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Gordon White | Success Magic & Chaos Protocols For The New Economic Reality

Topics Covered: Agenda 21, Finance, Magical Toolbox, Solutions

Show Notes

Today’s economic world is not what it once was. While the Baby Boomers grew up with the narrative that going to school, working hard, buying a house and retiring happy is the way to achieve financial success, today’s Millennials are not living the same reality. As the economy has changed, of course so have the ways of using magic and the spirit world to boost your chances of success in it.

Well, back again is everyone’s favorite wizard, Gordon White, author of a new book called The Chaos Protocols: Magical Techniques for Navigating the New Economic Reality to fill us in. He is also the author of London’s leading chaos magic blog, Rune Soup, and its companion podcast. He’s also spoken widely on social changes and how those of the newer generations can alter(or altar) their behaviors to achieve success.

Some of the topics you’ll hear about include:

10:20: How the attitudes of the Millennials, GenXers and Baby Boomers are different, particularly when it comes to expectations of financial success and responsibility.

17:00: About teleological reasoning, which is the belief that you know the best way to get things done. Gordon shares his thoughts on why it is a fallacy, as well as how to manage it with optionality, which is when one gains from an unplanned event that might otherwise be perceived as negative.

23:15: How chaos magic works and how the data supports its legitimacy.

26:00: An explanation of the Scole Experiments and how they proved the existence of the afterlife.

33:20: How chaos magic can make us invincible.

42:00: How communing with the dead can be helpful when it comes to finances.

51:10: The process of creating cosmology and forging relationships with entities.

1:03:50: What it is about saying certain incantations aloud that attracts the spirit world, as well as how it affects the human brain.

1:08:20: How witchcraft and opening up the gates to the spirit world does not necessarily exclude Catholicism, Christianity or other religions, as well as the importance of a crossroads figure.

1:23:45: Which herbs to use to clear your home of unwanted spirits without clearing out ancestors or other good spirits. Frankincense, sage and sandalwood are examples.

1:39:10: Some of the most practical deviations from the traditional expected narrative. These include becoming invincible, embracing multigenerational or other shared living, taking ownership of one’s health and nutrition, and avoiding college debt.

1:52:15: Indications that the governments will start releasing information about technologies that have previously been kept in the dark.

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