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Your humble host answers questions left by Plus members on the Q&A Forum. Enjoy!

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  1. Awesome to hear your insights and ideas.
    You are a great host. I appreciate the thoughtful way you do not interject your personal opinions into the shows more than necessary and the way you treat your guests with respect enough to let them speak without interruption.
    Best of Luck and Many Thanks Greg!

    1. Glad to have met you Kyle. This was truly an introspective, candid and funny episode. I had a great time! I have to go over it again but I like your thoughts on Trump; the pendulum has to swing the other way…. it is the closing of the grand cycle. I’m not into politics but I’m not into evil either so ya gotta keep a ear to the ground; if everything ran right we wouldn’t have these concerns. They are the ones who need governing. I think the Darth Vader theory is awesome, I want to hear that again…… Did you notice the bandaid was on the “8” section of the hand?

      Greg is the exception to the rule. What makes a powerful person powerful is the ability to act/take action. If not action then just all talk. πŸ™‚ All the best always

    2. Whoa – thanks for sharing Kyle. I’m relatively new to the world of tarot (since April 2016) and was fascinated by the potential implications of the Economist cover. It actually feels pretty synchronistic with the new years day reading I did for myself since the card I pulled for my theme for the year ahead was the Tower (aka “Rebuild” in my oracle deck) and the message from my ancestors was the 5 of wands (aka “Challenging Times”) and the next thing that I would learn was the 9 of swords (aka “Darkest Fears”) – kinda grim on one hand and on the other, well, I am taking it to mean there will be opportunities for a fresh start and to overcome my deepest anxieties while I practice thinking before I speak or act… May we live in interesting times!
      Also – welcome to my hometown, the mile high city!

  2. The amount of vitriol used in personally attacking people (and not the theory) who publicly question the efficacy of vaccines is something else that has always seemed out of place to me. There are few subjects where I see a lack of tolerance and even outright hatred being personally expressed for posters which equals that coming from pro-vaccine advocates. Most posts do not even attempt to have a civil dialogue but rather try to browbeat any dissenters into silence. Even global warming wasn’t that forcefully foisted on us. I have seen that kind of tactic used before; typically when someone is caught in a lie. Some remarks a few steps away from death threats that have been allowed to remain on what are typically the heavily censored comments section on mainstream publications.

    1. Hi Greyowl,
      I agree and your comment here made me remember this web-site for sure.
      We all need to recognize these behaviors to stop them.

      “The Gentleperson’s Guide To Forum Spies” and ( I’ll add most politicians )

      Here is one comment from Simon

      Yes, Tufa: Sweden is very US friendly.

      And in fact, the Technique #6 – ‘GAINING FULL CONTROL’ (as nonhocapito posted above) is precisely what our ‘old Swedish friend Dduck’ (aka “Chino Mariano”) attempted – and partially succeeded – to pull off here, back in 2009/2010. He gained a position of forum moderator here by establishing close contact with yours truly and befriending me over time. He also came over from Sweden (twice) to my house – and all seemed to be fine and well. He went as far as saying that “his lifetime goal was to open a little September Clues Store/Showcase somewhere around Ground Zero”. As a forum moderator, he quickly became known as “the bulldog moderator” – and I must admit that I was sucked into his act for a while: he embodied, in a way, the ‘doorman’ of this forum – whenever other trolls/or timewasters would turn up. Another equally rude (yet 100% supportive – at the time) former longtime Reality Shack/Cluesforum member was the “Ozzybinoswald” character. Well, to make a long story short, Dduck and Ozzybinoswald ended up bitterly fighting each other – and stirring up dire havoc here.

      Of course, today Dduck is a moderator at the LetsRoll forums – constantly spewing venom against yours truly and Cluesforum. And so is Ozzybinoswald (although he doesn’t play the ‘let me become a moderator’ infiltration game). Ozzy is just happy to call me a “high level infiltrator shill” – in his Youtube video descriptions, such as this.

