Chris Knowles | Heaven Or Las Vegas: Sirens, Saucers, & Psyops

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Join host, Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats podcast, as he talks Heaven Or Las Vegas: Sirens, Saucers, & Psyops with returning guest, Chris Knowles.
Everyone’s favorite synchromystic returns to THC to pick up where he left off and continue breaking down the Cocteau Twins crazy saga that has span generations and doomed several artists.
3:00 Kicking things off, Greg and Chris start by recapping the highlights from their previous episode about the “Song To The Siren” saga. Chris walks through the important points, including it’s release by singer/songwriter Tim Buckleythe 1983 channeling by Cocteau Twins’ Elizabeth Fraser, her subsequent love affair with Buckley’s son Jeff and his untimely drowning death in the Wolf River. Knowles pontificates about the overwhelming synchronicities and the possibility that these are keys unlocking the simulation. Chris also touches on the heavy ritualism surrounding the Vegas shooting and the connection to the Cocteau Twins and their album “Heaven or Las Vegas”.
13:00 Greg and Chris break down the symbolism revolving around the number 9, from the 27 years that have passed since the release of “Heaven or Las Vegas” when Fraser was also 27, to the binary significance behind the date of the Route 91 Harvest Festival. Knowles explains the importance of the number 27, it’s association to the return of Saturn, it’s connection to Fraser, the Vegas shooting, and occultation of Regulus by Venus. Chris elaborates on the symbolic importance and emphasis placed on Regulus, the elite’s use of star magick, and this year’s “beauty and the beast” alignment.
23:00 Greg and Chris circle back to discuss the link between Area 51 and the Harvest Festival. As Knowles points out in his blog post, there are countless connections, ranging from Paddock’s employment at the firm responsible for the faulty part that caused the Challenger explosion and his fabricated gambling success, to his unending resume of government employment and attempt to blow up a Area 51’s commuter planes, before firing into the crowd. Greg and Chris continue by examining the odd correlation between the release date of the Cocteau Twins album “Heaven or Las Vegas” and Paddock’s arrival in Vegas.
33:00 Greg and Chris discuss the role of N.A.S.A., their ritualistic undertones, their connection to Paddock, as well as the deaths of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington. Knowles explains the thinking behind N.A.S.A.’s date of inception, the significance behind the occultation of Regulus and the synchronicity with the numbers 4-9. Chris also points to 2017’s Super Bowl performance as setting the tone of 2017, a year seeped in occult symbolism, essentially one long ritual cycle.
42:00 Putting the fine touches on the Pentagon disclosure conversation, Greg and Chris cover Harry Reid’s involvement in enlisting the help of billionaire founder of an aerospace company, Robert Bigelow, and Reid’s injury at the hands of an exercise band. Chris ties these coincidences back to what he calls “the star vega” phenomenon, which appears to be incredibly critical in the ritual understanding and has even ensnared this year’s American Girl doll, an astronaut with the surname Vega.
56:00 Continuing this discussion about 2017’s box office hits, “Beauty and the Beast” and “Star Wars”, Greg and Chris pivot to another film and actress that also share a connection to the Cocteau Twins, Emma Watson and “Perks of Being a Wallflower”. Knowles expands on the symbolism and ways the song “Pearly Dewdrops Drop” has been used in a ritualistic fashion, as well as the prominence of mermaids and sirens in the collective psyche and their archetypal dominance in the new age.
Become a Plus Member at to hear a second hour of all THC episodes. This week’s included:
– more examples of Mermaid Mania

– details about the darkness surrounding Elizabeth Fraser’s upbringing and hometown

– the recent Siren Ritual in Perth

– how the art world comes into play

– the death of Lil Peep and the Cocteau connection

– the origin of Blink 182

A few valuable resources from the interview:

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       “The Trump Coup & The Technology of Lucifer”:
       “The Devolution Agenda, Decoding NASA, & The Heaven’s Gate Cult”:
       “The History Of Magic, Summoning Spirits, & John Dee”:
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  1. Dear Greg, fellow THC-Plus members

    Let me provide you with some arguments to build a case that we are dealing with the RE-enactment of things that have come to pass ages ago. Not contesting the fact that symbolism and numerology are clearly present in the events discussed, to my opinion we are dealing with a nefarious (and pretty pathetic ‘elite’) that has lost itself in its role-playing and has started to believe it has acquired supernatural powers. (Helped immensely in the process by the clear Hollywood connection, present at almost every stage).

