Neil Sanders | Our Data-Driven World, Sex Crimes, & The Manson Murders Cover-Up

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Join The Higherside Chats podcast as host, Greg Carlwood, talks our data-drive world, sex crimes, and the Manson Murders cover-up with returning guest, Neil Sanders.

There are a handful of crimes that have captivated the attention of the American public, and there is no denying, the 1969 Manson “family” murders are certainly one of them. Ingrained in the collective subconscious decades later, the unusual circumstances surrounding these events have piqued the interest of researchers, including today’s guest, Neil Sanders.
As an author of books such as “Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own” Sanders has studied the use of mind control, mass manipulation and perception management carried out by alphabet agencies and inflicted upon the public through marketing, movies, and music.
His latest book, “Now’s The Only Thing That Is Real”, is a re-examination of the Manson murders, myths and motives, and today he joins The Higherside to discuss about some of the key components in America’s most heinous murder spree.
3:00 Making his first appearance on THC about 3 years ago, Neil starts things off by giving his perspective on the state of affairs today. Greg and Sanders discuss the prominent influence on the internet from the sophisticated, weaponizezd, disinformation campaigns emanating from sources such as Neon Nettle and RT, to the propaganda and manipulation techniques proliferating online. They revisit notorious pedophile, Jeffery Epstein, his connection to Trump, Mar-A-Lago, and the Clintons, and follow the breadcrumbs from Trump to Marc Collins-Rector, Brock Pierce and Steve Bannon.
10:00 As “whataboutisms” run rampant in any attempted discussions about political and elite corruption, Neil explains the subliminal marketing, employed by groups like Cambridge Analytica, that have permeated our culture, and hijacked our consciousness. A data mining firm financed by Breitbart owner and Trump campaign donor, Robert Mercer, Cambridge Analytica merged with SCL Group, a former British military intelligence organization to engage in a global campaign of psychological warfare and through micro-targeting. Sanders takes it one step further by detailing key figures and their connection between the election of Trump and the historic Brexit vote across the pond.
20:00 With an obvious cohesion between the Bush, Clinton, and Obama years that resembles more of an Olympic style passing of the torch than changing of political policies, the Trump administration’s drastically different tone is not only apparent, but has sparked some to speculate a closed-door coup is happening in America. Sanders breaks it down to the bottom-line: money. Neil explains Russia’s impact on the international stage, what they stand to gain through the collapse of the EU and turmoil in the US, and Ukraine’s key role in all of it.
25:00 Switching gears a bit, as someone who has spent countless hours studying the dark undercurrents of the Hollywood culture, Sanders give his take on the possible agenda behind the recent flood of sexual misconduct accusations catching celebrities such as Harvey WeinsteinKevin Spacey, Matt Lauer and Louis C.K. in the cross-hairs.
33:00 Continuing with their discussion of Hollywood’s darkest secrets, Greg and Neil pivot to the infamous saga of the Manson murders and Sanders’ most recent exploration culminating in his book, “Now Is The Only Thing That Is Real”.
40:00 From Vincent Bugliosi’s ‘Helter Skelter’ and Dave McGowan’s Satanic cult theory, to William Scanlon Murphy’s drug-deal gone wrong and Adam Gorightly’s ‘Operation Chaos’, Sanders details the four mainstream theories circulating about the motivations behind the Manson murders. Neil walks through his research, including inconsistencies in the prosecution’s explanation and physical evidence at the crime scene, an alibi for Manson at the time of his supposed race war bonfire speech, the injection of high price mob lawyers, and the pre-trial publication of Susan Atkin’s account in her book “The Killing of Sharon Tate”.
51:42 Neil explains how the work of researchers such as, William Scanlon Murphy and Nikolas Schreck, most accurately reflect what really happened during the Manson family murders. Sanders outlines the key figures, their involvement and relationship to each other, and the evidence suggesting that this was in fact, a botched drug-related robbery.
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– the details surrounding Jack Nicholson as one of the Tate Murder cleaners

