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Kenneth M. Price Jr. | The Titanic, The Hindenburg, & The Oil Only Oligarchy

Topics Covered: Big Oil, Elite Families, Energy, Hidden History, Titanic

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Join host, Greg Carlwood, of The Higherside Chats podcast as he talks about the role of big banking and industrial oil in the dramatic demise of both the Titanic and Hindenburg with guest, Kenneth M. Price Jr.

We all know the lore surrounding the sinking of the Titanic and annihilation of the Hindenburg, and the subsequent theories involving the Federal Reserve that have circulated around conspiracy cliques for decades. But, while we have been enamored by these tales of corrupt banking cabals, a second sinister scheme lay afoot.
Today’s guest, Kenneth Price, has spent a lifetime working in “Big Oil” and has since dedicated his time to researching the nefarious actions of these wealthy industrialists. Through his research, he has been able to shed a light on the suppression of technology and the extreme lengths the elite have taken to preserve their stranglehold on more efficient energy resources and continue the forced petroleum dependence that has handicapped us and allowed them to profit from poisoning our planet. After listening to John Hamer on THC, Kenneth reached out and offered his expertise to, The Higherside.
2:50 Kicking things off, Greg and Kenneth begin by discussing how this study of the industrial era, where elite families cemented their control and consolidated their wealth, became such a preoccupation for Price. With his appearance on THC being one of his first public speaking engagements, Price details his background working in the industry, the effects and importance this has had in his understanding of the truth, and the 1985 discovery of the Titanic’s wreckage that served as the foundation for his investigations. He also elaborates of the findings of an independent expedition of divers, Chatterton and Kohler, and what their findings may imply.
11:11 After dismantling the traditional narrative that the Titanic sank due to being struck by an iceberg and detailing the various inconsistencies in the evidence presented, Greg and Kenneth discuss the possible alternatives that could have occurred. If it didn’t sink like we have been lead to believe, was is demolished? Price adds an additional layer to already thickening plot by recollecting the sister ships of the Titanic, the Olympic and the Britannic, both of which enjoyed lengthy commissions. He continues by explaining the motives behind the oil industries vicious attacks on steam engines that manifested from their contempt for competition.
16:03 Another chilling aspect of Titanic sinking is the inevitable effects it had on air travel. Kenneth explains how the ship’s sinking coincided with the birth of aviation and the propaganda that followed and force fed fear to travelers enjoying their newfound freedom of the high seas, while redirecting their sights towards a safer alternative in the skies.
20:26 Hopping back to the larger story, Greg and Kenneth revisit the catastrophic destruction of the Hindenburg. Price provides some background on the mechanics and capabilities and consumer experience of large airships, such as the Graf Zeppelin and Hindenburg.
30:42 Greg and Kenneth discuss what may have really happened during the evacuation of the Titanic. While history books may sing of the heroic actions of first class passengers forgoing their spots aboard the lifeboats, Price recounts a different version of events where third class passengers were never alarmed, effectively destroying any chance of survival. Kenneth also discusses the anomaly of the missing bones. He details why he believes there have been no skeletal remains recovered from the wreckage and instead, what could have happened to the passengers.
35:20 Greg and Kenneth discuss the evidence that may suggest the Hindenburg was indeed a false flag, and not the tragic accident we have been to believe that it was. Price also offers some perspective when comparing modern day disasters to the calamity of the Hindenburg.
43:50 Greg and Kenneth discuss how these unimaginable tragedies effectively steered the masses into a transportation system that requires expensively processed fuels, how it ultimately created our co-dependence on wealthy elites, and our current-day struggle to escape from their monopoly.
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– many more threads of the Titanic disaster that strengthen the case for foul play
– Guglielmo Marconi’s role during the Titanic disaster and his later role in investigating UFOs for Muculini and how these things are related
– oil isn’t what were told it is, and the campaign to convince us of it’s scarcity is simply to control prices
– TWA Flight 800 and the conspiracy surrounding it’s disappearance
– who the guilty parties really are, and the involvement of the Jesuits, J.P. Morgan and Rockefeller
– Price’s thoughts on the Federal Reserves narrative
– what Kenneth knows about the secret space programs and UFO technology, as well as his thoughts on burgeoning technology for consumer transportation products
– why the global warming narrative has been so aggressive, contradicting their agenda to maintain our oppressive petroleum dependence
– the idea of a global cash reset and how likely that might be
Want more Kenneth Price? Send him an email at: to inquire about receiving the first six chapters of his new book, “Titanic and Hindenburg: Two Tradgedies and One Plan”.
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A few valuable resources from the interview:
John Chatterton’s 2005 diving expedition of Titanic wreckage:
“Titanic’s Last Secrets: The Further Adventures of Shadow Divers John Chatterton and Richie Kohler”:
The United States Senate Disaster Hearings for the Titanic:
The British Board of Trade Hearings for the Titanic:
Tom Kuntz’s “Titanic Disaster Hearings: The Official Transcripts of the 1912 Senate Investigation”:
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