Join The Higherside Chats podcast as host Greg Carlwood talks mysterious megaliths and hidden history with returning guest, Sylvie’ Ivanowa.

We know the parasites of the Vatican and the Holy Roman Empire are responsible for quite a few crimes against humanity, but one of the most interesting manipulations that has been suggested is the vast alteration of the human timeline. It seems a very good case can be made that during the Reformation period of the 1500’s a campaign was launched to install new royals across Europe and restructure history to justify their rule, and obscure a past that wasn’t under their control.
As far fetched as it might sound, the facts remain that most of our official chronology was written by a handful of Jesuit monks and in the introductions of their own work, they fully admit to “translating, recording, and correcting” the documents they synthesized before the convenient destruction of the source material.  So do we just blindly trust these deceptive authorities or do we work to undo the damage and reexamine the human story with what little we do have?
Well, that has been the noble goal of today’s returning guest, Sylvie’ Ivanowa– who has been examining the world’s megaliths and ancient ruins to try and reconstruct  picture of the past that gets closer to the truth and allows us to rely on what we can see with our own eyes rather than what’s written in the corrupted history books.
5:15 Sylvie’ details her latest research trip to to Italy and what brought her there. As she explains, Italy is overflowing with ancient sites, many of which are incorporated into the modern structures such as roads or found in the gardens and yards of residents. The sheer amount of unregistered and not excavated ruins offers researchers a vast array of potential knowledge. One interesting revelation is the similarities of these structures to those found in high concentration throughout China, stretching as far as Portugal and even perhaps on other continents throughout the globe.
14:55 Knowing the dating methods the establishment relies on can’t be trusted, Sylvie’ explains the data supporting her conclusion that some of the “ancient ruins” are actually much younger than we are led to believe.
21:00 While the changing of the human timeline and the altering of human history to justify the establishment’s control is a captivating and persuasive topic, one argument to this hypothesis is the absence of the  technology needed to complete such grandiose structures. Sylvie’ explains why our understanding of ancient technology and it’s availability has led to misinformation. She also addresses the possibility of sound technology being used in ancient times as an explanation for the absence of technical tools.
29:35 With the parasitic establishment’s efforts to co-opt human history and alter the timeline correlating with the concealing of magic and the invention of the printing press, it is easy to see how this breakthrough technology impacted the ability to more quickly and easily spread a new false narrative. As Syvlie’ explains, the massive amounts of printing in large volume collections indicates an effort to effectively rewrite history.
31:42 Sylvie’ discusses her research of Gobekli Tepe and some of the evidence uncovered that suggests while there is some art indicating it may be older than we are told, an outer newer layer consisting of primitive stone work may indicate a more modern addition was made to this ancient structure. She also details the effects of erosion on several megaliths and how this can impact our understanding of the timeline.
40:35 While discussing what dating methods, if any, are reliable, as well as what could potentially be some of the oldest structures on Earth, Greg inquires if Sylvie’ in any of her experiences with Ayahuasca and the spiritual realm has encountered entities that may offer insight into our human history. Sylvie’ also elaborates on how Ayahuasca can raise the level of human consciousness and help us to address our inner darkness.
47:30 Sylvie’ discusses another tool used for deriving insight about ancient history, remote viewing. Greg and Sylvie’ also discuss using past life regressions and the work of Peter Petrov in Bulgaria.
55:10 After previously discussing specific cases of recently discovered cities and the peculiarities that surround them, Sylvie’ pivots back to the Italy expedition and how it relates to our understanding of the human timeline.
1:01:00 Being able to break the language barrier to bring new and paradigm shifting research to the attention of the Western world has been one of Syvlie’ greatest assets. Listen as Ivanowa describes who she considers to be the best unknown researchers of today.
1:11:00 From legends of dwarves to underground tunnels, Greg and Sylvie’ continue to discuss ancient sites that hint to a greater technology and civilization than we are led to believe existed in the past.
1:20:50 Sylvie’ details some insights she’s received by examining architecture that appears to differ from the accepted version of history.
1:29:42 Sylvie’ continues her discussion regarding the mark of the beast and the returning of the antichrist by detailing the prophecies made about the Syrian crisis spreading, the fall of Israel, the Chinese takeover of Russia, and the growing instability of the planet.
1:37:50 The question of prophecy brings to light the dichotomy of destiny and free-will. Sylvie’ explains the thought process behind determining how much of life is pre-determined and how much is left to chance.
1:45:40 After covering the new chronology and the ways it was manipulated by Jesuit priests like Scaliger in their previous interview, Greg and Sylvie’ discuss the tricks used in the Gregorian calendar to obscure the timeline.
1:52:30 Sylvie’ elaborates on the idea that the underlying attack of this altered chronology isn’t just our heritage, but an attack on human consciousness itself.
2:02:15 Greg and Sylvie’ continue discussing the paradigm of a new chronology and Isaac Newton’s contributions to the topic. They also address the work of Robert Newton and Anatoly Fomenko, their research involving the moon and the implications of what they found.
2:09:10 So often the remains of these ancient civilizations are buried, obscured and eroded. Sylvie’ describes how to differentiate between man made structures and natural formations.

Want more Sylvie’ Ivanowa? Check out her Youtube channel NewEarth or her website cataloging megaliths worldwide.

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