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Join The Higherside Chats podcast as host Greg Carlwood talks biological darkness and the eugenics agenda with returning guest, Sofia Smallstorm.
When it comes to our health, and our environment, what’s natural and what’s synthetic- there is so much manipulation by the cabal that controls the information, education, and the entire medical infrastructure- it’s harder and harder for a person born into the modern world to separate “how it is” from “how it should be”.
A lot of us know Big Pharma and the corporate overlords are lying to us, only hoping to drain us financially until our dying breath, but we struggle to track down the truths needed to feel confident with any alternative in this great “age of unknowing”. Still, with autism rising to scary heights, the strange Morgellons disease receiving more and more attention, and the realization that a lot of our bodies are breaking down faster than they should be. The deck seems too intelligently stacked against us to be a mere coincidence.
Here to show us what she sees in the cards and give us her analysis of this far reaching situation is highly respected and returning guest, Sofia Smallstorm. As a meticulous researcher and exceptional speaker who has covered quite a few alternative subjects, from false flags and fluoride to geo-engineering and synthetic biology, Smallstorm is a great guest to guide us through facing the biological minefield ahead of us.
2:27 Our descent into biological darkness, the covert promotion and infiltration of synthetic life, and the barrage of misinformation involving health and wellness have overrun our populous and helped push the elites’ nefarious agenda. Sofia helps to reframe this false paradigm by explaining cycle of sepsis and it’s manipulation.
11:20 After discussing how the environment is being altered in a way that prevents proper processes from taking place, Sofia elaborates on how the cycles that have been disrupted and how that can affect our surrounding plant life and in turn, us.
14:25 Sofia explains how this agenda is affecting the individual and how the promotion of the biological darkness cycle is affecting the bio-terrain. She also details how this lack of biodiversity has created a problem, that will usher in synthetic “solutions” from companies such as Syngenta and Monsanto.
18:50 One of the cornerstones of the entire Rockefeller medical machine is based on germ theory. Sofia explains how this theory is a fallacy and the differences between viral and bacterial disease.
23:42 Sofia explains the importance of the trophic chain, it’s significance in the continuity of the life and healing cycles,  and it’s role in macro and micro bio-diversity.
33:40 Continuing with the concept of trophic chains role in individual healing and recovery, Sofia provides examples of how the healing process happens on a cellular level and ways in which modern medicine impedes on the natural healing and regenerative process.
37:00 Greg and Sofia touch on the topic of antibiotics, the creation and administration of the Polio vaccine, the manipulation of the cycle: problem, reaction, solution.
42:46 Sofia elaborates on the idea that our understanding of virus and disease is completely false. She explains that the contagiousness element attributed to disease and sickness is either the body attempting to shed it’s dying cells, receiving a resonant signal to detoxify or an overload of other microbiomes.
50:25 Sofia shares some of her personal experiences using minerals, vitamins and foods to improve her health and well-being. She also continues to elaborate on the importance of real iodine in the diet.
59:30 After explaining the reason hazardous fluoride is added to the water and the confusing effects it has on cell development and health, Greg and Sofia discuss the fundamentally obvious differences in the health and longevity of today’s elites.
1:08:57 Sofia discusses the Gerson Institute of Tijuana, their unique approach to cancer treatment and their successful results.
1:20:15 Greg and Sofia examine the ways in which our environment is under assault through technology that is weakening people, with the end goal being the integration of synthetic materials with organic humans. They also discuss a specific and severe case of Morgellons disease.
1:33:00 With questions circulating around Moregellons disease and whether it may be a precursor to advanced synthetic life, Sofia pivots to discussing the plans for humanity 2.0, or homo evolutus.

1:45:00 Greg and Sofia discuss the elite plans to evade the poisonous environment they’ve created for us by subverting their resources to an inner Earth civilization. They also discuss the newest frequency weapon, Artemis.

1:59:00 Sophia elaborates on her take of the “Pizzagate” scandal, the possibility of a false flag shooter and the attempts to marginalize media that isn’t mainstream and label it as “fake news”.
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  1. Right out of the gate we have sympathy with flat earthers. Then the fallacious claim that pine cones are not naturally produced every year. Then we have a flat denial of viruses causing disease with zero proof. I had to take a break there. I think Ms. Small storm means well but her discernment is not up to the label Sophia. Makes me sad for her and us all.

