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Today’s economic world is not what it once was. While the Baby Boomers grew up with the narrative that going to school, working hard, buying a house and retiring happy is the way to achieve financial success, today’s Millennials are not living the same reality. As the economy has changed, of course so have the ways of using magic and the spirit world to boost your chances of success in it.

Well, back again is everyone’s favorite wizard, Gordon White, author of a new book called The Chaos Protocols: Magical Techniques for Navigating the New Economic Reality to fill us in. He is also the author of London’s leading chaos magic blog, Rune Soup, and its companion podcast. He’s also spoken widely on social changes and how those of the newer generations can alter(or altar) their behaviors to achieve success.

Some of the topics you’ll hear about include:

10:20: How the attitudes of the Millennials, GenXers and Baby Boomers are different, particularly when it comes to expectations of financial success and responsibility.

17:00: About teleological reasoning, which is the belief that you know the best way to get things done. Gordon shares his thoughts on why it is a fallacy, as well as how to manage it with optionality, which is when one gains from an unplanned event that might otherwise be perceived as negative.

23:15: How chaos magic works and how the data supports its legitimacy.

26:00: An explanation of the Scole Experiments and how they proved the existence of the afterlife.

33:20: How chaos magic can make us invincible.

42:00: How communing with the dead can be helpful when it comes to finances.

51:10: The process of creating cosmology and forging relationships with entities.

1:03:50: What it is about saying certain incantations aloud that attracts the spirit world, as well as how it affects the human brain.

1:08:20: How witchcraft and opening up the gates to the spirit world does not necessarily exclude Catholicism, Christianity or other religions, as well as the importance of a crossroads figure.

1:23:45: Which herbs to use to clear your home of unwanted spirits without clearing out ancestors or other good spirits. Frankincense, sage and sandalwood are examples.

1:39:10: Some of the most practical deviations from the traditional expected narrative. These include becoming invincible, embracing multigenerational or other shared living, taking ownership of one’s health and nutrition, and avoiding college debt.

1:52:15: Indications that the governments will start releasing information about technologies that have previously been kept in the dark.

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68 Responses

  1. Ah amazing, been looking forward to Ol’ Gordz. Had a really shit day yesterday, everything that could go wrong did go wrong, felt synchronistic in the way it tried to hinder my “life-work” but I powered through, smashed out loads of illustrations and got an early night, and woke up to a new G-whizzle THC. Dope shit.

    Thanks Greg this totally gave me a morale boost.

  2. I threw off my cubicle prison in 2013 and began to see my trauma as my crossroads opportunity. The cure was in the poison and my life has unfolded into a traveling circus of sharing my methods. I somehow knew what Gordon shares intuitively and I have been saying Yes to the things that scare me ever since. The book sounds like it can help me fine tune… I will check it out. Great show. Keep saying Yes to the magic!

    1. Don’t know how to say this without sounding glib, but as someone who sought the help of “experts” who had no first-hand experience of trauma to help me heal by taking a needlessly clumsy, protracted route toward healing, I’m proud of you for using your experience to empower others. :*)

  3. I fear that the massive global collapse is on its way. We’re like living in an oven! The elites can decide if they want to gently defrost us, make us sweat or burn us to a cinder…. electricity cut off, meds unavailable, internet goes down, FOOD… FUCKING FOOD!!! How you gonna eat in the big city? Cannibalism? The elites have got a good grip on our balls and I fear much violence is a real possibility.

    Animals that live out in their natural environment; they don’t depend on a system. We do!

    The US has just been inventing money out of thin air. It just pays its bills by counterfeiting money. Other countries get KILLED if they do this. The counterfeit fairy tale dollars are then just laundered around the world. Again, countries get killed if they do not launder these dollars. But it’s all coming to an end… starting with the banks seizing all the money in your account!

    Don’t know if I’ll still be around in 2 years time. Oh well, nice knowing you!

    1. Yes, purchase silver, and listen to Clif High, read his webot ALTA reports, then you will know what to expect and prepare for in a worst case scenario. I suggest Gregg interview Clif High. If Greg asks Clif High to talk on subjects never revealed before by Clif, I feel certain he will he will agree to that. Clif High is a wealth of information.

      I also suggest Greg interview Corey Goode, because Goode is connected to real negotiations with several groups that are negotiating with the parasites (PTW) about this very subject of currency collapse, leading to system collapse, leading to even more people waking up, leading to our freedom.

      Is there some specific place on this website I can formally suggest these great people to interview?

