This week, host Greg Carlwood, of The Higherside Chats podcast talks depolarization, decentralization and Captain Jack Sparrow with returning guest and magic master, Gordon White.

There is no denying that Empires rise and fall, and there are many indications that for the western world, a perfect storm of problems is right around the corner. Thus, many of us are left wondering how we can best approach this changing landscape and prepare ourselves for the inevitable shift.
But, fear not! Because, today’s returning guest, Gordon White, joins The Higherside to impart his magical wisdom upon us and provide the proper context for tackling the ever-altering reality in which we live.
And while we ride this roller coaster of emotions filled with hope, anxiety, confusion and fear -one thing is for certain: there is no stopping it. So sit down, strap up, and get ready as Greg and Gordon go for lucky number seven.
6:45 Greg and Gordon kick things off by discussing the role magic can play and it’s effectiveness as a tool for navigating the murky waters. They also examine the necessary steps that need to be taken to bring ourselves from a place of theoretical conspiracy discussion, to material action -as well as tackle the growing polarization throughout society and explore how this natural psychological reaction is the result of a population that is living in a reality bubble that is further and further from an accurate view of the landscape.
16:42 Continuing with their conversation about the best practices for steering the ship away from the icebergs of bullshit, Greg and Gordon discuss the value of using cyclical models to help better understand the progression of society. Gordon iterates the importance of an improved understanding of metaphysics in order to aptly analyze mainstream or alternative interpretations. They also examine the cutthroat “game of thrones” playing out behind the scenes and the misguided hope hinging on Trump’s presidency.
24:50 With the need to decentralize everything from our government and money supply, to our healthcare and food sources, Greg and Gordon discuss the best ways to circumvent authoritarian control and regain sovereignty. Gordon points out, the end of the empire is nearing, the endless money spigot funding the military industrial complex is running dry, and now is the time for local participation to take a front seat. They also explore the idea that decentralization helps stop the spread of cronyism, because while corruption may be human nature, establishing safeguards through limiting the impact may be the most suitable solution.
 39:30 Greg and Gordon touch upon one of the most infamous archetype, the trickster, and it’s personification in the character Jack Sparrow, from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” sagas. Gordon details how his approach to life embodies the quintessential essence of chaos magic. He also elaborates on the ways in which this approach will be the most beneficial when plotting a road map to your final destination.
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-Greg and Gordon speculate on the heightened interest in Antarctica
-Gordon talks about his fast and ways to live better in trying times
-The important psychological distinctions between permaculture and prepping
-The geographical impact on magic, and the differences Gordon has noticed moving from the City of London back to rural Australia and how it’s effected his practice
-The Demiurge’s main goals and it’s attempts to fulfill them in the modern world
-That the various generations of cell signal frequency could be the vehicle for mass experimentation, and if 5G could be full blown mind control
-Interesting elements of the Facebook shooter story that suggests deep state involvement
-That there is notably less depopulation chatter, and how the reasoning might be because it’s already been solved
-The symbolic meaning of “dropping the “MOAB” on “ISIS”
-How Gordon’s “decentralize all the things” philosophy applies to the re-enchantment of the world
-The parallels between taking a dog to the vet and the high strangeness experiences humans have with other beings
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