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 In the latest episode of The Higherside Chats, Greg Carlwood welcomes hollow earth enthusiast Rick Osmon. Rick has studied Lazer and Electro-Optics Technology, worked for the US Navy and as a defense contractor, authored “Graves of the Golden Bear”, is a regular columnist for “Ancient American”,  and above all a researcher of the strange and unusual alternatives of history, archaeology, cryptozology and more.

If knowledge is power, join Greg as he attempts to level up. As we all know, the nefarious powers that be, altar science and history to fit the narrative and paradigm they’ve carefully crafted brick by brick. With the truth thoroughly obscured, Rick helps tear down the walls surrounding ideas of a Hollow Earth and pre-Columbus Civilization in North America, in order to rebuild a more complete paradigm.
1:50 Join Greg and Rick as the head straight to the core for a chat about the Hollow Earth.  As with other similar theories, Rick explains that there is in fact a void in the inner Earth, due to the gravitational field of the Earth, at that point going outward not inward. Using mathematics to support his calculation for this void, Rick clarifies using gravitational wave theory and our accepted belief that mass is the source of gravity. Listen as Rick elaborates on some of the most recent experiments including a dig conducted by Russia approximately 14 km down known as the Kola Borehole. Rick also touches on the theory presented by Dr. Maxlow and found in the work of Neil Adams that eludes to the possibility to a growing planet.
9:00 Greg expands on this theory of a growing Earth as Rick explains the intricacies of the black/white hole pair. Eistein-Rosen bridge helps to better explain the transition of matter and anti-matter through a collider, and the release of newly acquired, highly energetic matter.
14:50 Listen as Rick helps Greg understand the implications associated with bestowing this wealth of gravitational energy knowledge upon the public. With current energy sources being wielded as weapons against the masses, ruining our environment, creating massive global unrest, and depleting the public of their resources with skyrocketing prices, it’s no wonder why this information has been buried.
24:00 Greg and Rick discuss the Edmond Halley’s theory of the Hollow Earth dating back to the 1690s. Listen as the continue on the road of respected scientist with Hollow Earth hypotheses to the next pit stop with the work of Leonhard Euler. On another stop along the road, Rick details references of the Hollow Earth found throughout works of popular literature from likes of Jules Verne, the Pellucidar series, and Gilgamesh.
31:00 While many questions regarding the size and habitability of the inner Earth void still exist, listen along as they discuss the possible reality of an underground civilization and the stories Rick finds most compelling including Norway’s The Smoky God.  They also touch on the Macushi, a tribe located near Ecuador and Brazil who possess a tribal memory of being the gate keepers of the gateway to the center of the Earth. Continue as the give a nod the the translations Dean Dominic Delucia and explore the ancient legends of many tribes tracing their origins to the inner Earth.
44:42 Greg inquires with Rick about his time spent in the service and if it was able to offer any significant insights into what if anything the world governments know.
50:00 Because no Holllow Earth discussion is complete without the mention of Admiral Byrd, Greg Carlwood and Rick tackle the topic head on. It is Rick’s contention that at least one of the Admiral’s expeditions was funded by the Rockefeller machine, casting a dark shadow over what exactly was discovered and who was able to benefit.
57:50 Moving on from the Hollow Earth, Greg and Rick focus their attention on pre-Columbus America as they attempt to reconstruct the history. With Native American folklore alluding to several waves of immigration to the continent, we can begin to understand the alternative pre-Columbus history. Using archaeological clues coupled with the Solutrean hypothesis, we can start to build a better picture of how early global migrations occurred.
1:01:00 Navigation was a pertinent piece of the travel puzzle. On an island off the coast of Greece an ancient artifact known as the antikythera was discovered. Used as an ancient mechanical navigational device, the discovery of such an advanced tool helps dispel conventional wisdom and give credence to the argument that civilization was more advanced and travel may have been more prevalent.
1:06:00 Listen as Greg and Rick examine the ancient techniques used by tribes for communication throughout North and South America and the Caribbeans. Artifacts found in the native cultures including the Olmec, indicate a vast point-to-point light based line of sight communications network.
1:13:00 Rick offers Greg some insight into what may lay beneath the surface of the surface of the 116 mounds associated with Cahokia Mounds. They also examine an array of massive structures found throughout the world that even by today’s standards are consider architectural feats.
1:20:52 Greg and Rick discuss the various places scattered throughout the US where one may be able to stumble upon an undiscovered treasure. From the hunt for Spanish treasure deep in the Rockies, the lost treasure of Montezuma, the legend of the White Lake, Piankashaw’s and the buried silver, and of course the Burrow’s Cave Saga, one can only imagine what still remains undiscovered.
1:27:00 The Burrow’s Saga is one that is too important to not revisit. Greg and Rick discuss the possibility of chasing theories to ground and the complications that make that more difficult. What lies ahead or beneath, no one knows.
1:33:42 Many ancient civilizations relied on their extensive knowledge of mysticism, lore and magic to survive. With a deeply rooted belief in their traditions and practices the use of magic was pervasive in many native tribes.  Listen as Rick details an account of this mysticism on display.
1:41:00 Listen as they discuss why maintaining the false narrative of the Columbus discovery is pertinent to the elites shadowy agenda.
1:43:30 The Smithsonian has an agenda and acts as the gatekeepers of hidden knowledge involving the existence of giants.