      I think I have learned a lot about these techniques over the years – and only regret having been a slow learner! ^_^

  3. I can’t remember your friends’ name but you guys should have a show together every now and then discussing your thoughts on what’s going on. I like his point of view and he’s funny

    Love the show, Greg. You da bomb

          1. Well it would still be cool even if it was. Kyle was awesome, and I am with him with the clone guy. The stuff he said is validated to some degrees now.. and he seemed like a degrading clone when he was on even then. Also, never forget about the Spider Horses.. that was Epic.. I vote with Kyle.. clone guy again.. πŸ™‚

  4. Greg, I love the new opening theme. I am a new listener and plus member who bumped into you on youtube. Somehow my enthusiasm for your project was amplified and focused by the upbeat tone and spot on lyricism of that song. It’s great hook and chord progression makes it a really good pop composition that seems very professional too. I was turned off when I reached episodes with the old theme which really doesn’t perform well on the above mentioned criteria. So at risk of getting picky and caught up in small details… please don’t drop it.
    It all really is wrapped up so well with… “We know they’re lying to us but just don’t know to what degree.” and “the more I think I know the less I really do.” One question.. Is it “Until we thoroughly test evey lamppost just within view,”? That part is a bit hard to make out. Would you post the lyrics.?”

  5. Greg, you`re such a great host! Kinda had missed that you write the lyrics for all these songs, wow, so cool πŸ˜€ ! 3 hour show is the best lenght in my opinion. Yeah, THC quality, flow, structure etc – I don`t know how it could be better. I hate commercial breakes, I kinda hate long intros (Grimerica show, but I like those guys too), I don`t like the hosts that are uneducated in the topic of show etc. I like the intro song, don`t change it πŸ™‚ . Absolutely loved Kyle, you should get him from time to time, as a seperate show, such a cool perspective on things πŸ˜€ ! You talking with Kyle reminded me of Crrow`s podcast where he brings in guests who are ordinary people not experts, not famous people, it`s like me talking with my friend after what we both move a bit further in understanding things. It will be very interesting to listen to your Crrow`s episode, because he`s so far gone from where you two left, it`s like you were +/- on the same page back then, but now he`s just.. so different from you πŸ˜€ . Can`t wait for that πŸ˜€ ! BTW you two are the only podcasts I`m subscribed to. What else…. I don`t understand people who thinks 5 dollars is too much, fuck you guys – you pay 5 dollars and get soooooooooo much content! All the archive of awesomeness, there`s no better way to spend 5 bucks if you want to learn something new.
    Ok, I don`t remember what else I wanted to say.. yeah, it was so great to learn more about you. Peace and love, man πŸ˜‰ !

    Oh, one more thing. When thinking about a guest on health topic, PLEEEAASE consider Allegedly K. A. Dave (Youtube – dmurphy25). Dave wrote a book β€œThe Human Body Owners Workshop Manual”, he would be a very good guest to talk about health, diet, breatharianism, sleep deprivation and many many other things. I just love the guy. And he said he would gladly be on your show if you asked.

  6. Please don’t change the opening song. I love it. I think it says- every asshole with a view- not lamp post. Tho I’ve met some folks that were less interesting than a lamp post. At least the lamp gives light.
    So glad to find this wonderful Znew Years present from you Mr. Greg. Those of us who love you are very interested in your life and I thank you for letting us in for a swim around. Only a great human bean would be so open. much love. ??❀️?

  7. Some ordinary gamer tag on YouTube. He didn’t write any books on the subject, but he is extremely well versed on the subject of the dark web. He does a weekly episode on the subject on his channel.

  8. Enjoyed the talk, thanks!

    I should have taken note of it when I was listening (and, as enjoyable it was, I’d rather not re-listen to all three hours for this), but what show did you recommend on the A440/A432 controversy? That’s a topic I really need to look more closely at.

