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So I’m having an app made right now, and don’t want to make a lot of changes to the menus and stuff because it just makes more work for the developer. (Although, I think I’m going to change “THC Music” to “Bonuses” because I’m going to need a place to put things like the Armenia video and the Q&A’s pretty soon here.)

Well, yesterday I was a guest on the Free Your Mind Podcast ( ) and afterwards some commenters mentioned it might be fun to see a little of that old THC, before it became a more focused Conspiracy/Paranormal/All-Around-Fringe kinda thing.

All I can really find, is this old 35-40 min video I put together at the time of my time hanging with a pretty well-known comedian,  Joey Diaz (and others) in the green room of the Mad House Comedy Club. This was several years ago, when Occupy was a big thing and I thought there was a real revolution happening. Now, I’d like to think I’m smarter in a lot of ways but it’s funny to hear.

This was on Black Friday of whatever year, and probably at the end of a long awful day. Let it be a reminder of a few things:

  1. Never stop working on your passion, even if opportunities come at the worst times.
  2. Everything gets better with practice.
  3. You need to turn off the “metronome” in Garageband if you’re going to record a podcast.


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    1. haha I heard about that, but I find that London Real guy to be a little poser-ish. I don’t know why, but my gut feelings were sort of validated when I heard about that saga.

  1. Howdy! New subscriber here; thank you for all the excellent content. As a HUGE Madflavor fan, I’m looking forward to this video “extra”. I host Uncle Joey’s Periscopes on my youtube channel, Buffalo Magic. Is there any way to get a hd version of this video? Either way, I’m excited to dig into THC!

  2. This video hits home with me. I was in similar shoe as you Greg during the occupy.
    While we’re both out of that shoe now, you took Joey’s advise and made your market, well done; I feel like I just changed shoes to something more comfortable. Your story is inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

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