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Join The Higherside Chats podcast as host Greg Carlwood talks the education conspiracy of common core and 9/11 with returning guest, Joseph Farrell.
The Earth has a rich history of control by vast interlocking networks of think tanks, multinational corporations, secret societies, esoteric orders, and hidden financiers all aimed at crafting society to their will and molding modern man as they see fit. And while the “conspiratorial baton” may have changed hands many times throughout history, guest Joseph Farrell has been tracking this over the course of several years and rejoins THC to help us better understand the world stage today.

2:36 To start things off, Greg begins by discussing Farrell’s latest work, “Rotten to the Common Core”. With the education and schooling slice of the conspiracy pie affecting most of the populous, they dive deeper into the weaponizing of compulsory schooling and the tightening of the screws with the newest edition of the common core curriculum.

5:50 Early on in his book, Farrell critiques our focus on the assessment process rather than the content or standards themselves. Listen as Greg and Joseph elaborate on this process, why it’s so concerning and what it does exactly, as well as it’s subsequent consequences on students, parents and the teaching profession as a whole.
15:17 Shifting focus from the laundry list of problems with common core, Greg and Joseph identify some of the key players and money working to institutionalize America’s youth. With infamous charities such as the Gates Foundation working under the guise of philanthropy, Greg and Joseph explore the red flags pointing to a deeper agenda.
25:45 Suffering from a taste of their own medicine and finding themselves being dumbed down along with the rest of the American society, the elite now find themselves reusing the same old playbook. Greg and Farrell discuss how the elite are fresh out of ideas, with proven weaknesses such as a lack of creativity and critical thinking, and the inability to quickly pivot and remain nimble in this constantly changing climate.
36:00 With an over medicated generation of children being subdued to drone-like states, Greg and Joseph turn their attention towards this concerning epidemic. Connecting the dots between the pharmaceutical initiative, they discuss the 1950’s CIA mind control projects, such as Project Artichoke, MK Ultra and the front known as The Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology.
42:39 To dig a little deeper, Greg and Joseph discuss the fairly complex elements where we see the larger trans-humanist agenda, as well as the tie in of ancient esoteric doctrine playing a huge role in the changes being made through the schooling system.
55:11 Before moving onto Farrell’s other book released this year, Greg and Joseph close out on the education topic by examining where teachers, parents, and society goes from here.
1:01:20 Segueing into Farrell’s book “Hidden Finance and Rogue Networks and Secret Sorcery”, Joseph provides an overview into the newest and most interesting revelations his research has produced, because juxtapose to his traditional approach to understanding the events of 9/11, Farrell offers new and different conclusions.
1:08:40 Greg and Joseph continue to elaborate on the breakdown and roles of the three-levels, the patsy, the planners, and hidden fascist international group involved in the 9/11 events.
1:21:00 After thoroughly examining roles of these levels, Greg and Joseph turn their attention towards the interaction among them. With the marriage being the creation of Operation Paperclip and the forming of the Bilderberg group and the apparent divorce being the coup within the 9/11 attacks, they continue by discussing the infighting and it’s aftermath.
1:35:42 We often see occult or ritualistic elements to these events caused by the shadowy elite and the events of 9/11 are no different. Unfortunately at times, conspiracy researchers lack the context to really decode these symbols and ultimately chalk it up to masonic symbolism. Listen as Greg discusses Joseph’s anti-masonic interpretation and what it may be signalling behind the scenes.
1:50:50 With Farrell’s work of breaking down the Nazi bell, counter-rotation and off the books physics flowing nicely with the idea of a breakaway civilization with exotic technologies, Greg and Joseph examine areas where we might see the hidden hand of the elite in more modern times such as CERNS Hadron Collider.
2:01:42 Joseph explains how and why this technology may have been used in the disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines flight 370.
2:20:49 After having a better understanding of the key players and factions involved in 9/11, Greg and Joseph discuss the upcoming presidential elections. As Farrell explains, the forces working behind both candidates represent the splintering factions within the deep elite.
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  1. Anti-hero Trump gets up. Good luck Merica. May he expose the decline if he ain’t bought….we watch, from the antipodes here in Aus, where we can be as Oedipal.

