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Today, Greg Carlwood hosts Mike Sententia, in the most recent installment of everyone’s favorite fringe podcast. Spelling it out for us on his popular website, Magick of Thought, Sententia has been working on one of the most straightforward and practical brand of magick appropriately dubbed “Direct Magick”

We’ve seen the pattern of powerful people belonging to various groups that utilize magick & the magical arts, and covered through the course of multiple shows some of these magical practices. Today we attempt to even the scales, expand our knowledge base and add these esoteric tools to our repertoire. With the help of today’s guest, we are able approach this topic with ease as he breaks down the barriers and helps create accessibility for the common folk. So throw off the silly robes and get ready as they step outside the traditional rituals and explore the underlying phenomenon hidden deep in the belly of the beast.

2:00 Join Greg and Mike as they use the science and mechanisms behind real magick to take a closer look at what the moving pieces are and how can we work with them directly to produce the results we are looking for. The common practice among most modalities involves using ritual to create a symbolic action as a technique for engaging the unconscious mind to communicate intent to it. The focus of Direct Magick is the process that lays beyond conveying intent, and connecting to the unconscious. By implementing this modality and awakening our ethereal muscles, we can begin to refine and guide our unconscious, leading to better and more effective results.
8:15 Listen as Greg and Mike discuss the journey from magick as an abstract interest to the cultivation of a set of skills that is not only reliable, but useful and effective. Mike explains that through his approach to magick, we can begin to better understand the mechanism behind magical experiences known as ethereal software, which is the force that responds to a person’s intent.
21:45 The term ethereal software is essentially the mechanism that spirit’s use to help with our requests. Whilst the terminology ethereal software may be new, it is derived from and expands on ancient practices like Chaos Magic and it’s use of egregores and servitors, or external forces that magick channel for help.
31:00 Establishing lasting, reliable, and meaningful relationships with entities can be challenging. Listen as Mike gives Greg his advice on the best steps one can take to begin building a line of communication such as quieting the mind, incorporating sensory connections, and engaging with the ethereal muscles.
38:30 Greg and Mike discuss the evolution of a relationship with an entity and exactly what that may look like. From contacting random spirits using ethereal software, to moving beyond over time and connecting with a spirit who specializes in communication, Mike details his experience for listeners. Mike also helps offer insight into what implications this has on a spiritual level, how this has molded his paradigm, and what the reality of these spirits may include.
49:10 The Healing Lab has made it it’s mission to develop a scientific understanding of energy healing,energy medications and exploring aberrations that can’t be explained using mainstream science. Energy healing, otherwise known as biofield healing, studies have been conducted and show significant results supporting the existence of this phenomena.
1:01:00 Greg and Mike discuss the limitations of energy healing by distinguishing the limits given today’s technology, as well as ultimate fundamental limits. Mike contends that energy healing either accelerates or slows cellular processes, and can be utilized to help subtly increase or decrease these processes in various tissues or organs. However, as Mike asserts, limitations are inherent as this could never replace surgery.
1:12:00 Listen as Greg and Mike get more into energy psychology as they discuss the type of visualizations that can best help facilitate an erotic energy exchange. Beginning with an energy meditation to communicate intent to unconscious mind, building energy and visualizing light distributed throughout the body are all consider useful techniques.
1:16:00 Luck be damned, Greg and Mike tackle this topic next. Using one part confidence, one part follow through we may be able to create our own luck after all, or at least help to tip the scale in our favor without any added outside help. But for those of us, who still need luck, Mike breaks down the most important pieces of the puzzle needed to cultivate luck, break through resistance, and created the much needed confidence.
1:23:00 Greg and Mike help to clarify the best language to use when asking for help from entities. Simplifying the request and using positive emotion, can help the transmission and intent be understood and conveyed better to help produce the desired results.
1:29:00 Listen as Greg and Mike discuss effective techniques for manifesting inspired by AI research. Eliezer Yudkowsky, an AI researcher, examines the idea of requesting something from an AI and it’s consideration of possibilities never ever thought of by humans, sometimes with unexpected and undesired results. As Mark continues to explain, manifesting software can be a complex system that needs refining through detailed questions due to non-human logic.
1:34:42 Continuing on the path, Greg and Mike explore sigils, and the idea that sigils may be how to draw down ethereal software into a form you can concentrate on. As Mark explains, a sigil is a drawing that has ethereal software tied to it, whereas a symbol is an image that speaks to our unconscious.
1:46:10 Listen as Greg and Mike analyze magick in a historical context. The ever-growing umbrella of magick historically encompassed anything and all thing we didn’t understand. Mike convincingly makes the case that in order for magick to become a real science, we must first identify and eliminate other phenomena, in order to isolate the ethereal leftovers for better examination.

