Sylvie Ivanova | New Chronology, Ayahuasca Insights, Atlantian Survivors, & The Reformation Conspiracy

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Alternative researcher, Sylvie’ Ivanova joins THC to talk about the content of her YouTube series: When The Atlantis and Hyperborea Survivors Wake Up. It includes information from many sources in what some call the “New Chronology Movement,” several that are fairly hard to access for an English speaking audience. One of the more major sources, is the work of Russian researcher, Anatoly Fomenko who has written a huge 7 book series laying out his version of the true history called History: Fiction or Science?

Sylvie’ has also gotten many related insights from her over 200 Ayahuasca ingestions, and together, this all makes for a great can of THC soup. Enjoy.

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    1. I thought I was bringing on an unknown! How do so many people know of her already?!
      Sure, her YouTube channel has 20k subs, but outside of one other interview, I thought this would be more obscure…

      1. Well, I am yet to be initiated… besides, this is exactly the topic I am eager for right now [after that heads up in the Q+A]…

        ( so on point, as always… )

      2. I found her channel under another youtube video comment. I often pick up more info from the viewer or reader comments than the I do from the article or video itself. Anyway, you should be proud that you interviewed her, shows you are more cutting edge than other shows. I certainly appreciated this interview – learned things I didn’t know about her work and views. Thanks!

        1. – That’s an easy link to her video series – what I fond odd is that she is taking almost an opposite/inverted tack on what many in the alt-research community do – many say ‘It’s teh jeewz!’ and then, she doesn’t seem to even acknowledge Jews exist. Oddish. Not even a single mention so far, nor when one ‘ctrl+F’s’ the page. Who knows! I think she is spot on about the alien invader archon forces, the alien parasites, or what some might even just call ‘evil’, but how -odd-.

  1. thank god… I was having withdrawal symptoms without my daily dose of internet “nutters”

    and couldn’t really make head nor tail out of the last show!

  2. I was very impressed with Silvie. I liked how she was very honest about which ideas were based on evidence and which were from her own ideas and impressions. The idea that history has been suppressed I have believed for a long time, but I never gave much thought to the idea that the timeline has been changed in these ways. Another great show.

  3. Thank you Greg, I loved it. I think she is obviously a well researched and experienced person. I hope you manage to interview the Russian dude.
    Keep doing what you are doing, it wasn’t a “nutter”show. It was thought provoking so thank you. X

  4. Not going to lie, at first I turned off the show due to my difficulty in understanding her accent (female version of YouTuber CrazyRussianHacker)…

    Really, really glad I stuck it out. Jaw dropping, riveting information!


  5. Wow man.
    I watched some of her videos on YouTube last week and thought either you or Freeman Fly must interview this person.
    My wish was your command.
    Highly enjoyable. Even if her ideas are only yet just speculation.
    I think she is on to some profound new investigations.
    I recommend her video of art treasures of the world and how they could have been made.

  6. hey greg i was actually going to send you her youtube links but never got around to it, i heard about her from a real quick mention on the episode about radical thinking and imagination you did with a female guest whose name i forget, anyways this was a great choice for a guest

  7. Good show but one point to make, Andrew Collins, Graham Hancock definitely do not consider themselves and say Gobleki Tepe is 12000 years old, yet Silvie calls this “mainstream” dating and doesn’t trust it. She can’t just disregard EVERYTHiNG that is considered mainstream otherwise it’s alternative for alternatives sake. This is problem in the alternative media all around

    1. But they’re aging it based on mainstream dating techniques.

      Who dated GT and how?

      I don’t know.

      I have no idea how to accurately date a stone structure.

      Archeologists and art historians generally date monuments stylistically.

      1. Who controls the curriculum? Who funds the university?
        It brings a cold shiver to my spine to think of an intentional defiling of the pursuit of knowledge.

  8. No wonder Eric Dubay is slinking in the shadows of THC; his show is kiddie time compared with this!! 🙂 No offense intended Eric…but this is The Game Changer.