  2. I was just thinking about Dr F and what next Friday’s vidchat is going to be like. Naturally he shows up here! Looking forward to it! On common core it’s perfect timing to release this topic on selection day 2016…

  3. Talk about wide-ranging conversation.

    Now that the black swan of the 2016 Election has come to pass – and in the mounting of it, I was relying on season 20 of South Park to cope with it all – I couldn’t help but notice a resemblance between Farrell’s voice and Mr. Garrison’s.

    Reality is plainly collapsing in upon itself.

    I do appreciate Joseph’s ability to distinguish between objects of his research and objects of his speculation. Good talk, once again, Greg.

  4. Well, looks like I should have kept my mouth shut in the wrap up about putting my money on Hillary. Couldn’t have been more wrong. I think Trump has his own power behind him and doesn’t give a shit about regular people, so let’s just get that out of the way- but I really really didn’t think the globalist candidate who takes bribes from big banks, Saudi Arabia, and other entrenched powers could possibly lose.

    While everyone is crying about how big a disaster this is, because the media told them too, maybe we should look at the positives, like the rejection of Globalist ideals, regardless of how publicly rude the other option can be at times. (assuming the election isn’t pre-planned anyway.)

    I did here one interesting angle/point last night in that the deep state powers behind the curtain are too cautious to let a person like Hillary, who really knows where the bodies are buried, get into a position of legal authority over them. Can you imagine the blackmail options she might have? Not that there aren’t a lot on here too. Which is another angle, maybe the deep state saw how much dirt was out on her, figured too many people can use it against her, and pulled the plug. Who knows, but I love talking about behind the scenes drama like the world is an episode of The Blacklist.

    1. If the goal is to keep us divided and fighting, I could see where TPTB would let Hillary think the fix was in then jerk the rug out. We have minor rioting happening here in Nola now, no doubt fomented by some passed out cash. Used to be all the big metros would find the needed votes to drag the dem over the line vs all the hicks in the sticks. That didn’t seem to happen. I thought for sure Dade county or Philly would come through for her like usual. Especially when ole spirit cooking told the crowd at Davit’s they were going to wait until the AM. Maybe they were so cocky as to not put that stuff into position this time. Or maybe TPTB quashed it for exactly this effect. This is definitely the more interesting outcome. Can’t wait to see The Donald’s redecoration of the Oval Office. I am sure it will be tres classy.

    2. I’ll admit up front I was unsure which one of them was “planned” to win the election and could have seen it going either way. I personally don’t believe either one is a candidate of the people or even very independent. But I was of the opinion for awhile that it was most likely not going to be Hillary. And here is why.

      First Hillary herself. She was way to hated among the population to be a viable candidate (unless borderline revolution is what they wanted out of this election). But what they were able to do through the election with wikileaks and everything else going on, is pin every major popular “conspiracy theory” about the American deep state on Hillary and her regime specifically. A. She was funding ISIS for personal profit. B. She was taking funds from terrorist supporting states for political favors like changing human rights ratings or cabinet seats. C. She was paying for a massive online troll campaign that spread lies and disinfo everywhere. D. She and her backers were completely controlling the vast majority of the main stream media. E. Her regime was assassinating whistleblowers and activists without consequences. Suddenly, all these public conspiracies that have existed for decades were being blamed (read scapegoated) on one woman and her regime. And the evidence for all of this was playing out so that even the most average American could see it and have reasonable suspicion that it was all the evil Clinton Foundation, not some larger global cabal.

      Now after pinning all of that to Hillary, Trump looks like the peoples advocate. The hero come to prosecute the conspirators and restore the republic. He would make America Great Again, civility and peace be damned. When Trump wins, it looks like our voice was heard. The conspiracy theories of rigged elections now look like bullshit and won’t be openly questioned again. And with Hillary losing, it looks like all that corruption listed above is going to be wiped from the system. In one election cycle they were able to execute a massive programming psyop to change public opinion on numerous events.

      And my prediction for the purpose of Trump’s presidency is that he is the American Brexit. Give the people what they think they want. Let them have their voice heard and celebrate for awhile. Sure the whiny liberal millennials hate him but all the better to create division. Then, after just enough time for the people to feel good about getting their representative in, start the economic bubble burst we all know is coming and make it look like the policies the people want that Trump is advocating are the cause. “See, democracy can’t be trusted. The people don’t even know what is in their best interest. We need global government to stop this stuff from happening!”