  9. Greg, love this Q&A. If you’re working on a sales funnel, I might be able to help you with some of that. Feel free to PM me, I have a membership website that I help my wife run in a completely different field.

  10. Thanks Greg, totally enjoyed this episode, not the least due to your honesty. Honesty is tremendously important. Thank you for that and for always acting that way. It’s my feeling that every human who has ever lived a successful life had to do a bunch of serious personal development to achieve that. That this gets conflated with bullshit modern notions of political philosophy is tragic.

  11. Thanks for sharing all that, Greg.

    As far as your professional maturation is concerned, I recommend remaining just square enough to get your taxes paid.

    The stuff about conforming your language (cursing and smoking) to coddle religious sensitivities (bigotries?) made me sad. I understand you want to expand your audience. But you’re doing so well, I believe that if you be yourself, really love your brand, then the following will manifest on its own. If the religiously inculcated aren’t willing to tolerate someone else’s tribal affect over the substance and content of their words, then they’re only showing up for the echo-chamber effect anyway, and they’re not interested in the fun, folly and revelation that comes from having consensus reality challenged.

    Remember, as soon as we begin to censor our own consciousness altering techniques, such as language and natural medicines, then the fascists are half-way to winning. In the much longer run, we the people need to have the political and commercial flexibility to be able to study and understand the relations and boundaries between mind-altering substances, states of madness, states of spirit possession (healing and nefarious), states of epistemological truth in a digitally saturated bio/political environment, and so forth without the watchful eye of an opportunistic police officer, or the threats of Pharma I.P. Lawyers, looming in the back-ground.

    In this case of finding yourself urged by established right-wing show-hosts, or prospective guests, I beg you to ask, what would Bill H. and George C. do? Your audience smokes or tolerates smoking cannabis as a vehicle for entertaining the realm of conspiracies and unfamiliar ideas. If theirs doesn’t, they’re not on your side. And they’re not actually interested in the freedom of thought and freedom of expression.

    Commercial censorship is the most insidious, so beware. Your resistance to ostentatious wealth creation is your strongest virtue, right after your stellar intros, of course.

    (I must concede my own struggle with anti-drug bigotry and role-models. The hardest one for me to grapple with in this arena, is Ian MacKaye. I love his output and his politics with this one exception: he perceives some ideal state of sober mind that frankly just doesn’t exist. And he loses to the Control-mongers, his very enemies, by conceding to intolerance on the subject. One can be against the booze industry without rejecting the transcendental nature of alcohol consumption. MacKaye just seems to level and lump it all together, throwing the baby out with the bathwater.)

    Naturally, do what you feel best. Just felt the need to offer my $.02.

    Godspeed, mon Frère,

    PS. me and my lady are HUGE fans of Corn-Mo. I started seeing him when he first got to NYC in the early aughts, when RocksOff started promoting him. We were so thrilled when we discovered you’d contracted a song from him. It’s a great song! He’s got a heart of gold and he’s a really solid entertainer. Definitely one of the good guys.

    To all: if you have a chance to see CornMo, either solo or in ensemble tribute mode, don’t miss it.

  12. Hey bro loved your stuff for years, side note whatever happened to that dietrich guys shit about russian militarized vampire zombies or whatever, did you guys do that? Always seemed interesting.

    Just wanted to say something about the military. I used to think of it as giving up and joining and say stuff like that, however perhaps i did give up and join, i’d just like to say that it may offend people even though military people are pretty thick skinned. It is the opposite of giving up, you cannot ever give up, much is demanded of you and sacrifices are inherent, military people are regular people too, and have to deal with a lot of bullshit so just try to be mindful of that and appreciate them. Anyways yeah this is probably sounding preachy or what I just wanted to mention that it is difficult and wanted you to be conscious of that.

    Keep doing interesting stuff man glad to be a paying member and that you didn’t ever stop making these shows bro!

