

    GW then goes straight to the “Electric Universe,” where I believe there is too much emphasis placed on currents over static potentials too. Those schooled in electricity think that if there is no current flowing, little is being done. I believe the “Torsion Field” of people like Hoagland is the static field, and that this field has its effects operating and creating action at distance, if not instantaneously, damned close to it. I believe it is also the thought field.

    Well, I am burning one of the two last dry days when I should be outside on pressing projects.

    Hope that forum get fixed soon.

    Sorry for any typos. No time to edit.

    1. As I understand it, and I may be way off, putting a crystalline form, ( the easiest to get hold of/best for the purpose being clear quartz. Just ask the ultrasound guys.) into Reich’s accumulators was the way to manage flow. Old Mate “Orgonite”, ( his name has slipped my mind, but he uses resin for the inorganic bit) has borrowed from both camps, as his devices are replicas of Reich’s, and he also runs actual electrical current through some of them.

      The difference between Reich and Brown is more in the angle that they approach from, and the telling bit is that they pretty much come to the same conclusion.
      Interesting the idea of flow of current and static potential being two separate things. I mean, they are, but I always think of the two as the same thing at two different points on the ‘timeline’. Back to the lab, as they say; time to approach from a different angle.

      It is interesting that those of us who gravitate towards a more Tao Te Jing style of thought focus more on the static potential of things, the pure potential of the One/Myst/Mother, while the more Yang of us tend to focus on the flow of current/electrical aspects….. Electro without Magnatism will not get you far, and vise versa. 😉

      1. “Electro without Magnatism will not get you far…”

        The electromagnetic effect is in direct relation to current flow in a conductor. I am pretty sure the basic flying saucer drive is dielectric. A charged capacitor with the negative plate toward Earth weighs less. With the positive plate toward Earth, it weighs more. Earth’s surface appears to carry a negative charge. I happen to think that electrostatic charge is what we have been taking for gravity over all the years since Newton made his fateful guess. We are like fish who don’t know what water is when it comes to our electric environment. When current flows we can detect it by the magnetic signature. We put a meter across a battery and the potential is read magnetically.

        Brown showed us motive force from charge alone. He showed lift as well. He even did it in a vacuum, thereby gained efficiency, and disproved the false notion that it was an effect of ‘ion wind.’

        Schauberger moved fluids and got lift. He knew that fluid motion generated dielectricity.

        Searle moved magnets, created charge, and got lift.

        Magnets and fluids in motion stir the ethers and and that makes charge. Yet we still believe that gravity comes from mass, while not knowing the charge of Earth, a body that is somehow stirred to motion, but believed to be running down in its theoretical entropic universe.

        Someone knows how to silently hover. Someone knows how to cheat the laws of both gravity and inertia. When are we going to shitcan Newton’s big assumption and get ourselves unstuck from this big hollow charged sphere?

      2. Up early with more thoughts bouncing around.

        Firstly, good to meet you, hammer1. Lovin’ the Lao Tsu, are we? Being beats the shit out of doing, eh?

        Secondly, I am so Jonesing for a working (and hopefully upgraded) forum with these THCer minds that I rather expect to be generally more open than the background mental blur of this burning out Kali Yuga age. I know I am new here, but the forum stopped working for me only a few days in, and it looks to be tits up in general, though no announcement of such has been seen.

        Thirdly, Materialism! What a cul-de-sac, eh? While Newton has been proven wrong at the atomic level, at the planetary and galactic levels, still reigns for the most part. And because we believe in the laws sent forth by Sir Issac, and see they show us a Newtonian gravity to be next to useless in the microcosm, we have had to assume they are not there, or too weak to be active. We know that electric charge is huge in the atom, and have been led to assume there is not enough mass there for gravity to be even seen. What’s wrong with this picture? What matters? Ha ha.

        Even though our quantum physicists have seen that mass has virtually no affect in the microcosm, they still believe it to be the prime mover/attractor in the macrocosm. Even using electromagnetism, which propagates at the speed of light, or thereabouts (knowing here that this value — a so-called, “scientific constant,” has been rounded out of an average of the empirical data), planetary orbital mechanics fail. If the bonding force of the solar system were not instantaneous, the Sun’s forces would be on a vector that is eight minutes behind where Earth is at present. We would be being pulled to where the Sun was eight minutes ago, and Chaos Theory would have its way with our planetary home.

        When we see that the thought we experience right now is not bound by spatial limits, is there, instantly, at the antipodes of Earth and galaxy, right now, we must start to acknowledge the non-material fields, out of which, all we can know, and more, simply flows.

        Attributing gravity to mass was to insert a huge lump of materialism at the base of all cosmology and cosmogony. This idea must be seen through, but because it would force a rewrite of every single thing thought since Newton made his mistaken guess, we will be stuck with the Law of Gravitation as the seed of endless anomalies, and the forebear of our chronic materialism. For this Law is more obeyed (by men) than anything Moses carried down the hill, carved in stone.


        I sure wish I could do some italics here and there in these comments. It’s hard to make the edit window here as well.

        If you read this, Greg, can you tell us about the condition of the forums?

        Okay, enough fun for now.



  13. Well done Greg and thanks for bringing Gordon back.
    The last interview you conducted (that I listened to) with Gordon resulted in me purchasing “The Chaos Protocols”.
    Admittedly, I am still reading (finding it hard to accept the whole concept of magic) but I’m working through it.
    It’s not easy to let go of world views so quickly, but I am trying dammit!

    Was really cool to find that he lives now in my neck of the woods. If he ever wants to catch up for a beer, I’d be honored.

    The podcast was very open, which I like, and gave me a lot to think about.
    Thanks Greg. Always look forward to the podcast releases.

