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Conner Habib | Sexuality, Oppression, & The Occult

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Join host Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats podcast as he talks sexuality, oppression, & the occult with guest, Conner Habib.

When we’re talking about the occult, psychedelics, or even sex itself – the long repeating pattern of history is “full scale suppression” and constant state sponsored reminders that any of these things capable of elevating a person beyond feelings of helpless servitude- will not be tolerated.

Well throw off those chains people, and pry those minds wide open- because in a fairly diverse and wide reaching show today, we are looking deep into how Western attitudes about sexuality have served the masters, explore Anthorposophy, and examine some great thinkers and sex radicals of history.

And there’s nobody better suited to facilitate that journey than today’s guest Conner Habib. Conner is an award winning writer, teacher, and gay porn star for good measure. Maybe the only man to receive prestigious honors in all three categories.

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-Conners thoughts and experiences with the occult outside of the sexual sphere

-Conner discribes what has been a useful meditation exercise, in his experience, for improving your mental visualization abilities.

-The cliffnotes the Rudolf Steiner biography and the details of his intriguing accomplishments

-Steiner’s influence in Waldorf Schools, and the type of alternative they offer from the Industrialist-Crafted Prussian Control Scheme we have now

-Steiner’s Anthroposophy Philosophy and how/why it split from Theosophy

-Anthroposophy and the spirit world

-The concept of the two spiritual beings: Ahriman and Lucifer

-The value and pitfalls of conspiracy culture

-Sex radicals of history and their impact: Wilhelm Reich & Ida Craddock

-Pornography and its place in the world

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First. ✌?❤️?


Really good stuff, Greg… and for most, probably a serious feather ruffler. Marriage , to me, has always been part of a control mechanism. Why the hell does the church and state need to be involved in our personal lives? I find the answer simple. The nature of its design has failure written all over it which generates more money and control for the state. Think of all the counselors, lawyers and state run organizations that benefit from failed marriages. Monogamy, is very much like bigamy….they both involve one wife too many. As for porn (and the negativity attached to it)…blame that solely on our society, and most certainly religion for finding ways to make people feel, dirty, wrong, guilty and ashamed for doing something all together natural. It’s the guilt, shame and repression that leads to a dysfunctional mind and religion wears the crown for that mess..


I love the topic and can’t wait to hear this. But, before I do, I just wanted to let you know that on the bottom bullet point, it should be “its role” rather than “it’s.” Not trying to nit pick, just trying to help, since the description for an episode gets widely read 🙂


I tried to listen with an open mind, I am also not typically conservative about sexuality. But you are never going to convince me that healthy sexuality is going to come out of a porn culture. The power structure that profits from porn is evil. The exploitation of trauma in much of the porn industry is evil. Many of the free sites post actual sex trafficking for the viewing pleasure of the audience. There are several studies on the impact of pornography on the brain that lead to the physical, emotional and spiritual diminishing of intimacy. I think there is a slippery slope with the libertine expression that has us playing right into the hands of the controllers. Connor saying that unless you have sex with hundreds of people you can’t understand sex is silly. I don’t need to have hundreds of ailments to understand illness. There can be levels of wisdom in intimacy, the joys, the struggles the boredom, the connection that are missed. To each their own of course, but I think I would respect Connor’s view more if he looked at the problematic aspects of his path. He had no real answer for Greg’s valid question the different realities that need to be taken into consideration with more than just gay male sex or extreme numbers of partners, especially when a lot of that is for profit.


There are many paths to knowing one’s self. Any ability to love others derives first from an ability to love one’s self. One expression of self-love, perhaps the most visceral and immediate, is masturbation. In the modern world, the sort of art that augments masturbation and facilitates it has achieved an almost baroque level of complexity and variety. But just as in technology, all art throughout the history of our species has been driven by art-for-masturbation. It is true that the vast majority of this contemporary art is exceedingly low-brow, commercial in thrust, and appeals to the basest of insecurities. By and large it attempts to alienate people from themselves for profit and – as a result of a major dearth of social institutions in the US that help us to cope sexually and psychologically with alienation – it can facilitate addictive behavior, when no other paths of redemption present themselves. But it can just as easily enable someone to understand themselves and their deepest psychological longings. And that doesn’t even address the potential of middle-brow and high-brow pornographic art. Loneliness is a real bitch and the primary currency of modern life. Porn can be one effective coping mechanism.

In my humble opinion, if you think that either masturbation for yourself or others, and the art that enables self-love, are inherently unredeemable, then you are sure to mistake control for love, and likely to be an oppressive force in the lives of the people you most want to rise up and glorify.