    2. Yes, purchase silver, and listen to Clif High, read his webot ALTA reports, then you will know what to expect and prepare for in a worst case scenario. I suggest Gregg interview Clif High. If Greg asks Clif High to talk on subjects never revealed before by Clif, I feel certain he will agree to that. Clif High is a wealth of information.

      I also suggest Greg interview Corey Goode, because Goode is connected to real negotiations with several groups that are negotiating with the parasites (PTW) about this very subject of currency collapse, leading to system collapse, leading to even more people waking up, leading to our freedom.

      Is there some specific place here I can suggest these great people to interview?

        1. Along that same vein, I learned of Cliff High and his web bot work from George Ure’s blog – Both of these gents would make for well articulated guests on your podcast (not to mention sharing information that would be deemed relevant/useful for the challenging times ahead).
          Back in 2007, I shed my golden handcuffs and after a year of “dim sum work” (where I tried all kinds of jobs to figure out what kind of work put me in a state of flow), I was synchronistically handed my first free-lance bookkeeping gig which laid the groundwork for me to strike out as a solo entrepreneur with the intent to “work part time and live full time” as well as show up to work when I feel like working and use that alarm clock as rarely as possible – so far, so good…
          I loved how Gordon called out the boomers for changing the rules by removing the ladders for the rest of us in order to get tax breaks and then turning around to call the Millennials “feckless”… Spot on assessment!
          I have listened to this episode at least three times all the way through and gotta say, it’s five star gold! Got me seriously working towards setting up my very own ancestral altar (I’ve been one of those rare cats with great luck “who hasn’t really given much of a thought to the gods” to quote The Carlwood) and this spring was introduced to the world of Tarot – yet another REALLY fascinating and rich vein to explore that has already yielded some powerful and relevant insights (for both myself as well as the family and friends I’ve consulted the cards for as I learn to listen to my intuition and ask better questions).
          Greg – you’ve mentioned your experience with Salvia before, well, in the spirit of sharing my own “invincibility” story,
          I had an experience on mushrooms a few summers ago, where I went into the trip with the intent to discover/understand how/what reality is, and what I saw and felt was blackness everywhere, with each question becoming a candle flame that I carried with me to illuminate the darkness to find an answer which didn’t exist before the question was asked…it was like fireworks by candle flame, brief circles of light and with it understanding, igniting the ether and then disappearing but not going away. It felt more like the answers we all seek are simply waiting, like a locked door, for a key/question and that it is the seeking that creates the spark…

  4. Every where I turn I’m hearing how fear is the enemy.
    To conscientiously say yes and move ahead to avoid those cubicles in life.
    Fascinating interview. And good to hear rationality to back up so many decisions I have made to live by. Encouraging. Uplifting.

  5. Greg, if you look into Cymatics, you’ll observe that sound/frequency (and by derivation words, phrases, songs etc.) can alter matter in 3D space. That might be the reason some of this stuff works better when done out loud….just my observation. Great show btw.

  6. Damn you THC, you keep making me buy books! Only joking, it was on my list anyway. Always a joy to hear Mr White and way to go on the ancestor altar – so glad to hear you’ve taken the plunge. Just a note on house clearing, you could add music to those incenses for an even shinier, sparklier, shark-free home. Stuff by Hildegard of Bingen or early church music really tunes that space. If you’re not a fan, the music still works if you play it at a low volume.
    It was a great episode, thank you.

  7. Everything I hoped it to be and much much more, no Indepth thought provoking paragraph to be written here, just a note of respect for what you guys do and how much I enjoy it – big thumbs up

  8. Gordon White is making a lot of this stuff out of his Butt. White knows nothing about Summarian texts and other history and is so ignorant of just so many things, you can’t count them. He doesn’t know who those small g gods he talks about really were. His luffing off of what Jimmy Savvel (sp?) was really about is laughable. Savvel was involved in ritualtistic abuse and part of a ring leading up to high officials. Sometimes they ritualistically killled their prey. The point was not sex, it was kicking the compassion out of participants and thereby creating adult psychopaths to rule over the rest of us. See Jay Parker and what he knows about this subject.

    The Christians just won the war against the Pagans. Yeah they did by bloodshed, torture and all kinds of the same things that Jimmy Savvel did in his ritualistic group he belonged to.

    This has been going on for thousands of years, and we will be the ones to stop it and out slavery. But not by listening to the likes of Gordon White. We are powerul beings, and we can contact that power by other means than What White is showing.

    1. Sumerian.

      I assume the rest of what you posted was one long typo.