  14. Greg, another great interview. Loved the species evaluations. I have tired of the new intro music “Where would we beeee , without THCCCCCCC. ” The musician did a great job, but I do miss Greg doing his inaccurate 1920’s accent and talking about the presidential Fireside Chats. Bring it back, if only for one episode a month sir !? Thanks, Capstone.

  15. Greg,
    one does not need to be a flat earther to see that NASA is full of shit and “Space” and our world has been misdescribed, hard for me to understand how Gordon does not see/know that. Maybe we do live in different realities. I would never call him a shill though.
    Loved the show, very entertaining to listen to you both, love how well prepared you were again.

    PLEASE stop mocking flat earth and flat earthers, you`re better than that.

    Please get Allegedly K. A. Dave (Youtube – dmurphy25) on your show. I just finished his book “The Human Body Owners Workshop Manual”, he would be a very good guest to talk about health, diet (Breatharianism!!!), urine therapy, distilled water, alternative medicine and many other things.

  16. Awesome show!! Makes me want to relisten to all of Gordon Whites interviews again. So much yes! And Greg, I absolutely have to agree, that was a truly wicked intro!! Your wordporn is a dizzying aphrodesiac! I could listen to a whole podcast of The Carlwood intros alone. You are beyond doubt, THE most freakishly amazing host that ever was and ever will be. An absolute gift! U just freakin rock!!

  17. Must resist… Calling.. Gordon. Shill…
    J/k, cool interview as always. I loved the idea of other people logging onto the same deminsion from other places/stars whatever. If they are used to going there and kinda got it down, then some of them may be manipulative to the ignorant human plane travelers. So they pose As whatever they want to fuck with us? Shit I would if I knew how and had that down. We’re probably on an alien reality show

    1. Strictly speaking GW is a post-modern philosopher, a heterologist, a thinker who eschews the modern conceptual categories. We learn from GW’s historicism, he reminds us that human ways of thinking have changed over millennia. We can’t mistake him for modern, he says so anyway, that he is Animist, thoroughly un-modern and ain’t gonna fall for modern guff. Mike – you want the skinny on philosophy proper? email me at

  18. I had Gordon White, “Starships,” already loaded as my next archive interview to listen to when this new one popped up. I think that was a pretty good synchronisity. So, I am listening to it now. Where I had said just a few posts above that the speed of light isn’t a constant, but an average, mere hours later I hear GW at minute 1:15 of Starships saying just that. No experiment to determine that c in E = mc squared has ever been replicated. The results just vary and that’s all. He says that scientific publication is mainly fraud. I could not agree more. It’s all for sale, so you better write something catchy and marketable.

    He goes on to talk about the money that was in scientific research in the post WW II environment, only for a decade or so. I bring this up because there was in the early ’50s, electro-gravitics departments at many universities. About the time when T.T. Brown took his experimental results to the Navy Department, by whom he was then employed, and then let go with the excuse that what he had discovered was only “ion wind,” 1955 to be exact, that electro-gravitics research disappeared into places like the Skunkworks (research was over and development was on the schedule — of course, compartmentalized). The E-G trail was swept clean in the sciences, lest we find what the military-industrial-conspiracy and remnants of their Third Reich counterpart had learned. Though, if one reads the space and aviation journals of that period, E-G was the next big thing coming and would revolutionize flight and space travel.


    So, I write this here, instead of under that old Gordon White thread, as I want this to be read. Even commenting on another’s post above is to probably risk not having what I am writing read or commented upon.

    Science: out of materialism, is fucking us hard with their bullshit, for public release, story. I am old and want to get this out while I still can. Anyone want to talk about it? Nearly all of science from Newton on needs rewriting. The solid nickel-iron core is the weight of that materialist dream vision. Granted, all the visions are no more than seemingly what is, but we can, and probably should, crash a whole lot of that old imaging and make new ones that free us up to enjoy more of the potential of being intelligent, insightful humans.

    Your move, THCers, your fuckin’ move.



  19. Great episode, going to buy the new book now. Weird thing about that is that I didn’t realise Gordon had a new book out until the show was closing and you guys were discussing his “4th book”. Odd that I go out and buy the book of a guest who barely mentions or attempts to push his new book, where as I would never entertain the thought of buying some recent guests book, even though the mention it every second sentence.

    Great closing thoughts, escaping the prison of manufactured culture can be as difficult as holding your breath, or as easy as breathing depending on the way you approach it. Greg, your show (along with personal experiences and healthy, productive relationships with some very special people in my life) has helped me realise the bars of the elite’s prison are only there if you let them be. Breathe in deep, have the right outlook, blink and those bars will disappear in an instant.

  20. Aleister Crowley founded the oto, his teachings are not beneficial in my humble opinion. I don’t find this show of any particular benefit to my own spiritual progress. Sounds like Gordon messed around with the dark side of the occult and can’t differentiate between what is truth and what is a perversion of this sacred art.

        1. he founded the modern version:

          “Originally it was intended to be modelled after and associated with European Freemasonry,[1] such as Masonic Templar organizations, but under the leadership of Aleister Crowley, O.T.O. was reorganized around the Law of Thelema as its central religious principle. This Law—expressed as “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law”[2] and “Love is the law, love under will”[3]—was promulgated in 1904 with the writing of The Book of the Law.”
          (excerpt from wikipedia)

  21. “I already hear the flat earthers typing about how there is no space and you’re a shill” lol. Many insightful and entertaining moments in this chat!

    Love the idea that incarnation has an intentional component. Who knows what’s going on really, but I would be delighted if it turned out that this was what I wanted all along. In fact, given how happy I am to be alive, that seems fairly plausible to me!

    Also like to hear talk about Charles Fort. Really interesting writer with a ton of intriguing ideas.

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