    1. Well, I was always in the track that said I would join up, believing in my navy lifer father’s John Wayne view of the country and the world. So, I was already sworn in, even before the Wag the Dog production called the Tonkin Gulf Incident hit the Ministry of Propaganda’s Telescreens. I was a true believer — until I saw some of the scamming from the inside. I got out with just over four years of active. I ran over four years because I was involuntarily extended on active duty because I was too valuable to the machine when a crisis arose with the Pueblo Incident.

      Anyway, I was duped, just like young men continue to be duped, and which wars in my lifetime were not illegal? My advice to my veteran brothers is to educate yourself and stop sending the kids to fight the rich man’s wars for the rich man’s corporate wealth. ‘Twas ever thus.

      BTW, straight from my dad, Pearl Harbor was allowed to happen with prior knowledge. How’d he react to that? Never voted for any Democrat. It’s what a little bit of knowledge will do. Cleared for Top Secret (as in my own turn, I was too), he only got what was judged was need to know. They can keep their secrets.

      I long for when seventeen year old citizens know far to much to get sucked in by the waving of flags or the lies of recruiters. I want them to give up on serving corrupt powers and refuse. That would do my heart good. It’s an old conspiracy, going back to before when Smedley Darlington Butler told us that War Is a Racket.

      Sorry for the rant, but it plays in my head every Veterans Day when the local high school give the recruiters the run of the place.

    2. I agree with you Holo. I was a medivac in the Airforce. Much was expected from me, and I learned to do my very best in everything I did. The experience growed me up bigtime !!? My character chsngd for the better and ive been growing ever ince. It was wonderful experience. Gret jb!β™‘β˜†

    3. The trouble with Military is that even if you created a Defence Only force, one day, if they were any good, someone would point them outwards.
      The fact that people need to be lied to in ever inventive ways, and in Australia’s case paid a shit load as well, to join should point to the fact that they are normal ol’ people, who can be convinced to use their considerable skills to hurt others once they are put in an “Us or Them” situation.
      Old time Navy was easier; press ganged onto the ship, then starved till you put in, THEN put in the ‘Us or Them’
      Hang the chess player, not the pieces….

      1. The trouble with Military is that even if you created a Defence Only force, one day, if they were any good, someone would point them outwards.

        You know what they say:

        “Standing armies don’t stand…

        …they march!”

  13. Wow, I should have taken notes of the three hours! (Bad short term memory.) Great show.

    It was said that there was surprise that someone would ante up on just a few shows. For me, it took only one. Well, maybe two. Someone linked one hour of a show at a forum and I got here that way. Then I saw the Wal Thornhill interview and listened to that. I had heard him several times before, but Greg’s interview was the best I’d heard, and I got Plus’d for a year’s worth as soon as I could. I wanted to hear that second half, as I’m thoroughly an electric universe guy. I also had gone and found every ‘cast out there on the web where Greg was the guest, and thinking, “how could a man so young have so much the same outlook on so many fronts as this old fart?”

    Well, like all those interviews of Greg, this show had a great guest in himself. It was a pleasure meeting Kyle for the first time too.

    Thanks for another gooder, Greg.

    1. haha I was literally just wondering that! I’m sure it’s possible that someone doesn’t like me, but listens because I give the guests so much room to talk? Maybe I said one particular thing that set them off?

      Sometimes I take those ratings pretty personal, only because if an episode I really like gets a few zeros, I feel like I’m not on the same page as the listeners. This is just me rambling though, so no big deal, but I thought it was a little odd for a paying member to do that too.

  14. Greg – thanks for sharing the love and giving us a little insight into your world. I really enjoyed the entire episode and my favorite part was the segment with your buddy Kyle. I would LOVE to hear you two banter some more in a future episode – especially about WestWorld!!! that series really sparked my imagination and I can’t help but draw parallels to the world we live in – a world built for filthy rich guests to abuse hosts without having to endure real life consequences, is just one, for example.
    Sending you and your special lady my bestest vibes for the year ahead.

