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Dr. Richard Amerling | America’s Frontline Doctors, EBM Manipulation, & Covid Corruption

Topics Covered: Big Pharma, Corruption, Cover Ups, COVID, Vaccines

Isaac Weishaupt | Satanic Symbolism 2021: Astroworld, Young Dolph, & Other Ritual Events

Topics Covered: Culture, Deconstructing Events, Occult, Satanic, Symbolism

Forrest Maready | The Moth In The Iron Lung, Metallic Medicine, & Industrial Chemicals

Topics Covered: Big Pharma, Conspiracy, Deconstructing Events, Health, Hidden History, Medical Experimentation, Scandals, Toxic World, Vaccines

Dr. Gregory L. Little | The Incredible Edgar Cayce & The Atlantis Readings

Topics Covered: Ancient Civilization, Atlantis, Bright Minds, Mysteries, Profiles

Elana Freeland | Geoengineered Transhumanism, Humanity 2.0, & The Esoteric Agenda

Topics Covered: Conspiracy, COVID, Emf, Geoengineering, Transhumanism

Jim Lee | Weather Weapons, Ecological Warfare, & The Climate Changers

Topics Covered: Agenda 21, Conspiracy, corporate-corruption, Geoengineering, Weather Weapons

The Announcement & The Upcoming New Website Features

Topics Covered: announcements

Dr. Stephen Usher | An Introduction To Rudolf Steiner: Education, Health, Spirit, & More

Topics Covered: Bright Minds, Consciousness, Education, Esoteric, Health, Nature Of Reality, Spirit Attachment, Spirits, Vaccines

Jordan Schachtel | Power Grab Policy, The Control Virus, & The Dark Winter Approaching

Topics Covered: Agenda 21, Conspiracy, COVID, Freedom, Politics, Vaccines

Ryan Musgrave-Evans | The Cryptoterrestrial Children of Orion & Their Free Range Ancient Humans

Topics Covered: Alien Overlords, Aliens, Cryptoterrestrials, Fairies, Hollow / Inner Earth, Personal Stories, Time Travel, Ufology

Cal Washington | The InPower Movement, Babylonian Commerce, & The Notice Of Liability

Topics Covered: Conspiracy, COVID, Emf, Freedom, Language, Legal Fiction, Personal Stories, Solutions, Vaccines

Dr. Helane’ Wahbeh | The Science Of Channeling, Consciousness, & The Beings Beyond

Topics Covered: Consciousness, Esoteric, Magic, Magical Toolbox, Science Of Magic, Spirits

Joint Session Bonus Show | The Meet-Up, R.I.P. Mark, & The Mandate

Topics Covered: Joint Session

Gordon White | The Cyberpunk Endgame, The Dream Of Control, & Your Desire

Topics Covered: Agenda 21, Big Data, Big Picture Conspiracy, Capstone Cabal, Conspiracy, COVID, Esoteric, Prophecy, Technocracy

Brian Cotnoir | Practical Alchemy, Alchemical Philosophy, & The Orum Potibile

Topics Covered: Alchemy, Esoteric, Magic, Magical History, Magical Toolbox, Motivational