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Join The Higherside Chats podcast as host Greg Carlwood talks mysterious megaliths and hidden history with returning guest, Sylvie’ Ivanova.

We know the parasites of the Vatican and the Holy Roman Empire are responsible for quite a few crimes against humanity, but one of the most interesting manipulations that has been suggested is the vast alteration of the human timeline. It seems a very good case can be made that during the Reformation period of the 1500’s a campaign was launched to install new royals across Europe and restructure history to justify their rule, and obscure a past that wasn’t under their control.
As far fetched as it might sound, the facts remain that most of our official chronology was written by a handful of Jesuit monks and in the introductions of their own work, they fully admit to “translating, recording, and correcting” the documents they synthesized before the convenient destruction of the source material.  So do we just blindly trust these deceptive authorities or do we work to undo the damage and reexamine the human story with what little we do have?
Well, that has been the noble goal of today’s returning guest, Sylvie’ Ivanowa– who has been examining the world’s megaliths and ancient ruins to try and reconstruct  picture of the past that gets closer to the truth and allows us to rely on what we can see with our own eyes rather than what’s written in the corrupted history books.
5:15 Sylvie’ details her latest research trip to to Italy and what brought her there. As she explains, Italy is overflowing with ancient sites, many of which are incorporated into the modern structures such as roads or found in the gardens and yards of residents. The sheer amount of unregistered and not excavated ruins offers researchers a vast array of potential knowledge. One interesting revelation is the similarities of these structures to those found in high concentration throughout China, stretching as far as Portugal and even perhaps on other continents throughout the globe.
14:55 Knowing the dating methods the establishment relies on can’t be trusted, Sylvie’ explains the data supporting her conclusion that some of the “ancient ruins” are actually much younger than we are led to believe.
21:00 While the changing of the human timeline and the altering of human history to justify the establishment’s control is a captivating and persuasive topic, one argument to this hypothesis is the absence of the  technology needed to complete such grandiose structures. Sylvie’ explains why our understanding of ancient technology and it’s availability has led to misinformation. She also addresses the possibility of sound technology being used in ancient times as an explanation for the absence of technical tools.
29:35 With the parasitic establishment’s efforts to co-opt human history and alter the timeline correlating with the concealing of magic and the invention of the printing press, it is easy to see how this breakthrough technology impacted the ability to more quickly and easily spread a new false narrative. As Syvlie’ explains, the massive amounts of printing in large volume collections indicates an effort to effectively rewrite history.
31:42 Sylvie’ discusses her research of Gobekli Tepe and some of the evidence uncovered that suggests while there is some art indicating it may be older than we are told, an outer newer layer consisting of primitive stone work may indicate a more modern addition was made to this ancient structure. She also details the effects of erosion on several megaliths and how this can impact our understanding of the timeline.
40:35 While discussing what dating methods, if any, are reliable, as well as what could potentially be some of the oldest structures on Earth, Greg inquires if Sylvie’ in any of her experiences with Ayahuasca and the spiritual realm has encountered entities that may offer insight into our human history. Sylvie’ also elaborates on how Ayahuasca can raise the level of human consciousness and help us to address our inner darkness.
47:30 Sylvie’ discusses another tool used for deriving insight about ancient history, remote viewing. Greg and Sylvie’ also discuss using past life regressions and the work of Peter Petrov in Bulgaria.
55:10 After previously discussing specific cases of recently discovered cities and the peculiarities that surround them, Sylvie’ pivots back to the Italy expedition and how it relates to our understanding of the human timeline.
1:01:00 Being able to break the language barrier to bring new and paradigm shifting research to the attention of the Western world has been one of Syvlie’ greatest assets. Listen as Ivanova describes who she considers to be the best unknown researchers of today.
1:11:00 From legends of dwarves to underground tunnels, Greg and Sylvie’ continue to discuss ancient sites that hint to a greater technology and civilization than we are led to believe existed in the past.
1:20:50 Sylvie’ details some insights she’s received by examining architecture that appears to differ from the accepted version of history.
1:29:42 Sylvie’ continues her discussion regarding the mark of the beast and the returning of the antichrist by detailing the prophecies made about the Syrian crisis spreading, the fall of Israel, the Chinese takeover of Russia, and the growing instability of the planet.
1:37:50 The question of prophecy brings to light the dichotomy of destiny and free-will. Sylvie’ explains the thought process behind determining how much of life is pre-determined and how much is left to chance.
1:45:40 After covering the new chronology and the ways it was manipulated by Jesuit priests like Scaliger in their previous interview, Greg and Sylvie’ discuss the tricks used in the Gregorian calendar to obscure the timeline.
1:52:30 Sylvie’ elaborates on the idea that the underlying attack of this altered chronology isn’t just our heritage, but an attack on human consciousness itself.
2:02:15 Greg and Sylvie’ continue discussing the paradigm of a new chronology and Isaac Newton’s contributions to the topic. They also address the work of Robert Newton and Anatoly Fomenko, their research involving the moon and the implications of what they found.
2:09:10 So often the remains of these ancient civilizations are buried, obscured and eroded. Sylvie’ describes how to differentiate between man made structures and natural formations.
Want more Sylvie’ Ivanova? Check out her Youtube channel NewEarth or her website cataloging megaliths worldwide.
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        1. Holy crap Julie and North. I just listened to FX’s Secrets of Wealth in which he says the same thing!