    I am wondering if it is a symptom of my fucked skull, or our physical existence at this moment that the two people who seem to make the most sense to me in the last 3 months are Sevan B, ( 90+ DMT trips) and Silvie, ( 200+ Ayahuasca trips) !!

    Probably my skull! 🙂

    Also, really interesting how her tentative narrative of what ‘might’ have gone on, ( regardless of multiple timelines/strongest timeline wins and the past being quite fluid ) jives with Timothy Wyllie’s rebel watcher angel narrative. It’s as out there as the author, but in light of this show, or her youtube presentations, worth closed scrutiny. Big syncs with Atlantis, Atomic destruction in North Africa, parasitic mind controllers being a curse and a blessing, and therefor being allowed to a large extent to have their way with Earth, oversouls/watchers/guides and interlocking planes and dimensions.

    High quality advice from her, by the way; retaliation attacks and shielding is all short term stuff. If you want to get the better of something that is hurting you, become someone that can not be hurt in that way. It is the ONLY long term solution. But, it means ‘you’ won’t be you anymore, ( which is kind of the point! 🙂 ) and that freaks a lot of people.

    Lastly, I have had a past life thing lately where going back 150 odd years was clean and easy, but any further than that I ran into realities and/or time signatures that really refused to gel with what I ‘know’, or have learned, of history.
    So much so that I thought I was just bullshiting myself.
    This show paints a slightly different picture however. I have a fairly solid grasp of agreed on history, so I could have easily filled in the blanks if I was just making up the trip, but it just would not fit into the box I know so well. Like it was ‘out of phase’, somehow……

    Oh well, more work required. 😉

  9. I am the magical mr lover boy.

    Applaud me.

    Greg, what a great interview. One of your best.

    I like your show. New authors, i learn things. Not the same shit i get onither shows. No fear mongering.


    — scientology is marvellous, also i am getting fatter by the day.

  10. Parasitic mind control, isn’t that code for the greatest control mechanism of the last 2000 years ‘Religion’. You will always be able to poke holes in most of the main stream view on history. I see it in just about every book on History I have ever read. That is why there is so many books or versions on historical events, every scholar has a different take. The ones that toe the line are only protecting their tenure and are not worth a pinch of salt. The church has been rewriting history ever since its inception.

    I generally listen to each show twice, so I will do that again tonight, but the new chronology movement, I think, is only trying to reskew an already skewed and redacted history ” curtesy of the scumbags that sit behind the thrones”. I am about to embark on my Master of History, but I have no intention of covering some periods, because there are areas of academia that is a complete and utter boys bullshit club “Egyptologist” that’s right you guys. What’s that old cliche “only the victors write History”. But, we can also add the puppet masters to that.

  11. I really enjoyed this show. I’ve seen her videos on the youtube but honestly couldn’t understand her (seemed like a mic issue more than anything; she sounded like she was floating in a tin can). Not the case at all with this interview. She came through loud & clear with some outstanding, paradigm shifting info that’ll keep my ADD mind occupied for a day at least.
    I’ve known history as taught in school is complete bullshit since, well, I was in school. The Sumerians didn’t exist?! Hold up! Gotta dig in on this one.
    Thanks for the awesome show, Greg. Have her back on asap, brother.

  12. She explained our situation well in one sentence. “Ancient aliens is too simplified.” Yet it’s too COMPLICATED for most people. That’s what leaves me hopeless, the gap is too great. Everyone has already been beaten over the head with conspiracy materials, which are now mainstream. If they haven’t gotten it by now, they never will. Which is 99.99% of people.

