The Science Of Consciousness Conference Breakdown

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Greg Carlwood goes to the Science of Consciousness Conference and reports back with information big and small.

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  1. You’re not boring.

    I really appreciated this.

    Living in Alaska makes it hard to get places and do things.

    Love the intro and outro music.

    In the spirit of bitcoin I’m cancelling everything but THC. Even the A Horse Box and my beloved Cairn outdoor box: no mas.

    Only so many steel coffee mugs and jars of Hooflex this family needs, but I’ll never have my fill of I-sight and woo.

    Be blessed and thank you so much.

  2. I loved it man! Really cool, it WAS a bit monotonous at times, I found myself zoning out here and there. Maybe you could bring in someone to talk about them with. I find the conversation aspect a big part of what makes it compelling to listen to. I would love more, but it may need some tweaking here and there, I’m sure you’ll figure it out with some trial and error. Great job, man.

  3. Speaking of Stephen Greer, I just read this book called “Undisclosed” by Steve Alten and one of the big protagonists was Dr. Greer. It was a “faction” novel, as someone called it. It seems Mr. Greer has his hero worshipers and, even though I think he’s done good work and may have gone through some rough moments, it seems to me that his ego might be somewhat inflated. I think you’re too good for someone like him, Greg, and I now wonder if maybe he isn’t just a bit tainted himself, or maybe even part of the psyop.

    1. I have those concerns too for sure. I really wanted to have him back just so I could challenge him a little, and figured if I burned the bridge, oh well. So not the biggest deal in the world, but annoying nevertheless.

      1. The ego is the common hook here and in all the pyramid power schemes. Ego is a survival tool and is not intrinsically bad except in that it can get too strong and allow folks to think they are their ego and it needs protecting rather than their true self which not only needs protecting but the ability to learn and grow. PTB can hook well meaning people, including truth seekers, by their overactive egos and steer them to the cabal’s desired ends. I think Clif offerring to have a tae kwan do match with Corey or, LOL, Wilcock is an example of it. Most of these guys in the truth community are offering us some good stuff, but when they get far enough up, it seems they are somehow compromised and turned back on the movement. examples include the aforementioned CH/DW/CG thing, George Webb/Defango/Titus Frost, I am sure you can name others. The fact that Dark Journalist and Clif seem to be on the same side really gives me pause. But the thing is, you have PTB competing for narrative control, so there is prly some truth coming from all angles. The trick is to have a finely tuned BS detector. Shamangeneer is one who seems to be a true, unegoic truth seeker to me and I would love to hear more from him. Seems like he takes a similar approach to me in that it is like a crossword puzzle and all the words (theories) have to fit together or you need to go back and recheck assumed correct words (theories).
        The thing is, at every next level or layer, there is someone waiting to lead us down a cul de sac, to prevent us from getting the big picture. The General Relativity/Quantum mechanics thing is finally starting to unravel, partially thanks to electric universe. But then you have things like GANS, and Nassim Harriman and maybe even Clif waiting to pull you enough of course to keep us in the dark. I think reciprocal systems theory seems to be worth looking into as it fits nicely with EU and all the consciousness stuff that seems to be coming out.
        For that matter, I enjoy Clif, and think if anyone could nail him down on some of the stuff I mentioned in my comment on the thread for his show (I can’t log into forums even though I am a long time plus guy). Sorry for the all over the map post.
        I liked your coverage of the conference and think they rather failed to deliver, not you. Would enjoy (and be fine with part of my plus money going to) you going to things like Contact in the Desert or the like where all this drama is starting to happen. A nonfanboy/promoter take would be valuable. Especially re observing where actual well meaning truth seekers may be getting manipulated or steered by the money folks. Thanks for keeping it real.

  4. Interesting to hear a report on what the big wigs are saying!

    Re: the double slit experiment, and does consciousness (whatever that is) really collapse the wave function?

    Dean Radin has done the double slit experiment with no physical observer present, but only someone meditating on the experiment to try to “observe” with the mind’s eye alone. The results were highly significant, and I believe the experiment has been duplicated. When the meditator focused on trying to “observe” which slit the particle went through, it behaved more like a particle. When attention was diverted away, it returned to the typical wave.

    So that should settle it… consciousness is not limited to the location of the body and whatever consciousness is… it plays a role in manifesting reality.

    And as you mentioned in the episode, animals are definitely conscious, so the whole cat in a box thing is moot… the cat can “observe” whether it is alive or dead so it isn’t both!

    My theory on consciousness: it is differentiation and self-reflection repeated endlessly. There is the Oneness which differentiates and self-reflects (feedback loop) and each time there is some ambiguity in the reflection – a distortion in the mirror – and that results in everything that is.

    When you observe that photon thereby forcing it to “decide” on a location, you are observing “you” because you are the Oneness, so it is a kind of self-reflection and differentiation.

    A particle collapsing from super-position to definite state is a kind of information exchange – a symbol/meaning transformation. Stack this process again and again and add circularity (feedback loops) and you can create novel structures including the structure of our conscious experience.

  5. Greg, I enjoyed this as well. Not the typical two hour show for plus members which in this case makes sense due to it being more of a discussion on what you took in. The conversation idea Murmer suggested above I think would be annoying, unless they too had gone and there were viable give and take concerning the ideas covered. This as done felt just right for a report like show covering the experience you had. We are all used to you providing your own insights into the guests so it’s not really a stretch to hear your thoughts on the topics covered at the conference. All in all I would look forward to another one of these types of shows in a couple of months. Thanks for all you do man!

  6. This is SUPER interesting stuff! I had to listen twice. You are so lucky to get to visit this kind of event and thank you for your excellent analysis and discussion on this hard to digest topic of consciousness. So many interesting threads were touched on here so I will have plenty of reading and googling material for the next while. The most intriguing points for me were the importance between brain and body for cohesive and accurate data, the neuroscience of gamers and I’ll definitely be reading that paper on the effects of micro-dosing psychoactives. Not a gamer myself, the connection between gaming, lucid dreaming and having less nightmares makes me want to reconsider haha.

  7. I haven’t checked the “piss next to Deepak Chopra” box myself, keep living the dream. way to wrangle that unicorn.
    Jokes aside, I really appreciate your summary of your experience there, very interesting.

  8. Cool show, I think you should get Alex Tsakiris from Skeptiko podcast as a guest. He definitely dives down the science of consciousness and NDE realms.

  9. These are definitely great Carl, keep up all these new ideas for podcasts (don’t worry about flying solo).

    As for guests pulling out, sorry to hear man. Hopefully you aren’t on some weird Blacklist. Keep up the good work though.

  10. Also that shit about using some kind of frequency to up productivity in the workplace was pretty gnarly sounding. Yet another reason to avoid the corporate mouse trap.

  11. dude, i actually really dug this one Greg. it’s cool to have a man on the inside at these conferences that most of us likely won’t go to. keep ’em up brah!

  12. It’s really great to hear you solo. You have wonderful insights and know just how to note the red flags. I hope you do a few more like this, it’s a treat.

  13. Steven Greer and Hoagland are total wankers. Your show is better for NOT having them Mr. Carlwood. Keep it up sir, you are truly doing the creators work.

  14. I thought this was awesome! Thank you so much for this! Where I live at there is no conferences close. The closet that I know of is free your mind which is 5 or 6 hours away! But by you doing this it’s like being there with you. Thank you Greg

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