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Texas Slim | The Beef Initiative, Food Intelligence, & Getting Ahead Of The Coming Crisis

Topics Covered: Corporate Food Industry, Health, Solutions

Trey Hudson | The Meadow Project: Cryptid Humanoid Stalkers, Portal Boxes, & Monkey Bears

Topics Covered: High Strangeness, Paranormal, Personal Stories, Portals & Stargates

Wayne Bush | Tricked By The Light 2: Fairy Tales, Loosh, & The A.I. Demiurge

Topics Covered: Archons, Death, High Strangeness

Joint Session Bonus Show | Mind Control Cops, Enochian Messages, & Relocation Advice

Topics Covered: Joint Session

Dr. Frédéric Leroy | The Food Control Cult, Anti-Meat Elite, & The Frankenfood Industrial Complex

Topics Covered: Corporate Food Industry, Globalization, Health, Mind Control

Dr. Joanna Kujawa | Sexual Alchemy, Erotic Rapture, & The Goddesses of Eros

Topics Covered: Egypt, Magical Toolbox, Spirit World

Joel Skousen | The Globalist Plot For WW3, Strategic Relocation, & Preparedness

Topics Covered: Collapse, Globalization, Solutions

Derrick Broze | The Conscious Agora, Sovereignty Solutions, & Freedom Resources

Topics Covered: Solutions, Technocracy

Jeff Harman | Astrological Signs Of The Times, Globalist Plans, & Beings Among Us

Topics Covered: Astrology, Deconstructing Events, Globalization, Spirits

David DuByne | Manufactured Food Wars, The New Abnormal, & System Independence

Topics Covered: Collapse, Connecting The Dots, Conspiracy, Corporate Food Industry, Permaculture

Jackie Jolie | Your Light Life, Quantum Health, & Sun Magic

Topics Covered: Esoteric, Healing, Health

Larry E. Arnold | The Mysterious Reality Of Spontaneous Human Combustion

Topics Covered: High Strangeness

Tess Clark | The Electric Universe, Comets, Catastrophes, & The Ruling Elite

Topics Covered: Bloodlines, Cataclysms, Electric Universe, Mythology

Nick Orton | Military Encounters With Cryptids, Time Glitches, & The Paranormal

Topics Covered: Cryptozoology, High Strangeness, Paranormal

Chris Knowles | Post-Gnosis, The Rude Awokening, & The Siren’s Shepard Sacrifices

Topics Covered: Collapse, Culture Creation, Media, Occult Conspiracy