    1. Mmm. Good post about this sort of thing, by Mary.

      Some times I feel like blowing my stack and raging like a North African Gnostic…
      Other times, I am much more Sub-Continental about it, like, ” You’ll wake the fuck up went you do. Until then, what’s the hurry? Maya’s pretty and you’ve got eternity…”

      I have to admit, I have more sub-Mediterranian moments than sub-Continental. 😉

  13. I’m glad she brought up about “monkeys” evolving from humans. Chimps have one more chromosome than we do, as if one of ours split somehow.

    I’m not an evolutionist, but if I were I’d lean towards chimps came from us not the other way around.

  14. I was not expecting to get as much from this as I did – wow. As someone else mentioned, I really like interviewees who don’t pretend to be omniscient, who admit that they have working hypothesis that may change over time, and who come with as many (good) questions as they do answers. Sylvie just vibes sincerity and her ideas are wild but ring true. Will be listening again.

  15. I loved this. This woman is totally new to me and whilst I’ve heard about the new chronology stuff I’ve yet to dive into it.
    This will definitely be my new research obsession for the next few weeks. Can’t wait to check out her youtubes.

    I’ve always loved history but I do remember as a kid in school thinking, “why are there so many giant chunks missing in history”? Like hundreds of years that never get mentioned….

    I also dig the bit where she says we were actually rather peaceful and cooperative before they screwed us. In The Ringing Cedars books (which is Russian) she talks about how there’s very little written history about Ancient Russia – she says it’s because they were incredibly peaceful and had an earth based spirituality based on community, sharing and cooperation.

    Imagine how different our perspectives would be if we were taught in school that we used to be this way, instead of war crazy religious zealots conquering in a survival of the fitest world.

    I know which history I’ll be teaching my kids!

    1. That is presuming that Russia has an ancient history and they weren’t tribal people, who had not developed any form of writing. Bit like the Celts, whose history is predominately aural and passed down through the generations, up until they came across the blood thirsty Romans and the like, whose historians exaggerated the wars they had with the them.

  16. I loved this show, Greg. Lots of food for thought! I loved her authenticity, as opposed to some know-it-alls that seem like they could be agents of disinformation. I particularly liked how she was dismissive of the forces of religion without necessarily dismissing Christ and the origin of Christianity before it’s hijacking by the forces of the elite or parasites.

  17. I love that truth on all fronts is coming out. This probably explains why history was so nebulous before. I was so ready for a show that was tangible and solid. I do like the spiritual stuff, but I want something that makes sense, that I can believe in, and it was great that her research was based on her own spiritual expansion and her spiritual advice was really quite practical and seemingly doable. I was getting ready to teach my kids about Mesopotamia, and Sumer and now I’m in a quandary. Did anyone hear about the researcher that was showing that the Iliad was describing areas of the Baltic regions? He postulating that those stories were really from Scandinavia and migrated to the region of Greece. Just some really interesting history is being uncovered all over.

        1. Good story the Iliad, but it was written by a guy, where the historians can’t even confirm when he was born, based on ancient historians accounts. Talk about Chinese whispers of the greatest magnitude. We will never really know how convoluted history really is. Teach the kids critical analysis and thinking.

          1. That is good advice of course, but don’t you feel like without history there is a feeling of being lost? Isn’t there always the inner urge to know where we might have come from? The earth might be flat, all of history might be a lie. Gravity is probably wrong. Religions are hollow, what is there for a child to hold on to that is real in this world?

            1. Not particularly, I look at history as a maze to navigate through and draw my own conclusions. Religion is one of the greatest obstacles to at least finding some relevance of truth in the past. It is still the biggest source of conflict today, apart from money and the greedy so and so’s that covet power. There was a reason that the bible was only written in 3 languages for a long time. Control, pretty easy to control the population when only the clergy can interpret it and every else without money cannot read or write. I don’t think all of history is a lie but, more then likely it has been feed selectively to cover up where we came from. There is one thing I have never believed, even as a kid, that we did not come from Apes.

            2. “what is there for a child to hold on to that is real in this world?”