Want more Mike Sententia? Maybe You’re interested in Magick and energy healing ? Check out his work here.  Find Mike on Facebook and Twitter. Also, check out the Healing Lab, to sty up-to-date on their current research.

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  1. Good interview. Kept me engaged and interested right till the end. Strangely, while listening to Mike I had the mental image of David Hyde White speaking (From Frazer) sounded like him to me.
    I’m going to have a look at his blog now, he’s piqued my direct magic muscle! Must have been all that erotic energy orgasm talk!

  2. How do you know he hasn’t programmed some negative or hidden purposes into his sigil/ethereal-software? What came to mind is that he’s connected to each person connected to this software and is drawing on their energy for his own purposes.. Food for thought. He seems like a good guy, but you never know. ;D

    1. Hi, this is Mike. The force connected to the sigil is built for beginners to learn from — no gotchas or anything undesirable. By the way, there’s really no point in draining someone’s biofield energy, I have plenty of my own. But my general advice is this: Learn to shield, learn to recognize and remove connections, then you can explore all of these things yourself, and you can keep yourself safe on the rare occasion you do meet someone malicious. In the tag cloud on my blog, see “Protection/Safety” for more info.

  3. Thanks Greg, 5/5
    Interesting man. But, Way too complicated.

    Uploaded on Jun 11, 2011
    Nicole Daedone is a sought-after speaker, author, and educator focusing on the intersection between orgasm, intimacy, and life. She is the founder of OneTaste, a cutting-edge company bringing a new definition of orgasm to women. The practice at the heart of her work is called OM or Orgasmic Meditation. OM uniquely combines the tradition of extended orgasm with Nicole’s own interest in Zen Buddhism, mystical Judaism and semantics. Helping to foster a new conversation about orgasm —one that’s real, relevant, and intelligent—she has inspired thousands of students to make OM a part of their everyday lives.

  4. My question is – how can this guy be so straight (ie have so little idea of what is REALLY going on in the world) AND be having erotic encounters with spirits????-

    1. some spirits are incubus, succubus, and nymphs. There are also spirits/ living entities who live for sensual/sexual energies. I have a grigori watcher woman who loves the sexual energies that I offer up to her. In exchange, she watches over my family, thats just one example

  5. Fuckin’ fantastic! This is magic that’s right up my alley. I have back engineered magic in a very similar way, but I must admit, I convinced myself I was just playing mind games with myself and so I stopped… even though I was getting very solid results. I can’t imagine the level of second guessing that Mike must go thru with the frequency of communication he does.

    I also appreciate the NLP type wording he suggests to use to manifest things correctly and for things to work out in the most favorable way. The process that I went thru to learn and understand how to use my words and thoughts correctly was a challenge that produced outcomes which fully brought the weight of the phrase “Be careful what you ask for.” down on me like a ton of bricks. The way explained the way you need to be specific in your intent and the way you word it but leave enough wiggle room with time and magical pathway to allow for things to manifest in a favorable way without backfiring on you was in a way that those new to magical manifestation could understand and comprehend, in my humble opinion.

