Steward Swerdlow Reptilians Hollow Earth Interview on The Higherside Chats

THC 118: Stewart Swerdlow | Reptilians, Atlantis, Hybridization, & The Hollow Earth

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Is modern humanity the product of the Atlantian’s hybridization program?  Do our legends of hell and demons below stem from the Reptilians retreat into the Hollow Earth after the last great cataclysm? Who were the Lumerians?

These are the questions, and more that I had for Stewart Swerdlow, a big name on the conspiracy circuit and a wealth of alternative info that he’s been privy to due to his deep personal and family connections to both the inner circles of the United States and Russian governments as well as the KGB.

Stewart starts us off with a brief history of the Reptilians as well as our origins in the Lumerian star system. He talks about the secret timeline of our own solar system, how the moon arrived at it’s current location, planets that have been lost to history, and early extraterrestrial power struggles for Earth.

We also talk about the plans of the modern day Reptilians and the Illuminati, the secret deals between governments and alien races, and much much more!

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  1. Wow, fantastic interview, the best yet. Anyone who has researched the Montauk Project will know that Stewart Swerdlow is the MAN, and everything he says – there are many hours on youtube – is sincere, enlightening and amazing. Kudos for getting him on your show, Greg!

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