    First some numbers. A simple explanation of the relationship between the base 60 and decimal system. This information is probably known to you but it is of some importance to renew it at this point:

    According to the Sumerians, the Great Year – the amount of time it takes for the earth to make a full precessional cycle, with a passage of all 12 Zodiac signs – counts 25.920 earthly years. 25.920 divided by 12 gives us 2.160 earthly years per Zodiac sign.

    2.160 divided by 6 gives us 360 (like the number of degrees in a full circle), divided by 6 gives 60 (like minutes in an hour), divided by 6 leaves us with 10 (the basis of the decimal system).

    10*6*6*6 = 2.160; representing the passage of a single Zodiac sign. From this I would argue that the 666/beast mythology is related to the coming of a beast in the skies. This could refer to Leo appearing in 11.000 B.C. (the end of the last ice age bringing global catastrophe) or the coming of Aries (a fierce Ram) in 1.800 BC. These passages were meticulously tracked by Babylonian astronomers starting 1.950 BC and the most probable origin for all religious lamb (ram)-sacrificing traditions (the Jews having copied and included this astronomical knowledge in the torah during their involuntary stay in Babylon).

    A relationship between a beast and Pisces or Aquarius obviously cannot be made (unless we are dealing with a great white). Thus prophesies bringing fore-warnings of ‘bad things to come’ must date back to some 4000 years back or longer. This would also imply (and this may come as an unpleasant surprise to both plotting elites and fanatical religious persons) that prophesies regarding (e.g.) ‘the fall of Babylon’, end-battles, an apocalypse, astronomical alignments and environmental catastrophes may very well have occurred in history, but have come to pass.

    Like many catchy stories tend to do, the story simply got recycled, so do not let it drive you crazy. Just like the pitiful rites at the Bohemian Grove, the LA Sphinx and pyramid, we are dealing with a poignant remake of the past. Moreover, based on revelations that are overdue. This not to deny that history has a nasty habit of repeating itself and the current situation is dire to say the least. The powers that should not be may yet be able to pull their scheme of, but this depends for a large part on the gullibility of their audience. In the end, they are no more than would-be demons, confused human beings of flesh and blood, trying to stage a dark prophesy and enforce a lie upon us all.

    Kind regards,

    Robbert Biben

    More: (just click the white feather)

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    1. Saturn just moved into Capricorn (The Sea Goat) around the Winter Solstice. Saturn rules Capricorn. Saturn is in each sign for roughly 3 years. This is where the Beast symbolism plays in the Unconscious, and also The Chimera motif with the Mermaid theme as well as Capricorn is represented with the upper body of a goat and a mermaid’s tail.

  2. This was a great episode. I wanted to put in my 2 cents about transgenders. As a gay man I grew up wanting to be a girl. But through puberty and everything i am extremely happy I didn’t grow up in these times. I love being a dude- I wouldn’t give up my dick for a billion dollars. kids don’t really know what they want. Yes, they deserve rights but they have to be guided. Just because one wants to change their gender doesn’t mean they should. That’s a decision that should be made probably after 25. Obviously I’m not against trans folk, but this society is definately throwing these options at children and it’s scary. I’ve heard many stories that people that have gone through transition and then went back to their original gender because they were too young. I wish people realized this concept and didn’t accuse us of being intolerant. Ugh. This era annoys the shit outta me sometimes. For every great accomplishment there’s 2 fucking dumb shits popping up.

    1. Nice, it makes me feel a bit better when gay people see this too, because I feel less bigotty.

      It makes total sense than a young person realizing they’re gay would do the simple math of, “Oh, I like guys. Guess I should have been a girl.” But adults should step in and show them how to be happy in their body and still find people like them/to be attracted too. Easy for a straight white guy to say, right?

