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Joshua Cutchin | Ecology of Souls: A New Mythology Of Death & The Paranormal

Topics Covered: Death, High Strangeness, Paranormal, Spirits

Clive De Carle | Tesla’s Healing Device, The Secret Health Club, & Urine Therapy

Topics Covered: Healing, Health

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell | Giza Death Star Revisited, Plasma Physics, & The Demon In The Ekur

Topics Covered: Ancient Civilization, Cosmic, Egypt, Hidden History, Secret Knowledge, Secret Science

Jason Quitt | Entity Interaction Dynamics, Astral Genesis, & Stonegate Portals

Topics Covered: Ancient Civilization, Astrology, Egypt, Spirit World, Spirits, Symbolism

Whitley Strieber | Them: The Soul-Body Connection, The Secrecy Policy, & The Good Questions

Topics Covered: Aliens, High Strangeness, Personal Stories

Elisa E. | Life Beyond MK Ultra, Assassin Alters, & The Elite’s Egregore

Topics Covered: Mind Control, MK Ultra, Personal Stories

The Arkon & The Greek | Cosmic Censorship, Supernatural Beings, & The Biological Vacuum

Topics Covered: Esoteric, Health, Secret Science, Spirits

Dr. Narco Longo | Old World Florida: Lost History, Mystery, Elephants, & Oranges

Topics Covered: Ancient Civilization, Giants, History, Mysterious Places

Gordon White | The Top 10 Paranormal Books Of All Time

Topics Covered: Paranormal

David H. Price | American Surveillance State, Dual Use Anthropology, & The Restrict Act

Topics Covered: Covert Ops, Culture Creation, Deep State, Targeted Individuals

Schwab | The Dirigible Deception, California Island, & The Electromagnetic Ecology

Topics Covered: Ancient Civilization, Beings, Consciousness, Cycles, Esoteric, Hidden Knowledge, High Strangeness

Dean Henderson | Royal Bloodline Wetiko, The Civilization Sin, & The Congo Conspiracy

Topics Covered: Alien Overlords, Big Picture Conspiracy, Bloodlines, Elite Families

Adam Green | The Abrahamic Conspiracy, Prophecy Programming, & Creating Theological Controlled Opposition

Topics Covered: Christian Conspiracy, Culture Creation, Occult Conspiracy

Mike Cobb | Freedom Living In Central America, ECI Development, & The Best Expat Options

Topics Covered: Collapse, Corruption, Finance, Motivational, Personal Stories, Solutions

Brook Hines | The Virtuous Triangle Template, Vax Injury Intimidation, & Whistleblowing On The Left

Topics Covered: Culture, Culture Creation, Personal Stories, Politics