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Jon Rappoport | The Ebola Conspiracy, Vaccine Whistleblowers, & Rockefeller Medicine

Topics Covered: Big Pharma, Conspiracy, Rockefellers, Scandals, Vaccines

And Then There Was Plus!

Topics Covered: Coming Soon

THC 121: Adam Gorightly | Discordianism, Operation Mindfuck, & Famous Tricksters

Topics Covered: High Strangeness, Profiles

THC 120: Chad Lewis | UFOs, Crop Circles, Curses, Tulpas, & Cryptids

Topics Covered: Cryptozoology, High Strangeness, Paranormal, UFOs

THC 119: Troy McLachlan | Secrets Of The Saturn Death Cult & The Monetary Enslavement Conspiracy

Topics Covered: Capstone Cabal, Finance, Occult, Saturn, Secret Societies, The Matrix

THC 118: Stewart Swerdlow | Reptilians, Atlantis, Hybridization, & The Hollow Earth

Topics Covered: Atlantis, Cosmic, High Strangeness, Hollow / Inner Earth, Reptilians, The Matrix

THC 117: Ken Gerhard | Flying Humanoids, Mothman, & Winged Beast Sightings

Topics Covered: Cryptozoology, Otherworldly Entities, Paranormal

THC 116: Mr. Gates | Illuminati Symbolism & The Hip Hop Conspiracy

Topics Covered: Conspiracy, Culture Creation, Esoteric, Hidden History, Symbolism

THC 115: John Perkins | Economic Hitmen, Predatory Capitalism, & Consumer Power

Topics Covered: Conspiracy, Covert Ops, Finance, Geopolitics, Scandals

THC 114: Robert Morningstar | Secrets of the Solar System, Mythology, & Extraterrestrials

Topics Covered: Conspiracy, Cosmic, E.T. Agenda, Mythology, The Matrix

THC 113: Philip Farber | Understanding Invocation & Evocation Magick

Topics Covered: Magical Toolbox, Nature Of Reality, Spirits

THC 112: Vyzygoth | Patriotic Propaganda & The American History Conspiracy

Topics Covered: Conspiracy, Hidden History, Politics

THC 111: Daniel Estulin | The Bilderberg Meeting 2014

Topics Covered: Capstone Cabal, Conspiracy, Secret Societies

THC 110: Markus Allen | Scripted Reality, Alex Jones, & The 9/11 Conspiracy

Topics Covered: 9/11, Cross Cultural, Hidden Hand, Profiles, The Matrix

THC 109: Xaviant Haze | Reptilian Aliens, Ancient Egypt, & Elvis

Topics Covered: Ancient Aliens, Egypt, High Strangeness, Reptilians