    1. Yeah, I have been listening to Ms. Smallstorm since I watched her presentation claiming that chemtrails are full of these strange nano-bio-tech lifeforms. It really scared the pants off me so I wanted to know what kind of researcher would make such claims in such a confident and athoritative way. From what I can tell she speaks off the cufff alot about ideas that just come to her in fits of inspiration. I don’t see that she bases her ideas on any reaserch deeper than the average youtube watcher and she doesn’t really seem interested in testing the validity of her claims with deeper research. Anyways, I’ve come to the conclusion that she is like a “conspiracy theory artist” who’s ideas are interesting but who’s claims have to all be taken with a big grain of salt. (seasalt of course). Anyone else have a take on this?

  2. Changing the frequencies, pouring crap on us from the skies, saturating the environment with plastic (now wrapping almost all foods) flourided water, GMOs, seeds grown with pesticides & uncountable chemicals surrounding people; & many of us are still thriving. A few changes in how you consume & live can thwart their efforts to make society dependent on their poison cures. It’s all about keeping people chronically ill to keep paying premium $$ for new & more horrible side effects.
    I enjoyed this show, it’s always good to be reminded what miraculous machines we are.

    1. Let them do their worst. I’m still kickin’, and growing more resistant to their bullshit by the second. 🙂
      The main thing is to learn how to breath properly; that is the thing we do/need the most, and pay the least attention to. It’s a positive health cascade from there on.

  3. Hi Greg, just want to mention my personal experience.

    I had a chronic cough for about 3 years. Every day, when I got up in the morning, I would cough for about 5 minutes. Then, all through the day I was coughing. This got worse and worse. I started snoring and ended up having sleep apnea.

    It eventually came to a head when I started coughing up blood in the mornings. I went to several doctors, they gave me anti-biotics and steriods which made the symptoms much worse. The last doctor told me the only way to fix my problem was to take Prilosec.

    I started researching Prilosec and decided there was no way I could actually take something like Prilosec for the rest of my life. It wasn’t originally intended to be used permanently and the effects of reducing your stomach acid can increase your chances of getting sick and having all sorts of digestive problems.

    Anyway, I decided to take charge of my health by exercising, eating healthy, cutting down on sugars and completely quitting drinking soda and candy. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, I had no idea how hard it would be to quit soda.

    I also went to an allergist and discovered I was allergic to dairy in certain forms (I basically can’t drink milk, eat certain types of cheeses, or eat sour cream).

    Over the course of 9-12 months, I lost about 50 lbs from quitting sugars, my coughing went away and I no longer have sleep apnea. I still think going to a doctor is a good idea, but any sort of pills or treatments go through a serious research phase before I will put anything out of those places into my body.

    One of the most frustrating aspects of this whole thing was the unwillingness of doctors to treat the root causes of my problems instead of just prescribing pills to treat symptoms.

  4. Very interesting. Some of it is hard to swallow, whether because it doesn’t fit with reality or because of my conditioning I can’t be certain, but I enjoyed the challenge to keep an open mind about it. It was a good interview and possibly new useful information.

  5. I like what the Greek is saying that humanity has been under cosmic censorship for hundreds of years but that since around 1998 the world entered the period of the credits and the credits are telling us the who, what, where, when, why and how. In other words we are now in a period of cosmic disclosure of the unpalatable truths that have lain hidden from many of us, but been very real for others.
    I was christened but raised and schooled outside of any Christian doctrines which is why David Warner Mathisen’s book – The Undying Stars – is extraordinarily helpful to me in sorting out the knowledge.
    Born in a time in England within the period of empathy and nurturing by the family and real community (not the political idea of community) – a time which has now ended and I can see how very malevolent relationships have become normal through modelling in the media and played out particularly in the work environment.
    Although I went to a Church of England school there was hardly anything to do with religion except assemblies and religious holidays, unlike my Roman Catholic friends who were whacked and humiliated into submission, the CofE version of humiliation was much more subtle unless boys or girls openly confronted authority.
    Consequently, I am hardly ever triggered by the religious stuff and am able to listen to what the Greek is saying and what he says does seem, in my limited experience, to stack up.
    What can we do when the mi – li – ti- ri or military has weaponised everything?
    The message from the Greek which certainly needs to be contemplated regarding all the disclosure is – don’t react to it, set yourself apart, take notes.
    In terms of the disclosures such as Sofia Smallstorm is highlighting, all I can do is to apply an inner knowing, defend myself in the here and now when it is needed and most importantly to know who I am, who my deity is and that which are my principles.