      So I really have no business soapboxing about it, and I’d want every adult to make a descision that’s right for them, but I do know it’s not apples to apples. You don’t get to just trade dicks for pussies. You get to trade fully functional dicks for mangled pussies and vice versa. I mean fake tits seem a whole lot simpler and they come out all jacked up half the time. I can only imagine the heartbreak of someone who went through a bad genitalia conversion. This is a slippery slope for sure.

      1. Hahah! Hit the nail on the head my friend. Keep up the great work. Hopefully the “awakening” that seems to be happening gets more far reaching. I see so much lack of common sense driven by egos. They need an ego death with our friend dmt. 🙂

  3. I love Secret sun and listening to chris talk. Another great episode with him. Does anyone else picture Chris’ house having newspaper clippings taped everywhere connected with strings?

  4. “I don’t wanna sext you, I don’t wanna bless you
    Baby, I’m a priest in the underworld, guess who
    Lil Bo peep with a brand new flow too
    Lookin at my teeth like you never seen a gold tooth
    Never in the streets cause I never leave my home
    If you wanna live a dream I ain’t coming bitch I —-”

    Lil Peep – Gym Class

    Strangely enough, Lil Peep’s body of work is super infectious and totally has a siren-like element to it (in part due to what is dope ass production). Once I started digesting it to look for all of the occult significance of his lyrics and the prescience of his death it became to come steadily in rotation on my playlist. But then again I like witchcrafty trap shit.

    1. “Chains on shining, you can see me riding
      Cocaine lined up, secrets that I’m hidin’
      You don’t wanna find out, better off lying
      You don’t wanna cry now, better off dying
      Chains on shining, you can see me riding
      Cocaine lined up, secrets that I’m hiding
      You don’t wanna find out, better off lying
      You don’t wanna cry now, better off dyin'”

      Lil Peep – Better Off Dying

  5. One more tidbit to add to the Lil Peep connection. His real name was Gustav Ahr. Ahr is an old germanic locational surname that means ‘water’. The whole thing blows my mind.

  6. Mermaids and Sirens are probably Monarch Mind Control programming triggers, hence their popularity in the entertainment/media complex, and Disney is the most likely corporate culprit behind it all.

    Bo and Peep were adopted names of the duo who started the Heaven’s Gate cult. Nursery rhymes like Little Bo-Peep have been used in mind control programming, according to mind control/Illuminati expert Fritz Springmeier.

  7. I just had to laugh at the image you chose for this episode. It looks very much like the pool where I work out. There are regularly about 4 or 5 women doing synchronized swimming whilst dressed as mermaids whenever I’m swimming laps on the weekends.
    Also been seeing orange and gold everywhere.
    Keep up the good work you guys,

  8. Tick tock go’s the crystal ball in the sky
    Sure to catch the wizards eye
    Waxing and waning as the time go’s
    Riding the momentum of the ebbs and the flows
    As it repeats itself again and a again
    Step into the mirror a reflection that never ends
    To be one with the cycles is to be at harmony with nature
    Some times your the fish and some times your the eagle
    Which one is good and witch one is evil

    Another big ritual we see is the solar resurrection ritual
    Carter is kennedy, osoma is obama, Amy winehouse is lady gaga, and many many more.
    There is a youtube channel called polerization nation media and he dose an incredible job at breaking down coded media and has come up with a unified code theory and uses kabala belief systems to predict events and called the score of the last superb owl doing this his work is incredible and you should try to have him on as a guest.

  9. Great chat! It puts lots of things in clearer perspective.
    Here are a few more links that seem relevant to this Las Vegas ritual:

