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Gordon White | Understanding Non-Human Logic and Entity Influence Throughout History

Show Notes

Gordon White, the maestro of modern chaos magic,  author of the incredible tome Star.Ships, and the digital chef of the ever tasty Rune Soup joins THC once again. This time around we get deeper into the magical worldview and interpreting the role of magic, interdimensional entities, and psi effects in the human story. We also talk about multiple examples of non-human logic throughout history including the Dogon tribe of Africa/Sirius saga and Crowley’s channeling of the Book of the Law.

Ladies and gentlemen, door number three.

Gordon also did a written interview w/ Chris Knowles, which is a great compliment to this show as well. You can check it out here: Secret Sun

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DOPE. Been absolutely gagging for a new episode. Gonna play this out over the PA System at work right now.


Do it every morning man. I work in a bar from around 6am till around 2pm. so I’m there on my own till around 10am. usually smash through 2 episodes or so while setting up and stuff and downing plastic pint cups of tea, attempting to be a human. Good times.


Wow. what a happy thought – to actually be able to do that at this snake pit where I work 😀


My day just got better, and it was going pretty damn good to start with. Can’t wait to listen. Thank you!


I’m not comfortable calling them/the effect non physical. We only see three percent of the physical world. There’s a lot of physical we aren’t perceiving.

I think Gordon touched on that already, that they’re physical.


Maybe the side chatter, like the clown billboard example, is something the spirits use to focus and center themselves in a relevant “time frame”.

Even if it’s a download and not another kind of informational exchange, and even if it isn’t relevant at that time, it may well be relevant later.

Looking at the outer stone circles’ indication of star velocity helps put the star map in time. And who knows? It may be the exact information some future traveler needs. That exact star map may get her home.


Thanks for the new show i have been waiting seems like forever. I was dreading my double shift at work today but now i know its gonna be alot better. Plus gordon has done two other shows that were awsome so i know this will be awsome as well.


Well done sir, well done!


Sorry I’m not forum savvy Carlwood.

Ap asks for user name.

Had to use email to sign in.

That’s as far as I’ve gotten.

Sorry to hijack a Gordon White spot.

About to relisten.

NOW I understand why you like him so much.

Next time skip the beginning of the book.



Yes, show notes! I hope you get a lot more subscribers. THC is my favorite podcast and I tell everyone I think will be interested about it. We should do some sort of promo contest to get you more exposure. By the way… I do SEO (and web design) so if you need some help or suggestions to improve anything, feel free to reach out. I wouldn’t charge you. Would love to see you keep growing though! ♥ The peoples need to know about you 😉


Physical and non physical you will cone to find is all one. Its all interconnected , the inner the outer as above as so below , toking some of that bomb og kush .


Loved the guest, the entire show, the closing comments, the closing song and hearing about your future plans for the site. Bravo, Greg, it’s just getting better and better!

red fox

Brilliant! Gordon is exceptionally good value and definately one of your best guests.
I would like to know who the muppet is who rated it 1* and their reasons for doing so.


Nice, I just got finished listening to Peter Levenda and the last Gordon White episode last week so the material is still fresh in my mind. Starships seems like a good read, I may order a copy this week.


Yes. Levenda dovetails nicely with White. Just finished reading Levenda’s “The Dark Lord” and It’s giving me a handle on the Super Bowl mega rituals. I think I will order a copy of “Starships” myself.


It won’t disappoint.
Also, Lucifer: Precepts, also published by Scarlet Imprints fits nicely into this…. view. Hard to call it a world view; much broader than that.

red fox

I think Peter Grey and Alkistis of Scarlet Imprint would make for a very interesting THC show. Peter is author of Lucifer: Princeps and also of The Red Goddess ( a history of Babalon through the ages referring to Dee/Kelly, Crowley, Jack Parsons/L.Ron and Cameron etc) and of Apocalyptic Witchcraft.
It will be a bit of a coup if Greg could get them on as they dont do hardly any “chats” although Peter was the first guest on Gordons own podcast.


