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Your humble host answers questions left by Plus members on the Q&A Forum. Enjoy!

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  1. Haha, This “Cult” Guy Sure Left A Hefty Share Of Comments. Great Q&A Cast Greg! Keep Doing What You Do! Love Exploring And Hearing Research From People All Over And From All Walks Of Life. Cheers!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Dr. Judy Wood – Excellent guest, really looking forward to that! A lot of the established conspiracy stalwarts or popular 911 voices reject Dr Woods presented evidence and even attack her personally. This practice alone should raise alarm bells! We are given just enough of the truth but the last 10% is false and muddles the real truth. The thermite/detonation explanation is that exact red herring route. Couple that with the “ball” / no planes theories and we’re starting to get closer to the real events. The Architects and engineers for 911 truth is pure misdirection.

    Great work getting Dr Judy wood!

      1. see… “space beams”, comedy genius mate. But yes, simple demolition as you put it, doesn’t cause two towers of steel and concrete turn to dust in mid air. That and the comedy physics unique to that tiny air space on the day.

        Also what happened to that hurricane lurking off the coast during 9/11? Just a question to ponder.

        1. Analyzing fake pictures from the lying media, leads you to fake conclusions about stuff vanishing into thin air.
          What you saw on TV and what actually happened in REALITY are two very diffrent things.

          In reality the towers were there one day and gone the next.
          Controlled demolitions do this every day all over the world.

          If the buildings were cleared out beforehand and fitted with whatever explosive/melting agent, or if they were built stock with them all those years ago, or maybe both, is up for discussion.

          But telling people this is somewhat related to a dissipated hurricane channeled into space beams that vaporized things into thin air, is pure science fiction.

          At best Judy wood is the worst researcher in the world
          (basing all her work on pictures from the media, surely they must be 100% legit right?), and at worst downright paid to decive.

          That being said though,what do i know?
          I don’t have a PHD like Judy Wood.

          But i do have a master in CGI Animation.


            1. I have checked her stuff thoroughly thank you.

              I expect you to do the same with the points i brought up.
              I have yet to see you tear down my points with anything logical.

              Arguing from ignorance is never a good position to be in.


  3. Carlwood! I am the Canadian anonymous account.

    I absolutely loved the answers to the questions in regards to psychedelics. “Once you’ve got the message, hang up the phone.” – sits well with the “Don’t chase the dragon” advice. Salvia is INSANE, I can’t believe that it’s sometimes being sold by naive store-clerks as an alternative to grass, especially with how fucking intense it is compared to EVERY other drug out there. Your experience sounded really out there, but not at all untenable. A male and female entity, contrasting reactions to your ‘arrival’… such cool stuff.

    Loved this show, you are officially the man. My boys in the snowfields are thoroughly impressed with your efforts.
    Keep it independent, and keep it real my man, peace.

  4. Can’t wait for Peter Levenda and Judy Wood, altho I’m not sure what brought down the buildings, she does make a compelling case.

    Greg, for what it’s worth, I think you have what it takes to be a success and I’ve been around long enough and listened to enough interviews, and suffered through enough really shitty hosts to have a valid opinion on this. You have guests that represent a variety of different topics. You ask for our input and that shows that you care about what the subscribers want to hear as opposed to hosts that stick with guests that prop up their pet theories. (I could name names here but I won’t. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

    You let people talk and don’t interrupt which is a giant plus I hope you never lose. There is nothing more annoying, imho, than trying to listen to what the guest is saying and the host keeps interrupting the flow of the conversation with their own “experiences.” Whitley Strieber is notorious for doing this and I attribute it to his giant ego. There, I named a name. I can’t tell you how many times I yelled STFU at the listening device until I just stopped listening to him, even if I liked the guests he had on his show.

    Sites like this attract disinfo trolls and those that get off on throwing a wrench in the works and that’s what I think you’re often dealing with when you get those emails telling you they are unsubscribing because you had so and so on or you said the dreaded fuck word. FUCK ’em all, I say! but I know that’s easy for me to say and that you’re trying to gain subscribers, not lose them. McCannabis was so obvious and stupid. A bounced rent check over $5? And those that ask how to unsubscribe on the forum and comment section of the shows. Please. They managed to subscribe but need someone to take them by the hand to unsubscribe? Obvious shit-stirring trolls.
    You’re a cut above and you’re lucky to have found your niche at such a young age, so dig in deep and enjoy the ride!

  5. This was fun Greg! A little bit of a different flavor of THC – which is good! I appreciate you trying to give a little something special back to the supporters of the show – it shows you care, and we can tell that you do. These forums are cool too – I’m looking forward to having a venue to freely share ideas with those that have a similar perspective. Keep up the good work my man, and stay safe out there! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. I listened to this show very carefully, and here is my question for you to answer next time: Did you ever notice that nobody actually keeps gloves in their glove compartment? I have a mouse that has been living in my glove compartment for five years. What should I do about it?…

    1. Great job Greg. Its nice to hear your thoughts on sone different subjects. I know its hard to pin down just one side of a subject when you have an open mind and consciously cultivate an open-minded approach to all lanes of information so you don’t miss out on a sliver of truth.

