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Hugh Newman | New Discoveries Of Gobekli Tepe, Karahan Tepe, & Other Ancient Sites

Topics Covered: Ancient Civilization, Giants, Human Origins

Joe Atwill | Inexplicable Facts, Masonic Manipulations & the Converso Cabal

Topics Covered: Conspiracy, Deconstructing Events, Geopolitics, History

Dan Xuisoko | The Hollow Earth, The Lunar Wave, & Alchemical Eternal Youth

Topics Covered: Alchemy, Consciousness, High Strangeness, Hollow / Inner Earth, Moon, Psi Effects, Psychedelics

Bob Frissell | The Ascension Superwave, Cabal Capture, & The Cosmic Play

Topics Covered: Big Picture Conspiracy

Jim Gale | The Ultimate Psyop, Food Forest Abundance, & Resilience as Resistance

Topics Covered: Corporate Food Industry, Permaculture, Solutions

Ashton Forbes | The MH370 Teleportation/Abduction Case, Orb Footage Analysis, & The Deeper Story

Topics Covered: Deconstructing Events, Mysteries, Tesla Tech

David Avocado Wolfe | The Magic Of Nature, Rudolf Steiner, & Charles Fort

Topics Covered: High Strangeness, Magic, Nature, Nature Of Reality

Chris Knowles | The Spandex Files: Creative Magic, The Kirby Conduit, & Demon Dinosaur

Topics Covered: Big Picture Conspiracy, Culture, Culture Creation, Death, Media

Leigh Dundas | Human Trafficking, Brothel Busting, & Sadness In Southeast Asia

Topics Covered: The Poverty Trap, Trafficking

Michelle Gibson | Moorish Pre-America, The History Highjack, & The Shriner’s Secret

Topics Covered: Elite Families, Energy, Hidden History

George P. Hansen | The Trickster, The UFO, & The Taboo

Topics Covered: Cross Cultural, Paranormal, UFOs

John Potash | Drugs As Weapons Against Us: CIA Operations, Kurt Cobain, Tupac, & More

Topics Covered: CIA, Covert Ops, Culture Creation, Elite Families, Hidden History

The Arkon & The Greek | Godspeek: Technological Manipulation, Spiritual Subversion, & Etherial Influence

Topics Covered: Big Picture Conspiracy, Christian Conspiracy, Spirit World, Spirits

Dr. Russell Blaylock | Excitotoxins, Food Industry Corruption, & Killing Us Softly

Topics Covered: Big Pharma, Corporate Food Industry, Healing, Health

Brian Cotnoir | Alchemical Art, Ensouling Statues, & The Underrated Value Of Going Inward

Topics Covered: Alchemy, Consciousness, Dreams