Tracy Twyman | The Knights Templar, Baphomet, & The Alchemy of Finance

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The wonderful, Tracy Twyman returns to THC to talk about her latest book Baphomet: The Temple Mystery Unveiled, which continues her research into the truth about the Baphomet entity and the Knights Templar. Several huge milestones and invaluable contributions to the study of history have been made with this one, and it was great to talk to Tracy about it. We also, of course, get into the idea of links between ceremonial magic, banking, and the various groups who have risen to wealth and power. Is there a connection? You decide.

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  1. Very interesting; much of which was new to me. The second hour/ending had all of my attention. Manifesting, white vs dark magick, her experiences of how soul “selling”/possession actually works in the physical world, her big picture of what may be happening with global economic wealth…. whew… so much barely touched on in the end that now I’m going to HAVE to buy that book to see if she expands on these topics more. This is my first posting after being a plus member for a good while now so you must have definitely peaked my curiosity. This episode has made me want to do more research to gain greater knowledge. Good job Carlwood!

  2. Love Tracy! Great interview! But can you have Zachary K Hubbard on too! He a germatria decoder with a fast growing following on youtube. He gave his first interview on Dec 10… Here’s a link…
    Music without borders…
    Here’s his youtube channel …
    Zachary K Hubbard
    You can ask crrow about him. He knows his channel.
    Please at least look into it. He’s doing ground breaking work! Thanks!

  3. One of my favorite parts of the episode:
    Tracy: “A giant blowfish entity appeared in front of a friend of mine on acid and asked to inhabit his body for a week”
    Greg: Nonplussed, “Ok” .

    For some reasons, this reminded me of the Legend of Zelda game on Gameboy:

    Link free’s a giant fish by going on a dream adventure, ostensibly going on a quest inside the fish’s dream/mind. This somehow stops link from drowning, seems like a deal with an entity: I’ll save you from drowning if you let me live through you (in the dream world of my own creation). Reflecting upon it, that game seems pretty deep for a little gameboy game released in the 90’s.

    1. I loved Zelda! Never played the Gameboy version but bought all of the Zelda games for Nintendo 64 and played them with my grandkids. The symbolism always amazed me. The designers had a real knowledge of Western mythology, at the least.

  4. Well golly gee Greg, popular radio show, hot girlfriend, cool clothing line, goes bowling with Graham Hancock, front row seats to the Bay City Rollers… how can we be sure you’re not in cahoots with Baphomet?…

    1. Ha ha! I think success is only dodgy if you go for the “buy now – pay later” option. If you have paid nothing up front, the collection man will be around at a later date! 🙂

      If you pay dues as you go, and don’t ask to have corners cut/someone else pay for you, you are all good.

  5. Tracy is always an interesting interview, to say the least. She has a way of dropping bombs deadpan that make you go WTF?? 🙂

    Man, the whole celibacy thing really tangles people up.
    Celibacy was/is not about not having intercourse. It was always about not ejaculating and jamming that energy up your spine.
    Check out Lee Holden, Mantak Chia, Jason Miller and any number of people who have stuff out there on “sex magic”.

    So, you know, shock horror, the Vatican priests frequent brothels and some orders have “special relationships” between priests and nuns.
    Any of those sex magic people will tell you that the power you can generate between a man and a woman is exponentially ahead of what you can do solo, even with breath work. Two men or two women are in the middle, power wise. Just how our bodies are energetically put together…

    Also, Catholic Priests not marrying is not related to “celibacy” but to real estate.
    An Anglican priest can be married and be “practicing celibacy” with his wife. Like I said, sex magic.

    Anyone who tells you otherwise has been conned, or is lying about it.

  6. Anyone see it as slightly fishy that the Templars apparently confessed,( under torture = questionable to say the least…) to worshiping Baphomet, “The Scapegoat”???

    And what did the Templars become when they were cut adrift by their powerful protectors? What a comedy. She’s right; the concept of the unfinished scapegoat is older than The Templars.
    Sorry, but a lot of these stories really look so made up after the fact as to not be taken seriously.

