Today on everyone’s favorite conspiracy podcast:

In this 1 hour “special report,” Jon Rappoport sheds some light on the latest Ebola outbreak, scandals involving the Center For Disease Control, vaccine propaganda, whistleblowers, and a whole lot more.

I’ll have a typical 2 hour show out with my next guest, in the next few days.

Jon’s Website:

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4 responses to “Jon Rappoport | The Ebola Conspiracy, Vaccine Whistleblowers, & Rockefeller Medicine”

  1. From what I have read it sounds like HIV was essentially a shared condition in which the immune systems of a certain segment of the population were devastated. Within the gay community this has been attributed to a widespread use of stimulants where at the time people would run around jacked up for months at a time on poppers (amyl nitrate) which would through their immune system out of wack. The deaths though were by and large caused by treating the disease (across all segments of society) with AZT which was a failed chemo drug due to its extreme toxicity. For more info on this pov see

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