Join The Higherside Chat podcast as host Greg Carlwood talks Lovecraft, Crowley, and Yazidi with returning guest, Peter Levenda.

We know the world is a stranger place than it might seem on the surface, with unknown depths few people dare to explore- and when the stakes for spending too much time looking behind the veil are madness and paranoia, who can blame them?

But there is a rich history of artists, musicians, writers and creative types feeling as though they are being compelled to do what they do, that they find themselves being more conduit than the creator. More vessel than the virtuoso. And fans of H.P. Lovecraft’s work have even battled over this very point for years. Are there hidden truths or unconscious insights woven throughout the work of the father of “supernatural horror fiction?”

Today’s returning guest Peter Levenda thinks so, and by the end of today’s show, you might be inclined to agree. Peter, of course, is the author of many books including the great Sinister Forces series discussed in his last appearance, which explores the possibility of supernatural influence in some of America’s most trying times; from a deeper exploration of the Salem Witch Trials and the potential influence of ancient Indian burial ground on a young Charles Manson, to the alchemical interests of Americas founders, and that infamous seance to channel the Council of Nine in that old farmhouse in Maine. Yes, Peter Levenda has helped us understand the significance and synchronicities between places, names, dates that really make you wonder about this idea of ethereal puppet masters and how much influence they might really have. Luckily, the surgeon of synchronicity is here to discuss his latest book, his first published novel entitled “The Lovecraft Code”, it branches off of the infamous “Call of Cthulhu” and uses a fictional narrative as the means of exploring what may be some profound truths.

2:42 While many of us understand that profound truths can sometimes be told easier in works of fiction, with beloved collections, such as “The Matrix” and “Westworld” acting as a blueprint. Peter explains his decision to write a novel and how it can be a more earnest and straightforward approach to tackling certain concepts. Levenda also details what it is was that intrigued him about the writing of H.P. Lovecraft, as well as his journey of exploration, starting with the work of Dennis Wheatley.

11:45 Peter continues to expand on the theory that the work of H.P. Lovecraft, while setting in a fictional mythos involving creatures born from the figment of his imagination, when examined under a different paradigm, can be seen as a warning for what was to come. Perhaps he was simply a vessel of divine intervention? Levenda also elaborates on how Lovecraft’s work is the foundation for things such as, “The Morning of The Magicians” and the ancient alien theory.

18:30 Greg and Peter discuss the many nails in the coffin confirming Lovecraft’s work holds deeper knowledge, from his admission that some of his writing was based on his dreams- an example of unconscious reporting- to his family life, parents’ psychosis, and his grandfather’s ties to masonry.

22:20 Peter discusses his book, “The Lovecraft Code”, his experience researching it, and how it relates back to the original “Call of Cthulhu”. He also details a series of synchronicities involving Cheers writer David Angell, the events of 9/11 and Lovecraft’s work.

28:00 With so many speculations circulating in the conspiracy world about the real reason the US and its allies went to war in the Middle East, Peter helps to put a finer point on these ideas by detailing the rich tapestry of the area, the diverse sects scattered throughout Central Asia and the Middle East such as the Yadzidi, and how their ancient hidden knowledge holds the keys to understanding our past.

37:20 In the occult world, a major theme seems to be the quest for old grimoires, the idea that we’ve lost our magical way and reverting back to old texts or traditions might unlock greater insights. Unfortunately, as it seems to always be the case, the Yadzidi, a group considered to be a living example of people practicing these ancient traditions, find themselves on the endangered species list.  Peter describes their ancient text, The Black Book, the controversy surrounding it today, and what the consequences of the human race will be if they become extinct.

49:15 Returning to “The Lovecraft Code”, the nexus of names, places and days is a critical part of understanding the book. Peter details the bizarre saga of Karl Tanzler and how his story influenced Levenda’s novel.

57:42 With a limited understanding of some of these ancient sects in the Middle East hampering our ability to extract all pertinent information, Peter helps break down other important groups throughout this area and offers insight into what precious resources they may be protecting. One example, the Alawites, are a mystical sect of fringe Muslim under attack from Sunnis. Another are the Nuristanis, the last Pagan group in Afghanistan and the Zoroastrians who have kept their fire temple burning in Iran for thousands of years.

1:04:47 The Middle East is a cornucopia of untapped esoteric knowledge slowly being snuffed out. Peter discusses another controversial group in this mix, the Khazarians, a non-ethnic Jewish sect. Levenda also examines the roots of Judaism, it’s descendants and criteria for being Jewish.

1:09:45 As someone who has lived in Muslim countries and has first-hand experience with what is going on in those parts of the world, Peter helps us better understand the full spectrum of radical terrorism, funding from black ops projects, and the parallels between the current process of conversion and programs like MK-ULTRA. Levenda also details the work of William Sargent and Frank Olsen, men who at the center of the MK-ULTRA experiments and how this relates to modern day conversion.

1:19:10 Switching gears a bit, Greg and Peter return to discussing the more provocative speculation and elements of “The Lovecraft Code”. They also examine if there are any traces of a Cthulhu cult in segments of Western government and the obscure symbols used to venerate ancient deities suspiciously connected with many conspiratorial events.

1:32:40 Moving onto the mecca of all weirdness, Greg and Peter discuss the possibility of portals opening and what the beings that arise from them would look like.

1:39:00 Peter explores the possibility of the alien story being a manufactured distraction from what lays at the heart of this saga: ancient ritual practices.

1:49:00 Peter attempts to describe the sinister forces he’s noticed influencing our current landscape and election.

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