    Satanic cult? Satan is a Hebrew concept for an adversary, in a way. A Shaitan was a person who said one thing and did another; spoke with a forked tongue.
    So the idea of “Satan” is just another bullshit meme made up in the Middle Ages to get you to look in the other direction whilst someone picks your pocket.

    A book of stories that is spun in a way to hint at wisdom being somehow “evil” seems to me like a book written and interpreted by a Master, and then left lying around in the hopes that the servants would pick it up and read it.

    1. “So the idea of “Satan” is just another bullshit meme made up in the Middle Ages to get you to look in the other direction whilst someone picks your pocket.”

      Ha, I like that.

    2. “A book of stories that is spun in a way to hint at wisdom being somehow “evil” seems to me like a book written and interpreted by a Master, and then left lying around in the hopes that the servants would pick it up and read it.”

      What book are you talking about?

      1. I kind of had the modern interpretation of the Bible and the Koran in mind…..

        In my head, the evil at the beginning all leads back to the divine feminine or more specifically, the creative powers of the feminine.
        You know, the snake is bad, and going back 70,000 years you can find stories of a serpent creating the earth, and it’s a she.
        The apple is bad, and it happens to have the processing of Venus inside it.
        Eve means night, so she is on the edge….
        Lilith is bad, because she would not bow down to Adam, said she was created equal. ( or Iblis in the Koran)

        All this stuff has to mess with our heads, on an unconscious level, otherwise how come the only groups that were aloud to read these books for 1200 of the last 1500 years are so screwed up??

        1. Got it. I thought you meant the Bible but wasn’t sure. Clearly when one tradition replaced another the previous one(s) were “bad” and the repression of the divine feminine is a really good example but there is evil in the world and imo there are evil entities. Maybe these entities aren’t named Satan or Baphomet but does it really matter what we call them?

          1. Yeah, I thought that as I hit post, but thought I would see if the chat went in that direction.
            Evil entities; absolutely. As far as I can see, they are not really talked about in the texts all that much.
            They seem to focus much more on competition from their own side. Of course, at the adept level they would be rolling in law about dealing with such things, but we aren’t privy to that!
            You let a sower of destruction into your body for a stint and I think you would see evil up close and personal, but you are right, that is not Satan, or Lucifer.
            Baphomet (and Abraxis) well, I’m not so sure. There seems to have been a fair amount of dark energy pushed into them over the years….

  7. Solid info. Good continuity & flow Greg.

    Hammer1 would do well to remember that the confessions (according to her stated research) were not isolated to ONLY torture &/or duress.
    Just a note.

    1. Yeah. For the record I am not buying that. Seems like a word game. Did the Vatican come and ask their questions before they were roughed up by the French, or after?

      Sounds a bit to me like saying some of the confessions out of Guantanamo Bay were not extracted under torture. Just an arse covering exercise by The Church, perhaps.
      If these guys really did renounce Christ as their saviour, why in the world would they confess anything to a Catholic priest before death?

    1. In my humble opinion, references to chick tracts, Barbie, and Homer Simpson aren’t particularly fun, a compliment or a counterpoint to the interview unless you (in the generic sense of the word, of course) are easily amused by lightweight trolling.

      1. Not sure what you mean. But you cherry picked the filler and it’s disappointing that your hasty dismissal of an alternative viewpoint may stymie another person’s investigation.

  8. We are put here to go though a spiritual evolution to a higher plane. If you choose to slide backwards you will head towards hell. If you choose to live just and strive to enhance your intuition and natural love instincts, you can move closer to home (the almighty creator). Also we seem to get trapped in one lifetime as a ghost or repeatedly incarnate on this plane due to obsession., try to avoid that

    1. I vacillate between that and that we are trapped here to serve as a cog in some kind of metaphysical machine or system. Perhaps as an experiment or perhaps as a punishment or perhaps as an energy source. Lessons learned and then forgotten seems a foolish way to help a soul evolve yet the latter story is a much nicer story. I am really on the fence on this one and not sure but will continue pondering.