I have theory on the lack of magic seen today vs in years past , Gordon mentioned it would be impossible to live and eat as pure as we did in years past (I agree a possible cause) but there are billions of people = billions of souls vs maybe a few thousand in the beginning .my thought is that, the spirits in us become diluted and harder to communicate with . This could also explain why we lived longer in the Genesis story


Too much noise to tune into the subtler inner=verse threads most days in the modern world. However, it is an excellent way to enhance your capacity for discernment in the *long* run.


92% gobbledygook … Chaos is right …the only magic is how anyone pays attention to it …peeyew …great music though …it’s alright …even “the Babe” struck out occasionally


Episodes like this are the reason I stay a plus member Greg! I love Gordon White and all things Chaos Magick. For anyone interested in the topic check out the Liber Null, it’s available online for free:


Loved hearing your interview in the crrow’s nest. btw, Happy Birthday! 🙂
And, you can watch The Blacklist on NBC or other sites w/out payin’ for cable, dish or direct.


I didn’t like this one. I felt like Mr White was too main stream and hardly believed in any of the stuff we do here. He’s a good speaker, but I don’t tune in to listen to stuff I knew BEFORE I awakened. Ya know what I mean, Jelly Bean?


It’s confusing because I remember Mr. White on a previous interview blowing my doors open. Hmmm. In this one, he sounder overly careful and skeptical.


I agree, but didn’t find that to be a negative.
I think it is good not to be laissez-faire when discussing the mechanics of ‘all this’, because if not shooting in the dark, we are certainly shooting on dusk, towards the setting sun…


Thanx Hammer1. I appreciate your assist.


Great show Greg! All roads again lead to Crowley who seems to be getting his due with Mr. White. I think historically
he will soon be regarded as one of the most influential people of the 20th Century once we can get a firmer grasp
on what actually was going on during those 100 years. I have no doubt that there are efforts that have been going on since
WWII to modernize, weaponize and technologize what would be considered magic in Crowley’s day. But what have these modern
magicians accomplished? That is the question of the hour (at least for me).


Yeah. Hitler and Napoleon were also very influential, and probably had ‘outside’ help..
I am not putting them all in the same camp by any means, but ‘influential’ is perhaps not the best yardstick.
Just thinking out loud on this one.
Crowley brought his magical understanding to bare, and morphed it over time well, but perhaps some of the ‘fucking crap’ things about our modern age could also be layed at his feet.


Hmm, this sounds overly negative, and judgemental on a reread, and it was not meant in that way.

I guess I was riffing of the show a bit, as a literally just finished it. In one breath Greg and Gordon talk about Uncle Al being hugely influential in the 20th century, and not long after, they both agree that the falling of ‘The Empire’ will not be a bad thing.
Not saying Al was responsible for all the ills of 20thC, but you can’t be hugely influential on anything AND keep your hand clean.
Now that would be a magic trick! 🙂


No worries, please don’t think I’m on board with the OTO or Crowley. Influential can cut both ways – positive and negative. I do think influence is a good word however as the more I read about culture and propaganda it appears Crowley had a huge impact on artists and trend setters. They weren’t called he culture wars for nothing…..


There’s been a few synchronicitys revolving around this book and the last few shows example being the last show having some talk about Hunter gatherers I know this isn’t the proper place for a book discussion just curious if anyone else has read the book and found it as enlightening as I ( notes from a dumb stoner ) The book is called sapiens


Great show, while on the topic of magic, congress just recognized magic as real. H. RES. 642 Recognizing magic as a rare and valuable art form and national treasure.
Whereas magic is an art form with the unique power and potential to impact the lives of all people;
Whereas magic enables people to experience the impossible;
Whereas magic is used to inspire and bring wonder and happiness to others;

look it up it goes on for a page or two. I would just like to know what is their definition of “magic”
Enjoyed the show. Have you had Eric P. Dollard ( modern day Tesla) on the show. Now there would be an incredible guest. Thanks and keep up the fire.


This is wild. Thanks for posting it. Here’s the bill that was introduced…


Yeah I appreciate posting that link fer sure


Awesome post! But bear in mind the bill has only been introduced it hasn’t been passed yet. Heres hoping!!

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