Want more Rick Osmon? Check out his work here. Find Rick on Youtube and Facebook. You can also find Rick’s writings in  “Ancient American” where you can purchase tickets to hear him live at his upcoming conference.

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  1. Greg, I know you loved this one. I too love the idea of our beautiful earth being filled to overflowing with mysteries and magic. I prefer the phrase ” honey-comb earth” tho as its more descriptive. .

    1. Can’t force everyone to see the world through flat eyes 😉 Besides, Greg’s trying to hear the perspective of the guest, not push one. One more reason THC is my favorite

  2. Yes sir! Right off the bat, man!
    Thanks for calling this cat out about gravitational pull on the center of the Earth. At least he admitted it was all theoretical.
    Great job, brother

    1. Appreciate that. I’m getting a lot of mixed reviews, again, but people have so many triggers around sciencey topics. Hopefully the Plus side is better received.

      1. I think it’s because the guest was a little difficult to listen to. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t a great guest (I personally liked it a lot) it’s just he stumbled over his words a bit much and it seemed like you had to lead him a lot from point to point.

  3. Just started listening and one quick comment… While it is true that the force exerted by gravity at the center of the earth is zero, the force exerted by the hydraulic pressure in the mantle is not zero. The hydraulic pressure continuously builds as depth increases all the way to the center. Calculating the pressure would involve an integral of the gravitational force acting on the dense materials over the entire radius, so hydraulic pressure would be maximum at the center. I haven’t tried to duplicate this calculation, but the figure on Wikipedia of 3.5 million atmospheres (52 million PSI) is believable. If there is a hollow gas filled space in the center of the earth, then there would have to be a solid shell structure that could somehow withstand the heat and hydraulic pressure of the mantle, or there would have to be some sort of extremely strong anti-gravity force at work pushing outward with an equal amount of force as the hydraulic force pushing inward. The problem with such a powerful anti-gravity force that is orders of magnitude greater than the gravitational force is that any atmosphere in the hollow core would also be pushed outward and compressed against the inner shell with a very steep pressure gradient leaving the void devoid of atmosphere. I agree with Greg and Rick that these are not conditions that could support flesh and blood life as we know it.

    1. The hydraulic pressure calculation seems self-reinforcing to me. If the Earth was hollow there would be a great deal less material pressing down and there would also be the “null-shell” or gravitational inflection point a bit farther in than half-way through the shell (I would think it would be a bit farther due to pull from the opposing side of the shell). I haven’t done the calculations on what the hydraulic pressure in a shell would be but I suspect it would be vastly lower than what would be found on Wikipedia.

      If there were a weak “white hole” as Rick described (The Einstein-rosen bridge is basically the relativistic interpretation of the energy distribution network I was describing in my episode) and it is a weak gravitational source rather than a sink (as I thought) it would only slightly increase the gravity on the interior shell (only slightly balancing out the pull from the opposite side of the shell – from the perspective of someone on the inside of the shell – although both of these factors would be overshadowed by the ground beneath one’s feet assuming a shell thickness that is substantial enough but not as thick as Rick described because at that point the pull from the opposing side would be more of a factor). That is how I translated the episode at any rate, hope that makes some sense.

      Here is a funny thing about the Einstein-Rosen bridge or “wormhole” it is always shown as basically a piece of paper folded over with a funnel coming in on either side – notice the “fabric of space” never has any wrinkles or twisting when this is shown in a scientific context. However, when an artistic representation is shown or it appears in popular culture as a “wormhole” it is always a vortex. Some might argue this is simply showing particles orbiting such a structure, but if that were so – wouldn’t said particles bend space-time and induce a twist as they spiraled down the funnel like an old penny in a mall kiosk? Keep in mind this theoretical space-time fabric actually fills 3D space and then try and wrap your head around the concept. Good luck.

