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Jordan Schachtel | Power Grab Policy, The Control Virus, & The Dark Winter Approaching

Ryan Musgrave-Evans | The Cryptoterrestrial Children of Orion & Their Free Range Ancient Humans

Cal Washington | The InPower Movement, Babylonian Commerce, & The Notice Of Liability

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David Icke | The Trigger: The Satanic Death Cult Behind 9/11 & Why

Dr. Andrew Kaufman | Schizophrenia, The COVID-19 Coronavirus, & Exosomes

Alison McDowell | Human Capital Markets, Predatory Philanthropy, & The Gamified World

Michael Wann | Culture Creation Rituals, Hijacking Reality, & The Saturnian Scheme

Dawn Lester & David Parker | What Really Makes Us Ill, Germ Theory, & The Four Factors

David Paulides | Missing 411: The Hunted & Other Mysterious Disappearances