    I have learned a few things from this interview that I’m excited to try. I appreciated Mike’s approach and explanations and I thought the whole interview went well, was very informative and contained very good content. Greg, great job asking the right questions as usual. Your dialog, comments and inquiries are fantastic. Keep up the good work. 🙂

      1. Your very welcome. Thank YOU for coming on the show and going so in depth in your magical work. I commend you not only for your time, knowledge and ability, but also your courage. I recognize the courage it took to come out with your work but also the courage it took to continue along your path and push forward in the earlier days against the notions of your logical mind.

        I found myself along a similar path pertaining to energy feeling and mindful triggers of energy output when I sent out my Will of Manifestation as well as communication with more knowledgeable energy beings, however I convinced myself that the possibility of receiving knowledge from other energy beings in an actual interaction rather than it all being my imagination was very minimal so I stopped.

        I did keep the energy work and triggers in place when doing mental and more ceremonial types of manifestation work though and it has worked very well for me.

        I am going to devour the information on your website and in your book and apply some of your techniques as soon as possible.

        I will also participate in some of your studies. I’m personally not driven to get approval from scientists or the mainstream consciousness at all, but I am intrigued with the results and am willing to help you. Plus it may lead to a more efficient manipulation of energies for stronger, more reliable and accurate manifestations.

        It’s kinda humorous how much energy and time I have put into magic/manifestation when I very rarely use it. Have you noticed that you use your direct magic less than you thought you would?

        1. There was a time when I barely used it. It happened when I was able to do manifesting, but it took my full focus and let me tired, so it was often easier to just go without. But as I’ve gotten smoother with doing it, so it takes less focus and effort, it’s become part of my daily problem-solving, something I use because it’s easy and useful.

          1. Gotchya. Thanks for the response. I recognized that I was usually putting more obstacles in my pathway and kinda messing things up more than streamlining things. Also, it seemed that I didn’t recognize my true path and I was trying to go one way while the Universe was trying to lead me in another direction and: :::singing::: “I fought the Universe, and the Universe won” 🙂
            The last reason that I don’t use magic as often as I could is that I just plain forget about it. Sounds silly but it’s true. :::shrugs shoulders::: Maybe I will get back to my energy work and set up a ritual of sorts to assess and ponder current circumstances by way of meditation to recognize situations where I should incorporate manifestation?

    1. And a tip for double-checking communication: I find that spirits can often send a very strong, clear “yes” or “no.” I’ll have them send a pleasant feeling for yes, and essentially a weak energy attack for no, they feel completely different. Then I’ll repeat whatever I heard, ask the spirit if I got it right, and let them give that clear yes / no. I did this for perhaps a year before really feeling confident with my communication.

      As for “is it all in your head?” This yes / no doesn’t help there. What helps there is experiments, like the placebo-controlled sigil I’m running now. Have you tried it? (Nudge, nudge)

      You might also enjoy some case studies:

      1. Thank you for that tip. I will have to work on my defensive energy shield/counterattack ‘firewall’ that I put up some time ago when I was being attacked. I don’t think the beings would appreciate my counter measures very well after I asked them to send me energy attacks. Lol

        I was working with a nasty group of people who were talking bad about me and trying to get me fired. I could feel the negative energies towards me. I tried to send out positive energy in hopes to counter them and have them feel more positive about me but I think they felt I was an easier target then. So I put up a shield and counter attack measure in place. Very soon after many of them were getting pains in their heads, severe headaches and even a very strange amount of nose bleeds. One of the guys noticed the pattern and another guy that was into Shinto sensed the “feel” of the situation and helped me out.

        I have left the shield/counter attack in place and have noticed others being stricken by sharp pains in their head and random nose bleeds as well.

        I suppose I could spend some time altering my shield and defensive measures a bit to allow some energy to reach me without an automatic counter attack.

        What would you recommend for shielding that would allow some energy attacks to come through while still remaining shielded from other energy attacks?