    1. Greg, I think you mentioned this on when you interviewed Ole Dammegard, but at 23 seconds in this 2009 Hangover film intro video, they pan across the Mandalay Bay and sing ‘with the number 13 tattooed on my neck’. Why was the Paddock photo photoshopped with a number 13 tattoo?
    2. Then there’s the incredible connection to Robbie Williams’ 2002 song ‘Me & My Monkey’. The lyrics essentially tell the story of the Las Vegas ‘massacre’.
    3. The iconic novel ‘The Stand’ by Stephen King ends with the final apocalyptic showdown in Las Vegas, and involves shooting out and destroying the fuel tanks.
    4. Stephen ‘Paddock’, Las ‘Vegas’ (the ‘Meadows’; ‘Vega’ means ‘meadow’!) and Jesus ‘Campos’ (‘Fields’). Paddock, Meadow, Field – seems to be a theme emerging here. We’re all sheep?
    5. Finally, a bit unrelated – Why didn’t the New York New York Hotel in Las Vegas include New York’s most iconic buildings, the twin towers of the WTC? I asked this question the first time I saw that hotel. Did they know it would be uncomfortable to have them standing there after the originals were destroyed? Just wondering.

    1. Not only were the Twin Towers never in the NYNY Casino mini-cityscape, there’s also a dangling roller-coaster that sends tourists screaming through the air feeling like they’re about to fall to their deaths.

      I always thought that was pure sympathetic magic, because hey, it came true.

  10. Awesome episode. Chris’ info is always crazy enlightening! Can anyone recommend a good book as a guide to symbolism for beginners? Maybe I should turn to the forum for this Q. We listen to higherside on the daily! Thanks again

  11. I’m a long time listener of THC and get so much out of your interviews Greg. Thank you! I have been following the work of Chris Knowles for a few years and am a long time fan of the Cocteau Twins and was instantly enchanted by Elizabeth Fraser the very first time I heard her sing 20+ years ago so I always read anything I can find about her. I was completely blown away by Chris’ revelations relating to Elizabeth, Jeff Buckley and her siren call and can’t stop pondering and puzzling over the very strange connections Chris has made.

    The items (links) below came to mind while listening to this interview and seem relevent to the themes discussed.

    I watched Evolution a few months ago and rewatched it recently. A very eerie French movie that remains stuck in my head.

    I am a fan of the French director Xavier Gens’ crazy horror film Frontier(s) and saw the trailer for his new film Cold Skin a few days ago.

    And Elizabeth…Just read this article before listening to this interview…The Elizabeth Line to open in 2018. 8 Amazing Things Discovered During the Expansion of the London Underground.
    This article is filed under the Stones, Bones, And Wrecks section of Mental Floss.


  12. Great episode but I can’t help but think that this much delving into linking of symbols and signs is just an archonic trap, just another energy funnel for them to help keep up this charade.

  13. If this is a simulation, than it is run by math. Fractals run chaotically creating beautiful patterns we call culture. However, once someone is able to control the numbers, the fractals can only produce the same pattern…only the names change but the numbers stay the same.

    So, mathematically, we would obviously find patterns occurring “naturally” or beyond co-incidence, without anyone really having to do anything other than try to maintain the status quo, which is what TPTB seem to *actually* do while appearing to make superficial changes.

    It ain’t as sexy as Aqua-net power prophets from 80’s art bands, but it makes the most sense with the least resistance intellectually.

    Occam would dig it, I think.

  14. What weirds me out the most about all this, is that I (a 32 year old, AVID listener of all music, especially obscure, not as recognized music, because it was my therapy throughout my horrible early life) had never heard of the Cocteau Twins or Elisabeth Fraser until I heard Chris’ other chat with Greg.

    Seriously, it’s a very freaky feeling having so many people know about something that you should know about, but you have absolutely no memories of them.

    And I would just chalk it up to a very odd happenstance, that even though I was obsessed with Celtic culture and music in high school, I somehow missed such an influential band. Except, my boyfriend (55 years old, a musician who recorded with Capricorn Records in 1988, and who has been collecting popular and obscure albums since he was a teen) told me he’d never heard of them, before, either.

    We are both kinda a little freaked out about this. It’s like, they were just written into our reality, very recently. Like, a month ago. When I heard Chris talk about them.

    I love this episode so much. Love all the connections he makes!!! My brain connects dots the same way. I just wish I could recall anything about this band and the Siren’s Avatar, Miss Fraser. Strange world, man.