              Themselves. Teach them to hold on to themselves.
              They will use you, for a time. That’s the burden of being a parent/teacher; they will make a God of you, and you will have to live up to that, knowing full well that to make it at all, they will have to tear you down and burn the church at some stage.
              And if you did a good enough job, they will come back, as equals.

              1. Ha, not a tall order at all. And remember, they are still being tested for state standards. I have to agree though, if they believe in themselves everything else will fall into place. And they have an advantage over my upbringing in a lack of religious indoctrination. I hope the world evolves quickly for them.

  18. One more thing, I was speaking with a refugee from Syria, a doctor, and he told me that Syrian history goes back 12,000 years. When we consider how the American military allowed the theft and destruction of ancient Iraq artifacts, perhaps it isn’t so out of the realm of possibility that the invasion is primarily to destroy all this history. They have a king that sounds very much like our Bible version of Jesus named Esus that wears a gold plated crown of thrones on his head and lead a Jewish army in Jerusalem and was then hung on the cross and taken down after 3 days, maimed and then exiled(per Ralph Ellis). This king is on their ancient coins. He was the grandson of Caesar and had a legitimate right to the throne of Rome. I bet there is a bunch of Syrian history they don’t want Europeans or Americans aware of.

  19. she was new to me, greg, thanks so much for this great interview … now i have all her youtubes to go through, just when i thought i had seen almost everything … i love smart, creative people … they inspire me and make me think … you are in that category and now i can add silvie … kudos to you both … oh, and happy new year

  20. How awesome! I’ve been a subscriber of hers on Youtube for a while now. She’s such a wealth of great info. She has added quite a few pieces to my puzzle. Thanks for bringing her on!

  21. don’t know if anyone’s gonna read this, but WTF who cares!

    1. Gravity is a force which is a vector. All vectors sum to zero inside a planet, so there is no net gravity inside a planet. Therefore, light stuff tends to end up inside the centre where there is the minimum gravitational pull. By light stuff I mean liquids and gases.

    2. The earth formed as a giant, dirty snowball. Space is FECKIN COLD. A whole bunch of ice and dirt clumped together in space. Frozen water, Frozen methane? Frozen CO2? Frozen N2? Space is FECKIN COLD. The idea that the earth formed as a molten blob is bunk.

    3 Over time, electric heating (telluric? don’t ask) caused some melting of certain liquids. Liquid nitrogen liquid CO2, eventually liquid water. This allows mobility of constituent parts. Since all gravity vectors sum to zero inside the earth; “dirt” could then migrate to the surface leaving liquids and gases in the core. This leads to a more pronounced differentiation between high and low density materials, thus making the gravitational forces stronger, but vectors in the interior still sum to zero. Eventually, the centre is basically a gaseous region with a solid hollow sphere around it.

    4. Continued heating of the centre (don’t ask) causes increased pressure build up of the gases inside. This internal pressure eventually causes the earth to expand; thus creating the oceans we see today. Water and other gases periodically percolates through the crust (its all under pressure remember). Some of these gases probably form oil and, dare I say, natural gas!

    5 A paradoxical side effect of all this, is that the gravity on the surface increases. Dinosaurs died out because of the increase in gravity. Big dinosaurs could not breathe in todays gravity. The weight would collapse their chest. Their leg bones would break. Their heart would not be strong enough to pump the blood. There was no giant asteroid. There was no ice age. The earth used to be a moon of Saturn. It’s a miracle life did not die out altogether.


  22. geological aging is just a loada bunkadoodledoo…

    OK, the Bible bashing creationists say the earth is young. Well, how young is young? You don’t have to believe in Jesus God or anything else, but some of the scientific arguments given a pretty damned good:

    1. It’s largely based on radioactive dating which is UNRELIABLE. Radio dating assumes a CLOSED system. It is NOT closed. Radio dating assumes a constant rate of decay. It probably isn’t. You measure the content of element A and work backwards to determine the age. What if water had washed away some of A? What is A had been washed in? What is A was already there to begin with? When does the beginning begin anyway? Chemical reactions? Transmutation caused by bacteria?