      And forward marches the global agenda. Just my stoner theory for possible globalist strategies. Thanks again for all the work you do Greg!

      1. Theos13 I think you are right on. No way he wasn’t picked for this. Financial collapse is the next move. The question is, will enough people realize it is all a fiction? If Trump starts printing money (vs borrowing from Fed), like he actually mentioned once, there might be hope. Of course, he’d prly end up like JFK if he does…

      2. This is almost exactly the vibes I got as all this went down. There is just too much and has been too much for this time to just suddenly be “the real one”. I think the biggest win (sadly) for our opponents, whoever they are, with this election is they made half the country feel like they won and took the red pill when they’re still so far from asking themselves the real hard questions, while the other half can’t even realize how nasty they are being because they’re so sold on their reality.

    3. Hillary was a surprise to me as well. The MSM certainly led to me believe it was all locked up. Living in NYC and
      listening to J.P.F’s analysis, I think the mafia\Catholics will definitely be trying to assert more influence.
      It’s akin to trying your garbage removed in New York without giving a cut to Tony Soprano type. As J.P.F
      said globalism is hitting these guys in the wallet and now that Trump is in they will have a stronger voice and will be asking for a greater cut.
      It could also be a bit of a shot across the bow to the Jewish mafia which is a bit difficult to talk about because of
      their influence in academia and the media. In fairness I’m closer to this group than the other, but I think we are moving
      into a time in which this mafia’s influence is going to be more and more called out. This is creating quite a bit of anxiety among my friends of course.

  5. Just past the 1:01:20 and the Orient Express. It reminded me of something I knew I had written just recently (and then had to remember where, with no way to search for it). I found it here:


    Yeah Greg, I, in no way thought the darling of the military-industrial-security state complex would not have the rigging tight enough to let the Donald slip through, but I was wrong too. Ha ha, joke’s on us. Gotta love interesting times. No expectations, no bad news. Here’s something I wrote just this morning on another site:

    I have no trouble believing we are safer not having Killary’s delicate finger on the button. Trump simply got too many votes for the military-industrial-security state complex’s best hackers to comfortably and covertly swing the results. I would call any win by the Donald a landslide, when it’s clear that the mainstream media is a major component of that complex. They really did not want that guy! The only card they (the complex) have left now for trying to get their way will be the standard CIA briefing for a new prez. Of course, Killary already knew that drill (and was running anyway). She was the pick to click for them, after the vetted Republicans got swept aside in the primaries.

    And now, back to the podcast. Great so far Greg!

  6. Now up around 1:25:00 and this is just getting too good.

    Though I am not well read, I did happen to read, The Service — The Memoirs of General Reinhard Gehlen, about 35 years ago.

    I like to quote a late friend of mine who was born in 1892 and said:

    “In Europe and Asia, in WWII, the Nazis lost. In America, they won.”

  7. Another excellent show; cheers Mr.C.

    It’s been hilarious over here (UK) to witness all the handwringing spewing out of the radio courtesy of “Radio5live” a talk/”news” show arm of the state propaganda media aka the BBC (British Bullshit Corporation). They have been so pro Hellery over the weeks that you can just picture them crying into their liberalPC lattes! As Mr White has been saying, “It’s Trump time”.

  8. Just want to mention Greg that my parents pulled me out of school in 2nd grade because I couldn’t read via common core which was being rolled out into our public school system and after my parents repeatedly went to the school board and weren’t heard, they decided to homeschool my brother and I.

    I went back to traditional schooling in middle school and was several years ahead of all my fellow students, plus we basically side-stepped all the programming and thinking involved with the educational system.

    While the homeschooling system is usually deeply religious, there are tons of social circles you can meet up with where a group of parents hire a tutor to teach a topic they don’t feel qualified to teach. My parents got us involved in music, creative writing, math and science via private tutors teaching a group of us kids, and my parents are by no means rich.

    Ultimately, social skills are the hardest to teach, but I live next to a school right now and every kid outside is starting at their phones constantly so how’s that gonna work out going ahead anyway?