      Totally second DanTh0mas, Trashpunk’s remarks.

      If you haven’t read the book yet then disabuse yourselves of that post-haste.

      It’s on several Must Read lists 😉

  9. Whoa.
    Love the show…totally. Greg, think you’re a great interviewer and awesome sounding guy. Never commented, but first impressions of the new page screams, “change it back!” Really not digging it. A full page showing what shows are available for the listener is what I want to see, not a black band of small-text advertising.
    Keep rockin’ the show, but seriously, this is hard to look at.

  10. The US dollar is having its throat cut and he didn’t even mention it. There is economic war between the US, Russia and China and he didn’t even mention it.

    Then he tries to sell on the quantum physics BS and Nassem Harrieman (or whatever his name is).

    And he casually dismisses the Jimmy Saville stuff, just as he casually dismisses so much other stuff.

    Sometimes I think this guy is an agent and Greg is his little project!

  11. Hey Greg, can’t remember who the guest was now but think he said he was a Freemason, anyway he is the only one of your Magick guests who has been honest enough to tell people not to mess about with Magick/ the spirit world as it is dangerous.
    Speaking from experience bud he was telling the truth. I can forward you something I typed out last year regarding my experiences, after I had had a fair bit of correspondence with Wayne Bush about such matters.
    But I don’t want to waste you’re time if your sold on going down that road, it’s your decision, all I would say is that your charisma over the air is plain for all to hear and you are already probably too popular for the psycho’s to risk anything physical so to speak, it’s obvious your listeners love you and would defend you massively and so they should. But we both know there is more than one way to skin a cat.
    Your last interview with Gordo made me feel as uneasy as all the other interviews you’ve done with him. Ironically his 1st 10 minutes were spot on but that’s the 70/30 game. I’m sure I commented on the forum after his first interviews that he was a ‘wrong un’. Psychopaths charm the birds outa the tree’s and if he is as skilled in NLP as he is in magick your meeting with him in England would have been a fore gone conclusion to lure you into the web.
    You might now have a huge wave of cognitive dissonance to contend with, no one wants to admit they’ve been had and maybe I’m wrong, but I am a well travelled guy who always had a nose for the dodgy one’s.. Why Gordo spent so much time trying to convince you to steam ahead with the Magick rituals was bizarre, why the fuck does he care to that degree and then using the bait of ‘you wanna be a successful podcaster’ was a classic anchor as he knows what drives you….you want to make THC huge.
    And suggesting that you shame yourself in public with some ritualistic actions, which you intuitively withheld from is case in point when it comes to giving your divine power away. Public shame or ridicule (apart from the obvious social conditioning aspect which “we” have already broken away from, hence why we talk about this ‘conspiracy’ stuff in public and therefore know the difference of what feels right and what doesn’t!!!!) is exactly the same as these freemason types do in their rituals, it breaks down the ‘will’ and leaves the door open.
    Point is Greg, take one step back….you’ve done this on your own and my only advice to anyone is don’t give your power away.
    My experience in a spiritual healing circle with some of the nicest people you could wish to meet(!) was a constant advice of ‘you need to trust them’ and then ‘you can really move forward’, (point is they already had told me I had done things that were beyond the norm and I wasn’t there for an ego upgrade anyway ;)). That was the message they were being given all the time and I’m sure that’s the only reason I was the only one they didn’t get to.
    It’s a long story but a compelling one and me and Wayne found ourselves on the same page on a lot of this stuff, his research is great and what I love about him is he is a regular Joe. His latest scientific evidence will blow your mind btw 🙂
    Hope you’ve got to have a look at Edith Fiore’s work, it all adds up to the same kinda thing. Peace bro, just keep doing what you’ve always done 🙂
    PS Anyone that can use the word ‘kiddy fucking’ in the context, tone and manner that he did is, a wrong un. Blowing off Saville was another big mistake, those of us that live here in the UK and in search of truth have had far greater insight into his demonic ways and no we’re not fundamentalist Christians either.

    1. I am reading these comments in amazement. Wtf with the personal attacks? When was Greg told to publicly shame himself?
      By the way, testing the spirits is one of the first lessons you learn in magic. Just as with everyday friendships, trust is earned not granted as soon as you meet someone. I practice magic. I sometimes drink wine. Does that make me a ‘black’ magician?
      The Jimmy Saville case is utterly vile. IMO ongoing establishment paedophilia is the most important issue facing us in the UK. This case and a lot of others that involve magical ritual worry me beyond words. I naturally want to distance myself from them and say they have nothing to do with magic; that it’s just a dressing for the perpetrators’ main goal, sex with those poor innocent children.
      However there is no denying the common theme of magical ritual and vicious child abuse/torture/murder. Magic has a problem and I feel we need to start looking at this rather than distancing ourselves.
      ‘The Christians just won the war on the Pagans.’ Stop with this witch hunt attitude! Saying that all magic/magicians are bad is exactly the same bigoted attitude that says all Muslims are terrorists. I never imagined I’d see this kind of appalling rhetoric on THC.