      I think you handled it well and did a great job. I say, Bravo. I personally am looking forward toanother Carlwood Q&A.

  7. Great show; I really enjoyed this. Next time it would be really interesting as to what your feelings and thoughts were when visiting the Avebury complex, especially West Kennet Long Barrow on Samhain. I live in England and visit that area often and have done so for 20 years so it would be good to hear your thoughts.
    Have you listened to Gordon’s new podcast with Peter Grey? I think Peter and Alkistis would be excellent future guests especially as they are very into entheogens in their practice.
    All the best and nice one again.

  8. Anyone else getting an “Unknown Error” on Downcast when trying to play this episode? I’ve tried for several days, no dice. The error is specific to this episode, everything else is fine.

  9. Great episode. You’re living the dream and I couldn’t be more proud or more happy for you. Keep on hustling!
    This was a nice change of pace from the usual show, which I also love.
    Don’t lead us into a cul-de-sac, bro.

  10. I liked this q&a a lot and think you’re doing a great job asking the questions and promoting the discussion of a multitude of ideas and theories. Don’t get hung up on the *unsubscribers* as you will never be able to please everyone. To the extent you need to compromise to make this work…well…we all do what we have to do to get by. That said try to stay true to your intentions, keep your mind open and carry on doing what you do. I’ve been loving it so far even if I don’t love every guest. Also glad to hear that you are happy with your transition from the grind. Its nice to see someone like you escape. I hope you continue to elude the slippery slopes of servitude and I can continue to look forward to more shows, more crazy stories and more questions than answers. Peace.

  11. Greg, I’m really lik’n the personal sharing of your views and being open with your audience. ( its like hanging out with ya ! )
    There really is something unique and special to see someone evolve through out the past few years. Your growth has also has helped my personal views evolve as well ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank you so much for existing in this time man …. You really & Truly are an awesome human being!! Keep doing your thing and don’t ever stop being you !

  12. I loved this. I’m glad that there’s a host who really has integrity. While I appreciate The Carlwood’s humility, he’s alot more than “just a stoner”. Brilliant mind, and brilliant show.

  13. Holy shit, Greg, that was awesome. Thanks for spending so much time on my question. I have to admit, it grew in scale as I was asking it. I’m impressed.

    Also, really liked the Q&A in general. I think there’s a lot of hosts who couldn’t field those kinds of questions just because they’re not fully invested in the material.

  14. Your parents should be proud of you, Greg, I truly hope they appreciate you. What a sweetie your are! Glad to hear about the upcoming interview about our messed up historical timeline, I’m pretty sure I know who you’re talking about and I’m super excited to hear what she has to say. Keep up the good work!

  15. Hi Greg,
    Love the shows and it’s the perfect solution for all us free thinkers and free spirits to become de-compartmentalised as to the true nature of this reality.
    If you can’t aquire Dr Judy Wood for a 9/11 show you might want to consider Andrew Johnson? He’s a strong proponent of her work and fact based conspiracy researcher in his own right. I’ve seen a couple of his presentations now and I like his style, I think you two would work well together. Neither of you take away an individuals freedom of choice, you provide us with all the information we need in order to assist us in making our own informed decisions.
    I’m friends with the guy on Facebook now if you would like me to ask him to get in contact with you, alternatively here’s a link to his website:
    Thanks for all you do in your service to others and following your own inner truth. Happy holidays, Dave.

  16. Greg, i really appreciate how much work you put into sharing these explorations with the rest of us and how sincere you are – to the point of honestly changing your opinion. I’ve heard almost all the late 2014 and 2015 shows. Just listened to THC 40 – Disneyland’s Hidden Magic w/ Walter Bosley. I was struck again by your courageous honesty about your understandings and opinions and simultaneously by your sincere curiosity about and respect for the experiences and opinions of your interviewees. I enjoyed Carlwood Q&A Edition 1. I hope that every once in a while you feel like giving us these glimpses into where you’re at. You are a legitimate seeker/speaker in your own right. – Gray

  17. This was a fun podcast to listen to Greg. And thank you so much for all of the editing you do! One big reason why I love and support this show is the editing you do. Shows that do not remove all of the “ummm”s and pauses and things like that, get difficult to listen to for too long. I have tried so many alternative podcasts, and yours is my favorite, and it isnt close. Keep up the good work, and thanks for doing what you do.

  18. After listening to this Q&A I went back & listened to the Robert Steele Open Source Everything. I & I’m sure many others are very happy to pushed him to do the full show. As I listened I noticed that it didn’t take him long to realize you were serious & had a good grip on his subject. He complimented you many times on your “Good/Great” questions. He has transformative information & options for alternatives in so many areas. Thank you for living the example, you walk the talk.

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