In just the same way that you argue that pornography leads directly to depravity, every marriage contract is an opportunity for inextricable cycles of abuse, baring the legal protections that divorce and female financial emancipation enable. These things are what you make of them.

red fox

” But just as in technology, all art throughout the history of our species has been driven by art-for-masturbation”.
How on earth have you reached that conclusion? You know the “history of our species”? You know the “meaning” of indigenous art? Unless I have misunderstood your quite unclear sentence then I believe that you are incorrect. I am far from certain but I understand that the drive towards art and representation stems from a desire to reconnect or establish a connnection with the sacred (however, sacred is interpreted).


The earliest known cults were fertility cults. What’s incompatible between sex and the sacred?

Sacred in essence means ‘hidden,’ or ‘that which is invisible, but more true than the visible.’ And unique among the species, human female ovulation is hidden from both men and women, themselves, interestingly enough, leading to so much of our behavioral idiosyncrasies and culture. The female reproductive organs are essentially the first religion. And judging on modern porn usage rates, it remains the most popular single subject of prayer and meditation world wide.

Ever notice how, when you isolate the birth canal, uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries, they present the form of a horned bull’s head? The ubiquity of the bull’s head in funerary and reproductive rites is also very old and very enduring. It wasn’t just the psilocybin on their dung that made cows sacred; it was their likeness to the seat of life, the holy grail, the miracle of conceptions, the divinity of the feminine, that which makes the offering of ever-lasting life in cycles of birth and rebirth.

If you want to indulge the idea further, you might enjoy reading ‘The Chalice and the Blade,’ by Riane Eisler. It’s a ground-breaking work on pre-historic sex & gender. It’s not my exclusive source of knowledge on the subject, but it offers a good introduction, and it is widely respected, if not accepted in most academic quarters. It’d make an interesting addition to the reading list I provide below.

I agree, it was a poorly constructed sentence. Thanks for expressing your skepticism, and allowing for uncertainty. I’m far from omniscient, but I have dabbled in the subjects discussed for quite a while with concerted interest.

red fox

Youve set up a strawman implying that I said sex and the sacred were incompatible-I didnt. I was questioning your bizarre statement that all art was masturbation led which it quite obviously isnt. Australian aboriginals are the longest enduring known culture and I would challenge you to interpret their rather unique art as “masturbation led”.
Sacred does not mean “hidden” or “invisible”, that is the usual public definition of occult. Sacred means something set aside from the “ordinary”, something or place that has a certain numinousness about it or uncanniness. Power if you will.
I would dispute that the oldest known cults were fertility based. This theory harks back to the Victorian era and a bit later and popularized by Frazer in The Golden Bough. Much of the neo-pagan revival and in particular the “Goddess movement” relies on that text and also Graves’ “The White Goddess”, Briffault’s “The Mothers” and various others that are derivative. Riane Eislers work that you cite is one such ( I read it over 20 years ago along with many other similar Goddess books such as Sjoo & Mor’s “Great Cosmic Mother” and Marija Gimbutas’ texts on the European goddess theory).
All the above are theories; unprovable as they rely on our interpretations of people who were not like us in thought in all likelihood.

If you want to call animism a cult rather than a lifeway then that almost certainly is the oldest known cult.

As far as I can recall, the cow, in hinduism is considered to be sacred because Krsna was a cowherd and milk from said animal is considered to be a “nectar” (hence Hindu India being for the most part lacto-vegetarian).
Thank you for replying with your thoughts; I have spent the best part of over 20 years involved in certain strands of paganism, the Goddess movement and to a lesser extent a branch of hinduism so it is good to go over these subjects again.


I was using masturbation as a synechdoche for the sexual impulse, which is as basic as the need to eat. I didn’t mean ‘masturbation-led cults’ quite as literally as you took it. Because the sexual impulse associates with the miracle of creation, it has inherent transcendental properties which translate to divination rituals without any need to abstract them. In some ways, masturbation is the first natural ritual meditation. One doesn’t seriously pretend to eat, pretend sleep, pretend to build shelter, except in a state of make-believe and play. One does masturbate with extreme seriousness to simulate the feeling of immanence, emergence, and redemption, all at once. The archaic fertility cults, as well as the Torah’s slanted discussion of Babylonian sex cults, attest at least to the presence, if not the ubiquity, of an ancient connection between the sacred and sex, for which masturbation is an isolated microcosm.