      1. Having just been told that he should say things out loud otherwise you stay in the training wheel, the shallow end of the pool, Greg says (107.40) he’s ” ‘kinda’ willing to ‘surrender myself’ to the process but as goofy as i can feel doing this stuff in my own home , then there’s things you actually want me to go out into the world where people can see me, potentially “. So why the amazement brother? If he feels awkward/goofy, doing it in his own home doing it in public sounds like it would be somewhat humiliating for him.
        Also for the record if you read my post again I was not saying all people practicing some form of magick or spirit contact are bad! It was quite the opposite as I said I have met some of the nicest people you could wish to meet who were involved in spirit contact and even put an exclamation mark in there to highlight this fact to those who would jump on the defensive straight away (perhaps a few more exclamamtion marks next time?).
        Intimating it’s a witch hunt and liking it to saying all Muslims are terrorists was a very underhand way to reply. Your last line was even more bewildering when the point of my comment was that we are all divine spirits and have no need to give our power away to anything or anyone. Peace

        1. Hi Tedmac – about that last line. I took that from another post and I should have made that clear. I apologise. If you look further above in the comments you’ll see what I was referring to. I wasn’t being underhand though, I disagree with that.

          As for doing stuff in the outside world, that’s something magical practitioners do from time to time and yes, there’s always the chance you’ll be seen, which is why I keep my magic as simple as possible. But there’s nothing sinister about that, it’s more to do with social embarrassment.

          I do get concerned when I see comments (and I’m not talking specifically about yours here) making personal attacks and also claiming magic = bad. I’d be very unhappy if THC became out of bounds for me. There’s so much negativity about magic online and I hoped not to see the same here.

          Peace to you too 🙂

          1. Bro your initial reaction was pretty full on but no offence taken. I had tried to convey that good honest people can get suckered in and White’s use of the word ‘kiddy fucking’ has no place in any so called truth movement let alone in the tone and manner he used it. He seems articulate and intelligent enough so should never have gone there, EVER!
            All I can say is that from my personal experiences within this healing circle is that all is not what it seems, far from it. like I said I was willing to share my experiences with Greg if he so wished. We are only just waking up (again) to our divine spirituality and so how can that be any different to riding a bike for the first time, we wouldn’t just jump on a bike with the best suspension and hurtle down the side of a mountain, well some would and I wish them all the best, sincerely.

  12. Gordon White hasn’t wasted one minute up-dating his authors page at amazon though, he doesn’t really need to worry about the collapse and the composting of this country.

    Gordon Back on THC Talking Chaos Protocols
    It’s always an absolute pleasure to shoot the breeze with the one and only Greg Carlwood.
    He definitely does his homework and so we end up exploring aspects of The Chaos Protocols that I am commonly asked questions about. It’s certainly a useful companion to the book as well as a discussion of it, given that we drill down into the fundamental and unprecedented demographic and technological changes we have only just begun to meat-grinder our way though. Link Amazon to Rune Soup

    From the Authors Page – Amazon
    Gordon has presented at media events across Europe on social and data strategy as well as the changing behaviors and priorities of Generation Y. During this time, he has partied with princes, dined in castles, dived on sunken cities and even had a billionaire knight buy him bottles of champagne. (No worries, when you bump uglies with London’s elite) My feeling is Gordon is a ‘kept man’ + book sales.

    Besides, a real ‘white’ magician would never drink alcohol or conjure. But, that’s just me. You go Greg! Sorry to hear you’re on your ‘knees’ to a lessor being. If that’s where you ‘start’ you’ll never get up.

    1. Do you know where you are? “Drink a little drink, smoke a little smoke…” is repeated prior to every show and you’re put off that a guest drinks alcohol?
      When did Gordon ever say he was a “white” magician? I missed that part.

      1. oh, did I sound ‘put off ‘? I don’t care if he’s real or not. Though considerable time and effort should be taken when practicing high science. I’m just afraid for young Greg crawling down the wrong path. capeesh?
        yeah, guess you missed it…×300.jpg You don’t think he’s using a play on words and visuals? given the topic. The best of the best is already out there.

