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Sofia Smallstorm | Biological Darkness & Techno-Eugentics

Topics Covered: Conspiracy, Technocracy, Toxic World, Transhumanism

Show Notes

Join The Higherside Chats podcast as host Greg Carlwood talks biological darkness and the eugenics agenda with returning guest, Sofia Smallstorm.
When it comes to our health, and our environment, what’s natural and what’s synthetic- there is so much manipulation by the cabal that controls the information, education, and the entire medical infrastructure- it’s harder and harder for a person born into the modern world to separate “how it is” from “how it should be”.
A lot of us know Big Pharma and the corporate overlords are lying to us, only hoping to drain us financially until our dying breath, but we struggle to track down the truths needed to feel confident with any alternative in this great “age of unknowing”. Still, with autism rising to scary heights, the strange Morgellons disease receiving more and more attention, and the realization that a lot of our bodies are breaking down faster than they should be. The deck seems too intelligently stacked against us to be a mere coincidence.
Here to show us what she sees in the cards and give us her analysis of this far reaching situation is highly respected and returning guest, Sofia Smallstorm. As a meticulous researcher and exceptional speaker who has covered quite a few alternative subjects, from false flags and fluoride to geo-engineering and synthetic biology, Smallstorm is a great guest to guide us through facing the biological minefield ahead of us.
2:27 Our descent into biological darkness, the covert promotion and infiltration of synthetic life, and the barrage of misinformation involving health and wellness have overrun our populous and helped push the elites’ nefarious agenda. Sofia helps to reframe this false paradigm by explaining cycle of sepsis and it’s manipulation.
11:20 After discussing how the environment is being altered in a way that prevents proper processes from taking place, Sofia elaborates on how the cycles that have been disrupted and how that can affect our surrounding plant life and in turn, us.
14:25 Sofia explains how this agenda is affecting the individual and how the promotion of the biological darkness cycle is affecting the bio-terrain. She also details how this lack of biodiversity has created a problem, that will usher in synthetic “solutions” from companies such as Syngenta and Monsanto.
18:50 One of the cornerstones of the entire Rockefeller medical machine is based on germ theory. Sofia explains how this theory is a fallacy and the differences between viral and bacterial disease.
23:42 Sofia explains the importance of the trophic chain, it’s significance in the continuity of the life and healing cycles,  and it’s role in macro and micro bio-diversity.
33:40 Continuing with the concept of trophic chains role in individual healing and recovery, Sofia provides examples of how the healing process happens on a cellular level and ways in which modern medicine impedes on the natural healing and regenerative process.
37:00 Greg and Sofia touch on the topic of antibiotics, the creation and administration of the Polio vaccine, the manipulation of the cycle: problem, reaction, solution.
42:46 Sofia elaborates on the idea that our understanding of virus and disease is completely false. She explains that the contagiousness element attributed to disease and sickness is either the body attempting to shed it’s dying cells, receiving a resonant signal to detoxify or an overload of other microbiomes.
50:25 Sofia shares some of her personal experiences using minerals, vitamins and foods to improve her health and well-being. She also continues to elaborate on the importance of real iodine in the diet.
59:30 After explaining the reason hazardous fluoride is added to the water and the confusing effects it has on cell development and health, Greg and Sofia discuss the fundamentally obvious differences in the health and longevity of today’s elites.
1:08:57 Sofia discusses the Gerson Institute of Tijuana, their unique approach to cancer treatment and their successful results.
1:20:15 Greg and Sofia examine the ways in which our environment is under assault through technology that is weakening people, with the end goal being the integration of synthetic materials with organic humans. They also discuss a specific and severe case of Morgellons disease.
1:33:00 With questions circulating around Moregellons disease and whether it may be a precursor to advanced synthetic life, Sofia pivots to discussing the plans for humanity 2.0, or homo evolutus.

1:45:00 Greg and Sofia discuss the elite plans to evade the poisonous environment they’ve created for us by subverting their resources to an inner Earth civilization. They also discuss the newest frequency weapon, Artemis.

1:59:00 Sophia elaborates on her take of the “Pizzagate” scandal, the possibility of a false flag shooter and the attempts to marginalize media that isn’t mainstream and label it as “fake news”.
Want more Sofia Smallstorm? Check out her website where you can find her blog and podcast, or go to her store for her latest products available for purchase.

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