        1. I’d say, connect to your shielding however you would normally (or however you did to create it in the first place), and specify certain people / spirits to be trusted. For me, that’s how spirits I know can contact me if they want to ask me something, but other spirits get blocked — my ethereal muscles (the parts of the mind that drive magick) recognize the signature of known spirits and let them in.

  6. I enjoyed this magick conversation better than any other. I really like the consciousness expansion discussions and I found that to be true of this show. Looking forward to taking this to a new level. Keep up the good work!

  7. I’m sorry. This interview was subpar. Vague, subjective, anecdotal. I understand why people are interested in magic (because it’s magic!) but I don’t understand why people want it to be cheap and easy. If your magic is cheap and easy, your results will also be cheap and easy.

    Be careful with spirits, my friends. They have their own agendas, and like people can be calculating and manipulative.

    Greg, if you want to talk magic, send me an email. I’ll give you what I have.

    1. I accept that you thought this interview was sub-par, however I don’t understand your reasoning for thinking his type of magic is cheap and easy. If you want to pursue his form of energy and manifestation you have to work with different forms of manifestation and learn where in your brain you feel
      the energy and train yourself to activate different energy spots within yourself to match your intent. I would suggest it’s actually more involved and you have to work harder with that system than reading a correspondence chart, pick some herbs and do a spell.

      I feel that Mike is hitting on the inner work that so many ancient magical and mystical working talk about. At the very least you could learn this inner energy work and use it in conjunction with your own magical workings.

      1. It’s interesting how things can appear easy from the outside. As chromerhino says, my focus is on the inner work: Awakening the parts of my mind that drive energy and magick, learning to consciously guide them, learning all the techniques to precisely send messages and sense energy and everything else. The result of doing all that inner work is that individual acts of magick become faster and easier. Anyway, sorry the interview wasn’t your cup of tea. By the way, if you decide to try some of the exercises you might find they help you get further in other types of magick work, too.

          1. To me, magic is what I don’t understand, but the universe has always known it to be possible. I don’t believe the universe ever allows the code to change. I could be wrong on this point, but I doubt it.

            There is a wide chasm between what I know and what is possible. So I take my beliefs and my knowledge, and I calculate between the two in order to bring about what I want. This is the work of magic, and although there is ritual in it, I see ritual to be akin to whetting a knife. If I want meat, I still have to butcher the cow…

            Thoughts and meditation are important, but they are the first part of work. To speak of energy speaks of everything in the universe, as matter is only energy tied in knots. Speaking of energy work is speaking of every part of the universe and all of its various processes, so I find the term “energy work” to be very vague. Also, I think it is unimportant to get too involved in the process of thinking. If I need a part of my brain to fire, I believe it will do so instinctually, without me trying to “visualize” or “send energy”. Either the brain works, or it doesn’t. And if you are a thinking person (you are if you can read this – language is magic on paper imho), trying to hack it in some confounded way is foolery.

            The problem with thinking is that we tend to overthink. We get caught in unending loops of precision thought that no longer reflect the processes of the universe. Thought is only a part of our work, a third of it, I would say.

            To me, meditation and thoughts are the inital part of magic, and the cheapest. Words are a bit more expensive, and action is where the real work lies. The idea is to get the three of them in line, thoughts-words-action. This makes for a potent individual with a drive to create and recreate. After that, know what you want and work to get it. Real magic is in the process of learning. It is in the intuitive leaps and chance events that get us where we hope to go, what we hope to achieve, and how to replicate the process.

            I hope this helps explain some of my issues with the guest’s views.

              1. Thanks. I only hope it is overflowing with goodness and not self polluted piss water… Mind tasting it and letting me know what you think? 😛

                Nothing against Mike. He seems like a nice enough fellow, but I guess I prefer branding my own magic. Sadly, it is far easier to describe than practice.

                I have no illusions about knowing it all. I know far less than a great many people, and perhaps Mike is one of them (Indeed, I have no doubt he knows many things I’ll never know).