  15. Leave it to Alex Jones to espouse the dangers of mustaches, and if you aren’t against mustaches you are just as bad those who grow them!! Growl, snarl, guttural yelp!

  16. Burnham and Jeselnik are great. Dane Cook is more self aware now, i’ve heard him on interviews and made me laugh. My personal faves are Norm Macdonald and(newer guy) Shane Mauss.

  17. Loved this show and it was also good to hear from Kyle. I have been assuming for awhile that Kyle was your friend who took accutane. What ever happened to Adam Gorightly?

    1. He’s out there. He’s a pretty accomplished author. He became a quick friend in the early days, but he really has better things to do than blog for and co-host THC, but I love the guy!

  18. Carlwood the Conservative …lol

    Thanks for answering my question. πŸ™‚

    We’ll have to agree to disagree about Alex Jones. Your basis for arguing that he’s a shill is his over the top personality and the fact he hasn’t been killed yet and that he endorsed Trump (but he also previously endorsed the Pauls and was highly critical of all previous administrations).

    Personalities differ wildly, so I would only call someone a shill based on the narrative they present: if they appear alternative on minor issues but tow the establishment narrative on the major ones, that’s a shill.

    My response to your points would be that his over the top personality and outrageous outbursts (like on Piers or The View) simply work for him and gain lots of attention. Sure, it turns some people off and only reinforces their stereotype of CTers. I also hate the way he treats his guests (which is why I said he’s kind of a dick sometimes). But for such people maybe calmer voices (like yours) will get through. You can’t argue that his audience hasn’t expanded greatly or been influential in this election.

    And regarding the fact that he hasn’t been killed yet… I think that’s partly because he’s smart enough to not get caught in traps that are set for him, partly because he hasn’t sold out, partly because of the desire not to make him a martyr, partly out of hubris because the elite just don’t want to admit to themselves that this upstart loudmouth hick from Texas could pose a real threat to them (hubris is always the downfall of the villain), and partly because there are still many good hearted people in the “establishment” so the elites don’t have full control of everything in all areas.

    I don’t agree with AJ on all issues, but I do think his passion is real, his intentions are basically good, and he has built a powerful media outlet that has shaped history in a generally positive direction. No one is beyond criticism, but I think he deserves some major credit for advancing the cause of humanity’s awakening.

    1. Isn’t it a little suspicious that his personality is so similar to exactly what the system would want from a person playing that role?

      If you were the C.I.A. tasked with finding your controlled opposition voice, and getting them on the air, wouldn’t it follow the AJ archetype pretty closely? The fact that he talks over his guests is PERFECT for getting guests that make you look credible, and then making sure crucial info doesn’t actually get into the show.

      If Alex is genuine, then you have to think the CIA doesn’t have much of an controlled opposition program in place. I mean, who else would it be? There aren’t any other candidates really. He sort of stands alone in American media.

      1. Well, luckily, he’s so damned hard to even listen to. Putting up with his persona is enough to make the content not worth it. After he went off on DMT (something someone posted somewhere that I happened to catch), showing himself as the authoritarian of ignorance, I just tuned out anything else he had to offer. It just wasn’t worth any of my time or tolerance to sit through any of it. Years ago, the CIA and its proprietaries bought up all the checkout lane tabloids. We know they’re all over the MSM, so what’s the big surprise in the possibility that AJ isn’t someone in their toolbox?


        Was just catching the last Crrow777 interview you did, wanting to have some base before your next one with him pops up. He mentioned National Geographic as one of the few magazines still having some subscriber numbers. Going way back, and I’m old enough to do that, that magazine was the best cover for agents ever, through all the years of the Cold War and the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s coup era. Guys with cameras, going everywhere on the planet, not just the bridges of Madison County. I have never heard of their journalists without thinking, “spook.”