          I.e. “It’s kinda like the lottery. You gotta play to win.”

          Prepare for the syncstorms to get wilder and wilder.

          2017 (Tzaddi)

          BRING IT ON!!!

  1. Speaking of prophecy, I was watching the newest Ice Age movie, Collision Course, with my kids, and was amazed at some of the themes throughout. The movie is terrible, almost bad enough to make me wonder if that was on purpose to allow this material to be seen. The movie is about a meteor coming to earth and the mammals must save the planet from distruction. The weasel finds a prophecy carved into a stone tablet that discribes previous civilizations being wiped out by meteors, with survivors going into the earth. They enlist the help of a very advanced race of enlightened mammals living inside of a giant crystal meteor, who also do yoga and use the crystals to stay young and healthy. Pythagoras is a brief character, along with Neil degrasse Tyson,the river is parted for the mammals to cross like Moses, and the entire story is set in motion by the squirrel accidentally starting a UFO and creating cosmic chaos. Very interesting themes for children…

    1. I watched it a few weeks ago and wondered the same thing. The last several episodes of the animated Scooby Doo on Netflix deals with Nibiru and the Annunaki and things that make you wonder as well.

    2. Add to that Hancock and co. floating the same story not that long ago on J. Rogan, with self touted download figures of 40- 50 million PER MONTH………(holy shit!) a you are really letting the narrative loose, aren’t ya!

      Who says Alt-media can’t be a useful tool. But who is wielding it; manevolence, or benevolence?

  2. Apparently sister Sylvie loves the ayahuasca. I don’t buy the “one drug to one love” idea or the new agey remapping of alt-history. All of the gifts were given, such as all of those wonderful weeds, herbs and leaves to broaden and expand our minds and spirits are tools, not solutions. The solution I’ve found works for me in the one Inside. Once I cleared away the bullshit and could see, a real new world opened up. Greg, as always, thanks man. Peace.

  3. Thanks for the sweetness of Sylvie at this time and bringing some heart and spirit talk to the forefront. I really appreciated her take on ‘spirituality’, it’s a breakdown that translates to everyone – knowing thyself and looking inward. Also, love megalith discussions anytime, anywhere! We just visited Cahokia mounds a couple weeks ago. We’re still reeling from the amazement, even as suppressed/repressed as the area is.
    Another great show, Greg, thank you.

  4. At 2:04:00 you ask her about Velikovsky, and she comes back with enough to tell me she is going on hearsay and assumptions about a body of scholarship that many should aspire to. She admits she hasn’t the patience to even study it, but offers proclamations about “a somewhat milder version of the mainstream historic fantasies.” There’s lots of things one could say about Velikovsky’s works, but “milder” wouldn’t be one that immediately comes to mind. And “fantasy” in Velikovsky’s case is to my ear, insulting.

    She speaks of time lines from Velikovsky that have nothing to do with what I heard in her previous appearance here. Her translation stuff was about the so-called “dark ages,” yes? Not even in Velikovsky’s ballpark, though one wouldn’t blame any scholar from his era of academic study to have not entertained what was accepted as the histories of the first and early second millennia. I reserve any judgment here about this, even though its just a couple people trying to advance a radical view that cannot stand along with what is generally the one that is widely held presently. Velikovsky did just so in his time, and the dust has yet to settle, as space probes repeatedly show he was far ahead in knowing what was yet to be found as the solar system has been probed.