        1. I see, your negative comments about GW stem from a worry about ‘young Greg.’ I sense that ‘young Greg’ is capable of making his own decisions and isn’t on his knees to anyone. Perception is everything, I guess.

          I have no idea what the pic of the book, The Chaos Protocols, between two red candles means to you. Care to elaborate on what you claim I missed, or what that has to do with being a “white” magician?

          1. re: Perception is everything, I guess.
            Well, a couple of more videos cleared the whole thing up for me. Gordon is Amazzzzing! he makes Jamie Diamond look like a run of the mill wizard!

            His press release for star ships is Brilliant! I know so much more now about the Juggling of history.

            Thanks, JKBM for getting me right on that GW turnip truck!
            Conjuring that Uncle from Parliament really worked! Wiki

            re: Greg not on his knees, Right! except that he said, he was. Go Figure…

            1. Thanks for the reply, bluehootie. I stand corrected if Greg said he was on his knees. I assume he was kidding. My point was that I don’t think anyone has to worry about Greg.

              I liked Star.Ships better than Chaos Protocols…probably because I like history much better than economics.

              Unrelated to all of that, if you are interested in Tolkien and/or Jung, here’s on of my favorite recent Rune Soup podcasts –

                1. You’ve seen it? Did you stare at the single image for the entire 1:25 minutes show? or did you listen?
                  So sorry (not really) that you were offended by the sentence, “Perception is everything, I guess”, that you keep repeating. For a minute I thought maybe we could find common ground but your sarcasm is not lost on me, my mistake. Here’s another one you can get stuck on –

                  Imitation is the highest form of flattery.

                  Enjoy the rest of your day, bluehootie

                    1. Paying attention to what is the question. You’re all over the place and frankly, I don’t know wtf you’re talking about.

                      Internet images of a book and candles (where’s the bell?) that speak to you. ????
                      Random teetotaler “white” magicians. ????
                      Wizard Jamie Diamond. ????
                      Turnip trucks and Wiki. ????
                      Watching audio podcasts. ????

                      Perhaps you should turn those messianic urges inward.
                      It’s been fun but 3 days of crazy is my absolute limit.

            2. Re: “It’s been fun but 3 days of crazy is my absolute limit”.

              🙁 Sorry…..( not really ) 🙂 I thought the picture would help. There is no shame in Googling the big words.
              Enjoy the rest of your day in the Shire, JKBM

  13. Not sure what ya all like about this guy! I am to retire soon – and I plan to spend as much of what I have saved from my earnings as I always have! The reason the economy is down the plug is because of a PLAN from the Club of Rome 1920s to have built up THEIR world and now they will suck us dry! This is from the dark side that “baby boomers” are blamed for this! what the baby boomers have done is build things up (for the Rothschilds right enough!) so we can be the fatted calf now. I’ve worked bloody hard all my life and tried to fight against consumerism all my life – THIS IS DEVISIVE an I am shocked you should go there Greg! I still think he sounds like an arrogant sod!

  14. Strange. What he said about “baby boomers” generation??? At the beginning. This isn’t reality. The entire group of bb’s are not, were not like that at all. Only a few well-connected may be financially able to spend the rest of their lives in luxury on a tropical island. Not the majority of that group. My parents never entertained idea retirement meant to run off and spend all your money in decadency. Lol. Quite the contrary. Very interested in continuing things they did not have time for while being employed. Hobbies. Self-improvement. This idea of bb’s “generation” retiring on a south seas island is a ruse. Majority of people who retire, they look forward to slowing down. Less rat-race to contend with and may take a nice trip (with the parents of and their grandchildren) once a year rather than one every 2 or 3 years.
    No need to spread our generation gaps further apart than has been attempted politically, for over 50 years. Our elders are valuable and a fountain of information we (sometimes take for granted)… are fortunate to have to fall back on. Weird feeling he was subtly suggesting a wider separation there. Why the need to assert that point in right at the beginning? Just weird. Really enjoy yer shows Greg!

    1. the baby boomers are the beneficiaries of the war against cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer, arthritis and half a dozen other things, that will cost them an arm and a leg to “fix”

      1. You seem to be way too intelligent to actually believe some of the doom and gloom stuff you post here. Boomers are riddled with cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer arthritis and a half dozen other things, my friend. How about you use some of that stellar intelligence to “fix” things? Your turn, brother.