      2. Hell yeah! Alex makes ppl who look into Truths seem completely out of their minds. He’s batshit crazy! Ive never trusted him, even tho some of the info he digs up is good. Greg, you are MUCH better host/interviewer. You are informed and respectful I never have to worry thatt you will fuck up and miss very important facts and I always learn a lot. You were BORN TO DO THIS, like, duh!

      3. Like I said, it takes all kinds. And many people are attracted to his appeals to Neanderthalesque chest beating shield beating rages against the hidden oppressors. And his shows do contain quite a bit of interesting useful info… they aren’t just all rants.

        I was turned off by him when I first heard of him in the early 2000’s, but after being clued in to 9/11 through calmer sources, I became open minded enough to consider giving him a chance and I’ve been listening ever since and that introduced me to many other areas of conspiracy and truth.

        Maybe TPTB thought he would be the perfect guy to turn everyone off to conspiracies because of his personality and that’s why they never killed him, but it backfired… just like the plan to elevate Trump in the primaries to give Clinton an easy opponent in the general backfired. “Who would possibly listen to that idiot” they thought. Could be the same hubris keeping AJ alive?

        Yes he talks over callers and everyone else including his own reporters. I don’t think that’s an effort to hide anything. He just can’t help himself.

        Who is the CIA’s real controlled opposition in the alternative realm? I dono, probably rapture proponents in Christianity, flat earthers, neo-Nazis, and probably big parts of the nuts and bolts UFO community (Greer comes to mind).

        But in a world turned upside down – where Alex Jones gets a seat at the RNC and our favorite weed smoking dropout host, The Carlwood, spends a couple hours edifying us with admonishments towards a conservative work ethic πŸ˜‰ it’s really hard to attach fixed labels to anyone anymore.

        Maybe I’m naive but I would not assume anyone to be controlled opposition unless their narrative and worldview are severely compromised.

        AJ is still somewhat stuck in the Christian paradigm and doesn’t see the value in certain natural drugs, but at least he’s against the war on drugs.

        Anyway, love your show Greg. I’m glad all your hard work has paid off! You’ve got friends in Texas. πŸ™‚

        1. Alex Jones deserves respect (and probably a Star Wars medal ceremony if we ever pull off the defeat of the Globalists) from those that are in a lot of ways downstream from the years of work he has done bringing conspiracy out into the mainstream. He has never pretended to not be completely emotionally invested in battling tyranny and to be quite honest is probably a casualty of his own dedication and has gazed over long into the abyss.
          Like any celebrity figure it is easy to dismiss him as the caricature that has been generated, but for every rant about insidious evil of mustaches there are many more breaking down historical significance and contemporary developments with only a hint of zeal.
          Part shock Jock and part preacher, with a dash of Boss Hog goofball thrown in, I can only hope to be in a position one day where someone attempts to deride me with comparison to Alex Jones and I will clearly state that he is one of my heroes.

    2. I’ve listened to Alex off and on for about as long as you have and agree with your assessment of his strengths, weaknesses and annoyances. I’m willing to concede at any time, but will go with trusting my own instincts and experience with detecting deception. You get a feel for a person after so many years listening and observing – and for me that trumps conjecture based on a collection of snippets and clips. Besides, his appearance on Pierce’s show was funny as hell! As nervous and imperfect as he was, he fought to say things that never get said on corporate TV. There is a witty, quick thinking brilliance about the guy, for sure. I never tire of watching it – or the interview on the street with Gergen. Classics!

  19. And here’s Steve Pieczenik (Peh-chen-nik) who would be an interesting guest to talk on various “alternative histories” or back stories… here’s his alternative history on the Civil War:

    He’s been involved with psych warfare, various black ops, and has a long impressive resume with the state department. So who knows, he could be lying to us! But he’s very interesting to listen to! πŸ™‚
    Pieczenik’ bio:

  20. Also, whatever new forum you go to, I hope it includes notifications. I think that would greatly increase forum and comment participation. It’s helpful to know when you get a reply or a like and also that little notification brings a little dose of dopamine that gets people addicted to participating.