    2. Examining layers is bunk. Layers do NOT form vertically. They form horizontally caused by river deposition. Particles are sorted according to size, density and streamlining. Hence different layers. River deposition generally caused by floods, mud slides and probably a step change in depth which causes a step change in kinetic energy which causes the “river” / flood to dump debris.

    3. Stalactites and stalagmites thousands of years old??? BLOODY PROVE IT !!!!

    that’s it for now

  23. Mind blowing show. I know of of no other podcast that has this combination of extreme open mindedness and yet serious discussion, and challenging questions. The mainstream is shaping our reality for us and telling us to stop thinking for ourselves… this doesn’t tell us what to think, it throws out a completely new idea and leaves it to us to decide what to think. If nothing else it will keep our imaginations and intellect strong , which may be one of our greatest defenses.

    1. That’s what makes this my favorite show on the intertubes and what puts Greg at the top of the list of badass content creators bringing novelty to the masses today. And one of my heros – not that I want to embarrass the dude. In modern western society we have been conditioned to look to authority figures for all the answers, and also to avoid uncertainty at all cost. This show is a perfect antidote to so much of the horseshit we’ve been fed, a critical thinking gymnasium if you will. For any positve results, massive personal effort is required!

  24. This interview was fantastic! I’d love to hear more about this topic… Just wanted to throw out that Michael Tsarion makes a lot of references in his work to Anatoly Fomenko and his predecessors. I’d love to hear what he has to say on the topic. Anyway loved Silvie’s presentation and was fascinated by all her information. Can’t wait to dive into her documentary series. Thanks Greg!

  25. I have got to say, I am very shook up. After listening to this podcast, I started the YouTube series. If there is validity here, then I would ask Joseph Farrell if he has seen creditable evidence from his research. If any one would know, he would have run into this. Also, how does this fit in with Joseph Atwill’s. Caesar’ Messiah? We could have possible culprit with motive for spearheading a shakedown of history

    1. Linda you can ask Dr. F yourself! Email him, and join us over at Giza Death Star for the next vidchat, which is in the afternoon in one week! You can check his vidchat schedule over at this link!

      We’d love to have you! It’s a great community here, and there alike! There are a few THC+ subscribers over there. You get to in real time interact with Dr. F and that is being part of history. It’s -so good-. So good.

      I hope this helps. 🙂

  26. Took a while before I had time to listen to this properly, haha.
    Fantastically conducted, Greg! You plumbed more of her material than I imagined possible in two hours! and I certainly learned some new things about her personal journey.
    Glad I could help… manifest our mutual dream, you might say.

  27. The question of “how can you reliably date ANYTHING?” turns out to be a very sticky one indeed.
    I do encourage everyone interested to check out the New Chronology source material (History: Fiction or Science Vol 1 pretty much sums it up). The way I see it their statistical methods for texts and dynasties clearly expose the copy-paste style manipulation that’s taken place, but their use of these methods to reconstruct the reality is still an exploratory attempt it will take yet more new methods and data to flesh out (they themselves admit as much).

  28. They find a layer of rock that has a T-rex in it. They say the rock is 65 million years old cause it has a T-rex in it. They say the T-rex is 65 million years old cause it’s in rock that is 65 million years. It’s a circular argument. It ain’t science. The T-rex was likely killed during a flood.

    Flood plane deposition: debris is deposited according to size, density and shape, from side to side NOT from top to bottom. The layers are horizontal but that does not mean it was deposited vertically. It just wasn’t. That’s just a theory that has already been debunked.

    T-rex could have died 10,000 years ago for all we know. Aren’t they finding dinosaur bones that still have DNA inside them?

