Tracy Twyman Baphomet Interview on The Higherside Chats Podcast

Tracy Twyman | Communing With The Demon Masters Of The Elite & The Portal To Hell

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Well known conspiratorial author and esoteric historian, Tracy Twyman, joins THC to talk about her 13 year personal journey to communicate with the same multi-dimensional, demonic entities that the Elite might very well be answering to themselves.

We talk about many of the dark rituals rumored to be going on down at the lodge, where they might have their origins, and why they might be carrying out such acts – with a very unique perspective, from someone who’s hearing it straight from Baphomet himself.

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Hear more from our guest in the ever-deeper 2nd hour!

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  1. Damn, that interview rocked. I will have to listen again. Tracy Twyman is like an American version of John Dee. To me it’s really interesting that a certain segment of the population feels this urge to dig into the mysteries of the Universe at these times of historic uncertainty; it’s happened again and again in recorded western history. People turn to the esoteric for new perspectives. This is legitimate, authentic culture being created on the spot (after years of hard research).

    I find it really compelling to imagine that these entities have a real existence that can be probed and understood through these mechanisms.

    On the other hand, I am not quite ready to ditch the water wings of my reality and swim in the pool with Baphomet and Cain. I wonder if these entities have ~real~ existence, but they are emergent properties of the universe and our minds in the same way that our consciousness and imagination arise from the firing of electro-chemical impulses in 3 pounds of fat and water. Or, in the way that microbes in our gut can influence cravings for food. Or, long after the Roman Empire ceased to be, it existed. Or hell, let’s take a present day example, the city of Cleveland, Ohio, or Detroit, Michigan are really more ideas than actual entities.

  2. I have followed tracy twyman fir years and she is amazing. Nothing has convinced me of demons more than her intrepid research. She has put her life on the line to bring this information whereas many guests ate just airbags.
    I listened to this podcast twice almost back to back. She is usually great but it’s easy to get lost in the complexity. You did a super job with this interview!

    Jan Irvin and Henrik Palmgren have both gone crazy or maybe possessed by demons lol. Drank some kind of koolaid. You, Mr Carlwood are the cream of the crop these days and growing more talented every interview. I’m so glad you quit your day job and am happy to support you with the subscription. Marie Jones is another excellent researcher, not like Tracy Twyman but if you catch her deep in a new book an idea for more female representers. Thanks for this awesome show!

    1. When you say that Henrik has gone ‘crazy’, are you referring to his fascination with cultural Marxism, WWII, Hitler and Asatru? I don’t think I’d call that ‘crazy’ so much as ‘going in a new direction’…which is fine.

      Great show, Greg…I listened twice to make sure I caught as much as I could!

    2. I share the gist of your angst on RedIce. I love their podcast and even agree with their insistence on digging into WW2 alt history, but it is tough to keep banging away at that without echoing the sentiments of white power types.

      1. maaan, i remember this like it was yesterday ! It feels much longer ago than just a few years. I admit, I reeeally loved r.i.r. and still privately wonder how much $$$ it took to monkeyfuck that one. Such is life~

  3. Again, it’s the Muslims who are demonically possessed. The Jewish Zionists who created, trained and funded them (along with their Saudi sock puppets) always seem to be handed a ‘get out of jail’ free card. To say that we need to ‘trust’ in God because we must, without knowing who and what that God is (I prefer a small g), is a naive, bordering on silly, observation. So looking forward to hearing Gerald Clark. This brilliant man’s perspective is the only one that makes sense. Be prepared to have your mind blown. Thanks Greg.

    1. I highly doubt a whole race of people are possessed by birth right alone…… i would cation you to walk that path of thinking it can only lead you to disconnect and exclude yourself from the world. Unless that is your goal.

      1. That’s the problem – if you speak of the Jews, and my guess is that you are, they are not actually a race. And if you follow John Lash as I do, you are right about birthrights. It is more than that: they are possessed by an archontic neurological virus, not merely an ideological one.