  6. I had a similar reaction to the first few minutes of the interview as diogenesofsinope, but it did get much better when she got into her stronger suits. I had just heard her in a videocast with Jan Ervin where some of her connections seemed too loose and to be grabbing at every frayed thread that was hanging out. That stuff was in relation to Pizzagate, where I think we should be being very wary of jumping too quickly, though the proved precedents for elite pedo rings make an astoundingly heavy case for something going on somewhere into the present. We have to keep in mind the circumstantial nature of what we’ve seen so far as evidence, for we are looking toward criminal law, where the standard is reasonable doubt for the perps to walk away, not civil law, where a preponderance of evidence can apply. I have a link below which pertains here.

    So, back to the interview:

    A year ago last August I fell sick with eleven days of headache/fever flu symptoms. I had been losing weight for a few years and thought my body underweight already when I got sick. Over that eleven day span I lost 19 pounds and a lot of physical energy. All that a regular battery of blood and urine tests showed was that I was perhaps a bit anemic. Knowing I was not going to turn myself over to the AMA types, and having no doctor still at 68, I sought to find a naturopath, which are fairly scarce around here, as I live very rural and fairly remote. I found a man who is a chiropractor, a naturopath, and an acupuncturist, but puts his focus in Chinese medicine (an hour and a half away). I found much of what Sophia was saying to resonate with what my doctor tells me, as well as my own anti-AMA researches over my nearly 70 years. (I already understood how AIDS came from US army and Ft. Dietrich, MD/Litton Bionetics.)

    I got a diagnosis of Lyme disease. I looked into my symptoms and found that diagnosis on target. I have long dodged antibiotics, and that is the only approach that allopathy seems to have, and that’s mass quantities of antibiotics for Lyme. My doc put me on homeopathic remedies and what I like to call, “the no-having-fun diet,” (no sugar, dairy, alcohol, caffeine, gluten, or fried foods — I was already off sugar and dairy, and my only gluten was in micro-brewed ales — NO, not my espressos and ale!) as well as hard-assing me into doing a bunch of exercises, mostly Qi Gong. I hate exercising. But 14 months in, I do seem to be well along on the comeback trail. I haven’t gotten the weight back, but strength is a little better and stamina is vastly improved. I am also juicing a couple pints of veggies with a Champion juicer most days.

    The denial of the body has been accepted (if not totally enjoyed), where the dietary restrictions are concerned, but in the spirit, I am at peace. I am loving life, and see life is not simply being alive, or what seems to be happening along the way. And it’s not some philosophical resetting of the psychological mind I’m talking about, either. I’m genuinely happy as the basic state. What’s happening out there could make anyone crazy, if taken in personal terms. I see it but do not identify. I have always watched the freak show, as George Carlin called it, but it doesn’t weigh so much anymore. So that brings us back to Pizzagate…

    I posted this link in our Pizzagate thread in the forum, and in the David Seaman comments, but I will again post it here, as I believe this shows where the stories of so-called fake news and psi-ops are leading:

    1. I was diagnosed with Lyme in 1994 after a whole long two years of suffering and Drs telling me it was all in my head. I had 3 very small children to raise and a husband that worked nights and slept daze god that was so hard. I never did get better never. Pain pain pain! And being so weak that I’m hardly moving about much as time passes it was all that suffering that God Smacked me onto this frantic Quest for the real and the true. Long strange journey indeed. But I’ve grown spiritually and mentally very much and I guess if Lyme was what tossed me on this journey then so be it Sat- I’m sorry u went through that hell and am very glad you’re getting well. It’s a hard cross to bear because most Lyme sufferers don’t LOOK ill so get very little help, understanding and just good old fashioned empathy to ones plight. It’s lonely sometime. But the quiet solitude is spent well. I don’t know what I’m trying to say my dear Sat. I think I’m trying to give you s nice long hug my Sister. Yes

      1. Are you okay with hugging a brother? I sometimes get mistaken in my web presence as female, and always take it as a compliment. I’m not a big fan of machismo.