The sacred can certainly be thought of as somewhat synonymous with the occult, in that both contrast to the profane, or the ‘ordinary’ as you say. The sacred is set apart from the profane, exactly because it relates to the hidden life, beyond the veil, the life after death, the life of dreams, the invisible hand of god, gods, or animistic spirit, (all symbolic representations of the same thing,) or any encounter with divinity, which is inherently invisible, unmeasurable, poetic and mysterious. The occult is the name we give to the study of the sacred after the authoritarian, imperialist, control mongers who usurp the powers of religious discourse have forcibly sequestered the sacred as their unique divine rite and monopolized discourse about it.

Any substantial discussion of “the hidden,” must then, in that circumstance, itself become socially hidden, hence the occult: ‘hidden cult’ of the hidden.


I’m so behind in listening, but I wanted to reply to say I agree with you. He came across to me as trying to justify what he does, to make it seem more sophisticated or important. He gets paid to fuck people on camera with the intention of horny people masturbating to it. Nothing more, nothing less. You don’t have to have sex with a hundred people to know about sex. In fact, you can have sex with just one person your entire life and learn everything you need to know about sex with that person. I worry about this generating growing up with pen literally at their fingertips, and porn that is getting increasingly “weird”. I think it gives impressionable minds unrealistic views. It could make them think that it is what you’re supposed to be doing. I remember being with a guy who would frequently smack my butt with his penis, and all I could think was “wow, is that supposed to turn me on?” It was obviously something he saw on a porn video. That’s so mild to what I imagine these kids will be thinking is a sexy thing to do. And their partners will probably feel like they are supposed to be turned on by it, but they probably won’t be. Will they even have intimate sex anymore?
I’m not against porn necessarily. Just the fact that he was acting like it’s some noble profession is ridiculous. This was the first episode of THC that I ever turned off before the end. I even waited until they got past the porn stuff, but I had by that point decided he was too full of himself and I couldn’t take him seriously.
I forgot the most laughable part! That they are helping kids by teaching them to avoid pregnancy by pulling out! Lmfao! What the fuck ever. What kids are learning from that is that women find it an incredible turn on to have jizz all over their faces and all over their bodies because it’s this amazing substance that we can’t resist. You guys would be so disappointed to know what most women really think about your magic juice. I hope to God my daughters never feel like they have to take it in the face while being called a dirty Bitch.


Loved this show. Really articulated speaker with some great fresh ideas and a different way of looking at things. I have many friends who lead non traditional lives when it comes to their sexual identity and sexuality so I’ve always been comfortable with this topic but Connor gave me some new concepts to ponder which is something I always welcome. Great show Greg, definitely enjoyed this one and found Connor really interesting to listen to.


I’m all for putting everything on the table, hashing it out from multiple perspectives, seeing what is left at the end. What a unique perspective from someone who’s willing to bring every aspect of personal experience to the persuit of wisdom.

As a conscious parent, I’ve got some personal differences around the issue of when and how we should support our kids when they are delving into issues of sexuality and ‘porn.’ That being said, my parents were not involved in my path along the same lines, and if they were I doubt anything would have turned out better. I’ve got a feeling that we all have a lot of self education to do in this realm of conscious development.

Appreciated the Steiner chat, his footprint is as big or bigger than Crowley’s, but in much different telluric/cultural directions.

Much thanks to both of you for this transmission.


Some eye candy, the Goetheanum:

Steiner designed and oversaw the construction of two completely different versions towards the end of his life. The first was wooden and torched by enemies. He designed the second out of concrete and stretched the limits of what had been done with the medium up to that time.

Lady Freda Harris’s artwork in the Thoth Tarot also owes a huge debt, she was a student of Steiner’s teachings on fourth dimensional geometry.


Great show, Greg.

Conner is a formidable mind with a fascinating experience to share. I became aware of him a few years ago through Duncan Trussell. Anyway I’m really glad you had him on. You handled your own discomfort very professionally and with grace. And you’re doing a great service of cracking open the heads of the Conserva-spiracy set with stuff like this, helping them to realize that sometimes they are unwittingly complicit with the conspirators trying to control everything.

To your query about monogamy and hetero-normative psychology, (ideas about the difference between men & women) I wanna offer a reading list, for anyone who’s curious and open to consider the meaning of sex, both personally and socially. I feel that these books facilitate communication and contemplation, and help to disabuse people about many common misconceptions about sex. These are must-reads for anyone who wants to be more self-aware and culturally aware. Not sure how Conner would feel about them, but I found them very enlightening when I read them. They all qualify as “sex-positive” books, by which I mean they expressly do not instrumentalize a state of shame as the default psychological position. If I could get you a wedding present, Greg, (and you two consented, of course) this small library would be my contribution. Consider the list a step in that direction.