    Velikovsky found up to a 400 year rift in the time lines around Solomon’s time, as stories, provably contemporary, misaligned with the accepted Egyptian time line, long considered the benchmark for placing the many disparate ancient chronologies. The absurdity of this benchmark is laid bare by Velikovsky, pointing out their (the mainstream academic historians) methods of taking the average length of reign of the few pharaohs whose times of reign were known and multiplying that times the number of many pharaohs for whom no length of reign was recorded. Is a 400 year error in thousands so surprising?

    As I have in several other commentary lines here, I will again suggest that if anyone presumes to judge Velikovsky’s scholarship, they should at least have the scholarship of their own to read over some acceptable amount of his. You will find, by the time you’ve read several of his books, that you have read at least a book’s worth of footnotes. Velikovsky did not pull very much out of his ass, which may well be the standard of much scholarship today. Then tell us his conclusions are based on “the fantasy.”

    To quote Silvie again, “I personally even lack the patience to study his work, to start with, when I heard a few things that he apparently takes for given… ” Now there’s some real scholarship, by God!


    Greg, great news on word of an upgraded forum platform. I often would like to cut and paste stuff I have written elsewhere, or unearthed in researches, which have formatting that will just not paste in. I am spoiled by some pretty good forum platforms I’ve been on. I like to hit Ctrl+i and get italics, or Ctrl+b and get bolding, not write out the BB code like we used to do back in the old days. I would be willing to help out some on that. But, I am wondering if you are getting my emails, as I have been trying to follow up on a couple ConspiraTees I tried to order and pay for via snail mail. I never really believed in black holes, but now I am wondering. 😉

    1. For sure. I am looking into VBulletin but it’s not built in the WordPress architecture so I’ll have to have someone integrate it with plus but it seems like a sick set up.

      I thought I was caught up on email but I’ll check back. I can sometimes miss things. Sorry about that!

      1. I have been liking IP.Board.

        Pick something you will want to stay with as THC’s reach grows, as changing platforms can be quite a task, judging by how long one forum I was on was down (months) when they changed away from VBulletin. It was an improvement, but at the cost of lots of forum members that drifted away while it was in the void.

        1. It’s tough to find the right one, and you’re right about only wanting to switch once. The link you sent is a great example of what I won’t do, because they charge by user, which is such bullshit. VBulletin is a couple hundred bucks a year, but that’s alright, I know it won’t change very much. The highest tier IP.Board will publicly show, is if you have 750 users (a number we already exceed) then they charge $590 A MONTH. Some of this pricing is just out of control. Seems very hard to have any profitable business when you’re paying those kind of prices.

          1. Fucking OUCH! Are you sure that’s not active users over given periods of time? I am sure the forum I’m on that uses that platform wouldn’t have touched anything that would burn like that. I will see what I can find out, as I have that forum’s web god’s ear and can ask him how best to play it. I’m sure you are not going to be rushing this anyway, taking the time to get the best bang for the buckaroos. Give me a minute or two to see what’s doin’. Anyway, that’s insane shit.

  5. I just logged back in to say something from earlier in the ‘cast. (Maybe so I don’t appear totally negative, eh?) What I wanted to say is, I am quite in line with Sylvie’s thinking about fathoming the depths of ancient times via past life regressions. I doubt the validity of dating minerals as to their great antiquity, or even radiocarbon in biological materials for lesser ages, by way of resident radioactivity. If, as the Vedas might suggest, there might have been nuclear wars in our forebears’ distant past, and from what is known in this age, some incredibly long half lives could have made much of the planet toxic for time spans beyond what might be practical for human history and even prehistory. Could it have been that our planet has been cleansed, so to speak, of contamination from these wars? Never mind who, but, if some benevolent, or even selfish, overseers had a technology for such a cleansing, and say it was of a scope to encompass the whole planet, perhaps any such radiometric dating schemes would be affected and not render any true readings.

    With the estimate for the coming five year anniversary of Fukushima coming up in March, of 4.3 billion gallons of radioactive water having poured into the ocean, we might hope for another visit of anyone with such a technology as I imagined above, whether we will see the madness of nuclear war visit us or not.

    Sylvie said she puts stock in Edgar Cayce. He spoke in trance readings of scenes from 2027, around Norfolk, VA, that might point to another possible world order. One in which the cities are gone, but the people are spread out on the land, living in glass domes. This would say to me that in some possible future, free energy and free mobility might have come of age. All it would take is us, waking up to what is true. What is true is true for even the most deluded egomaniac among us, and an awakening is not ruled out for any of us.

    How’s that for a positive outlook? Possibilities are infinite, and as Edgar Cayce said, “mind is the builder.” Tomorrow has the year’s longest night here in the northern hemisphere, but then they will start getting shorter. Happy Solstice, everyone.