    1. Interesting! Sounds like you got lucky, and great point about the phones. I’m sure the “socialization” argument for sticking with public schooling is meaning less than it even did 10 years ago.

      1. I can attest first- person public skuuls are abuse factories- we DON’T need THEIR edgeekayshun, to evoke the goode Dr F… And Dr F, that’s Farrell and Floyd. Just a little pin prick… Good. That Roger Waters always sounds like Stewie on Family Guy .

      2. The “socialization” argument is interesting. Like, “All the home schooled kids I meet are weirdos!” Well, yeah, if your folks are weirdos, and they home school ya, odds on you will be strange! 🙂
        But that has got nothing to do with not being in the indoctrination lab, and plenty to do with your folk being weirdos!!

        And, tell me, other than ‘mainstream’ school (and Facebook!) where else in the whole world in your whole life do you get the conformation bias of hanging out in a room all day with 30 people exactly your age, and when you are ‘let out’, you spend ‘free time’ with 80 to 150 people exactly your age with this strange adult being paid to lurk around and observe you??

        If that is “normal socialization”, no wonder so many of us are bat shit crazy. That is a fucking crazy factory!!

        Fun podcast fact that I have not been bothered to verify: There are more chemists/chem engineers working as cleaners in the USA than as chemists…….. if that is true, well holy shit.

        Also, employers are starting to put on job advertisements “degree in _______ or equivalent workplace experience” how much workplace experience do you need to equal a 4 year degree, in their opinions, I hear you ask?

        Wait for it……….. 6 months!! BOOM!

        Because people who actually have had a job are starting t be worth more than the 16 year indoctrinated mindless muppets this system is delivering.

        Sorry for the passion; people fucking with our children is a soft spot for me.

        Home education,( not schooling. Big difference.) does not mean you have to be cut of from community. It does mean you have to make an effort to be part of a community, however. The old fashioned way.

        1. As an ADHD and dyslexic (before these diagnoses existed) non-reader, I dropped out to keep from flunking my 8th semester of English and joined the navy around a year before Tonkin Gulf. The socialization I got was pretty horrible. I was a flunky with few friends, save a couple other gear-head car guys (not exactly tight bonds there). I thank the early intervention, after getting out of the navy, by hippies with psychedelics for starting me on my way to fit in as a misfit. No regrets.

          For me, I see my pretty much missing the whole socialization/programming as a great blessing. It affords me great advantages in my view, when it comes to seeing what’s wrong with science. I took the GED test at 22 to get into the Carpenter’s Union (never got my first job, as the markets were down at the time) but this dropout was in the 99th percentile in science, without much by way of their fucking help.

  9. Two amazing shows in a row,and this one with the king of researcher/authors. I especially loved how Farrells anger at the education system showed through. Ive listened to him, and have been reading his books for years and that was the first time ive ever noticed his emotions show through. My headphones broke so i listened to the show through my surround sound system.My neighbors got nearly 3 full hours of conspiracy nuttiness too. I’m calling it my good deed for the day. Keep doing what you do Greg Carlwood!

    1. haha Thanks, glad these two so much. Joseph Farrell, Gordon White, Chris Knowles, and Peter Levenda would probably be my top 4. I’d have them back every month if I could.

      1. You know you just named the entire dream team, but Sevan has yet to have his day. He’s on par, just from a different perspective, still just as necessary, and while I’m playing Fantasy Occultball here, we have to add DWM, and even though she hasn’t been on THC+, the Inestimable CAF belongs as well as Miguel Connor, Dark Journalist, and I would like to nominate Walter Bosley as well. Obviously you’re there, Greg.

        Is the electronic bizarro version of you an E Greg Or?

        People just don’t see yet what is forming here… What is going on… Greg is a godblessed noble champion MARK MY WORDS and we are amongst several bright and bestest here… This is going according to ‘plan’, it seems, but definitions are essential (great point by Levenda on Secret Sun comment section in latest post)… As Gordon pointed out when Crowley spoke of spirits with the ability to plan better than Napoleon; that’s the level… The higher complexity dimensional consciousness manifestations.

        No fooling on my hollow earth ‘solve’.


        Greggah my bruddah this gift you have created for all of us… Thank you.