    2. no offence meant when i said his 1st 10 mins was spot on, all i was referring to was the fact that wages have either been steadily driven down in all industries or wiped out altogether, except for IT which as we know is all part of the transhumanism agenda. There are no more jobs for life which the so called babyboomer generation may have enjoyed for a couple of decades at most, which isn’t exactly life is it? (Another cleverly crafted myth really). Of course finding silver linings on the clouds is a human quality we must all work on of which I am managing to do since being laid off in the print industry more times than you could shake a stick at since the late 80’s. Coming full circle; this is something I am doing without the use of magick par se and bearing in mind secret societies who have been controlling the psyche and resources of the world for an awful longtime and who have been proven to be in contact with the spirit world, there has been nothing but war and destruction, why trust them now to take us to utopia?

      1. @ Tedmac. Secret societies and magic are not the same thing. Some secret societies practice magical rituals but most magical practitioners are lone workers. It’s not a coherent movement with a Pope at the top of it. It’s many people, mostly lone workers.
        Some of the secret societies have twisted secret societies within them. Then there are the generational abuse cults. Like everyone else on here these groups sicken me. (Caveat: I’ve had no personal experience of any of these and I’m not just going to accept everything I see on the internet. So there is still an element of doubt for me, although that’s diminishing with every one of these cases that’s exposed).
        Lone practitioners work in the way that is right for them. E.g. my goal is to be of service and to be a decent member of my family, which includes relatives, ancestors, land beings, angelic beings etc. These spirits are as much a part of my family as my relatives.
        The spirit world is filled with many types of beings, including the ones Gordon calls ‘sharks’ and I call ‘parasites’ because that’s what they are. There are also spirits who care about us, like the HGA, and those who are neutral to us. It’s a very rich world and you need your wits about you, but I couldn’t imagine life without magic and the spirits.
        But magic’s not for everyone, and that’s fine. Each to their own.

    3. Thumbs up safepassage846 for your comment-
      “Strange. What he said about “baby boomers” generation??? At the beginning. This isn’t reality. The entire group of bb’s are not, were not like that at all. Only a few well-connected may be financially able to spend the rest of their lives in luxury on a tropical island. Not the majority of that group.”
      You are so right, only a very small minority have retired in luxury. In Gordon’s defense, however, I think he meant that the model of past generations, i.e., go to university (huge debt) get a job in your chosen field (if you can find one/ if one even exists), work hard, buy a house (huge debt), get old and die, probably isn’t the best route to take anymore. What I got from his message to the children and grandchildren of the dreaded boomers is to be more creative in planning your future.
      I also detected some sweeping generalizations that could contribute to widening the gap, especially for those that are already bent on finger pointing and laying blame (see above) in an attempt to shirk the responsibility to fix things that we ALL inherit from previous generations. What the finger pointers fail to realize is that boomers inherited problems too and we tried to fix them, more so than subsequent generations, I might add. Clearly, mistakes were made but at least we got up off of our asses and actually DID something that the hand-wringing, entitled complainers are benefitting from as we speak.
      Kudos to you, safepassage846 for having the foresight to honor your parents and their efforts. It’s rare and refreshing to read comments like yours. Gordon is big on ancestor altars so I’m going to assume that he also has respect even though he may not have expressed it well in this particular interview.

  15. it’s like sitting on the beach, drinking an umbrella cocktail, discussing grimmoires, while waiting for the economic tsunami to wash you away!

  16. Another great THC episode. I’ve got a lot of good feelings towards Greg and what he’s put together here. I really don’t think any of us need to worry about the Carlwood becoming an eternal slave to the powers of darkness. Conciously trafficking with spirits isn’t for everyone, but good luck waking up, brewing a pot of coffee, and taking a morning shit without help from the spirit world (eeeeeek, a Ritual!) We are conciousness embedded in matter and the world around us and the spaces between is
    flooded with more of the same. Why not get to know the neighborhood?

  17. I’ve listened to this twice now and do really enjoy listening to Gordon. However, in this particular episode he seems to come out with some very glib and sweeping statements, especially those relating to technology. I really like his take on the spirit realms and some of prehistory but I have noticed a tendency for him to endorse certain views and accepted them as fact. Dr. Brandenburgs bombing of Mars for example. Surely the data that Dr. Brandenburg uses comes from NASA? But Gordon often disparages NASA (rightly imo) for being basically irrelevant so can their data be accepted at face value? I dont think it can.
    I live in England and with regard to the Saville situation I dont see much wrong with Gordons assertion as to what that particular psychos behaviour was about. I would however have liked Greg to have questioned Gordon more on this subject in order to see how much Gordon has actually investigated the matter and Savilles quite open links to government and the treasonous “royals” over many years. It goes much further than child sex and rape but to child disappearances also.
    Towards the end Gordon comes out with a quite astonishing statement-“we dont need oil anymore”. Well, without oil agriculture collapses and 7 billion starve in short order. I dont think Elon Musk’s batteries are much good as fertiliser.
    Excellent episode nonetheless. Perhaps Greg can get him back soon to go a lot a deeper into some of Gordons more superficial statements that appear not to stand up to scrutiny on the face of it.