                Mike, thanks for your kind response. I didn’t realize it was you replying. I feel honored, and after such a harsh critique… I feel that there is much in your and my words that are in fact, compatible. In closing, let me say: if it works, work it.

                1. I think it’s part of your path to sometimes do a taste test when your cup overfloweth. Then you can decide whether you pour some out to allow more to flow in to create a mixture or pour it all out, wash your cup and start new.

                  I feel that magic is very personal and should be your own personal brand. It’s the way you think, feel and interact with energy, others and your beliefs that determines how you practice magic and manifestation… which brings me back to the inner work and how you recognize the way you perceive, work with, and send out energy. And that brings me back to why I appreciate Mike’s Direct Magick.

  8. I’m no Bible thumper, but years ago I read the verses, “as a man thinketh in his heart so is he” & “you shall have the things you say” – this highlights the importance of will & intent more than anything ive ever read. couple it with “love thy neighbor as thyself”, “judge not lest ye be judged” & “give to those who ask of you”.. those 5 short verses hold the keys to life regardless of your beliefs. you simply can’t go wrong if you live & practice them.

    1. What you said are the basic beliefs of all the major relic. I follow them myself. I actually got pregnant after years and years of infertility by willing it to happen! My son is now 30 and even tho I thought it was a one time deal, I turned into Fertile Mertle! I’ve two grown daughters too. I treat every living thing the way I want to be treated. Even insects – but not fleas, ticks, and mosquitos* they got to go-. I believe that those bugs value and love their lives in the same way I do mine, just in a different way, but just as powerful.

  9. Direct Magic is completely compatible with my theory of the mind. I have come to similar conclusions about magic, although I have not practiced much more than Tarot (which I evidently rock at – perhaps all those wasted years of poker and Magic the Gathering can be put to good use. . . subconsciously).

    1. Common cards are the minor arcana of Tarot.
      Spades are swords
      Clubs are wands
      Hearts are cups
      Diamonds are pentacles
      These align with action, thought, feelings, and material, and also the classic elements of fire, air, water, and earth. Of course, the “elements” are not what we understand as elements today, but rather the four states of matter: plasma, gas, liquid, and solid.

      Food for thought.

  10. Interesting show. As an energy and information healer I am open to different ways of working in the field to assist people to get better. BTW I have been operating mainframe for 30 years. That is why I was very drawn to a modality anybody hardly knows about called META-Kinetics. It is what brought my kidney meridian to pulse again. Acupuncture couldn’t fix it. I use commands on the body and I work with it just like I would with a computer that lost connection to other parts of itself or other systems. Sometimes I need to work with what is inside the container first and sometimes I need to collapse the container first. The client’s body intelligence tells me what the body needs. It is a lot of fun. Living a magical day every day. I did not come to this through any kind of rituals. But making my connection stronger with myself outside of time and space was important. Thanks for the interview. I will check out his website. I use all the tools cards, pendulum, muscle testing, divine guidance, body’s intelligence, symbols, numbers etc. etc.

    1. Very interesting. I would like to read more of your techniques in further detail if you would be willing to elaborate in the forum section. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    2. Wow, M, you rock! I wish our world had plenty more of ppl as yourself. It’d sure be an easier thing to be a soul stuck in these bodies. Sometimes I hurt so bad I get frightened. Modern medicine with good old Big Pill Pushin Pharma is making things worse. I’m so proud of you and thankful too. Blessings on your sweet head!

    1. Thank you. I did just that. I need this 26 yr old pain and fatigue to go away. Far away. I hope this man can help. I’m so tired of merely EXISTING~ just burning time, Baby. I’m just burning time. I want to Live again. ?

  11. I enjoyed listening in on this conversation, it was nice to hear a new voice on the topic of magic here on the higherside.

    That being said, at times it seemed like a whole lot of effort and extra language was put into reformulating and computer languageizing basic concepts about magical tech that’s been explored, developed, and written up by chaos magicians a hundred times over. At the end of the day tech is just tech, there are a thousand different ways to get in and build etheric organs and pathways. Just looking at depictions of ‘the chakras’ from one culture to the next over time is enough to make a person dizzy, its all over the place. The software development approach to personal shamanism angle wasn’t quite doing it for me but maybe it’s perfect for the next person. I appreciated Magick Mike’s commitment to what he is up to.