    1. One of the lessons I learned from over-adherence to the early 2000s peak oil weltanschung was to hear people out like Greg does so well. That said Velikovsky’s work seems to have more evidence behind it.

      I would like to hear Ms. Ivanowa be asked directly to detail what direct confirmations she has of the time gap via her trance states.

      Her concept of crowd sourcing archeology is exciting for sure.

  6. So happy Sylvie’ is back! I had listened to your episodes for awhile & last year’s episode is what inspired me to subscribe. Her videos have brought me countless hours of pleasure & new knowledge.

    “In your face” examples of construction; unable to be built by today’s technology; a real head scratcher.

    I think she has the can opener for mind expansion on subjects so ingrained to be false

  7. Need the end of the second hour there was mention of a ruins that was near to the road but not recognized. What was the name, location? Thanks love this researcher, she doesn’t have to be right in everything, but what an impressive collection of evidence!

  8. I liked this one a lot, Greg. I have always thought that those sneaky few have manipulated our timeline, and erased whole civilizations. They would have had to, in their effort for absolute control. And what about the whole renaissance being totally contrived? I always love that theory. Always hold tight to your magic powers. I imagine that the civilizations that choose to live in the forest in an effort to hold onto their true selves are a lot more successful than our modern living could provide with shiny new iPhones, and fit bits. You are , I think, at least a bit closer to this than most of us are. After all, you intentionally walked away from the 9-5. That took not just balls of holy light, but deep intentionality. Here’s toking in your direction, Greg.

    1. Too kind man. I always think about this during the holidays when I see a lot of old friends posting things like “Well, here’s to another shitty year” or “Yup, 2016 sucked” and I used to write the same sort of things several years back.

      The switch was to think about everything in life as things I made happen, rather than things happening TO me. You never had a shitty job you didn’t apply for. You never feel bad about a body you feed the right stuff to. Even a flat tire can usually be traced back to some type of neglect of car maintenance or not keeping a shape enough eye on the road. Enough of the “Why does this always happen to me?” shit.

      If you had a shitty year, total up all the time you wasted: TV, going out drinking, video games, sports, etc. I bet it’s a lot more than people realize, and that’s a choice that was made, instead of working to get out of whatever aspect of life a person doesn’t like.

      My last real frontier is the physical body. I can’t seem to like exercise and I probably would have to cut back on weed to lower bad cravings and lethargy, but I’m more comfortable with where I am when I think about it in terms of my choices. I grew up thinking, “Well, I’m a skinny weak nerd, sucks that was the hand I was dealt.” But again, I really could have changed that anytime I wanted. Now I accept it, and know that, eventually, I will do what’s needed if I’m bothered enough by it.

      Baldness though. I don’t know what I did to deserve that.

      1. Baldness though. I don’t know what I did to deserve that.

        I don’t know if it’s safe to laugh here, but, that’s tough all right.

        This bod will be 70 on Presidents Day next, and I can tell you this, my white hair is still there, covering the same amount of real estate, but not nearly so thickly. The long term abuse caught up with this body last year, and pretty much all the fun stuff I had left to still give up, got gave. I had been off pretty much everything already, but my Chinese medicine doc took away drinking a little drink and my beloved espresso. I fucking hate exercising, but now I do the Qi Gong for the doc. Over this last year, all the physical markers are improving. I’m going to watch this insane world until I can’t. As Spock would say, “fascinating.”

        So, what you can do now could save you having to do it later. There’s no guarantee for any later, but should we be betting the Pass line? Whatever you do, enjoy it.

    2. This is a great way to hold yourself. Have just finished listening to Dan C’s “King of Kings series”, and while I found it immensly entertaining, as a student of ancient history and warfare, I was left at the end of 15 odd hours more than ever feeling, “This could all be a load of made up Bullshit, and we would never know…” and that little nugget changes the take-aways from the lesson in it’s entirety.
      The lesson is still very useful, but if you imagine someone/thing is trying to play you, It gets really interesting.

  9. I feel this information takes us to the core of the manipulated reality we live in. I like to say that when talking to most its reflected that we live in some sort of free flowing river of reality where democracy (mob rule) of the masses or the one percent, depending on who you talk too, following the money gods rule the roost and direction of the flow determining the path of least resistance. I suggest another layer of manipulation which I’m curious if “the virus” or “infection” might be the root of. Are these natures natural response to push the progress of cultures so they refuse to stagnate into what ever evil is? Maybe natures amputation.. Any which way its sliced there are cults that are aware of this hands on destiny so to speak and work to achieve a bigger goal that must be motivated by forces larger than money and that which we conceive due to our non remembrance and limited access which I find this to be a fascinating presentation of very potent evidence. But why still with the information and interesting possibilities for a great future are so many so afraid to spelunk this man made cave? God begs me to enter and so shall we carry on. Fascinating! Thank you Greg and Sylvie!