        In my case there hasn’t been so much pain. At least I have just assumed it’s the pains of advancing decrepitude. Maybe I made up for any lack in the pain department with a couple of acute adventures passing kidney stones.

        I hear you in that our journeys’ struggles are a way to an enhanced spiritual perception, which is that quest for the true. God damn it, if I must endure this, I’m going to insist that all the bullshit be seen through! Honoring this basic urge to be genuine is the greatest gift we can give ourselves.

        This disease came after a bump in my road that had triggered a change in perspective… made me call myself, Satyagraha (meaning insistence on truth). I had big plans and I brought someone into my life who was to help an old man realize a vision of his future. That person turned out to have a mental disorder and though it wasn’t his intent, the trust I had placed in him pulled the rug from under my envisioned future. It was the end of the world for who I believed I was. That was a great blessing, because it showed me I have never been anything like what I thought I was. I could see that I am not even this body or mind. I was always truly free.

        So, when I got sick, there was no hardened body or mind identification, as it had been stripped away in the fallout of the event of the previous year. I had seen that the story I had been telling myself of identity was never more than that, just a story, and an ever changing one at that. I could not be that. Sure, I would not choose to have gotten sick, but yet I smile, am happy, and thankful for everything. Having a body that is getting stronger, and the changes over this one year are appreciable, is just a minor bonus next to the seeing of what more truly what is.

        Something tells me that you would not be calling yourself, “JulieSunshine,” if you didn’t already have some notion of what I’ve been saying here.

        Well, I should get to doing my Qi Gong, and maybe even grumbling about it a little. I’m even thankful for my hard-ass doctor. I will see him again tomorrow. Would not like lying about whether I have been doing my part. 🙂

  7. My daughter has MS. It is NOT a middle age persons disease. No no no. It happens to ppl in their late teens and early 20s. This is well known. If an older person does get MS, it’s considered a fluke. My daughters symptoms are not in her body. Hers are mental and emotional. Her poor brain is so full of holes-( the dr who first diagnosed her stopped counting after 20)- that my once smart, college bound, grasp the world by it’s hairy ass daughter now acts like a 3 yr old most of the time. We were told in 2008, after a battery of tests that she will always and forever require a responsible person to watch over her due the damage of her frontal lobe, which is the part of the brain that among other things, is responsible for making decisions and planning and following out plans. So my husband and I are the keepers of this beautiful 29 year old woman who has the emotional capacity of a bratty 12 yr old and who makes decisions like a 3 yr old. We aren’t well ourselves. He is an abusive alcoholic and I live in constant pain and suffering and exhaustion. Yet, we have to some how find a way to keep an eye on Andrea, while being ever ever so careful not to make her FEEL like we think she’s a baby. Needless to say, my husband has about as much finesse in this area as Yosimite Sam. Pray for us please. I sometimes don’t know how I’ll make it thru another day, nor do I want to. I’m blessed that I came into this world ‘different’ and I was never under the control systems brainwashing. I always knew it was complete bullshit. My yearning for Truth and eventual Quest for the Real and the True is all that keeps me from going completely BAT SHIT CRAZY. Thank you TLC and Mr. Greg for making podcasts that inform and intertain this old girl and make me smile. I love my brothers and sisters I meet here and am very appreciative of their vast knowledge and experience. It’s not so bad after all, my life.

  8. Greg, Gerson cancer therapy’s efficacy had been greatly exaggerated. Publicly they say that have 50% success rate. But I heard from someone who worked with Gerson, she said the success rate is more closer to 35%. They are more successful on Traditional localized tumour cancer such as Colon, Breast, Prostate, Liver, etc. But their success rate on Systemic immune cancer such as Leukemia, Myloma, Lymphoma, etc are quite lousy.

    The reason is because they prescribe the SAME diet for every body. We heard this ALL THE TIME, “Cancer cannot live in alkaline body”. Well, this is only HALF the truth. Cancer is a disease of EXTREMES. Extreme acidity will get you the traditional localized tumour cancer (Breast, Prostate, Liver, Colon, Brain, etc). While extreme alkalinity will get you the systemic immune cancer (Leukemia, Lymphoma, Myloma, etc)

    YES, cancer do develop in extreme alkalinity too. This is why Gerson therapy only have 35% success rate, and they are only successful on Localized tumour type of cancers. Not the systemic immune cancer types.