      1. Seltzer water (carbonated water) or Perrier + gin or vodka + lime juice + a mint leaf. Purdy good and healthy.

        I also hated IPA’s until one day, I gave one a try and something just clicked and the bitter cravings hit me. My favorite type of beer now. I think it coincided with your episode on sugar. I mostly quit sugar after that and my tastes changed to accept bitter things.

  21. Hey Greg,

    Great show! Had a moment where my jaw dropped on this one.

    The fact that I have been living here in this house for over 21 years would not be relevant at all to this interview, were it not for the fact that I took to tracking days and events (micro/macro short form diary) on a spreadsheet some years ago.

    Election day took place on my 7,771st day here. I awoke to the news on day 7,772 – 11/9 (more significant numerology) but I saw this “777” window coming a few months before the election and felt it a good omen (actually made a few dollars off that feeling). Other 777’s which came to my attention prior to election day, were that it is year 5,777 in the Hebrew calendar, and Trump’s age will be 70 years, 7 months and 7 days on his first full day in office (1/21/17)

    When ATL dropped the 77,777 number, wow!

    Of course, that is all most likely the doings of Putin – he is one evil genius, no?

    To James Kyle – get yourself a Soda Stream and carbonate spring water for a healthy drink with that fizz that you love

    Here’s to a paradigm shifting 2017,


  22. Only as far as your view for/of the future,( they are one and the same, no? Trajectory/Terrain as Gordon would say.), but on your thought that there would be no mass awakening, I think this is maybe always the case, and maybe for good cause.

    If France, (and a few others) taught us anything it is that revolutions should be local, small, intense and best case, internal; as soon as more than one of these tenants is broken, it is not a revolution. It is a Bloodbath.
    And there are a very select, small group that do ‘well’ out of Bloodbaths. Hint: It ain’t us!

    This also makes me think of a ‘cast, (I think Gordon and Conner H.?) talking about “…casting pearls before swine.” Which is to say, don’t be doling out the hard hitting, life breaking stuff if folk aren’t asking for it.
    Let them know that you have it. Don’t hide that shit away behind a firewall of sacrifice like a Roman Catholic Cardinal. But don’t red pill someone who is enjoying their nap so much they forgot they were napping. That’s just rude.
    27 year-old-me did a bit of this, just quietly. And 35 year-old-me covers his face with his hand…!! πŸ™‚

    The in5d crowd might want to ascend the whole Earth, but I think the only way to even get close to what they think they are talking about is to keep yourself balancing( balanced is a non-term. Nothing is balanced unless time has stopped. It can only be balancing.) in a many areas as possible, not be a dick, and hold that space. Then, repeat.

    Back to listening….

  23. I’m really digging this episode, you are a cool guy Greg and you’ve built something special here with THC.

    My ears really piqued up when on the “do you believe in heaven and hell question” you essentially outlined the Buddhist cosmology of rebirth. Did that come through intuitively or have you been researching dharma?

    1. Thanks! Haven’t really been researching it per say, but I’m pretty familiar with the 101 stuff. I think it makes the most sense to me. Having had a few experiences that more or less confirmed life existing beyond the body, and having seen plenty of pretty solid evidence for past lives when it comes to kids with weird memories, etc. it becomes a bit silly to think we only have one life. From that place, there’s not too many philosophies that work. Buddhism of course still does!

  24. Listened to your show with Josh Reeves and all that Scientology stuff. I immediately cancelled my Coast to Coast AM subscription the next morning and re-upped again with THC…. I should have never left!! Thanks Greg…. You’re a hard worker with a fantastic show! Thank you

    Long Island, New York

  25. Kyle’s great. As a new listener I have to say his sense of depth and humor would be fun to hear more of.

    My special lady overhead the critisms of the music productions and was put off. She’s a professional musician and probably didn’t realize you penned the songs, but it might be better to not air those complaints… but fuck it they are legit critisms, even though I think we all love the songs!