  18. Hmmm. Seems I wasn’t alone in being put-off by Mr. white ‘s nonchalant dismissal of Jimmy Saville and his ‘kiddy-fucking’ comment. I believe anyone who who isn’t seeing the increasingly obvious blackmail/black Magick that go hand in hand with the control of our ‘money’ system can only be severely lacking in discernment themselves, or, as another THC commenter put it “a made man”–
    Also, I’ve been learning and studying the whole ‘sovereignty movement’ and am more and more convinced that the English language has been skillfully crafted such that the sounds we utter to create the ‘words’ we THINK have one meaning, in actuality, the SOUND uttered creates another, entirely. The PTB have been generationally patient in introducing such ‘words’ into our vernacular– we really don’t know WHAT we are conjuring with it…
    And if after watching this documentary about a survivor of RSA (Ritual Satanic Abuse) Mr. white still feels that ‘kiddy fuckers’ are up to nothing else, well, he can then be thought of as ‘highly suspect’… (1hr, 20 min)
    Careful with Word Magick, my friend. They are called ‘Spells’ for a reason…

    The truth about English: Phonics, Phonetics, Etymology: (12 min)
    Secret Spells of the English Language: (3 min)
    Commerce – Law of the Sea: (1 hour)

    With love and respect for All who participate herein…

    1. thanks Jaydouble for sharing some research in this most important subject. The opiate for the masses changes with the times, the elite know we are becoming more spiritually aware en-masse and the traps have been laid for a longtime

  19. Looking at the negative comments above I feel like I listened to a completely different show. I think Gordon sounded like he was analyzing the economy. I didn’t hear him put down baby boomers. I heard that the elite have had a natural source to control the culture. With the boomers retiring 10,000 a day, the expansion is stopped and now retracting. Maybe the missing premise is that capitalism is always about seeking growth. What I got is that we need to open our minds to the opportunities that exist from this change.

    I felt that the world was going to end ten years ago and it is still here. I don’t doubt that it looks ominous, but the end is so hard to predict. Specifically, I used to think that peak oil would cause gas prices to increase through the roof, but now based on what I have learned here about the alcohol conspiracy, I don’t see oil as important as it once appeared. Can’t we take control of our energy needs this way – until free energy is our reality?

    My bigger fear right now has to do with false flags and their focus on us, the rebellious dissidents. When do the false flags become real events? I keep hearing that nobody was hurt and nobody died from certain people, but without seeing those events with my own eyes – I have difficulty accepting that line of thinking wholeheartedly. When does that line of thinking become dangerous for us? How safe do we, the people questioning this reality, feel? In the age of Aquarius – are we not the targets?

    As far as the magic stuff goes – I know nothing. I always avoided anything that appeared to be witchcraft or satanism. I’ve seen paranormal things without trying to see them – and was somewhat tormented by them. So I guess I’m saying that Gordon has made the subject accessible enough to me that my mind is beginning to change. Greg seems smart enough to know if he is being manipulated to me.

    1. You are conflating two entirely separate things re: Witchcraft and Satanism. Satanism is a church “heresy” whereas the vast majority of witchcraft practitioners and cunning folk are/were practicing a craft which could, but it was not necessary at all, be used in conjunction with a spiritual and or religious practice. It is fair to say, imo, that most witches/cunning folk used the charms and spells in the KJV version of the Bible as well as James VI own diatribe against witches, “Daemonologie”. I would hazard a guess that most practitioners were nominally Christian.
      In Europe, especially Britain, the “Old Religion” was Catholicism and prior to the advent of the Inquisition seems to have had no issue with those practices that later were put under the umbrella term of witchcraft. And yes, the Devil was certainly invoked by those same folk. The Devil is not, however, the same as the pop version of Satan or even the Church version of Satan. See Emma Wilby’s books for further academic explanations; (The Visions Of Isobel Gowdie” and “Cunning Folk and Familiar Spirits”).