    1. they do the brainwashing right through the tiny device in Your pocket…5G is Game Over vis-a-vis full mind control for us though for those who have not received full armor

  15. Need to correct one thing: The big stink about Boris Johnson quoting “On the Road to Mandalay” was widely publicized on 9/29 and 9/30. Chris mistakenly says it was publicized AFTER the event. On 9/29 and 9/30 a clip of a documentary on Boris was released as a teaser. The documentary was scheduled to air on 10/01 at 10:05 PM.

    I think it is even more significant that this clip was released and widely publicized the DAY BEFORE the shooting.

    Not sure if this is mentioned in the podcast but also interesting:
    The Mandalay Bay hotel was named after Rudyard Kipling’s poem. Kipling was a Freemason. A film based on this poem was released on 6/28/1926. Originally 70 minutes on 7 reels, the only surviving copy is 33 minutes. The release date is 33,333 days or 91 years 3 months and 3 days before the Route 91 Harvest attack which is 91 days or 13 weeks before the end of the year.

    1. You are correct. I was thinking of the controversy that blew up afterwards, the pieces in the Guardian and so on. There’s so much material here, minor details like that are hard to keep straight when you have to talk for three hours straight.

      Juicy numerology, btw. Choice.

  16. I had never heard of the Cocteau Twins until Chris Knowles previous episode on THC. After listening to this today, another epic episode btw, I got curious and looked them up. No wonder, they’re terrible. Of course I was deep into metal so not my thing. I liked what he said about the walls of reality crashing in. I’ve been pretty deep into researching the Mandela Effect as of late. There are a lot of theories circulating for that such as parallel universes and crashing timelines but the one I’m leaning toward and the only one that makes sense to me is simulation theory and the powers that be fucking with our construct. It’s the only theory that explains how things change not just on the web but right down to your personal dvd and book collection. I haven’t completely sussed that out yet but I’m working on it. Anywhoo love this show.

    1. HOWEVER, I think Saturn will spend 27 years in other zodiacal houses before it returns to its original house…is that what Mr. Knowles means?
      29.5 [Years in Saturn’s Return]
      x (11/12) [11 out of 12 zodiacal houses]
      = 27.04 [Years Saturn is on the road]

  17. Has anyone else thought that Elizabeth Fraser looks like Sofia the AI? Especially one picture with red lipstick compared to Elizabeth fraser picture on You Tube for “Song for the Siren”…..

  18. On the humorous side this reminded me of the lyrics to “mermaidur” : thought it was a big charade, your life was ended by mermaids. It also made me think of the lyrics to Chris Cornell’s audioslave song “number one zero”. I find the line of reasoning here compelling because all of the connections are weird and not immediately noticeable, which would fit some people’s methods of magical ritual very well. It has to make sense to the caster and be obscured to the observer. Interesting.

  19. I think Chris has been drinking a little too much of the Conspiracy Juice and can no longer see the factual wood from the enchanted forest of trees

    The following link pretty much sums up the LV shooting – not my work, found it out there one day

    Have a read and ask if that doesn’t all of a sudden make sense and all this symbology conspiratorial bullshit is just that – TPTB want confusion and endless debate as it detracts from a FBI arms deal come Saudi assassination attempt that went a bit Pete Tong.

    I also feel that we are all here wanting to believe in a conspiracy theory, but we have to remain objective and take a step back now and again and see coincidences for just that – they do happen

    I love TCH and Greg is the best out there, but this one for me has been tumbling down the rabbit hole for a little too long and is about to crash and burn.

    1. It’s possible to juggle details so that one act does many things at once, like “I want to kill my parents, but I’ll make the knife by melting down old Liberty dollars, and I’ll do the final act on Halloween — that will show my commitment to freedom and Satan.”

      1. Is that link correct, Bigfec? Because it’s one big-ass torrent of 200 proof conspiracy juice.

        Incidentally, my models are not crashing and burning at all, but proving themselves to be predictive.