– homemade celebrity porn found at the Polanski home

– the “snuff film” accusations of Hunter S. Thompson

– the Manson crew’s operation striping down cars in the desert and why Neil finds that telling

– the Net Neutrality Fallacy

– artists and the churn and burn culture of the digital age

A few valuable resources from the interview:

Neil Sanders on The Higherside Chats “Dark Secrets Of The Hollywood Mind Control Machine”:


“The one weird court case linking Trump, Clinton, and a billionaire pedophile”:

“Bill Clinton ditched Secret Service on multiple ‘Lolita Express’ flights”:

“The Decline and Fall of an Ultra Rich Online Gaming Empire” a detailed look at the connection between Steve Bannon, and pedophiles Marc Collins-Rector & Brock Pierce:
“What Did Cambridge Analytica Actually Do For Trump’s Campaign?”:
“Trump Campaign Distances Itself From Cambridge Analytica After Assange Connections Surface”:
Nikolas Schreck’s “The Manson File”:
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54 Responses

  1. Oh, the Trump fuck boys are gonna be upset with this one. I seriously think that they’re worse than flat earthers. Trump has the weirdest relationship with his daughter ivanka. I’d fuck her, but Donald shouldn’t want to.

    1. I agree it might ruffle some feathers but that’s part of what THC should do. I also think this stuff needs to be said. I disagree with what I’ve heard Neil say elsewhere that Pizzagate and the Podesta stuff was just a propaganda smear campaign. I don’t think pedophilia is an either/or thing when we’re talking about the Clinton network or the Breitbart crew. I hate to see people put their support behind either.

      1. Seems like Pizzagate is the great litmus test. If you can look at the evidence and come away with anything other than, this is a thing. You are either mentally compromised or one of them. Looking at this guys background, seems like one of them to me. But he could just be mentally compromised. What do I know.

  2. He talked about Courtney Love, Greg you should check out documentary on Netflix called Soaked in Bleach. It’s about Courtney and Kurts death. Eye opening shit that anyone into conspiracies should appreciate.

    1. As a one-time Cobain mentee, my pet theory was Dave Did It. Foo Fighters launching right after, two or so years, which could be anything, he could be a grieving friend and that’s all, but it has always pinged my conspiradar.

      Lest we forget Foo’s shooting victims of What Event (?) EP…

      1. The circumstances around the death of El Duce(lead singer of The Mentors) and hearing interviews with Courtney’s dad have me convinced that Courtney paid a dude(probably Allen Wrench) to kill Kurt.

  3. Great to have Neil back on! Looking forward to this one. He’s an excellent researcher and a common sense voice in the conspiracy world. Plus his Manson work is some of the best I’ve heard on the subject.

    1. And as always Neil Sanders did not disappoint! Great show.

      On a different note, Greg is always lauded for his awesome guest intros. And deservedly so. But is there any better trademark podcast closeout than “Your. Fuckin’. Move.”?

  4. Good info, but It was painful to listen to.
    Couldn’t understand most of what was said because of the accent. I made it through five minutes and couldn’t take anymore. I would welcome a written transcript of shows like this.
    I’m a huge fan of all things higherside chats.
    Wonderful archive! ✌️
    Merry Christmas to Carlwood and the other highersiders! ✨?

  5. Can’t wait to listen to this episode my uncle was a part of the Manson family about 2 years before the murders happen. Alot og history is still out in those deserts.

    1. That doesn’t surprise me at all that there is much of the story to still be told. It always seemed to me that very little of the full story was really told. If that were to happen today there would be a lot more questions to be asked that internet warriors would be adamant to flush out.

