Troy McLachlan Saturn Death Cult Interview on The Higherside Chats Podcast

THC 119: Troy McLachlan | Secrets Of The Saturn Death Cult & The Monetary Enslavement Conspiracy

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Why does so much of the Elite’s symbolism refer to Saturn? Why do ancient cultures around the globe describe the environment and sky as vastly different than it is today? Were they just wrong about what they were seeing or have we been kept in the dark? Today’s guest on everyone’s favorite conspiracy podcast,  Troy McLachlan, has been trying to answer those questions and more in his book and subsequent website entitled, “Saturn Death Cult.”

Troy looks at various systems of weight and measures, the enslavement through a tilted economic model, the writing of our ancestors, and alternative models of Universal principles to nudge us towards the secrets these shadowy masters might be hiding. The conspiracy of all conspiracies!

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  1. I love conspiracies but this is bullshit. Our solar system only ever had one sun. When a sun dies, it does not become what Saturn is today. And assuming we did have two suns at one time, the gravitational shift (not to even mention the temperature shift!) resulting from one burning out would eradicate all life on earth. You can’t just have such a huge shift in gravity and expect nothing to happen…

  2. Actually, scientist believe most star systems are binary from what theyve discovered so far…and believe ours was also one at one point…

    Regardless its fantastical…who knows we weren’t alive when it did/did not go down…

    Keep them coming! Love the show!

  3. Incredible. My thoughts have often ventured toward this topic and why exactly it would be Saturn at the top of the heap, so to speak.
    Trying to get to the bottom of the rh factor mystery. Wonder how the Saturn cultus plays into it?

  4. So this guy basically predicted Bill Gates and the Plandemic. Also, not coincidental that David Graeber, who wrote "5,000 Years of Debt" and advocated the restoration of the Jubilee concept, died last month of a “heart attack”

  5. I liked Troy's ideas and he also seemed like a good humble guy. What he and practically everyone else who have these kinds of enquiries didnt address, is the primacy of consciousness. Doesn't it make sense that evolution is the process of energy / matter becoming conscious to its subjective presence?

    Troy's description of the purple dawn of humanity sounds like the in utero experience of babies. The golden age sounds like its happy childhood. My point here is that we have been looking back to try and create a golden age, rather than slowing down and perceiving the present with open, uncritical senses. What is life like NOW prior to thought? Do I cease to exist, or do I begin to open up and merge with my environment? I would say that until now humanity hasn't been conscious enough to hold the space for its own being. That's why we've needed the training wheels and water wings of the Sun (top down thought) and the Moon (self-conscious feeling which provides more of a sense of me-ness than the much more subtle sensation of the body itself). The human body is like the Earth and it is awakening to its own autonomous presence, prior to objective identification.

    Once this is seen, we no longer enslave ourselves to the tyranny of thought vs emotion.

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