    Different body have different innate Acid/Alkaline balance. This is why you CANNOT prescribe the same diet for everyone on the planet!

    A better Holistic cancer treatment paradigm is Gonzalez protocol, developed by the late Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez. He prescribe different diet for different body. Traditional localized tumour cancer types, the body is too acid, they do well on Vegetarian/semi-vegetarian type of diet. While the Systemic immuno Cancer types, the body is too alkaline, they do well on Meat type of diet.

    Gonzalez Protocol:

    And for God sake Greg please watch his video lecture:

  9. Couldn’t quite make it through the whole thing…but I’ve got *such* a hair trigger when people begin to even whisper about hinting about selling products on their sites.

    Dunno if I’m the only one, but it’s an instant credibility killer for an informative interview – at least in my world.

    Not saying she shouldn’t be interviewed. Not saying she shouldn’t plug her crap. Am saying that she became less listen-to-able (and ultimately got cut off entirely) and less credible in my world for it.

    1. We’re trapped for a time with the unreality of a need for the tokens of exchange. I totally understand how off-putting the pitching can be, but what can be done? I always see the absurd when doomsdayers are being interviewed and then send you to their stores. It’s like when George Carlin talked about how when they hook a prisoner up to the lethal injection, they swab the injection point with alcohol.

      But wasn’t this woman just purveying her health products store, and remedies which have been a focus of her studies? It seems she only wants to do what she thinks is steering us right. I appreciated hearing about iodine for one, since I have a long, ongoing, thyroid condition in this body.

      Anyway, let’s hope we do break out from this curse of economy, where its the illusion of these stupid tokens by which we have been so conditioned to attach artificial values to everything. I think we could call that, “getting real.” It would be a good time to evolve, eh?


      1. You make good points. And I don’t disagree in the main. So what do we do? No idea. But I do what I do: stop listening to it and mention that here. Like with so many other things, we have to listen to our own gut and do what makes sense from our perspective – and be respectful of other perspectives.

        That’s such a good one, too, because if we’re working on growth (quasi-think that’s in the same zip code as the meaning of life), we’ll often find that positions we hold today we’ll grow out of tomorrow – and positions that others hold that seem extreme (or too moderate?) we may grow in to.

        So we talk and interact and listen and think and reflect and self-assess. And do the best we can.

        1. So what do we do?

          I hope not to get too woo woo here, but sure, do what you do, no problem there. Keep doing any of it… until you don’t. We’ll keep talking about it, and see where it leads. Hard to do better than respect, having the humility to see past our own assumptions. We will grow in that way for sure. This kind of seeing holds the possibility of finding our way out of a dark age.

          We only have one being we can directly change, and in changing that being, everything, as a whole, has had that change happen right within it. It, as a whole, has lost its illusory grip on that one part that changed, changing it. That’s some real power in us. When we become the change we want to see, those with eyes to see might realize the possibility of their power, and where might this lead?

          …we’ll often find that positions we hold today we’ll grow out of tomorrow…

          Isn’t that just the way of it? That tendency, if seen, one might ask, “what is stable?” The meaning of life changes with every change of perspective (though I do like Monty Python’s). I want to see what’s in the infinite zip code, just for taking that ride.

          Namasté, friend.

    2. this is true. turning truth into a revenue stream generally demolishes one’s credibility (or should)… the truth wants to be free. That’s not exactly what Sophia (or Greg) are doing here. They are offering something that will improve your life at a fair price without being pushy. With discernment, one can separate those who wish to get rich from those who seek abundance for all.