  6. I’m only 15 minutes in and i’m already frothing at the mouth; so good job Greg! Being a particular fan of Red Ice due to their stance on the destruction of European culture im nonplussed as to why you would see this as something to be against? Please dont use the “r” word, it’s a bit old by now! The audio on this is difficult to make out at times but just before the 15 minute mark Mr Sanders seemed to mention “Brexit” but I couldnt make it all out. As he was talking about Cambridge Analytics I can only assume he was implying that the “no” vote was engineered in some way. Be good if you could clarify. I’ll listen the whole way through but I suspect after that the laptop will be coming off much worse against the axe laying beside it! ;0)

    1. Oh wow! 2 more minutes in and this guy is so full of shit. So he buys into the leftist British media propaganda about Brexit being chaotic. What a fucking load of bollocks. So, presumably he doesnt reflect on the fact that the avalanche of “remain” propaganda plus their enormous budget compared to the “leave” campaign actually had the opposite effect on the MAJORITY of referendum voters who sent a “fuck off” to the “remain” parliament/media/establishment engine. Is this the first SJW libtard youve had on? I cant recollect any others!
      Any mention later on of the majority of the MSM in your country adopting the same stance pushing for an HRC presidency? I will get to the end and promise not to post again until ive finished-laptop survival permitting!

    2. Offers no evidence for one thing he says. Doesnt even mention the fact the entire British establishment are against Brexit. When your politics align with Tony Blair surely it’s time to reconsider

  7. I liked this a lot though I was a bit disappointed that the Process Church wasn’t a part of the Manson drama – those satanist stories are so damn moreish.
    Why are folk getting steamed up about his take on Trump and Brexit? Isn’t he entitled to his view even if it doesn’t agree with yours? Let’s not buy into the divide and conquer agenda on here please.

    1. It’s because he hasnt got his own take on either a foreign head of state (Trump) and Brexit. He is just parroting the MSM in Britain who are basically a neo-marxist cabal. He has no nuanced view on either issue. If I may, I would recommend people listen to Neil Kramer’s recent 2 interviews on Veritas for a serious take on both matters. Same goes for Mr Sanders views re: Russia/RT.
      I dont give a toss if someone has different views to my own but they need to be backed up with a coherent and lucid explanation if they are being put forward on a platform with a decent reach. The type of trite pathetic comment about Spencers haircut is a case in point. No honourable and serious researcher resorts to playground insults and that goes for both left and right.

      1. The British media is a neo-Marxist cartel? Have you seen The Sun, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail and The Express? Not to mention the BBC which John Pilger calls a well-honed propaganda outlet (I’m paraphrasing). I couldn’t disagree with you more 🙂

        1. I dont quite get what you are saying here? The BBC is obviously a neo-marxist propaganda machine (cabal, not cartel). Does anybody read newspapers anymore? Times, Grauniad, Telegraph are all leftist. There is no so called right wing parliamentary party (I didnt say individuals) in Britain. The Tories are centrist left. Anyway, parliament doesnt represent anyone anyway. The BBC is the biggest source of news for most people via TV and especially radio-it is completely anti-trump, islamoapologist and anti-brexit so I agree with you and Pilger which is why I said what I said in the first place!!

          1. The Times and Telegraph are establishment-supporting Conservative rags. The Graun is a neo-liberal nightmare now, there was an article in it only yesterday supporting the White Helmets! There are still a few left wing journos there but they are in the minority; the majority, like Toynbee and Freedland, are neo-liberals. I do not consider neo-liberalism a left-wing ideology as it patently serves the elites. The BBC news team is staffed by Tories, several of them have left for jobs serving the Cons. E.g. David Dimbleby, chair of Question Time, is a former member of the Bullingdon Club. George Osborne, David Cameron and Boris Johnson were also members. The Bullingdon Club is for the elites only, ordinary people cannot join it.
            The Conservatives are on the left? They are privatising the NHS by stealth, practising austerity despite it being shown to be a failure and have a powerful faction pushing for a hard Brexit. What is left wing about any of that?

            Red Fox, I don’t think we are going to agree on this. But that’s fine, we are all entitled to our own opinions.

  8. Great show Greg! Sanders is always on point and I appreciate his research and wisdom. I especially liked his comment about el-fucko (Trump) and the tomes of information regarding his mob ties and other fuckery. This information IS readily available yet the democrats let it go unmentioned. Speaks volumes about our political system and the “collusion” between the donkey & elephant.
    Again, great show. I appreciate you and Neil Sanders.