  20. I’m a little late to the discussion but want to add my 2 cents about setting up a meeting at the cross roads. People should do some research here and learn learn how to protect themselves before attempting to make contact. “There are two paths you can go by but in the long run, there’s still time to change the road you’re on”. The left hand path is quicker but is more dangerous. When you stare into the abyss the abyss stares back into you.

    1. Nothing to fear on the left hand path. It can be more hazardous but that is because more is required of you. Your own strength of mind and spirit is the cornerstone. In order to really get the left hand path though you have to really do away with dualism and explore what honor, integrity, strength, love, and compassion mean to you. It’s about being honest with yourself as much as humanly possible, even when that sucks. It’s asking hard questions and not just accepting an easy answer. So I must disagree that it is quicker, just the opposite. It is a long hard path that you must beat down yourself. It is going off of the road and exploring. You could say it is a non path. Sorry that was a bit lengthy, just something I feel strongly about and think it important to bring a better understanding of the left hand path when it appears someone may have gotten a idea about it from another who represented it poorly. Have a good one.

    2. I agree, jwp. I read Gordon’s book and was a bit un-nerved that nowhere in The Chaos Protocols does it mention protection or give you any protective spells, which kind of strikes me as a bit odd if you are going to be meeting various entities at the crossroads.

      1. There is a Banishing and Protection section in the appendix (my favorite chapter.) Also a section there on the Chaos Sphere and The Emergency Flashlight banishing/protection enchantment that calls on the Earendil/Venus/John Baptist current. Gordon states all over the place that this isn’t meant to be a 101 book.

  21. Excellent Greg!,
    Loved the show, enjoyed some “rune soup”, as well. these acadeem types remind me of my also super literary brother, always looking for a more elaborate and at times masterful metaphor . the combination of being such a part of the system and boldly outside of it is what confuses many, i have enjoyed the revelations and hearing your evolution into this way of thinking, i feel for myself to that it lends some broader perspective, i dont feel GW trying to trick anyone, again, these are super intellects, bred in UNIversities, trying to break out themselves. and we know world economy is built on loaning imaginary money to other countries, then charging intrest on it, so RELAX everybody……. a collapse of this fake economy, will leave us to help one another,like we were put here to do in the real world. thats why you have been led to fear it so , and told it would be so terrible…. cause we will be free, when this occurs…. love you, thanks Greg.

  22. New conspiracy candy: Gordon white is actually Eddie Izzard and is the reincarnation of Gerald Gardner.
    Seriously though always a good show with Gordon on.

    1. To guard a title that was rich before,
      To gild refined gold, to paint the lily,
      To throw perfume on the violet,
      To smooth the ice, or add another hue
      Unto the rainbow, or with taper-light
      To seek the beauteous eye of heaven to garnish,
      Is wasteful and ridiculous excess.

      William Shakespeare,
      “The Life and Death of King John,”
      Act IV, scene ii.

  23. Greg! That editing 😉 I’m dying to know what he was about to say at 1:18:53. Stop cutting when your high bro! Just some gentle ribbing, I love your work!

  24. This guy gives me bad vibes every time I listen. I think I’ll have to skip him next time he’s on. I could go on as to why I feel the way I feel but who really cares? “Bad vibes” sums it up.

  25. Many of the so-called ‘Baby Boomer Generation’ were single parents raising kids on their own; working like dogs to survive; no pensions; no big homes; or vacations. No delusional american dreaming. Excellent talk. I bought his new book. Thanks for allowing me to have an opinion without coming back with an attack or swipe. Once the arrogance sets in, with some of these researchers, loss of appreciation for followers & subscriptions, I am done. You can be a good researcher without being a complete dick to people.

  26. I have been thinking like Gordon for quite a while. Seems like it is all a big trap. I get up early every morning to take the child to school to prepare him for the next stage of school that will prepare him for the next stage of school that will prepare him for college where he will go hundred of thousands of dollars into debt to pay for something he is not even sure he wants at that young age. For many reason, I jerked him out of public school and home school him, waiting for him to get back the innate curiosity which I intentionally nurtured that schools almost completely knocked out of him. So now we sit and think about the little niches of need in this society that no one is addressing, to create a job that is needed but few know it is needed, like providing a service to single woman to walk the campus without fear of crimes against them when they are alone or …. the list goes on and one. Every year, I take him to the maker faire where he can see just what other people are doing to start their own businesses. He has college text books on his areas of interest whenever his innate curiosity kicks in again. I will feed his specific genius. I will not travel the directed, well-tramped road towards his future nor toward mine.

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