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Conner Habib | Sexuality, Oppression, & The Occult

Topics Covered: Culture Creation, Occult

Show Notes

Join host Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats podcast as he talks sexuality, oppression, & the occult with guest, Conner Habib.

When we’re talking about the occult, psychedelics, or even sex itself – the long repeating pattern of history is “full scale suppression” and constant state sponsored reminders that any of these things capable of elevating a person beyond feelings of helpless servitude- will not be tolerated.

Well throw off those chains people, and pry those minds wide open- because in a fairly diverse and wide reaching show today, we are looking deep into how Western attitudes about sexuality have served the masters, explore Anthorposophy, and examine some great thinkers and sex radicals of history.

And there’s nobody better suited to facilitate that journey than today’s guest Conner Habib. Conner is an award winning writer, teacher, and gay porn star for good measure. Maybe the only man to receive prestigious honors in all three categories.

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-Conners thoughts and experiences with the occult outside of the sexual sphere

-Conner discribes what has been a useful meditation exercise, in his experience, for improving your mental visualization abilities.

-The cliffnotes the Rudolf Steiner biography and the details of his intriguing accomplishments

-Steiner’s influence in Waldorf Schools, and the type of alternative they offer from the Industrialist-Crafted Prussian Control Scheme we have now

-Steiner’s Anthroposophy Philosophy and how/why it split from Theosophy

-Anthroposophy and the spirit world

-The concept of the two spiritual beings: Ahriman and Lucifer

-The value and pitfalls of conspiracy culture

-Sex radicals of history and their impact: Wilhelm Reich & Ida Craddock

-Pornography and its place in the world

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