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This week, independent investigator, Markus Allen gives his perspective on just how controlled and scripted the reality that’s presented through the mainstream media really is, including: 9/11, Edward Snowden, and quite possibly all the major tragedies of the last decade. We also talk about “controlled opposition” and limited hangout” as they are used against us in the search for truth, including the question of  if Alex Jones can really be trusted.

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15 responses to “THC 110: The Scripted Reality, Alex Jones, & The 9/11 Conspiracy w/ Markus Allen”

  1. Greg… Eight buildings were destroyed on 9/11?

    Did this person ever answer how this could be so?
    Or did he continue to avoid and evade the question?

    Love your podcast but
    I had to turn this one off.

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  2. Sorry dudes people died on 911 my father in law was a boat captain, he was trapped in New York when it happened he saw one of the towers go down. He could not leave the harbor for a week and was made to transport bodies to Ellis Island, the bodies were flat and crispy. They could smell them. People did die even if planned. I agree these events are ritualized murder events though.

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  3. This episode was hard to listen to…when he used the phrase “critical thinker”, I literally laughed out loud.

    The guest didn’t follow one individual thread through to it’s conclusion. The irony is that the same thing he was bashing Alex Jones for is the EXACT same thing he was doing during the interview.

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  4. Saying that Alex Jones is a disinfo agent, then lighting into a dissertation about no planes, and 9/11 didn’t happen, is laughable. 8 Buildings did not collapse that day. The no plane theory is ridiculous as hell, and even if it was true, you are not going to garner a new investigation utilizing that as an hypothesis. This cat seems part of the Japanese ninja going to arrest the Illuminati crowd.

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  5. Utterly laughable guest, the real joke is the host tho’ – for being so lacking in any critical analysis… just “wow!, man!” stoner jelly brain giggling succubus

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  6. About Snowden revealing Prism and the extent of spying on the public giving out information Conspiracy Theorists knew since 2005. In the 1990’s, an MI6 agent called David Shaylor broke The Official Secrets Act by going public with the information about Echelon. Echelon was a programme where the CIA/NSA spied on UK calls and MI6/GCHQ spied on US calls then they exchanged the information. Echelon had the ability to process all calls through a computer programme which listened to and recorded the calls to see if any key words popped up. Any key words and the call would get tagged for live ears. He had to leave the UK after releasing this info as the government said they would charge him for breaching The Official Secrets Act. He is now living back in the UK but thinks he is the Messiah and asks people to call him Jesus. Conspiracy Theorists who appreciate to truly understand the world we live in, you need to look outside the little bubble of your own nation and see whats happening around the globe then you start to see how complex the web is. They knew about Echelon in the late 1990’s and can see how Prism is just Echelon with a logo and no new information.

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  7. I had to quit listening after his claims about Vince Russo and the WWF. Vince Russo didn’t even work for Vince McMahon when the twin towers (Big Bossman and Akeem who was a giant 400lb white guy who thought he was African) made their debut in 1988 not 1994 like he claimed. Vince Russo worked in the WWF from 1996-99 as head writer. I don’t know about the all his other claims but this one piece of sensational information was enough for him to lose all credibility with me.

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