  10. Farrell is always great to hear, but a couple of things bug me about his almost too sure analysis.
    1) Planes hitting towers, I thought Lear and others, including Wood, have pretty compelling evidence that that did not happen. Was he claiming they did or that Atta, et al were just set up patsies with a German connection?
    2) In an earlier interview, he pretty much dismissed any Alien/extradimensional Nazi collusion.

    My hunch is that he is riding point on partial disclosure in which we get ancient aliens and Nazi infiltration into alphabet agencies and lower level SSP. This would fit with Trump winning. I expect his backers are a faction that are intending to throw those behind Hillary under the bus as they try partial disclosure.
    Now that the Podesta stuff is out, it will be interesting to see what unravels and how far they let it. Some of that shit is so horrible I think they are counting on people just not wanting to know…

    1. I got him as saying the planes did hit towers, but no plane at the Pentagon.
      As I only saw it on the tube,( back when I watched the pox ridden thing…) I have no skin in that part of the game.

  11. Listening to this and being in college I get a lot out of it. I’m more focused in the arts and let me tell you guys I have my first real teacher that I give a shit about in a long time. He has no brakes and a lot of what Farrell talks about in terms of standardized experience this guy throws out the window, however it is in drawing.
    He wants us to ask our own questions and focuses on process over the actual answer. He’s always talking about older artists and it lines up so well with everything about this podcast because those older artists who brought fire to their work weren’t taught in a standardized way. To put it into contrast I have another professor right now who just drones on and on in lecture and tells us about the job market and says we “don’t have to try too hard this time because it’s just an introductory course to x and y” and I feel like they’re ALWAYS saying that. I get so bored in those kinds of classes because I know I could be out working on something to expand my own ability.
    Having been more into conspiracy, self thought, and health plus all the good stuff that comes along with that I’m glad I can appreciate what is going on in my life right now and just kick my ass into gear to work on what I know will get me what I want, not just trudge along through college so I can appease an employer.

  12. Carlwood you have done many brilliant podcasts since I’ve been listening in the past few years, BUT this one is the best podcast I’ve ever listened to. The info was fantastic, the way Joseph explains himself is clear and concise and never really went over my head.

    Keep it up Carlwood ?

  13. Fantastic show as always Carlwood. There’s just one thing. That song at the end of the show is recorded at a level that just puts my nerves on end. When I play your shows at night and fall asleep to them, that loud screeching voice in the song wakes me up like the old shitty alarm clocks. When they go off u just wanna throw it out the freakin window. It’s nails on a chaulkboard to me. But YOU sure aren’t. Ur shows are a breath of fresh air. I’ve tried other shows and pay for them too and I always end up cancelling. cuz next to your show they are just fumbling around in the dark trying to act like they have some answers mixed with high strangeness BUT fall flat. I appreciate you and your show even if the bumper music leaves much to be desired. Lol ?

  14. Joseph is always a great guest. So much information to follow up on. His books are textbooks on alternative history for sure. Great questions again Greg, time to re-up the subscription with no regrets. My dream show would be a panel with Joseph P. Farrell, Walter Bosley, Dr. Richard Allan Miller, and a hollow earth guy like De Luca or William Michael Mott. Also Richard Sauder, the underground bases and forestry guy. Up the higherside crew! – Your friend, Cap

  15. At minute 2:05:40, discussing the Russian claim to a “gravity beam” weapon for blasting asteroids, in light of my viewpoint that gravity is an electrostatic force field (as indicated by T.T. Brown’s patents), I remembered a recorded interview with Michael Riconosciuto, who admitted, or claimed, to be the programmer who back-doored the Promis software for U.S. intelligence (after it was stolen from Inslaw).

    In that interview, Riconosciuto spoke of a new weapons technology whereby, via the application of a strong electrostatic field, smaller amounts of conventional explosives could be made to render a megatonage equivalent of nukes. This interview was on radio station, KBOO, Portland, played by Marlena Smith. I don’t remember a date, but it was probably in the ’70s or ’80s.

    RE: Michael Riconosciuto:

  16. Fuck yeah Greg. This episode blew my f-ing mind. Loved that you discussed Judy Wood, CERN, elections and the shadows behind.
    The depth in which Joseph delves in is spectacular and all I could’ve asked for. Will check his books for sure. Thank you!!