    I have had problems getting anybody to listen to concerns over Pizzagate. Sure hope that gets more light shed on it. Ick.

  26. Where to even start. Your ep finished at 14:14 – (2:14). I sent you the ‘art’ Crowley search term (not fish) and that’s the pic we find – which is the vesica pisces or portal/vagina which we enter this realm. That was trippy, as I own several tarot decks (number 17 is coming in May, so I can’t get any more til then, but there’s these great Cthulu decks) anyways – uh – how to say – total jaw drop when Kyle said something that flashed in my mind – The Nazis are behind pizzagate – is a random ‘crazy idea’ I tweeted a few days/weeks back. Maybe he and I are connected in some ‘Sense8’ way – he and I share pretty much the same faves – Certainly Peake (check Darklore 8 for an article by Mike Jay on Nightmares and Visions and you’ll see Charles Bonney syndrome mentioned) … (it goes without saying that all of this is heavily sync-activating to me) and actually as I was listening to the show wind-down, about 3 or 4 times in a row as I scanned my twitterfeed to find my ‘What if the Nazis were behind Pizzagate’ 3 or 4 times the very thing Kyle was saying would be appearing on my screen in real time.

  27. Glad this show is still the happening topic, Greg, because today I decided to click on into the Archives and started looking through some of the oldest ‘casts just for something to hear. First was Daniele Bolelli and that was so fine! And I was right with you on what was going down in Ferguson. But, the Tao is where it’s at in so many ways for me. Loved that show the most. Then I punched in on Kate of Gaia and that one was making my head spin. I had a lot of natural divorce from that legal name stuff going on already, and have seen the universe provide so much along the way, even after bailing out on most all commerce, at least in the getting of dollars. It seemed the Lord does provide. And, just two years ago, on New Years, I became Satyagraha, and Satya, to my friends. The possession of self by a name I never felt I was set to be ended.

    Anyway, Sir Greg of Carlwood, you go on actually being the true and perfect energy that you cannot not be. Thanks for making my day.



  28. Greg, I agree w/ Kyle. You. Are. Great.
    Nice to hear you’re a TMBG fan. Do you ever hear about spider people and think “Schpider! He IS our hero! Schpider, Must Stop. Schipder, Step on spider!”

    1. Haha That and “Mammals” were the first songs of theirs I knew. My mom started getting concerned when I would be mumbling “Dig my grave” but that album might be my favorite of all time.

  29. Just a little something about the Alex Jones stuff. There’s a guy who calls himself Jack Blood. He has his own radio news cast that concentrates on conspiracy theory or “the truth.” He worked with Alex for a long time and was a friend of his until they had a falling out, but he’s never come out and talked about it much. It might be interesting if you could get him to talk about it on your show. Also, there’s the theory that Alex Jones is actually Bill Hicks. Now that’s some interesting stuff and goes a long way when it comes to Alex being controlled opposition. It just so happens I did an article about that when Alex pretty much stabbed Debra Medina in the back and may have cost her the election when she ran for governor of Texas.

  30. I burned off my first smoke of the day, and plugged in. This was a pretty cool episode. I had a lot of comments to make but can’t remember any of them but the last. One hundo agreeing with kyle at the end talking about his favorite episodes, like the Donald Marshall one. I mowed once a week a 10 hour long field in the springs and summers. I don’t like any other podcasts, fuck sports, and all that. Anyways I listened to all the plus shows idk how many times. I know it’s kinda fucking retarded or maybe sad, not sure, but I had to hear Donald Marshall like 5 fuckin times to make sure I was hearing that shit right. And idk what to make of it. Maybe they do snatch you up out of R.E.M. And putin has a particle gun he zaps you with. Maybe, maybe not. Love those shows too. Ramble over

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