One of my favorite authors and yours, Joseph P. Farrell returns to the best conspiracy podcast in the world to talk about the idea of an epic cosmic war in humanity’s past. We’ve heard about this possibility from the ancient texts of many cultures, but what Joseph is now doing, is also looking at all the things that go into a post-war process when you’re talking about a conflict of this size, and finding a plethora of parallels in the details of these texts as well.

We talk about the idea of a quarantine being installed after such a war, possibly around the Earth. Also, could UFOs be the remnants of a monitoring system installed after the large scale destruction of this ancient conflict? Are the bloodlines of Elite family’s a ripple effect from the two sides involved? All interesting questions, and you can hear more about it in Joseph’s presentation at the Secret Space Program Conference in Austin.

Check out more of Joseph’s work on his website: