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Dr. Joseph P. Farrell | Common Core & The Cabal

Topics Covered: Education, Hidden Hand

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Join The Higherside Chats podcast as host Greg Carlwood talks the education conspiracy of common core and 9/11 with returning guest, Joseph Farrell.
The Earth has a rich history of control by vast interlocking networks of think tanks, multinational corporations, secret societies, esoteric orders, and hidden financiers all aimed at crafting society to their will and molding modern man as they see fit. And while the “conspiratorial baton” may have changed hands many times throughout history, guest Joseph Farrell has been tracking this over the course of several years and rejoins THC to help us better understand the world stage today.

2:36 To start things off, Greg begins by discussing Farrell’s latest work, “Rotten to the Common Core”. With the education and schooling slice of the conspiracy pie affecting most of the populous, they dive deeper into the weaponizing of compulsory schooling and the tightening of the screws with the newest edition of the common core curriculum.

5:50 Early on in his book, Farrell critiques our focus on the assessment process rather than the content or standards themselves. Listen as Greg and Joseph elaborate on this process, why it’s so concerning and what it does exactly, as well as it’s subsequent consequences on students, parents and the teaching profession as a whole.
15:17 Shifting focus from the laundry list of problems with common core, Greg and Joseph identify some of the key players and money working to institutionalize America’s youth. With infamous charities such as the Gates Foundation working under the guise of philanthropy, Greg and Joseph explore the red flags pointing to a deeper agenda.
25:45 Suffering from a taste of their own medicine and finding themselves being dumbed down along with the rest of the American society, the elite now find themselves reusing the same old playbook. Greg and Farrell discuss how the elite are fresh out of ideas, with proven weaknesses such as a lack of creativity and critical thinking, and the inability to quickly pivot and remain nimble in this constantly changing climate.
36:00 With an over medicated generation of children being subdued to drone-like states, Greg and Joseph turn their attention towards this concerning epidemic. Connecting the dots between the pharmaceutical initiative, they discuss the 1950’s CIA mind control projects, such as Project Artichoke, MK Ultra and the front known as The Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology.
42:39 To dig a little deeper, Greg and Joseph discuss the fairly complex elements where we see the larger trans-humanist agenda, as well as the tie in of ancient esoteric doctrine playing a huge role in the changes being made through the schooling system.
55:11 Before moving onto Farrell’s other book released this year, Greg and Joseph close out on the education topic by examining where teachers, parents, and society goes from here.
1:01:20 Segueing into Farrell’s book “Hidden Finance and Rogue Networks and Secret Sorcery”, Joseph provides an overview into the newest and most interesting revelations his research has produced, because juxtapose to his traditional approach to understanding the events of 9/11, Farrell offers new and different conclusions.
1:08:40 Greg and Joseph continue to elaborate on the breakdown and roles of the three-levels, the patsy, the planners, and hidden fascist international group involved in the 9/11 events.
1:21:00 After thoroughly examining roles of these levels, Greg and Joseph turn their attention towards the interaction among them. With the marriage being the creation of Operation Paperclip and the forming of the Bilderberg group and the apparent divorce being the coup within the 9/11 attacks, they continue by discussing the infighting and it’s aftermath.
1:35:42 We often see occult or ritualistic elements to these events caused by the shadowy elite and the events of 9/11 are no different. Unfortunately at times, conspiracy researchers lack the context to really decode these symbols and ultimately chalk it up to masonic symbolism. Listen as Greg discusses Joseph’s anti-masonic interpretation and what it may be signalling behind the scenes.
1:50:50 With Farrell’s work of breaking down the Nazi bell, counter-rotation and off the books physics flowing nicely with the idea of a breakaway civilization with exotic technologies, Greg and Joseph examine areas where we might see the hidden hand of the elite in more modern times such as CERNS Hadron Collider.
2:01:42 Joseph explains how and why this technology may have been used in the disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines flight 370.
2:20:49 After having a better understanding of the key players and factions involved in 9/11, Greg and Joseph discuss the upcoming presidential elections. As Farrell explains, the forces working behind both candidates represent the splintering factions within the deep elite.
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