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Joint Session Bonus Show | The Soul Trap, Mysterious Flesh Pit National Park, & The Monkey Bear Lady Update

Topics Covered: Joint Session

Mitch Horowitz | Mind Magic, Esoteric Suppression, & The Materialist Blockade

Topics Covered: Consciousness, Esoteric, Magical History, Magical Toolbox

Darren Grimes, Brandon Powell, Joe Rupe, & Owen Hunt | Cold Therapy, Magic, & Manifestation on Mysterious Mt. Shasta

Topics Covered: Healing, High Strangeness, Magical Toolbox, Mysterious Places

Kerry McDonald | The Unschooling Movement & The Many Pitfalls Of Conventional Education

Topics Covered: Education, Solutions

Chris Knowles | Cults of State, Pop Culture Rituals, & The Final Hurdle

Topics Covered: Culture Creation, Deconstructing Events, Elite Secret Beliefs, Hollow / Inner Earth, Occult Conspiracy, Otherworldly Entities, Rituals, Synchromysticism

John Hamer & Shannon Rowan | EMF Damage, Ancient Mysteries, & Royal Society Deceptions

Topics Covered: 5G, Ancient Civilization, Big Picture Conspiracy, Catholic Church, Connecting The Dots, Consciousness, Emf, Flat Earth

Bruce G. Hallenbeck | The Kinderhook Creature, Fortean Sightings, & Hudson Valley High Strangeness

Topics Covered: Bigfoot, Cryptozoology, Fairies, High Strangeness

Dr. Jessica Rose | The Latest Numbers On The True COVID Vaccine Fallout & Suspicious Activity In The VAERS Database

Topics Covered: Coming Soon

Johnny Vedmore | The Hidden History of Klaus Schwab, The WEF, & Their Political Puppet Pipeline

Topics Covered: Agenda 21, Conspiracy, Profiles, Transhumanism

Ryan Patrick Burns | Skinwalker Ranch Updates, Communing With The Trickster, & The Magic of P. B. Randolph

Topics Covered: Invisible College, Magic, Paranormal, Skinwalkers, Spirits

Jerry M. Kantor | Sane Asylums: The Success of Homeopathy Before Psychiatry Lost Its Mind

Topics Covered: Healing, Health, Hidden History, Nature, Rockefellers

Dr. Robert Malone | Lies My Government Told Me, The Medical Industrial Complex, & The Transhumanist Plan

Topics Covered: Big Pharma, Medical Experimentation, Transhumanism

George Wiseman | AquaCure Updates, Alternative Energy, Alchemy, & The Collective

Topics Covered: Alchemy, Health, Solutions, Water

John Bush | Live Free Academy, The Techno-Fascism Era, & Sovereign Life Design

Topics Covered: Agenda 21, Big Data, Globalization, Solutions

Howdie Mickoski | Reality Resets, NPC’s Among Us, & The Soul Recycling Trap

Topics Covered: Archons, Culture Creation, Nature Of Reality, Near Death Experience, New Chronology