Sex at Dawn
Addresses the ‘monogamy myth’ as a product of Victorian social conventions, discusses the biological case that our species is more like the loving, horny Bonobo than the violent, warring Chimps. (All up until agriculture reprogrammed our tribes into zero-sum shortage economies and made us fence everything.) The beginning is a little repetitive and history focussed, but really picks up steam toward the end. Once you read it, you’ll start to see it everywhere and spontaneously meet all the cool people who’ve read it.

Sperm Wars
If you’re really into grappling with “The Nature” of our species, this will give you the biological facts of the matter, from a strait-forward Darwinian physiological & evolutionary approach. It’s written by a scientist who illustrates 50-some ‘typical’ or ‘common’ sexual scenarios and then candidly describes the biological forces at work. It runs the gamut from life-time pair bonds and homosexuality, to group-sex and rape, and everything in between. (I’d actually be really curious what Connor would say about this one, given his education in evolutionary biology. I think it would still hold up.)

The Ethical Slut
A sort of guidebook for how to maximize self-awareness, respect, love, consent, etc., as you psychologically navigate relationships, regardless of what style of relationship you and your partner(s) aspire to. This is also fairly repetitive from cover to cover, but, once you grok it, you’ll never sex-shame another person again. You’ll be a lot closer to self-actualizing, too.

Against Love, A Polemic
This is largely about love contracts as control mechanisms and surveillance methods. Funny and a little scary, even in the post-Snowden world. Very academic in tone, a little stilted in the manner of continental philosophy, but really rich if you’re into that sort of thing. (IMO, nobody with a brain should ever get married unless they can read this with their partner and both laugh about its extreme depictions. If it triggers either of you, then beware, for something wicked this way cums.)

Making Sex: Body and Gender from Greeks to Freud
This history illustrates the fluidity of sex and gender over the various phases of western civilization; it’ll wake you up to the fact that your ideas about your sexual self are not really yours, but the residue of many millennia in the making, and micro-culturally specific, taboot. It’ll put a final nail in the coffin of the idea that hetero-normative, life-time pair bonding is in any way “natural,” not saying, of course, that it can’t be good or benevolent. (If its so natural, why do we need to enforce it with laws?) Our ideas about sex are as programmed or more programmed against our better interests(?) today than they ever were, with the possible exception of the 1950s USA, when there was a very tight post-war grip.

I’ll go out on a limb here, and at the risk of being really presumptuous, offer this. For people, such as yourselves, thinking about getting into an exclusive legal contract for the rest of their lives, it’s wise to do your research and consider the fine print, so to speak. Think of it a little like Eib’s Agenda31. As it stands, unless you draft your own marriage contract, the state has written it for you. Talk about a control mechanism! (Believe me, there are some states where you definitely DO NOT want to get married, Minnesota, for instance.) Don’t give them the power of telling you what your relationship will be and what legal commitments you will abide for the rest of your life. Write a pre-nuptial agreement, not as a hedge against monetary loss or expression of doubt or faithlessness in your partnership, but because it is YOUR relationship. Only you and your loved one should define it. Might seem not-so-romantic, but it’s a lot more romantic than an ugly divorce through which children and friends get dragged, because two partners failed to communicate clearly at the outset about their expectations.

Congratulations to you and your lady, man. May your love thrive, endure and flourish.

Again, great show!



As a gay man I thank you for this epsiode. Ive been a plus member for like 4 years now and I’ve been waiting a while to hear an episode like this. Also great job on doing more crazy episodes. Personally I prefer, hollow earth, flat earth, paranormal shit, giants, aliens, magick, or any other existential conversation questioning our environment and reality. You’re the best Greg, I’ll take a rip off the bong for ya!


Also, I can’t agree with him about men and woman psyche not being different. Because I think we are soooo different. It’s a big reason I’m not attracted to women because I just don’t understand their brain. Every girl friend I’ve had we argued and I was constantly annoyed. Now that I have dated men, we rarely fight and it’s like fun time all the time. Hiking, Xbox, sex, roadtrip. It’s fucking great.


“Like the newt guy from Monty python.” that made me chuckle. “But I got bettuh”


You can do better.


Maybe some Franz Bardon influence?


Lots of ideas that are new to me in this show. That’s fuckin’ awesome on its own. Thanks for that and thanks for featuring this subject that we can’t learn too much about . Please have Conner back. He is off the charts intelligent and you guys have a good rapport. Best Wishes


Don’t like the victim mentality of the “oppression” view point. Can’t have oppression without submission. Maybe the “oppressed” should look in the mirror.


Sex Magick; Paint a snake on your back. Light a black candle.



Love the nervous giggles of the guest when Greg mentioned some basic realities of the relationship between men and women. “No differences between male and female psyche” coming from a guest who has very little experience with women. Pretty much stopped listening there.

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