    1. Thanks! I like where your head’s at.

      THC casts such a wide net with guests and topics I always just try to trust “What do I like?” and this one really hits some high marks on my scale. I end up scratching my head over how some subscribers rate this a “poor” or even “awful” episode.

  10. un·pre·ten·tious
    1.not attempting to impress others with an appearance of greater importance, talent, or culture than is actually possessed.
    synonyms: unaffected · modest · unassuming · without airs ·
    natural · straightforward · open · honest · sincere · frank · ingenuous · unpresuming · unshowy · unflashy
    •(of a place) pleasantly simple and functional; modest.
    synonyms: simple · plain · modest · humble · unostentatious ·

    Awesome Greg
    like fresh air…….

  11. Enjoyed this one. Really fun to bust things open. A bit like a flat Earth show; it’s not that you are buying it lock stock, but it starts to make the official line look even fishier than usual.
    On the prophecy bit, I find it eternally interesting that the number of the beast is 666, and carbon is 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons….. so is this Beast Number cited as carbons structure o make us believe that we are already “fallen” and devourers of the Earth by nature, or is it pointing out that on this plane, we are all in communion with “The Beast”, and that BodyMindSpirit is worth fuck all on this Planet without the Body part in check!
    I tend to think the later, when you look at the Beast/Flesh Body relationship in esoterica; The Dragon, The Gryphon, The Titan, The Giant, and on and on.

    This Beast that is you Flesh is something awesome, and if you can get that shit together, become a Dragon Rider, THEN you are going to kick some parasitic arse!!
    If I was ‘Them’, I would Demonise it too, and then try to ride it remote…

    Fuck ’em! I been building this Titan for 35 years. It’s MY Dragon.

    1. Jane Roberts’ books were, in good part, transcriptions of her channeling an entity called, “Seth.” I never read the books, but my neighbors did and seemed to put quite a lot of stock in them. To me, there were too many too thick books. I am lysdexic, ya know.

      I have read several of the books of Richard Bach, who hung out some with Jane, while she was channeling and discussing the material. It is said that Roberts (and Seth) much influenced Bach. Five minutes ago, my local indie book store called to tell me my new Richard Bach book, Illusions II: the Adventures Of a Reluctant Student, has just come in. It is the sequel to Illusions: the Adventures Of a Reluctant Messiah.

      Wow, synchronicity!

  12. I find lots of synchronicity in life these days as well…
    But it harkens to the point that was made in this podcast about destiny & free will. “Brick falling on you means you have more work to do” I believe it was a THC podcast where they said, bad stuff doesn’t happen to those yogi or enlightened ones…? Higher human beings have a clearer path

  13. I wanna allow for Ms. Ivanowa’s expertise, but this puzzled me.

    At minute 35-ish, she says we have absolutely no clue about the rate of erosion.

    How is this not a simple engineering matter of determining a known material, analyzing behavior of that material to various elements to assess rates of erosion, and then estimating exposure of various elements to provide various windows of likely erosion periods?

    In the case of steps of an amphitheater that she’s discussing, human usage of those steps and exposure to air and rainfall would offer variables that allow one to calculate material loss over a period. Of course when a thing is buried and preserved by the proximity of inert material, there’s no way to perfectly fix how long it was preserved there, baring additional info and analysis.

    It is well known that the act of exposing archeological sites to open air immediately increases their rate of disintegration. This is why tourists are prevented from touching anything, because they increase the rate exponentially. The sad fact of the matter is that archeological exploration is a destructive act for this reason. However, the justification for it is always proportional to the insight that the exploration enables. No one here would argue that ideal, but it is a frustrating psychological fact that analysis is always heavily informed by the mind and the culture of the explorers, and conclusions frequently say more about contemporaries than ancients. This is why we’re all interested in the progressive and open continuation of the endeavor with constant questioning of prior authorities.

    Ok, I’m continuing on…

  14. “1:45:40 After covering the new chronology and the ways it was manipulated by Jesuit priests like Scaliger”

    Scaliger was a Protestant Huguenot Calvinist, not a Jesuit. The other guy, Petavius, was a Jesuit.

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