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THC 113: Philip Farber | Understanding Invocation & Evocation Magick

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Author, hypnotist, magick practitioner, and NLP expert Philip Farber joins The Higherside Chats Podcast to discuss the various types of entities, invocation and evocation magick, and how to use magick to improve your life and master your mind!

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This is one of the better “entity” models I’ve encountered. I’m really quite impressed by Philip’s poise and composure, not to mention his unpretentious approach to magic. Not since Phil Hine and Lon Milo Duquette have I come across such a refreshing voice in the occult community.

I bought Brain Magick.

Thanks for this guys!

New Alexandria

Did the term “egregore” fall out of favor? It is strongly comparable developed model for the “memetic entity” concept that you keep moving around.


I think the author did mention egregore. I believe his slight distinction was that a memetic entity may not have any collective momentum fueling it but an egregore necessarily does.


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