        1. Chris

          It’s not my work, but I’m buying all the LV stuff – it all makes total sense and goes a long way to explain all the other ‘armed men sightings’ along the strip. Maybe the 32nd floor is just the one below the Saudi owned floor and any numerology/freemasonry or any other coincidence is just that. You stated that because of all the symbolism that this therefore had to be more than a simple shooting – maybe it’s not. To close off and say there could be no other explaination isn’t open minded at all – It is Las Vegas after all #justsaying

          Thanks for taking time to reply though 🙂

          1. Bigfec, I’m fairly certain I told Greg that other chicanery and mischief could well be in the mix. That’s the way these things often go. Do listen to Gordon’s interview here as well, since he explains it much better than I can.

            And please do me the favor of actually reviewing my evidence before you pass this kind of snap judgment.

            1. Oh dear, hit a raw nerve? What’s it like Chris never being wrong?

              Actually don’t answer – and I don’t owe you any favours – I stand by my first post – and that’s after many wasted hours on thesecretsun blog

              Have a nice day 🙂

              1. Oh, I’m wrong quite often, BF. And then I try to correct my mistakes. Being wrong is part of the process. If you’re never wrong then you are never saying anything new.

                However, in this case you are wrong in assuming that I don’t take any of the kind of material you posted into account. Like I said, check out Gordon’s new THC. I think you’ll see where I’m coming from with this.

  20. This is entertaining but fairly ridiculous. This guy need to calm the fuck down and wrap his brain around synchromysticism. You can find a microcosm for the world in any detail you look at, and it can drive you crazy if you let it. Cocteau Twins are just a somewhat arty 80s band, and upon revisiting their music I am totally not finding the “holy shit something undeniably ominous is going on here” factor. The level of fear he is projecting is not terribly useful.

      1. Transishness is a flavor of the moment that a lot of fucked-up people are latching onto to explain their alienation and unhappiness, or to be popular and special and trendy and get easy sex.

        In olden days, fucked-up people could chalk up their anomie to having past lives or royal blood or being indigo children or hybrids or born to lead revolution, claims which were often unprovable, but at least they weren’t getting dosed with hormones in elementary school.

        I predict the trans mania and overdiagnosis will be one of the early 21st-Century’s Great Medical Errors, like thalidomide, lobotomies, and eugenic sterilization were in the 20th.

        1. I keep hearing this transphobic thing. I am not transphobic at all, I am all for people living their lives the way they choose. But don’t pretend that transgenderism can’t be weaponized and maybe- probably- even turned on the people it was meant to help. And the fact that we’re seeing this assault on children should raise a red flag. Lots of kids go through androgyny phases. ‘Twas ever thus.

          But look at what’s going on out there- when I say that transgenics are coming fast I’m basing this on the science, certainly not because I want to take swipes at trans people.

          1. I actually agree with your points, here, and for the most point what you said about transgenderism in the chat. My earlier comment was longer… I think it got deleted when I edited it. I basically tried to make the distinction that trans youth (in the USA – with some possible exceptions, I’m sure) do not get access to gender-reassignment surgeries, are very rarely prescribed hormones due to the possible risks during puberty and adolescence, and that the treatment they do get is counseling (which is really just listening to them about all of their problems. Therapists are not supposed to be pushing any gender choices on them.). My earlier post, though, was critical of the amount of time transgenderism is brought up in conspiracy podcasts, in general, and that the actual medical data that is used to support the opinions presented is not current or accurate. On the other hand, I am not opposed to thinking that gender politics, transgenderism, feminization of men and masculinization of women plays into some de-population agenda… I’ve seen evidence to back that up. But, I think the opinions and the evidence can be presented in a way that is more up-to-date, medically accurate and doesn’t villainize or overly-sexualize trans people, themselves.

            Thanks for the reply!

      2. There is the very real possibility that I was a little high when I edited my comment and ended up deleted it instead of saving it…

        Let’s just pretend that all of my facts were well-sourced and that I made my points succinctly, instead of me posting a rant like I probably did.