    For magical energy work in other functional contexts I would recommend Philip Farber’s books an meta-magick, Casteneda’s powerful insanity, and Rudolph Steiner’s rosicrucian teachings on working in the etheric and developing etheric organs. Kashmiri Shaivism also provides the full toolkit but is a much steeper climb than working through chaos magic manuels.

  12. I’ve tried x3 to write a comment on this THC+ ep. As I read through the other comments, a few biblical quotes have been used. Allow me to do the same. “Try the spirits, to see(discover)if they are of God” My suggestion is to do this with ANY practitioner of and manipulator of these spiritual powers. Specifically Mr. Sententia.

  13. Golly. As much as I wanted so BADLY to understand everything that was said, most of the first half hour or so went straight over my head. I’m new with magic and have an interest in healing my chronic pain and fatigue. Thank you for giving this man’s website and stuff. And what a wonderful man to give out his hard work for free for a suffering public!! I love him for this. And of course, Mr. Greg, I love you too. Keep up the excellent job yer doing in expanding minds, hearts and souls. You’re stuff is the best in this business of podcasts. I should know, cause I’ve listened to so many. No one comes close to how well prepared you are and how you shut the fuck up while the guest is talking. I hate those rude bastards who constantly interrupt so they can expand their oversized heads more. Ick! I’m so happy when I see a new podcast here on THC!! Like a sweet present that’s not even CLOSE to an itchy sweater. Yippee Skippee!???

  14. Greg, that was a great show. You are the best interviewer I have come across and that is why I am a happy plus subscriber. Even if stuff doesn’t resonate with me, you give it a totally fair shot and we should all hear it and consider it. Even if it is not right, or right for you, you can still learn from it. That said, I come from geekiest of the geek, navy nuke trained, later academy and lots of time at sea and now a chef. And there IS something to ritual. Chefs talk about dialing in a recipe and I am here to tell you, once you do, you can actually screw things up but it will rebound back to good. Earlier, I thought this was related to Sheldrake’s morphogenetic field, which I heard about after observing the effect. Direct Magick is definitely in the same area and I have backed into a lot of it with cooking, fermenting and distilling. You know what you are doing and you see when you are getting help. No voices or anything, but definitely strong intuitions. Long hours looking at a clear sky full of stars and an empty ocean probably precondition one to be more aware of such things. FWIW the eros stuff is definitely a thing and maybe why some sailors ashore get so lucky. 😉 I think Mike would agree that absent a lot of modern distractions more of us would notice and start to fool with Magick. I used it, half jokingly to great effect in sailing races at the Academy and later realized that other where using it whole heartedly. The point is I got there on my own in secular world so it is in all of us if we listen. I look forward to fooling with the sigil, but will still follow my intuition re what works best, as I am sure Mike would agree.

  15. Wow.. get a f****** room guys. Just be happy he’s giving you this s*** for free. I think you and Greg are awesome for their free information they give out keep up the good work hey Greg I’m calling George tonight and telling him to take Jimmy c off next week and put you you would definitely rock the house

  16. HELP ME PLEASE. Did Mike mention a fan fiction Harry Potter book? Or did I hear it on the last podcast from Rune Soup? I did find HP and the Method of Rationality on line. Was this it? Does any one know if what I look for is in audio formate? Thanks for any help

  17. If you haven’t already, check out the work of Bruce Lipton (The Biology of Belief) and Gregg Braden (The Divine Matrix, …) They explain the biology and history of miracles (magic) and both are great teachers.

  18. Although i love all of these topics, i find this not to be very user friendly for wanting to learn how, or to try and do things.
    This Podcast is super interesting but i would love some more step by step stuff.
    Maybe i’m having a hard time breaking thru the “software” and computer type barrier of it all.