      1. “Or perhaps a brilliant combination of the two!”
        I wonder to myself if we do come in for a specific reason, even if only because we know it’s a bit of a honey trap, and it’s interesting ( for an immortal being) to see how long it will take to get out this time.
        But there is something existing in here, (probably also by design…) that “feeds from us” for want of a better expression, and really doesn’t want us to get out, or have us change anything else around us too much.

        Like all the stuff Greg looks at on the shows, I get the feeling that, even as it all fits together in a beautiful harmonic pattern, we are looking at multiple integers here that operate for their own reasons.
        And that they quite often run at what can appear to be cross purposes to us.

        It’s like we constantly have to keep pulling back to see the bigger picture, and then pull back again.

    1. Agreed. I’ve loved and enjoyed the game series since its inception and I’ve always felt the story has a bit of truth to it, especially seeing how the enemy group is the templars. And at some point the original main character dies and now ur avatar works in a large corporate Templar building hint hint nudge nudge

  9. Couple of interesting things about the name Baphomet in Hebrew. On the Wikipedia page it shows that someone discovered that Baphomet put through a pretty simple and often-used cypher comes out to be Sophia in Hebrew – I can confirm it works. Another interesting thing that I haven’t seen anywhere is if you break up the name into it’s syllables ב–פו–מת (ba-pho-met) it means “In his (it’s) mouth is death,” or alternatively “from the mouth of death.” Makes sense that it’d have some kind of semitic basis rather than just being Latin since, as Tracy said, the practice comes from the Near East!

  10. Hey Greg, great show again. Another thread it may help to look at is what the creation story is, from genesis, translating the bibles use of metaphors and symbolism. If you use the bible to translate itself, then it opens up another ballpark. When the serpent came to eve, the bible says the snake beguiled her. And after the act they committed, which later included Adam, they realized they was naked. 2 other times the bible uses naked it was to reference to sexual impurity. When lot slept with his daughters in the cave after Sodom was destroyed, it stated that “they knew the nakedness of their father”. Likewise on the boat with Noah, there was another adulterous act, when Shem slept with his step mother.
    B After the garden incident, they realized they was naked and covered their loins. Why their loins from eating fruit? When God got there, he punished all 3 of them. Taking Leviticus and Deuteronomy into account to establish the strict and unwavering justice code, it says many times, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, hand for hand foot for foot, ash for ash burning for burning. Basically this pattern says what you do you will receive punishment based off your actions. So then why would God punish eve, causing increased pain in conception, and causing woman’s desire to be toward her husband. And why did God curse the serpent saying the serpents seed will bruise her heel but eves seed will crush the serpents head. It’s clear that the serpent would have offspring from this act in which he beguiled woman.
    Later in the New Testament Jesus curses the Pharisees and said their father was born of adultery and lies, and repeats himself many times saying, how can good fruit come from bad trees, and bad fruit come from good trees? Fruit of the loins. I think the creation story defiantly backs up another genetic race. It’s also wrote that Adam knew his wife after the garden incident, after they were kicked out. Afterwards two sons are born. Cain and Abel. When Cain was born Eve said, ” I have gotten a man from the lord”. Then Abel is born next. So Next time it says, “Adam knew his wife again and begot Seth”. So we got 3 kids and Adam was with eve twice.
    What do the masons say? Who is tubal Cain? And the reply is “The roman God Vulcan”…? He was of another bloodline, cains bloodline. That’s the elite, who have this incontrollable urge for power and money and control. So how this plugs into the archon debate idk, but it can’t be dismissed.

  11. baphomet.

    this makes me think of the comicbook writer grant morrison. who is heavily into magick (great disinformation lecture on youtube.)

    he believes in magick

    in vol 2 of the Invisible he draws baphomet. into the comic I wonder if that’s his pact….. he is highly successfull and an amazing writer……..

    just an observation , great show

  12. Really great – possession, blow fish, her thinking about Mephistopheles in her shower – not what time you have to get up in the morning or what you need to order from the supermarket!!! Another great show – thanks, Greg. By the way heard THC referred to in FreemanTVs first trial run for his new podcasts – I like it when you all support each other as can be a lot of back stabbing!

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