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THC 114: Robert Morningstar | Secrets of the Solar System, Mythology, & Extraterrestrials

Show Notes

The legendary ufology researcher, Robert Morningstar, stops by THC to talk about the deceptions by NASA, the structures on the moon and Mars, coded messages in the bible and other ancient texts, and the chupacabra. Below are some pictures Robert shared with THC, and discusses towards the end of the show.

Robert Morningstar and myself will both be at the Secret Space Program and Breakaway Civilization Conference on June 28th and 29th in San Mateo, CA Hope to see you there!

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Clive Penshurst

The “moon racer” is a reflection off the Command Module window of something inside the spacecraft. What is the catalog number of the “Big Ben” image? Its quality is well below standard.


Well? Catalogue number please.


Still waiting for the catalogue number, Morningstar, get cracking son.

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