Dr. Joseph P. Farrell | The Rudolf Hess Mess, Nazi Secrets, & Antarctica

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Join host, Greg Carlwood, of The Higherside Chats podcast as he welcomes returning guest, Joseph Farrell, to talk the Rudolf Hess Mess, Nazi Secrets, & Antarctica.
It’s clear by now the elite have spent an immense amount of resources covering their tracks and keeping us in the dark. From redacted documents classified for decades and missing files to official investigations that are clearly cover ups and of course a smattering of mysterious deaths and lifetime imprisonments, it is clear to see whatever lies behind he curtain could be enough to topple to the cabal.
 Fortunately, this institutional secrecy aimed at muddying the waters and dampening the efforts of researchers hasn’t stopped the spirit of today’s returning guest, Dr. Joseph Farrell.
Dr. Farrell, the man behind “GizaDeathStar”, is an author of many great books, and today he joins The Higherside hot off the heels of his newest book, “Hess and the Penguins”, to discuss the strange and mysterious case of Rudolf Hess, the Holocaust and Antarctica.
3:00 With such a complex web consisting of everything from Antarctic explorations to secret coups, Greg and Joseph begin unpacking this saga by discussing Hitler’s deputy, Rudolf Hess, and his post-war imprisonment. Joseph describes the joint international effort to support a solitary prison for Hess until his death in 1987, the dismissal of tense  diplomatic relations between the Soviet Union and United States, and the motives behind the incredible amount of resources used in 21 years to maintain Spandau Prison for only one man. Dr.Farrell also breaks down the suspicious circumstances surrounding Hess’ death in Spandau Prison.
13:42 After covering the “Hess Mess”, Greg and Joseph back up a bit and talk about Hess and his pre-prison life. From being Hitler’s highest ranking officer and right hand man, to his deep fascination in the Occult and membership in the Thule Society, Hess truly was a multi-lingual, cosmopolitan Nazi and accomplished intellectual.
21:42 Returning to the big picture, Greg and Joseph discuss one of the most pivotal moments in Hess’ saga, his infamous flight to Scotland. Dr.Farrell breaks down the evidence behind claims that during this trip, Hess was subjected to a drug-induced mind control program. He also dispels the myth that Hess was switched with a body double during this Scotland trip. Joseph goes on to detail the evidence supporting the idea Hess may have been substituted for a double during his capture by the British, instead. From the hand written letter, given to Abdallah Melaouhi, to Allen Dulles’ suspicions that the man he met in Nuremberg was not Hess, all indications point to a bait and switch.
32:00 Greg and Joseph discuss the attempted double coup behind the scenes of WWII, involving certain British and German factions, the multiple attempts by Hermann Goering and Rudolph Hess to establish peace, and the role of Antarctica in all of this.
42:00 Focusing on Hermann Goering and his subordinate Helmuth Wohlthat, Greg and Dr.Farrell discuss their involvement with Nazi interests in Antarctica, their collusion with British elites to restore peace and overthrow Hitler’s regime, and the evidence suggesting Goering’s support for Hess’ coup d’etat.
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– the suspicious and untimely death of Richard Byrd Jr

– Antarctic strangeness in modern times and the long list of abnormal visitors

– Atlantis and the prospect of Antarctica holding the secrets to an ancient advanced civilization

– neutrino detectors and advanced experiments in Antarctica

– the innerconnectedness of recent hacking stories and how they might signal the reemergence of a breakaway civilization.

– the Q Anon writings and the prospect of them being A.I. driven.