      Here is an Einstein osen bridge connecting two points in our universe (theoretical photo):*:1000

      Here is an Einstein Rosen bridge connecting our universe to another universe (theoretical photo):

      How wormholes are often portrayed in space:

      You can particularly see the disconnect when they are overlaid:

      1. I have always thought the truth lies w Electric Universe plus expanding Earth. Both account for observation AND the the questions I always had with each. Namely 1) what drives the current and 2) where does the mass come from?
        What we have to remember is our understanding of electricity is crippled by the exclusion of scalar and ether etc. Following the birkeland currents down from galactic clusters you have expanding galaxies spitting out babies (pulsars) and stars being born then expanding/throwing out planets. So the currents drive macro to micro, growing systems on the way down in accordance with local resonances….

      2. We know what the acceleration of gravity is here at the surface. If there were a void in the center, the earth’s material would have to be denser to create the same observed acceleration. Denser still if there were a gravitational sink (anti-gravity source) at the center. I don’t see how it could work. Also, I don’t understand what would hold a gravity sink in the center. Wouldn’t it want to fly away from mass migrating out of the Earth?

  4. U should check out a place in AZ by Benson it’s called the thing it’s got a 6 foot native American lady not sure if that’s a giant but it’s 1 of those little museum u talked about not far from SD

  5. Wow, my enthusiasm about hearing this show died only couple minutes in when he started talking about gravity and math.. And that “in REALITY Einsteins relativity THEORY says”.. All that black hole, black matter ect stuff – all unproven theory based on more unproved theories and mat not reality. Oh man…. 13 minutes in… I will try to listen to it because of you Greg. I wonder what Crrow would say about this guy 😀 .

    1. Ok, listened to it all and I was bored, I really did not like him.
      Yeah, Greg, too many triggers, but what can I do, I try to keep an open mind, but too many things are not okay in my books anymore.
      You were an excellent host as always, although I thought that you either did not believe him and/or did not understand some of the scientific stuff he was saying 🙂 .

      P.s. Michio Kaku? Fuck him and his lies! Muahahahahaaa 😀 !

  6. I shouldn’t comment on this show yet as I’m only in it by a few minutes, however when I hear about gravity theory and such and a theory that requires it to “work” my spidy senses start tingling. Lately I’m in the “If it ain’t flat I smell a Rat” club. Not saying anything against the guest, I’m sure he is sincere, it’s just that I can’t take gravity seriously at all.
    Now to listen fully and more than likely I’ll be back commenting with a retraction of this comment 🙂

    1. Well I just got my foot surgically removed from my mouth.
      I listened to the show in its entirety and….Wow! Out of the park fantastic!
      So my apologies to Greg and Rick for prejudging the show from only listening to the first few moments and prematurely commenting. I won’t be doing that again.
      Actually that was such a good show that I am listening to it again (as I do with all the shows).

  7. Hi Greg, again the variety and discussion points around this podcast are fantastic. That’s what it’s all about isn’t it? Various opinions leading to engagement in discussion?. Loved the podcast as I do all. You can’t be open minded about certain things and not others. So he talks about gravity …. great , good for him… someone’s gotta be right about something at some point just like they have to be incorrect. Our mind and opinions are pretty much the only thing we truly have left to be ours ( for now )
    Great podcast
    Great interview as always
    Definitely food for thought and that’s the whole reason why I’m a plus member. I can’t even agree on what to have for dinner with my partner so who am I to get angry or give a bad review because of someone’s gravitational belief 🙂
    If you really want to get annoyed and leave a bad review ….. go watch the will Smith squad OH SORRY I meant THE SUICIDE SQUAD
    Happy week everyone

  8. I liked this interview. .. for the most part. I noticed that he would side-step questions. Also, I am pretty convinced our reality (and “gravity”, along with other forces) are electric/magnetic/plasma based in different forms, strengths and frequencies so I had to hold his reasoning and my own reasoning in seperate thoughts and try to convert the reasoning while accepting his reasoning as truth in the moment to stay connected… it was kinda exhausting! Lol

    All in all, I appreciated his thoughts, views and theories. It was something new and it challenged my own theories, which is how we grow and learn… take it all in, weight it all out, expand your perspective, rinse and repeat! 🙂

    Greg, you continue to impress me with your research, questions and how you know where to go and press upon in the conversation to not only get the most out of the guest, but also get the information pertaining to what your listeners will want you to touch on, dig into and pressthe guest about with alternative theories or narratives the listeners would likey question. Great job.