  17. Listening to this one in particular was a journey! Started off slowly like a friendly stroll around the neighborhood, and then shit got weird in the most pleasant of ways. Wow, this is the pick me up I needed! Definitely sounds like he is ripping the bong at 2 hrs and 15 min. It happened earlier on too. Sounds like a lighter flicker and then almost as if he is making agreeable sounds through a glass tunnel! 😉 Regardless, thank you Greg for bringing us the realness. These past couple months have been epic!

  18. great episode.
    jpf is definitely an amazing researcher, & he’s for damn sure the most interesting.
    i don’t agree with his analysis of 911 in that i don’t believe the administration had no foreknowledge. he pushes to remove culpability from George Bush by saying Bush flew to the nuclear command center after leaving the “my pet goat school” to STOP a pending nuclear attack that was orchestrated by this dark cabal that was attacking America. so George Bush SAVED us from nuclear devastation?! man, lol, I’m at a loss for words on that one. we can’t let bush/cheney/PNAC/neocons off the hook. they were looking for a new pearl harbor, & they got it. that said, his ideas are refreshing & thought provoking.
    jpf is the man. i have all of his books, & he’s my favorite author.

    1. For sure man, but I don’t think he was trying to make excuses for them, or considering them saviors really. I thought of it more as just some type of coup in the middle of an already planned false flag. It just did way more damage than expected and that’s why we saw the Bush/Cheney panic. They might not have planed all of that, and thus, had to make the detour to show they knew what was happening and crash the party. It might have been coming for them next had they stuck to the script. But still, I’m not sure I agree with that either, just sayin.

      1. yes, for sure. and regardless, i like him more for his ideas and theories than anything else. no matter how much we think we know about what happened on 9/11, that day is still a huge cluster fucked mystery.

    1. Nice catch mate!
      hey first thing I see is dei (deity) and sol – sun god = Leidoes
      also has ‘elite’ and ‘lead us’ in there, just what this one sexy and humble occultist spies.

  19. This guest was very interesting. However, I had some red flags pop up. The biggest being with Common Core. Mr. Farrell presents himself as an exceptional research slueth. So I don’t know why he didn’t mention the most insidious aspects & limited the extent of Bill Gate’s involvement to the roles of foundations as psuedo philanthropists. In his research he must have found the work of the Pioneer Institute, something I stumbled on awhile ago when I did a quick search because I didn’t know what Common Core is. is fighting CC and exposing just how covert it is. It’s better to read about it yourself than me tring to explain. But I’ll give a tip-of-the iceberg teaser: parents & students are allowed to refuse taking the standardized tests, but teachers are forbidden to inform them of this.

    Find their FAQ sheet at:

    Their CC main page:

    I think Sandra Stotsky has potential for being a really good guest.

  20. I felt uncomfortable about his comments on Dr Judy Wood – not sure they needed to be said. I have her book and the facts are unequivocal. There are no words and phrases contained within it such as `might’, `may be’ and `could be’.
    “Nazi Germans” seems to be a go-to phrase for J Farrell and it would have been useful if he had defined his understanding of this phrase. I am pretty jaundiced about the use of the term “the Nazis” and feel it is an insult to German people who are working people like you or I who continue to be stamped upon. Who are/were the Nazis? I don’t think I have heard anyone explain who or what they are/were so the term in an NLP way galvanises all sorts of assumptions which likely are erroneous.
    He was quoting book after book which he has written, using them as a source. I am English with high standards and perhaps older than the average age of the listener on here. I do not put any guest on a pedestal, I have no heroes, I am simply looking for clues to the answers of my own questions and J Farrell provided none of them.

    1. I understand your feelings on this.
      My personal take was that Judy was right AND…..
      Because if there were traces of thermite or whatever from a group that wanted damage but not destruction, then the energy weapons would probably vaporise the evidence.

      This is the best explanation I have heard yet to decipher Bush’s blank look of shock when told that the “Towers were falling”, or that the plan had go away from them in a very messy way.