  10. It is always interesting to simplify and abstract fundamental mechanisms to get a grasp on the tidal flow around us – but… I couldn’t help but pick up on a few caveats in the attribution of the day/night cycle; night is both a time of rest, healing /and/ decay? The Moon is connected with silver light of sepsis, which by contrast we can also connect to colloidal silver, a powerful healer? The Moon, while often connected with the Feminine principles of dark and cold, mystery and illusion, also rules the waters and fertility does it not?
    Traditionally – and in actuality, Flat Earth theories to one side – the Moon reflects the light of the Sun illuminating what would otherwise be the near complete darkness of night.
    In an attempt to be intellectually forthright I will try to answer some of these queries myself.
    In the dichotomy of action and rest one can recognise an outward and inward paradigm shift that is the respiration of consciousness. At night the external energy of the Sun becomes internalised, as an awareness huddles about it’s own spiritual campfire as it were and tells tales subsumed from the light of day into the dark waters of the subconscious. Decay, we may say, is a form of rest without the consolidating influence of the animus about which centre forms. Without this localisation through the renewal of harmonious Will from beat to beat, breath to breath, bridging death to death. In the absence of such voliton /rest/ will begin to take the form of dissolution, reforming about the next most prevailing centre – be that incorporation into the predator, as wormfood for the planet or a disembodied stroll to a train station for the wayward soul. There can be a parting of ways depending on frequency. Even in the decomposition of the body we can see the dispersal of gases, liquids and solids can be quite different. Is it so difficult to imagine that consciousness itself departs in an even more unique fashion, ultimate integrity intact?
    I enjoyed Sophia’s untangling of cause and effect in regard to illness, as we all know Rockefeller Allopathic medicine tends to focus on the manipulation of symptoms as one of the most profitable ways of “pharming” the population. The mitachondria and cellular level of distress begs the question though… what of the implication of an even more rarefied level? Surely the cell itself is also a physical symptomatic manifestation of unseen causality?

    1. Surely the cell itself is also a physical symptomatic manifestation of unseen causality?

      Strange to see a sentence begin with “surely” and end with a question mark.

      Is it so difficult to imagine that consciousness itself departs in an even more unique fashion, ultimate integrity intact?

      Is it not the body which departs, coming and going in time? I mean, where could we ascribe a distinct location for what we call consciousness? Is not the place behind the eyes simply a conditioned assumption inherent in an identification with a body? Many of us have known that consciousness really cannot be pinned down at any particular place (OBEs, and all). When a mind identifies itself with consciousness, identity arises. In identity we make a jump to the idea that identity was there on the scene first. This limited separateness of being a someone goes on to pretend to be the possessor of consciousness. Consciousness was what gave rise to mind, not the other way around, yes?

      With the dissolution of the body, with its brain, what of the illusions of having been that body? That place behind the eyes just ain’t going to serve any longer. Perhaps the consciousness should depart these seeming confines now, while the body’s still functional, and avoid the rush later, after the shock of that common illusion having been forcibly removed. The way I see it, it’s all about identity. If I’m not the body/mind, better to gain a grasp of that reality now. After all, now is all we truly have. The rest of time, just like identity, is all made up from wispy thoughts of some future and of pliable memories.

      Please pardon my stream of consciousness ramblings, triggered by stuff taken out of context. I guess because I don’t have huge respect for my own thoughts, I might deal with others’ much the same. But then again, they’re only thoughts that owe their existence to consciousness, and not the other way around.

      1. I guess I used /surely/ to convey confidence seeking affirmation. Kind of like ending a sentence with “yes?”.

        I agree consciousness gives rise to identity as a way to navigate a world of Otherness. Mind arises to navigate between the micro and macro and involves at least one level of reflection from primary awareness.

        I hear you that we depart the body as spirit rather than vice versa – I was speaking of it from a materialist third person point of view after referring to gases, liquids and solids.

        No ramblings there mate, we are all a-searching with some kind of existential echo location.

  11. I like her and I don`t at the same time, something in the way she talks maybe? Listened to this twice already. I almost never miss a chance to listen to her..

    1. I feel that. I really enjoyed the episode and learned a lot, but her voice is tiresome after a while. I was litening to her pizzagate interview yesterday and gave up halfway through. good info, just tiresome. All in all a solid 4.5 episode for me. Some of it was a little far out for my tastes, but I don’t allow my own opinions to dissuade me from enjoying a differing perspective. I think it’s the key to an open mind to be able to listen to things you disagree with without incredulity.

  12. LOVED the show. One of my favorites to date – I’ve been listening for 2 yrs now. As a public health veterinarian I’d love to have some of her resources (whatever they are) and speak of them to others of all ages. Too much of traditional medicine is lies and fear-based. What we feed, grows. And look at what we’ve been fed……

  13. Hi,

    First pardon for the poor style as english is not my native language and the long post 🙂

    I usually don’t comment on episodes regardless if I agree or not with the content. But here there are few shortcomings that I would like to discuss. Some topics were interesting, while some others were pretty weak (at least to me).