– how Dr. Farrell looks at and interprets the Mandela Effect

A few valuable resources from the interview:
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“Babylon’s Banksters, Financial Alchemy, & The Secret Science Connection”:
“134 Cells, One Inmate: The Closure of Spandau Prison”:
“Rudolf Hess: Mystery of Hitler’s Deputy’s Death Thickens”:
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Photo of Nazi’s laughing at Nuremberg trial:
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25 Responses

  1. Unimpressed with Dr Farrell. His comments about Q are shallow and thinly researched. Future predicts the past. Why is that relevant?
    It would be better to get Tracey Beanz to discuss Q. The swamp is being drained on so many levels – right google?
    His crypto comments are just pop culture talking points There is no depth of thought there. Get Jeff Berwick or Andreas Antonopoulos for a meaningful and enlightening discussion on cryptos.
    Disappointing 2nd hour.
    Still my favorite podcast. Thanks Greg.

  2. Always a treat to listen to Dr. Farrell. Halfway through the show and completely fascinated.

    Hess was steeped in the occult for sure, but wasn’t Himmler the most occult obsessed Nazi?

  3. I’ve noticed larger size yellow ‘lockers’ in random public locations…especially gas stations. I suspected they were related to ‘Amazon’ in some way, thinking they were for the businesses to have products delivered to. Come to find that these ‘Amazon Lockers’ are for everyday people to have their packages delivered to the ‘lockers’ instead of to ones home. I wonder why? Will Amazon eventually eliminate ‘home deliveries’? I don’t know…It’s on their website so I guess I should read more about it. Great interview! Thank you Greg!!

    1. Those are for people who have their mail delivered to a p.o. box bc amazon doesnt deliver 2 day prime to p.o. boxes. My friend uses them. He lives in a part of town where people would take packages left on his front porch.

  4. Really fascinating first hour – unfortunately I felt some topics were not covered or not covered well enough in order to make time for the second hour.

    – He was into the occult – in which way? What were his beliefs?
    – Trip to Scotland – how was he replaced? Who was responsible for the replacement? Why was he replaced?
    – Why was he so important that they had to keep the prisons open for so long?

    Still a good show overall.

  5. Regarding the part about them breaking his ribs while performing cpr on him, it’s really common. Especially on the elderly, it almost always happened when preforming compression thrusts. What is strange is trying to perform cpr on a hanging victim.

  6. New Q update perhaps collaborated by Dr Farrel. Bouvet Island in the south Atlantic is an alleged NWO island. Owned by NORWAY! Is this what the British were asking about?
    And for you Greg — it is alleged to have in inner earth entrance!

  7. I love a little comment in a podcast that gets you thinking.
    Your friend Crrow777 loves to say that words have meaning and the word Kindle. Wow!
    The comments about the mandela effect and modern day book burning has got me reaching for my copy of Animal farm.
    Thanks for a great year!

  8. Mandela effect, to me, is a way for arrogant people to claim they are still right. I remember learning about Mandela in school, when he went to prison. He never died. I need to see things recorded down, not base it of of how somebody remembered something. They was talking about Mandela will die in prison, cause he had a life sentence. Using the death of Hitler to bolster the Mandela effect is nonsense. Nobody knows what happened anyways. Why not use the Mandela effect to claim a flat/round earth. It just makes no sense.

    1. I don’t want to be rude to those who do believe it, I did when it first came out. I found it interesting. I still don’t get the one about Sinbad was a genie named shazam. I could have sworn that was a real movie. But I stack it like this. Have you ever seen the show, are you smarter than a 3rd grader? Just because you forget half the answers that the kids know, doesn’t mean space and time was hacked, and things have been adjusted by time travelers or mass hypnosis or anything. It simply means there’s questions that people can’t remember. Did Nelson Mandela die in prison? It’s either a yes or no. Flip a coin, I’d find it stranger if 100% of everybody remembers everything the exact same. Then that’s brainwashing. You don’t get that accuracy from 5 people who witnessed the same crime

  9. Nothing strange about broken ribs during cpr either though. Was he murdered? I’m sure. But broken ribs isnt a tell tell sign. I’m a volunteer emt, if the hearts stopped, your probably going to break ribs, especially if they are older. It takes that much force to start the heart. That can be looked up in any basic cpr class.

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