    1. Excellent post as always Chromerhino. I have some issues with the model of the hollow earth presented, especially the thickness of the shell as well as the theoretical foundation being relativity and wormhole-based, but then again that is also the relativistic description of the model I presented so. . . it kind of agrees to an extent. Overall good show for sure. I especially appreciated the discussions about Native American lore myself as I have learned a great deal about the local plants in the area and have specialized books about Native American plant use. The more obscure medicinal and edible plant knowledge is often difficult to actually put into practice because large chunks of the knowledge are not written in books and require experience to figure out, like when is the best time to harvest different portions of plants based on things like distribution, topography, weather patterns, ect. all of which have also been severely disturbed. But I definitley appreciate hearing little tidbits of Native American culture and knowledge when I can.

  9. Greg,
    “.. but I really doubt that anybody wants to hear more from me than they already do, right?” WRONG 🙂 ! You sound like a girlfriend who thinks she doesn`t get enough attention from her boyfriend and tries to manipulate him to get compliments and attention. We are your subscribers, we`re here for you, so don`t tell us that you won`t put out more shows just because there are not enough new subscribers. PLEASE don`t hold back your shows, I would love to hear at least 2 more shows a month, because from last 10 shows I was only interested in 5, from which only 2 were interesting for me and worth my time. Sometimes I get a thought that I need to unsubscribe from you for a couple of months and I don`t like it. Also, please don`t hold on to 2 hour mark in your interviews, let them be longer if you and/or guest feels like it, 2 hours fly by so quickly and to wait for another time sometime in future to hear the guest again is a pain. I really hate that.

    1. I think it can be hard when many guests are essentially here to promote a book or merchandise as opposed to someone who just wants to tell an amazing story or their experience for our entertainment. You can mine some nuggets but rarely unearth a motherload; but I love it when you do. That said cast a wider net if you need to because the quality of guests will always outweigh the quantity. I also think we are all learning that not all writers are very good story tellers/speakers. I enjoyed this one for the most part compared to some others. Would be nice to stumble onto some more Michael Motts. There was a woman from a past episode who told awesome stories about supernatural abductions in national parks. I’m hoping we can find some more guests of that caliber. Anyways back to the grind.

  10. So Greg now you know, give we the ppl a chop, we’ll demand the whole fuckin’ pig! Your doing the lords work young man. You put out interesting Fortean topics, advocates and guests. So it seems to this simple subscriber your doing your job, so possibly I should do mine,i.e. relax, open mind, learn. I’m not giving my fellow THC+’nauts the business, i’m just saying, easy does it. Hang tough brother.

  11. I’m always surprised when guests don’t do their research to realize that – Greg knows his stuff, man! He’s done his research, he has amazing thoughtful questions and he’s ready to get deep. Deep! But despite this annoying occurrence by the guests, I’ve found it’s worth giving them a chance because there’s something to be learned from everyone. Love the Ancient America info. Thank you, Greg, for coaxing out all the good stuff. And encouraging people to go find it!! Jeezus, it’s probably under all of our feet right now! The Carlwood deserves much respect, but you are no simple stoner (stop belittling this amazing plant!)

  12. Just got around to finishing the interview. Loved the second half! Lots of interesting info. I’m always impressed by someone who can recount so many facts and names and places and weave them into an interesting and insightful narrative.. Much like Peter Levanda. Good stuffs. 🙂

  13. there is a nasa video of someone spinning s container of water and the air collects to the center in a void…after seeing this im convinced it is possible for a hollow earth to some degree

  14. I am completely sick and tired of listening to everyone talk about this made up, fake force called gravity. We all know who invented this force, who constantly pushes it as an accepted constant norm. Any research into the space hoax and NASA will quickly prove beyond a shadow of a doubt we are and have been lied to since our birth. Density & Buoyancy are what most people are talking about when they use the word gravity. Once we use these correct forces everything changes. Have you people even listened to any of the shows on this channel????????????

    Since the beginning of time there have been men that hold sacred knowledge and they will do anything ( like murder 3,000 innocent people (911) ) to see that you and I do not get ahold of that knowledge that serves to empower them. This does not mean I am a flat earther. It simply means I am calling bullshit about this magical force called gravity. It’s so strong this “GRAVITY” that it can magically hold water ( WHICH HAS A NATURAL PHYSICS TO FIND IT’S OWN LEVEL AND REMAIN FLAT) actually curve to a spinning ball… LMAO LMAO….The trillions & trillions of tons of water held to a spinning ball…..But at the exact same time this magical force “GRAVITY” is also weak enough to allow birds, fish that swim in this water, clouds, smoke, insects, dirt, leaves…to just fly around independently from this strong force….

    It’s easier to fool someone than to convince them that they have been fooled…..

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