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THC 116: Mr. Gates | Illuminati Symbolism & The Hip Hop Conspiracy

Topics Covered: Conspiracy, Culture Creation, Esoteric, Hidden History, Symbolism

Show Notes

Ever wonder exactly what just happened to entertainers like,  Tupac, Biggie, Katt Williams, or Michael Jackson? What about leaders of the black community and truth itself like Martin Luther King Jr. or Malcom X? The conspiracy world is full of theories about the Illuminati’s roll in Hollywood and Entertainment and why their symbolism, ancient as it is, appears so often in modern corporate media.

Entertainer, comedian, and social commentator, Mr. Gates joins THC to talk his work on the “Jupiturn” series which traces the Elite’s symbolism back to the beginning of conventional history, and walks us right up to modern day by siting several examples of their hidden messages in popular hip hop music videos. Mr. Gates then talks about why this symbolism is so prevalent in hip hop music compared to other genres, how the Hip Hop industry has been twisted and manipulated, and explains the fates of those entertainers that just don’t want to toe the line.

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