  21. i really want to thank THC fans for putting up with this lunacy. I realize it’s a lot to chew on and the connections are head-spinning. Plus, insane. Worse, they keep growing. Now, I’ve gotten some pushback on the Cocteau Twins thing, since it’s hard to recreate today the impact the music had 30 years ago. So just to elucidate I put together a playlist comprised of the songs that convinced the teenaged me that there was something otherworldly, prophetic and very ancient at work here. Like you’ll hear so much about this stuff I felt like I dreamed these songs before I ever heard them, and that they’ve existed since the sinking of Atlantis. This is the witchy and bangy-clangy early stuff, not the kind of Body Shop soundtrack stuff that might show up in YouTube searches. I don’t know if you’ll hear it at this point but just be advised there was absolutely nothing like this at the time. This is the music that ensorceled people like David Lynch, Prince, Robert Plant, Madonna, Michael Jackson and so on. Sometime soon I’ll put together a list on the insane syncs involved, especially the things that have been popping up since Las Vegas. Whatever was driving all of this 30-something years ago seems to have woken up again.

  22. I’m loving the Chris Knowles shows, so keep them coming when you can.
    I’ve been reading the Secret Sun blog for some weeks now, catching up on the archived stuff.
    I haven’t come to any firm conclusions yet on a few of the threads, but the Elizabeth Fraser synchros are pretty amazing.
    One thing that’s definite to me now, is that Elizabeth underwent a lot of trauma in her childhood, and this seems to have enabled her to have a capacity for prediction of future events, either by trance-like ‘channelling’, or by possession by an entity or entities. Also likely that she was involved in some sort of horrific mind control experimentation by either independant or Government based people.
    My one stumbling block is in deciphering the songs information. It’s pretty easy with the Garlands Album, as that had printed lyrics in the album, but it would be very handy if Chris could do an article with his interpretation of the lyrics, in one place, as finding them throught his extensive blog is pretty difficult. And Chris is probably the best man to give that information, as he’s been studying those lyrics more than anyone else on the Planet.
    I recommend people to read his Secret Sun blog, as this will really blow your minds at times…..Reading that and listening to the Cocteau Twins for two or three hours a day at work is certainly doing something to my brain, and I haven’t decided yet whether it’s healthy or bad for me!

  23. I love this episode as much as I loved the previous interview with Chris. One thing I have to point out, though, since I was born & raised in Memphis – the pyramid (that’s now owned by Bass Pro Shop) is not situated along the banks of the Wolf River where Jeff Buckley died. The pyramid lies on the Mississippi River. The Wolf is a tributary, but it is not near the pyramid.

    Great episode, great guest – take care brother!

    1. well, i had to double check even though I’ve lived here my whole life.. technically that spot is called wolf river harbor even though it’s nowhere near the wolf river.. that makes the story even weirder man..

  24. Greg,
    Wow, new to your site, I usually listen to Crrow777. BUT, you have such great content, it just can’t be ignored and you do have an extreme gift in your ability to put your thoughts together and summarize things spoken to on your shows in an amazing way. Looking forward to many months of great listening pleasure. I’ve been through several of your shows to this point from Clark to Crrow to others and I must say Chris Knowles is pretty special. I do think numbers mean a lot to those humans in control living in their deep mystery school learning (that is generational) down through the ages prompted by supernatural powers of ‘darkness’, it is there in their math/science/religion/ritual experience, they live, eat and drink (blood) in it. So Chris is right on…. Your follow up show to C.K. is Gordon. Hmmm, he seemed to put down the gematria a little with his comments early on in the show. Didn’t sit well with me, seemed like a little smack @ C. K. but who am I to know. Pretty hard to deny hard cold numbers and names, isn’t it? But If you believe in chance or coincidence….well then say birthdates, numbers, etc don’t mean that much no do they, even songs have no deep meaning, rather it’s just smoke and mirrors, right? Hell no…there is validity, supernatural planning there that makes us smart asses look dumb. So if one believes that it smoke and mirrors, then go gamble in VEGA-s, may be take in a Jason Aldean concert (bang bang)… may see little Bo Peep….lol. Take care and keep on doing what you do best…you’re awesome, Thanks for all the guests, we need to hear about it all. BTW your links are just over the top….again thanks.

  25. I’m late to this dance but, Lindsey Sterling… this awesome violinist has caught my eye. Masonic checker board dresses, “master of the tides” is one of her biggest hits. I think there’s something there. Also Chris is buried on Google search. Had to really look for his blog.

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