  29. “We need to repair the body so it is inhospitable to this disease.” – Greg, Silvie and Sevan are both hip to this. We need to do a conference which brings together all the great thinkers of our time from three elements, and the fourth is Us, You, I, Daniel Liszt, with the magicians, Gordon White, Frater Xavier, Alan Moore, with the spiritual, Sevan, Silvie, and the alternative researchers such as Catherine Austin Fitts, Dr. Joseph Farrell, Chris Knowles, to loosely put four categories together – but the key importance is that we do some-THING to really Synthesize the truth and put it in to one ‘semi-definitive’ package.

    Silvie HAS IT this is without a doubt one of the most important interviews you’ve done. I subscribe to almost all of these people mentioned, in a paid-format – Sevan’s Innerversity has a great chat which featured recently an extremely important ‘sync’ for my ‘innerstanding’. Related to ‘keeping customs to our portals in to which influences come’ from food and minerals to spiritual thoughts and intentions.

    And there is an event/series of events potentially coming. October 4th. I don’t want to manifest so I’ll simply put a date out for the sake of stating there is likely evidence for this, and while we can say ‘ignore that for now’, there is no better time than NOW to put this together.

    I hope this is coming through to you in a way that you can feel this intention. That this is real and useful and worthy of doing. I’ll send you to my blog post form this morning to make more sense of it, and this is only my personal take, but I think it makes perfect sense and I think you see it too. I hope this is a peaceful era coming, though, all birth is with pain, and that’s what October might be about, and I don’t think the person espousing it is necessarily wrong but, that’s what we deal with in this line of research/work. –

    I hope this makes sense. I hope this helps. Blessings!!

  30. I agree this is game changing info if we can get it out into the mainstream and have the official dates stripped searched and violated, well come on guys they do it to innocent people everyday of the week 😉

  31. I am up to YouTube video 24 in her series and truthfully, I am having a hard time verifying her Google earth pics and coordinates. Especially the life lines in northern Canada and the Ukraine bombed city of Dnepropetrovak. To fully vet her information would take a team of researchers I would entertain the notion of a survivor civilization, as it makes the most sense with all the little pieces out there. But it is very difficult to verify such a large volume of information and so all needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Does anyone have a reference to her biography ?

  32. Thanks Greg – I have watched most of Silvie’s vids and am amazed at the ammount of work she has done and the quality of her investigations and videos. This interview was so upbeat – I must admit to feeling a bit defeated in that if those amazing survivors had not managed to get rid of “them” then how could we especially since they now seem to be firmly entrenched in the power structure! However, maybe our time is now and we did choose to be here for it! It seems we have to try to save “them”! The universe does have a sense of humour!

  33. It was so refreshing to hear from someone in Russia who conveyed the history the Russian children were taught in school. I was taught that the “Red Bear” was a terrible place where the people & the country were destitute, had no religion and were very backward lazy and drunks. After I heard the show I went to the New earth YouTube Channel & watched the impossible art video first before any others. Impossible is the correct word for the art pieces displayed. Talk about head twisting! Marbles statues with veils so thin they look translucent, jewelry work in gold so tiny you can only recognize the work through a very strong magnifier. Giant vases of semi precious stone like lapis azuli over 5 feet tall. Who were these fantastic artisans & how could they produce such wonders in a country so backward and broke? So it’s plain to see that not only our history is partly fantastical so are other country’s versions as well.

  34. This is my second listening enjoyment. I’ve also listened twice to her translating for the Russian gentleman. I love this woman! I’ve been watching her beautiful and eye-opening videos from her YouTube channel all week for hours upon hours each day. I’m so grateful to Greg for all of the wonderful guests he’s turned me on to. Well, there was that one weird young guy who thinks he writes all the songs ever written since he was -what? -5 years old!! Yeah. That one sucked. But ’twas better to find out about him here than waste any time and energy with the dude’s fantasies. Anyway, just wanted to remark that I’m a very very happy dancer. Love you Mr. Greg. You make my liver quiver. And my starving mind satisfied temporarily. Love this podcast.

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