      I take Nazis to be far right wing Central Northern Europeans. Just so happens Germany was a haven for ‘them’ for 30 of the last 100 odd years, and any book that knows it’s stuff will verify that the USA left them in control of West Germany as a buffer against Russia. They were the only ones there capable of doing the job, so it made sense.

      As a term, it is same same as ‘Torys’, or ‘Roundhats’ or whatever. All labels are generalisations.

      1. Hi there
        Thank you for your reply.
        It might be the best explanation yet, however, unless you, I or indeed Dr Farrell were there with Bush asking him what was going on in his head, the explanation remains a theory, perhaps even the best theory, but still a theory.
        As for your take on Nazis – I appreciate your perspective. However you and even I as old as I am, neither of us are old enough to have been around during WW2 so we cannot do our due diligence. I don’t even speak German – I wish I did – so I even have to rely upon the translations given to me.
        You state that Germany was a haven for `them’ I presume you mean Nazis. I visited W Germany back in the 1970s and the people were truly wonderful. I did not encounter Nazis. I was not allowed to enter East Germany where the Stazi at that time were stamping on people like you and I in the same way the Bolsheviks stamped on people some decades before according to a very reliable witness and whistle-blower – Solzhenitsyn. The Bolsheviks were not Nazis and the Nazis were not Bolsheviks…or were they two sides of the same coin? I can’t get over the fact that the worst kind of oppression happened to working people like me in Germany during my lifetime. They were whacked big time by the secret police if they stepped out of line. My question is what is/was the difference between the Nazi and the Stazi? One left side and one right side of the same sick body.
        Thank you again for your response – have a great life.

        1. Hi, and thanks for a thoughtful response. Love it! 🙂 My only question is, You said you did not meet an of “Them”?? Nazi’s are; firstly, members of political party, wether they ‘believe’ in the ideology or not, but second, and most importantly: “Nazi’s” are no more than people who lean to the right of politics,( so Centrist to Republican) who believe that if people d not think the way you do bout how to run things, then they should be MADE to…… hell, I have members of my family who think that way, sometimes!! 🙂 “Bolshevik” are the same people, they are just political Centre to Democrat, or Left Wing. The Right Wing/Left Wing thing is a French Revolution concept about t “Eagle” of governance. Remember, no matter what “Wing” you attach yourself to, it is still the Head that controls the bird!! 😉
          Anyone who thinks they are so correct that they should be able to force you to live the way they dictate is sick fuck, end of story. I have bought into a lot of crazy, undefendable positions in my 35 years thus far, but NEVER have I thought that any being, including myself, should impose their beliefs by force. That is straight up arrogant bullshit, and we are living right in the middle of a soft sell of it, but getting harder.
          It starts with seatbelts and push bike helmets, and moves onto vax for kids, and where it ends…


  21. Excellent interview as always. I guess I am “Mr. Nobody” for talking about the German-Islamic connection through Mohammed Atta on he forum.

    The following is excerpted from my post here:

    “Mohammed Atta’s girlfriend of 2 months stated that he was living with and hanging out with Germans, Austrians, a French dude and a South African while “training” at a CIA coke smuggling site in FL. The day Mohammed Atta got his orders for his part in 9/11 (whatever that may be) it did not come from an Afghani, Saudi, or an American, it came from a German named Wolfgang.”

    I have also heard it said that Osama Bin Laden grew up being bounced on the knees of Nazis as there were firm ties between the Islamic and German fascists.

    Amanda Keller discusses her time with Mohammed Atta (who was fluent in German):

  22. I just found your You Tube channel listening to the Joseph Farrell “Rotten to the Common Core” episode. I have many favorite You Tube alternative channel subscriptions but yours is the first one I’ve become a patron of, simply due to income constraints. I consider this a good investment. Absolutely loved the song you closed out that episode with. Keep it up! Rhonda

  23. Another juicy episode from Dr. Farrell. From what I’ve seen of common core, I’m not a fan — schools already seem like prisons to me and the “core” is just another level of brainwash (admittedly, I was homeschooled in my youth, so I am a little biased). Plus, undercover Nazis! And Trump as the mafia candidate. Well, at least he’s our mafia. Love it!

    Also, that zippo sound effect is cool. I’m an edibles fan myself but I’m tempted to get a zippo just for the rare occasions when I do the combustion thing. Click click!

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