        And as far as disconnecting/excluding myself, I am open to everything. However, I am forced by my conscience to make choices based on research and evidence. Which other group of parasites eats popcorn, drinks wine, and cheers the burning, maiming and destruction of defenseless men, women and children? Who happily partakes in seeing its own borders (rogue state notwithstanding) closed whilst instigating and encouraging the dismantling of other borders (upshot of which is mass immigration) with the sole intent of committing white genocide?

        You don’t have to be a so-called troll to point out these disparities (and I’ve barely scratched the surface here). You only have to be a member of the human race.

  4. Dark dealings hey? The places people will go in the search for the story – an unexpectedly intrepid form of journalism in the shape of interviews from the Abyss.
    As far as God/gods go – I have always thought it seemed like there was a hierarchy of consciousness. The Creator or All That Is would have to be an aggregate or synergetic consciousness that is so vast and unknowable that it is ridiculous to think it could ever fully invest itself into egoic form. Whereas the gods in the bible (Elohim) would be more like the Pantheons of old timey religion from Sumeria on, as they exhibit all of the pettiness and (potential) grandeur of humanity. Hell, back then it was all politicking and chess playing with the Earthlings. They sound like the fallen angels for sure; local administrators who became enamoured of the physical form for the illusion of separation and therefore free will it offers. Whoops, rambling.

  5. Damn, man, that was a full 180 from just a few episodes ago, where Mathisen sees everything as metaphor, and then Twyman rolls in, full on communicating with Cain and everything. Fascinating stuff indeed.

    The only missed opportunity, in my opinion, was when Twyman mentioned ISIS being on bath salts. I would love to know what Cain’s position is on psychedelics!

  6. I enjoyed this, but damned does this person sound depressed. I’d say if one agenda of the demons (whatever/whoever they may be) is to throw us all into darkness and despair without hope, then they’ve hit their mark in this case. Most sources consider demons to be liars par excellence, in which case nothing they communicate should be taken at face value…including claims of the imminent demise of the universe.

    1. I agree. While this was certainly entertaining it seemed a little too over the top of me to buy into on the initial pass. This was my first time exposed to her works… maybe that’s why. I can’t get over the fact that she gets her answers from the ‘spirits’ she speaks to but then she also said they often try to trick her and throw her off because they hate humans… not sure I can buy it but I am always open to anything.

      1. I agree man. I actually love this episode, and I think she’s on to something. There seems to be a non-human element to the top of the conspiracy pyramid. I’m not the biggest fan of calling them demons, but I get over that. I was a little concerned that some people would be turned off by the use of the Ouiji board, and wish it might have came out a little later in the interview, but it is what is it. She’s just telling her experience, and I can’t say I’d want to change that. It’s a polarizing show, but I think it gives people some things to think about!

    2. Well said, I had another listener say it seems like she was a bit “drained.” Could definitely be a side effect of this type of contact. I really considered addressing in the interview, more the idea that the “demons” couldn’t be trusted, but I figured I’d just let it go. Seemed like a bit of a given, and to harp on it too much in an interview seems a bit confrontational. I really am crazy about the questioning sometimes, and I didn’t see great “response potential” for hitting that too hard, if that makes sense.

  7. RE: Red ice, I would have to agree, in fact I used the exact same phrase a few weeks ago referring to Palmgren, “possessed”. He’s been disseminating occulted information for years doing a great service. Unfortunately, without proper protection and focus on light energy, one can become consumed by fixations. All the more reason for Tracy to be careful in her dealings with the dark side. Being aware is one thing, but it’s important to build the alternative we wish to create and not just obsess about the opposition. That being said, great show that leaves a lot to mull over and research!

  8. After Ms. Twyman’s recent ep., i just had to dive back into Archives to find this one.
    Geeky,i know,but I enjoy going back to see how return guests have evolved since their debut.

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