Gordon White | Star.Ships: A Prehistory Of The Spirits, Gobekli Tepe & Our Magical Past

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THC’s favorite chaos magician, Gordon White, of joins the podcast to talk about his new book Star.Ships: A Prehistory Of The Spirits which addresses the question of who we are now by tracing where we come from, and by drawing out the stories and the spirits that have journeyed and evolved with us. The goal is, as Gordon writes, the restoration of context.

Pick up a classy, high-craftsmanship copy at It will be the coolest, and most eye catching item on your bookshelf.

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  1. Awesome! Love hearing more about Gobekli Tepe and Love Your Shows Greg! Consistently Excited For A New Episode And Is ,As Every Time, A Highlight Of My Day! Thank You Greg!! Cheers!!! : )

    1. Agreed!

      This interview had numerous examples of Greg at his best: steering the conversation through relevant quotes from the Mr. White’s book (doing this well is not easy and many hosts don’t read their quest’s books). I also love when Greg synthesizes other researcher’s work and then injects these distillations into the interview: Brilliant. Greg’s synthesis, to me, is like voicing a narrative from disparate conversation and various researchers. A side effect of this narrative is that Greg is able to give a rare and necessary perspective of the macro among the community of conspiracy voices. I don’t know how you do it Greg, but you’re able to weave a larger narrative out of your conversations, putting the pieces from Graham Hancock, together with Crow, and with Gordon White. It’s a pleasure to listen to THC. I marvel at your mastery, Greg. You are able to broach diverse subjects and have a deft, yet subtle interviewing manner. Well done! I’m A HUGE FAN!

  2. Thanks for a dope episode Greg, love the mystery surrounding these ancient sites. Would love to visit them one day. Also enjoyed your story of (attempted) sleeping on the bus floor, I have a few similar memories.

    Thanks again dude.

  3. Always a pleasure to chat to the Carlwood.

    I have a book update for those who’d like to grab a copy at a lower price. Found out from the publishers last night at the book launch that the paperback will be available in a couple of weeks, also from the Scarlet Imprint website (or you can order it from your local metaphysical bookstore if you have any nearby.)

    1. Congratulations on your recent book release and signing last night~
      May Star.Ships sell out and reprints be demanded 🙂

      Looking forward to getting Star.Ships
      and your upcoming Chaos Protocols as well~

  4. Good show, thanks Greg and Gordon. I will check out Star.Ships.
    I’ve been working with sigils for 6 months or so with a good success rate. Don’t know why they work. But they do!

  5. @Gordon Your musings about an ‘early warning gamma ray system’, or what may have been is science and ‘magic’ were allowed to officially hold hands for the last 150 years was waaaay to brief! 🙂 I could swim in that particular pool for hours!! The unofficial, “deep/dark” implications are also quite tasty…
    Also, as someone who has been accused of being a ‘pedantic poo’ when it comes to proper context and how it is the key to life, I loved the way you describe that; it truly does make it taste better. And actually makes things fucking work, besides.

    @Greg Love your bit at the end. I am talking to my ipod infested pocket, ” Just get a photo and an egg cup of water and be respectful, and in three weeks, call me with abuse if nothing happens, because it will!” regarding ancestor alters. And then I remember my ridiculous aversion to sigil magic…… Ha! 🙂 To each their own.

    Another 5 star-er in the pot!

  6. Greg get Andrew Collins on. He has great book about Gobekli Tepe – “Gobekli Tepe – Genesis of The Gods”. Highly recommended book and he would make awesome guest.

  7. Hey Greg!!!!! I have a guest suggestion for you. Check out Yash Qaraah. That dude knows his shit and is worth his salt for sure. PLEASE PLEASE check him out and consider him for a guest. I could really get into listening to this guy for a couple hours on your show. hes right up ur alley and possibly deeper.

  8. I think humans were on Mars. There were cities and industry on Mars. Earth was just a national park, hunting lodge, hippy retreat, type thing! Then Mars got whacked so there was a great exodus to Earth.

  9. Human footprints alongside a dinosaur 2 million years ago?!? How about Human footprints alongside a dinosaur 20,000 years ago?

    Geological / Archaeological dating is piss poor pathetic… it’s a bloody fraud.

    Yes we have dinosaurs today. They’re called alligators, Komodo dragon, coelacanth, etc, etc… We just don’t have the really big ones anymore, after the increase in gravity.

  10. Here in Utah the emotion code is big. I call it folk magic. Being an atheist I get such a giggle that Mormons are alway falling for the new thing. I really think it was interesting that levenda wasn’t to keen on giving magical advise.

  11. And, yet another interview to make me think more critically. I have to reevaluate so much yet again. Even just the few seconds spent speaking about Moses and Hermes mercilessly points out my dogma ridden lifestyle. Arghh! I love your show, Greg. Gordon is a thought provoking researcher and guest well versed in his own work, and apparently the work of others as well. You are an amazing interviewer, leading your guests unnoticeably through their own details. Diggin’ the new song as well. Thanks Brother. Solid work.

  12. Hey Greg, you mentioned several times you disagreed with the last guest, Johnny Cirucci. Your blindly dismissing him for personal reasons. Do you disagree with the Vatican getting their paws dirty, or putting bodies in the ground. To me it seemed like he backed up his statement with point after point, citing himself and giving references to it all. I guess is your claim that although all these things happened, they are unrelated? This has nothing to do with your religion or mine or his. Even if it’s not always understood by all, the truth is the truth no matter how or who dresses it. This just seems uncharacteristic of you.

    1. I don’t think I said I disagreed with him outright, at least I didn’t mean to.

      What I think I said was just that when we’re talking about the whole “data and interpretation/context” thing, he might be considered an example of someone who puts the Vatican higher than it should be on the power pyramid, because as a trojan horse of his faith, their actions seem like a bigger deal to him personally.

      I think he has great data. I do think his faith taints it though.

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