    I would consider myself an intuitive with various energy type abilities that i haven’t learned to channel and focus.. so if anyone has any tips or places where i could learn to focus that feel free to send me that info 😀

  19. Another great thought provoking show, Greg! It was challenging and complex, heavy stuff but I was able to keep up. I think someone with little knowledge in these subjects would have been totally lost! But hey, if that’s the case, why are they listening to THC anyways! I suspect most kept up, at least those that pay to play. ?

    I agree with your end commentary about why you chose Mike, he was a big ball of detail – didn’t skip a beat! The refreshing sort-of left brained approach to our spiritual condition was cool. It does seem like you are in a unique position to champion these subjects and shed fresh light for sure, Mike!

    It cracks me up how the “opened minded”, so called awakened swallowers of the red pill, can be just as ridged or worse than the mainstream! Greg, the fact that your show acknowledges this hypocrisy and consistently resists makes it unique and IMO so successful. For those not jiving with the guest’s viewpoint, just skip the episode. Better yet, just take what you need and leave the rest!

    As a $5 “shareholder” ? – I dig your laidback style and hope for your interview prowess to grow and change organically in time. Hosts that consistently challenge their guests too much, don’t have guests! Plus, that can get uncomfortable to listen to. You ask great questions and keep it about diversity of ideas and exploration – it’s not a debate, you’re not trying to persuade the guest or listeners to believe how you do – it’s a cool balance between that and sharing your worldview, interests, and opinion.

    Ok, so about the subject matter and Mike’s ideas/methods – I just felt it was lacking a big component. I guess it might boil down to simple Monotheism vs. Paganism, not sure. But even then, the concept of Origin in all this was missing – them, us – there was no mention. I’m curious about that, is there Intelligent Design in his view or did all the spirits pop outta the Big Bang, too? ? All these energies and ethereal software had to come from somewhere – are they the intelligent design? Because obviously if the spirits created it all, they would know how to work it.

    And then that begs the question, are you using/seeing these spirits as intermediaries to take your desires, intentions to some source – source being this somehow omnipotent software that effects change over here? That actually sounds kinda Catholic, huh. It’s either one or the other though really.

    So is the ethereal software the makeup of the universe itself, or an entity all to its own? Is it the “what” (the fundamental life force) – or the “how”, the method, the program to tap into this life force? And why not skip the spirits and deal with this source itself? Unless, you believe these spirits to just be human souls or equal entities that are trying to figure out and penetrate this veil that separates us just like us. But, you certainly didn’t describe communing with dead grandma. I guess I’m more confused than I thought I was. ? It just seems like the spirits themselves, the software used to effect our world, to connect, and the energies – it’s meshed together and wasn’t defined in separate terms. Hell, maybe it’s just cause you squeezed it all out in 2 hours and I need to read the book!

    And, wouldn’t most people with any life experience or knowledge of the occult know that wherever’s over there, it doesn’t Just have a non-human viewpoint, it has superior knowledge?!? At least in the sense of how it interacts with us, aren’t they the ones who ALREADY KNOW what’s going on? Such as the oneway mirror analogy? I mean, haven’t they always been there, like since the beginning? I get there might be different types or a hierarchy of spirits, but is he interacting with just the new ones or what? It’s hard to believe he’s gonna teach them anything! The smartest human ever – Hawking, Einstein – probably pales in comparison!

    Plus, the whole concept of Good vs. Evil, Dark vs. Light (or whatever you wanna call it) was circumvented – like does he really believe it all benign and equal? I find that frightening and naive.

    I’d really be cautious not to be taken as a fool, letting them in your door to play and go along making nice with your experiments ‘n such, all the while plotting their own agenda. That’s just me though, and also like a lot of actually wise people and shit, too. Who am I to preach, but some humility regarding our human limitations is always a good thing.

    Wow, told ya this episode was thought provoking – or more like word provoking… LOL.

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