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Dr. Colin Ross | MK ULTRA: Mind Control, Psychiatry, & The CIA

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Join The Higherside Chats podcast, as host, Greg Carlwood, talks MK ULTRA: Mind Control, Psychiatry, & The CIA with guest, Colin Ross.

As many of us who are familiar with the crimes of the deep state know, there are few projects that have managed to the earn the reputation synonymous with the litany of mind control experiments conducted by the CIA during the 60s.
Better known as MK ULTRA, these sadistic experiments have haunted government agencies for decades, while a slow drip of heavily redacted documents finds it’s way into the public arena, bringing with it more question than answer.
Fortunately, today’s guest, Dr.Ross is an internationally renowned clinician, researcher, author and lecturer in the field of dissociation and trauma-related disorders. Authoring 29 books and over 200 professional papers, Colin is the founder and President of the Colin A. Ross Institute for Psychological Trauma and he joins The Higherside to help shed some insight into the deep states mind control campaign.
[3:00] Ross begins by discussing his background as an academic psychiatrist in Canada, his residency in Texas that became the gateway to his involvement in the study of Satanic cults, and the first- hand accounts from patients detailing their victimization through military intelligence testing programs. After an influx of patients reporting similar experiences, Colin began researching declassified documents in the public domain, and unearthing details about government black ops programs such as Project BluebirdProject Artichoke, MK Search and Project MKOFTEN.
[13:00] Ross details the evidence he’s found in documents from Project Bluebird and Project Artichoke that point to effective results originating from these experiments. He also elaborates on the notable differences he acknowledged in culture’s role on the psyche, and the glimpses of totalitarianism he experienced during his time in Shanghai.
[25:00] Colin describes his previous interactions with none other than, Sydney Gottlieb. Notoriously accredited with spearheading the CIA’s efforts to control the human mind, Gottlieb took part in numerous military intelligence experiments, from using LSD on unsuspecting Americans, to leading the charge on MK ULTRA.
[31:00] While many make the argument that the closing of the metal health facilities in the US during the 80s under Reagan has contributed to the uptick is homeless with mental heath problems, others point to the rampant abuse and nefarious medical testing patients werre subjected to. Greg and Colin discuss the cohesive effort by an intricate web of doctors in various medical professions throughout the US, including characters like, Hudson Hogland.
[44:00] From possession to entity invocation, Greg and Colin discuss the occult aspects in mind control. Ross helps connect the dots between top CIA officials consulting on mind control experiments, destructive cults, and cult mind control methods.
Become a Plus Member at to hear a second hour of all THC episodes. This week’s included:
– how the mind control cabal and LSD experimentation crowd effected the psychedelic culture of the 60s
– strange names and repeating patterns in stories that touch on mind control or Manchurian candidate themes.
– Catcher In The Rye and mind control
– Colin’s thoughts on the modern cases of mind controlled assassinate and patsies in the false flag shootings we’ve seen in recent years
– the containment strategy of turning a patients stories of abuse, rape, and torture back on the psychiatrist
– the technological aspect of mind control, gang-stalking, and targeted individuals
– Colin’s thoughts on geo-engineering and vaccines
– alien abduction from a psychological perspective
– Dr. Ross’ personal experiences and research into human energy fields
A few valuable resources from the interview:
FOIA documents from CIA regarding Project Bluebird:
FOIA documents from CIA regarding Project Artichoke:
“The Real Story of Jacob’s Ladder: Government Drug Test and the Ladder”:
Want more Colin Ross?
Check out his website:
Or grab one of his books, such as “The CIA Doctors: Human Rights Violations by American Psychiatrists” or “The Trauma Model”:
Or catch him in person at one of his upcoming conferences or workshops:
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Occult Fan

I love Colin’s work. Looking forward to this. What a special end-of-2017 treat… Thanks Greg ~

in gratitude and general good will, I share this with fellow HigherSideChatters

Enjoy this music w/ tv from this year’s most iconic pop occulture release – Twin Peaks w/ Axolotl by The Veils


Thanks! Great Kiwi band.


Yea buddy!!!


Wow! I’ve read a couple of Dr. Ross’s books and always found his take on MPD/DID and Ritual Abuse to be very even-handed and sincere (compared to the more sensationalistic stuff that one may find when researching these subjects). I’ve also listened to most of the interviews with him I’ve found online, but I am always frustrated by how short they are! So, this was a real treat. Not only was Dr. Ross fascinating, but I was really impressed with the insightfulness of your questions, too. It was a really in-depth discussion… Really well-done episode!


Great show! Understanding trauma is so important. Trauma Release Exercise has saved my life after suffering for decades from childhood abuse. It helps with surface level tension as well as deep complex trauma. One of the best things about TRE is assisting the body with healing without having to rehash painful memories. has a lot of info, videos and a providers list.


