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Xaviant Haze | Banksters, Reptilians, & The Lost Race Of Giants

Topics Covered: Finance, Giants, Reptilians

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Join host Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats podcast as he talks banking, reptilians, and the lost race of giants with returning guest, Xaviant Haze.
As many of us thirst for alternative theories that contradict the constructed false narrative we find ourselves being spoon-fed by the elite through mainstream media and the manipulation of our education system, researchers like today’s guest Xaviant Haze have dedicated countless hours pouring over the scattered remnants of history in hopes of quenching our palates and satiating our desire for answers.
As an author of several books, including “Aliens in Egypt” and “Ancient Giants of the Americas”, Haze joins The Higherside to breakdown the history of banking, the role of reptiles in our culture and collective consciousness and talks of a time when giants roamed the Earth.
2:25  Starting off this “smoke filled odyssey of truth”, Greg and Xaviant discuss the suppressed history of American banking, the circulation of money still flowing back to the British monarchy, the nefarious crimes committed by banking bloodlines like the Rothschilds and Morgans and the role of the Federal Reserve in maintaining this long-standing plutocracy. Haze also elaborates on the influence of the infamous, Alexander Hamilton, the War of 1812, Andrew Jackson in The Battle of New Orleans and a THC classic: the Titanic and the Federal Reserve.
10:42 Greg and Xaviant continue their conversation on banking history by revisiting the role and mechanisms of control established by the Shemsu Hor in ancient Egypt. They also take a deeper look into the connection between the ancient Brotherhood of the Serpent, the biblical reference to the snake in the Garden of Eden, the prevalence of snake visions in shamanic journeys and today’s theories of shadowy reptilian elites playing the puppet master. Haze also addresses the presence of reptiles among pop-culture and connects the dots between the oil tycoon Sinclair family, Jim Henson’s sitcom Dinosaurs and the Rosslyn Chapel of Scotland.
24:30 With Haze’s recent e-book titled “The Donald Trump Conspiracy”, he and Greg discuss the direction of the Trump administration, the continuation of the globalist agenda, and the breakdown of today’s power pyramid.
33:15 Greg and Xaviant circle back to their earlier discussion of American independence and address the Jay Treaty, property taxes, and who owns the Federal Reserve.
38:42 While the subject of giants is nothing new to the conspiracy connoisseurs, Haze’s book takes a new twist: examining actual encounters of the Conquistadors with giants. Greg and Xaviant dive into the details of explorer encounters, including Vespucci, Magellan, Columbus and their assumed connection to the sky. They also discuss the saga of fighter pilot John Frum and cargo cults.
45:15 Continuing with their discussion of giants, Greg and Xaviant pivot to the Hollow Earth, Admiral Byrd’s expedition and legends of giants. They also discuss the ancient unexplored ruins of Cubathe asteroid collision in the Younger Dryus Period, and what implications these have on our understanding of history.
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– the role of the Smithsonian in eliminating any evidence of giants in America
– the Paxton Hayes saga
– John Quincy Adams’ interest in the inner Earth and it’s devestating effects to his political career

– the excavation Xaviant is personally involved in and how close he is to perhaps uncovering the Lost Dutchman Mine and proof of a lost race of giants

– other legends of lost cities and hidden treasures

– gold fever

– drone ranges

– modern day giant reports from the caves in the Solomon islands

– smaller museums that you might be able to get to bring the giant bones up from the basement

– the Lovelock Cave giants

– ghost tales from Xaviant’s haunted home

– interesting information from Xaviant’s book: The Suppressed History of America: The Murder of Meriwether Lewis and the Mysterious Discoveries of the Lewis and Clark Expedition

– why presidents go grey

– why we have Hamilton the musical and not Jackson the musical

A few valuable resources from the interview:
Xaviant Haze first appearance of The Higherside Chats:
“America’s Forgotten War Against the Central Banks”:
Xaviant Haze “Amerigo Vespucci’s Encounter With Giants”:
“Ancient Race of White Giants Described in Native Legends From Many Tribes”:
New York Times Article 1886 “Monster Skull and Bones Found”:

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