  9. How much more evidence do people need that Trump is just another actor
    Hope and faith brought us Christianity, Islam, pornography and now Trumpism.
    Great i/v, Greg, although the sound was a bit taxing.

  10. Well, Greg Carlwood…you finally got my money lol. GREAT guest and Hosting, so compelling about Manson I *HAD NO CHOICE* but to sign up for the second hour. Already glad I did, the comment section alone is a fun time.

    I personally am prone to subscribe to the Miles Mathis work on Manson murders being fake and psyop. Though it’s difficult to avoid cognitive dissonance when guys like this guest have *SO MUCH* information and claims that make real-life sense (as opposed to “Helter Skelter” standard-issue fantasy) but that is how entertainment works nowadays…hi-res and special effects to realism. Hmmm…

          1. I linked it further up, I know it’s over 80 pages long but he presents a pretty solid case as a whole, there’s not really a single big smoking gun to point to. I found the analysis of the crime scene photos most interesting.

    1. ive listened to sanders on numerous shows & have always gotten the impression he was a limited hangout. we KNOW these murdered were staged. Sanders gives a lot of info to AVOID the obvious, fakery. i like some of his work on MKUltra, but here, he’s either a useful idiot or being intentionally deceptive. You can decide that on your own. Cheers

  11. I listened to this interview with interest. I was always suspicious about the Sharon Tate murder/massacre…. and this interview peeked my doubts. If you look at the many Charles Manson prison interviews – none of it makes sense. California “life sentence” prisoners are not allowed to speak with anyone except clergy, counsel, and immediate family…. and yet he did a series of interviews, over the decades, with a series of questionable interviewers. California State prisoners are absolutely not allowed to wear street clothing ever – even for an interview- as Manson miraculously does in most interviews, and they are NEVER not allowed to wear jewelry – he wears jewelry in almost every interview. And, if you look at the official photos of Manson over the years, you can see that he had ear surgery. Hard to imagine that the California prison system would pay for Charles Manson to have cosmetic ear surgery- no way. And ultimately, California State Prisoners are not allowed to have facial hair, and for sure, not allowed to have beards, as Manson shows in the “official” 2011 prison photograph. Interesting, also…… oh, wait…..ENTIRELY UNBELIEVABLE that “Tex” Watson had four children while in prison…. He was originally sentenced to death….. saved by a decision of the US Supreme Court (that had nothing to do with him) and he was still facing a life sentence in a California prison as a serial murderer – with special amendment to his sentence as a “torturer”. And with all that, the California State prisons let a female into the prison, and into a private room with him so that he could fuck her – really? Four times – at least, four kids. Really? He had (supposedly) tortured and killed five, eight, ten people…. and California just said, “yes, you hot young chickie, walk -in, get fucked, get married, and get knocked-up by the most dangerous man that has ever lived.” I love the truth. But there is no truth in this story. I hope Sharon Tate lived many happy years with her child.

  12. Great show thanks Neil and Greg. I wonder how many other stories there are where the cowards that be find a lemon and make lemonade? It’s definitely their agenda to keep us as afraid as possible so wouldn’t put it past them! Thought provoking! I remember being quite traumatised by the crime and the reporting of same. Meanwhile my partner plays in a band of great musicians who write their own very dancy stuff but if there is a choice between them and karaoke then you know who wins! Anyway being famous is too expensive! Love, jay

  13. Haven’t listened yet but is there any discussion here of the Tate-Labianca murders being staged? There’s no available evidence that anyone was murdered during these events.

  14. YES GREG!!
    Awesome stuff as always.
    Can’t believe it took me so long to get the finger out and sign up for Plus.
    I am one of Ireland’s greatest procrastinators so that might explain it…
    Anyway keep’er lit man and all the best for 2018

  15. I’m only halfway through the show, in the middle of the Manson stuff, but he keeps mentioning Polanski. Roman polanski is another huge pedofile. He got his victim to drop the case in 1977.

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