    For example on the health topic:

    – Virus does not exists?
    Then what about the phagotherapy which is being used with success in some countries (like Bielorussia) while being banned and not taught anymore by the modern science. For those unfamiliar, phagotherapy is a therapy based on the principle that a healthy body as a balanced amount of virus and bacteria. Bacteria striving on acidic terrain while virus on alcaline terrain. Some (not all) virus eats bacteria and in this paradigm, our leucocytes are mere garbage collectors who arrived after the battle to eat dead bacteria. Then the most important is a balanced body PH, where too acid is a terrain for bacteria proliferation, while too alcaline is not wanted either as virus will proliferate. This therapy has cured people with chronic diseases who could not be cured with western medicine. I don’t have a definitive opinion on that, but stating that virus does not exist is a bit too much I guess. Also her explanation on diseases that we attributes to virus in western medicine is pretty weak as she cherry picked the flu/cold diseases which can boils down to really anything, but what about chicken pox or others? … And the statement that it is normal to fall ill in winter because our body is replacing some cells… well we do replace cells on a daily basis all year around… the only difference is that in winter, we are saving energy for the spring to come as all living things is doing in nature: there is a normal slow down in winter which also means that our resistance are weakened and we can fall ill more easily.

    – About health in general:
    I find it sad that this is reduced to physical level (and especially on chemical level) as it is typical in the western point of view where we think we can narrow down ourself (or nature) to a few chemical reactions. This only one aspect. If you don’t move and sit all day, you can take all iodine you want, it won’t prevent you from having chronic disease, prone to diabetes, cancer… If you don’t how to breath, and breath shallow, you good food nutrition habits won’t maintain you healthy fully. And if you separate your body from the mind and spirit, then you are missing a whole part of it. And by spirit, I don’t mean any religious based conception of spirit but more the part of yourself which counteract you ego (spirit = the part of you that can listen to your ego rumbling) and able you to connect with others and nature.
    I would recommend you to follow the work who has done Pr Worsley and the natural law of health: and if you are more interested:
    It is an ancient chinese health system which I think make a lot of sense. I used it myself, and it helps me to a great amount and could help some of you as well I hope.

    – About iodine and other supplements: while it is a good idea to supplement for what we don’t find anymore in our deprived food is a good thing, I think the boost it gives in winter is not a good investment in the long run. As stated earlier, if you watch around you in nature, each season as a purpose and an energetic quality, and winter time is a time of rest, to recharge your battery for the new year to come (not in the sense of 1st of January, but in terms of nature, that is when spring comes).

    – About juicing:
    while juicing is great, it is not for everyone, especially for those who are very slim and have a weak digestive system, as juicing cools down your digestive system and make it harder to assimilate nutriments from food. And juicing is more a fix than a long term diet. I see it more a trend, and while beneficial, I would say that people should look at older nutrition system which can be approached without any new age hype or so: like the 5 elements chinese nutrition system or ayurvedic medicine or really how on grand grand parents were eating.

    – About sun:
    It should be emphasised that using sun cream in addition to allows you to ingest chemicals, blocks the assimilation of vitamin D. I would advise to use as little as possible of sun cream to maximize vitamin D and when the sun is too harsh, cover yourself and go in the shadow. We are not meant to stay hours grilling at the beach under a summer sun.

    – About frequency:
    this was a very weak description. While I agree that 3G/4G and the like are detrimental for health, it is not based only on frequency. Frequency without intensity means nothing. Frequency able to transport information, that is why you can listen to radio over the air. I would reckon that regardless of the frequency, the information received (that we listen or by the cells) matters. And then the intensity of the signal.
    For example, she states that our body is tuned to Schumann frequency (0 to 40hz) and that higher frequencies are detrimental, but what about the sun light with all the Colors that range from Red 400 Terra Hz (or 400000 GHz) to Violet 800 Terra Hz, this is healthy for us; or what about the vibration of the atoms themselves? it is estimate of 10E13 to 10E14 Hz which would translate to 10000 GHz to 100000 GHz compared to 2 to 5 GHz for cellphone. Obviously the atom vibration is not harmful for us, or we will be long gone by now. So frequency alone means nothing. Either our body can only respond to a range of frequencies and everything below or above as no effect or it is the combination of intensity, information and frequency that matters. That being said, I have no doubt that WiFi, 4G and the like have detrimental effect on our health.

    – If you reach this point, congrats and thank you for reading me 🙂

    Take Care

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