About THC:

About The Higherside Chats Podcast:

THC is an interview-based podcast where Greg Carlwood hosts conversations with the best researchers, authors, and experts on a whole host of unusual, suppressed, alternative, paranormal, occult, and all-around fringe topics. Fun!

As a fan of both podcasts and conspiracy culture,  THC tries to raise the bar, take the best of both, and avoid some of the major annoyances many people have with them.

THC has no ads or commercial breaks, a host who is always familiar with the guests’ work, and a lengthy format which allows us to go as deep as we can.

About Greg Carlwood:

Greg Carlwood had a pretty stereotypical mid-western middle class life growing up in Arnold, MO. After spending K-11th grade in the local Catholic School pipeline, causing a fair amount of trouble along the way, St. Pius X High School in Festus, MO kicked him out on the first day of senior year and he’s still bitter about it.  Eventually making it to the University of Missouri, Greg studied nothing, dropped out, and wandered into corporate retail management- captaining such notable ships as Great American Cookies, Sunglass Hut, & Gamestop. Knowing this was a low-paying road to nowhere, and not feeling right in Missouri; he moved to San Diego, CA in 2010 with a desperation plan to grow marijuana. After growing a few successful crops, but not knowing anyone who actually buys marijuana by the pound, he started another desperation venture: The Higherside Chats Podcast. It was a success.

Where to start?

Well, THC has gotten a lot better with time, and while the 100th Episode Special is a bit dated now, it’s still a great summary of those first 99 episodes w/ 13 returning guests and highlight the range of topics we generally get into: https://www.thehighersidechats.com/the-100th-episode-special/

Advertising & Support:

After dabbling with the Devil’s temptations, THC is no longer accepting outside offers for advertising. It only hurts the quality and flow of a podcast. THC gets support directly from listeners who value the show, and want more with a Plus Membership – not from coercing them into arbitrarily buying some new underwear, internet mattress, or a meals-by-mail subscription after listening to our host reciting some company-written anecdote. Really, no thanks. Please don’t even ask.

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After considering a lot of different options, we decided that the best way to ensure that THC will have stability and be around for many years to come is to keep the first hour with our guests free, (which has been the case for the first four years of THC) but in addition, starting in 2014, we started doing a second hour with all our guests for an $8 Monthly Subscription. Please check out our Plus options and the extra benefits we’ve added over the years.


I’m humbled by people who want to contribute more than just the cost of a Plus membership, though that’s really all that’s necessary. Thanks in advance if you decide to go above and beyond, here’s how you can do that. The Crypto/PO Box addresses can also be used for Plus subscriptions, please just be clear about your intention. Much appreciated!

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All that said, thanks so much for letting me feel special. I’m just an average stoner that loves to dig deep down the rabbit hole and doesn’t like the direction the world is going. I appreciate every nano-second of attention that is paid to this modest little project. You will hear all sorts of alternative opinions on THC, and that’s the goal. Try not to get too hung up on things that don’t resonate, I just like to explore why certain people come to the conclusions that they do.  I hope we can share some interesting stories, alternative news, intelligent guests, quality T-shirts, and by all means a few good jokes along the way. You’re welcome. -G. Carlwood.
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