Really nice interview, I have a lot of digging to do now. Would you be willing to tell about who the Aquatic Ape theory guest you mentioned is/would have been?


Hey Greg
All the best for 2018
Just wanted you to know
That we all appreciate the huge amounts of research
And the fact, we get more podcasts-per-year than most other services.


Another top shelf guest! I was stoked when he brought up the feeling when youre being stared at, its a concept we all relate to and i have long wondered what results could be gleemed from experiments into such phenomenon. Ive always used that as a key to open people up to the more out there ideas i have, because it seems a psychic ability or paranormal occurrence, but pretty much everyone agrees it happens, so i can then lead into frequencies, auras, crystals, or the dog knowing youre almost home!


Rupert Sheldrake has done experiments on “the feeling of being stared at” and “dogs who know when their masters are coming home”. Both showed there was something to it.


Fantastic! I was thrilled to find Dr Ross very early after ‘waking up’ b/c he brings a voice that is credible and sincere but not dismissive like so many professionals when it comes to ‘conspiracy’ topics. I hope you’ll be able to arrange another interview. It seems to me the psychological aspect of how ‘good’ folks approach/react to something like ‘chemtrails’ or fluoride or pedophilia or whatever is worthy of deep study. What is happening inside the mind of the individuals/groups who look right at the criss-crossed sky over a rural (or any!) area that spreads into a disgusting haze and call this normal water vapor trails of ‘contrails’? What is happening inside the soul of someone who must hear ‘the official’ version of a story before they will take it seriously? How many victims must come forward seeking help before they get the benefit of the doubt rather than reactionary skepticism from ‘officials’? It is not an intellectual thing as far as I can tell, it’s emotional and something else–character? IDK, but I know I now immediately have no respect for someone who can’t at least acknowledge the potential they are being lied to by Authorities, it’s like a new automatic reflex. These are not ‘good’ people, they are lazy, cowardly micro-collaborators, at best.

red fox

Pretty good episode. I still find it weird that Greer is apparently taken seriously though.


I didn’t take Greer seriously until the recent happenings. Now I’m going back through his stuff and Grant Cameron’s stuff… and thinking that it could at least be partly true.


Awesome episode! Truly enjoyed it.

Just a word of warning on LSD: some people truly lose their mind permanently after taking it. I haven’t heard the same reports about shrooms or ayahuasca, but LSD can leave permanent disability. I have a relative who is now a paranoid schizophrenic after she did a lot of drugs including LSD in her teens.

Just didn’t want anyone to think it is guaranteed safe and effective to turn you into the next Steve Jobs.


Great interview. Excellent guest.


Bored me to tears this one, doesn’t mean its not though! Looking foward to 2018 greg & thanks for a great 2017! Happy new year!


There are definitely supernatural aspects of multiple personality disorder:


There’s a book called Multiple Man by Adam Crabtree that has a bunch of interesting case studies of ‘demonic possession’ and other supernatural phenomena framed against case studies of people diagnosed with MPD/DID. He raises the issue of the possible spiritual nature of the phenomena without making a conclusion one way or the other. He also wrote a more academic book about the history of hypnosis called From Mesmer to Freud. Read together, they seem to both be approaching the subject and history of mind-control from slightly different angles. Both books are worth seeking out if you are interested in reading more on the subject.


absolutely fantastic episode, Greg. thanks buddy


would love to hear more about your family member who was effected by all this stuff.


Oh yeah! Another five star show Greg! Dr. Ross has an open yet critical mind and I hope you can
continue to book guests of his caliber.


Great stuff. Anyone seen Darren Brown’s The Assassin?


GREAT interview; his thread about psychologists under contract reminded me of this relatively recent NY Times piece – it definitely looks like the US is using MKU techniques in the middle east. hypothesis – the CIA IS controlling ISIS to help destabilize region so we have a reason to spend million$$$ of our tax dollars to the ‘beltway bandits’ for big profits


Liked it a lot!


First of all – Incredible podcast! Thank you, Greg! What a top-notch guest. I’ve forwarded the interview on to many others 🙂

Something that may be of interest regarding the piece about Frank Olson – a documentary series on Netflix called “Wormwood”. I guess more a docu-drama, due to the dramatic reenactments done by actors throughout. It’s a deep dive into the death of Frank Olson, the guy who “fell or jumped” out of a NYC hotel window, presented by Frank’s son, Eric, who has been obsessed with finding out what really happened to his father.. he narrates and highlights his findings with pictures and footage (including the family meeting President Ford), and testimonies from others who worked with or knew Frank. Pretty interesting stuff!


Really cool guy, I’m glad he brought up the sv40 virus and vaccines. He needs Dr. Mary’s monkeys, but he may have read it.

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