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In the latest episode of The Higherside Chats, Greg Carlwood hosts returning guest Cara St. Louis. On her previous appearance, she outlined the details of the new chronology, the missing time phenomenon, the mind weapon we call the Prussian Education System and the dumbing down it facilitates.

As Cara looked deeper into the narrative of history, missing time and those who question it, she found more than enough meat on those bones and set out on her new venture: a series of episodic titles she calls The Workbook. Join them as they go for the conspiratorial one-two punch of the highest order as we explore Missing time and the New Chronology.

4:00 Greg and Cara begin by giving some context on the New Chronology. Cara details her path of initiation starting with the work of Sylvie’ Ivanowa and leading to Russian astronomer and mathematician,Anatoly Fomenko. Cara explains that the timeline used by today’s elite, contributes to the justification of things such as wars and the rising of certain dynastic families. Using astronomical events, such as the cycles of the moon, movements of the planets and eclipses, we are able to see the manipulation of humankind’s understanding of history.

11:30 Knowing our current timeline may be completely inaccurate, Greg and Cara discuss the ways in  which establishments such as the Catholic church were capable of altering the dates of history to fit their desired paradigm. Cara contends Jesuits scholars Scaliger and his contemporary Dionysius Petavias, with the help of Benedictine monks, at the will of the Vatican, and against all history fiction or science rewrote chronology to pre-date the existence of Christianity. Further illustrating her point, Cara also explains that all astronomical evidence dates Jesus’ period of existence to Medieval times, which gravely affects our current chronology.
15:00 Digging deeper into the Jesuit’s brutal involvement in the Prussian education system, Cara briefly lays out the bullet points and a few keys players from along the way, including Pope Pius X.
24:42 Greg and Cara continue to put a point on the finer details of the key figures involved in altering the timeline. One such contributing character was none other than esteemed mathematician, astronomer and physicist, Isaac Newton.
28:00 Cara makes the case against the flat earth theory by contending that it discredits traditional astronomy.
29:45 Greg and Cara examine the work of Ivanowa involving the decedents of Atlantis whom she refers to as “the Survivors”. Known as the keepers of the peace, the Survivors imparted knowledge to the indigenous people who in turn used their culture of oral storytelling to spread this knowledge for generations. Cara details the what she believes to be a critical moment in the lost history, the Battle of Moytura, a literal fairy tale taking place in Ireland.
38:00 Cara continues to detail her path of research for listeners. As a self-identified Faye, Cara believes the Faye exist in a different way. Cara outlines her theory, stating the Faye have been and may still be an extra-terrestrial race, as well as existing intra–dimensionally.
Listen as Cara and Greg discuss the tumultuous relationship between the Faye and Drakos.
46:00 The scope of the human mind is endless. With the recent calls to creative types from CERN, Cara elaborates on the theory they may be attempting to harness the imagination to control and disrupt the morphogenetic field.
51:00 Listen as Cara describes the current landscape of terror, anxiety and fear being used to manipulate, weaken and control the population.
58:40 Greg and Cara continue to trace missing time conspiracy and this alternative history through the rule of Nero in Rome. With disparities in the timeline becoming more evident as we narrow in on details of history, Cara explains the fallacies in our current understanding of history.
1:03:20 Greg and Cara continue their discussion by tackling the Phantom time hypothesis, which was published in the 90’s and shares a similar conclusion that the timeline has been adjusted.
1:05:00 While the effects of chemtrails have been widely speculated, Cara elaborates on her theory of these circulating poison clouds. With mysterious illnesses, suffocation of sunlight causing a lack of vitamin D and pollution of our air supply being obvious attributes of chem-trails, Cara helps deepens our understanding of other possible agendas on the horizon. Listen a Cara explains that our DNA is evolving and the the implications this may have.
1:113:15 Switching gears a bit, Greg and Cara discuss the damaging effects of both fracking and Fukushima  in what has been described by Cara as an attack on water. According to Viktor Schauberger, water is a live sentient thing, holding the memories of the planet.
1:15:00 Greg and Cara explore a new field of interest among researchers known as the Mandela Effect. The Mandela Effect can be described as someone having a clear memory of something that never happened in the reality, suggesting our reality may be jumping infinite timelines or dimensions.
1:21:00 Listen as Greg and Cara confer on the possibility of historical manipulation dovetailing with scientific manipulation. As Cara explains, we live in a world of “scientism”, where today’s manipulated science is such an absolute belief, it begins to mimic religious zealotry.
1:25:00 What’s next? Greg asks Cara for her best advice for incorporating people into this new paradigm, and the best way to help others build a connection to this New Chronology.
1:30:30 Greg and Cara discuss her most recent conference in Vienna and her investigation into the rising number of child abductions through the guise of German and Austrian child protective services.
1:40:00 As thing wind down, Greg and Cara discuss where is research is taking her next. Cara explains her next venture will be into how humans sustain themselves and biophotonic energy.

Want more Cara St.Louis? Check out the Cara St Louis facebook and be sure to check out Cara’s latest work The Workbook, or her other books here.

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  1. Greg if you or Cara want books on Anatoly Fomenko’s work check this website out Biblio –,bd,ns&strip_common=1&program=1005&order=pricedesc or if that doesn’t work check out Biblio’s website and type his name in. I just did and got three (3) pages where you can by books he’s done from around $230.00 down to $5.00. In addition, there are heaps and heaps of ancient books and maps (Harry Hubbard) from really early on (before publishing books) to today….. if you want check it out? Cheers, Richo from Australia. P.S. interesting Podcast this one, food for thought….

  2. Hey there! Great show as usual and I was so glad to hear cara talk about child abduction. I have been researching the history of medical kidnapping in the us after a friend of mine had her child taken away after diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome. I firmly believe there is an agenda to seperate child from mother in order to feed off of the fear and anxiety as well feeding the foster care system. I also really appreciate her talk on the birthing system and the damage that is done through that experience. Once again thanks for your work!

  3. Congratulations Greg!!! On Engagement. Sweet.
    Def gonna check out Cara St.Louis’s books. Want to find her earlier presentation here also.
    The Emerald Isles have special place in my heart. Ireland always has.
    Excellent show as usual, Greg. Much to mentally roll around and toss em’ up in the air and see
    how they fall? lol
    Blessings to you and yours.

  4. Not saying the content isn’t possible or true but the delivery was awful.

    But the “I think” and the “what’s his name” and the “if I’m not mistaken” and the “it’s either this year or that year” comes off really badly.

    She’s either ill-prepared, making a poor attempt at summarizing other people’s ideas, or assuming past listeners are familiar with all the ideas.

    I can tolerate ALOT of speculation. But not when the person speculating doesn’t have a command of the things she’s claiming to be facts.

    She doesn’t know the names of the Popes she’s referencing, doesn’t know the year the Pope she’s talking about served. If a pope did in fact ban the Jesuits, that’s interesting and compelling to the story she’s telling. So I either need to go research on my own or just take what she’s saying on faith.

    If I wanted to hear some shit about the pope that didn’t make sense and wasn’t supported by detailed facts, I’d go to church.

    The Charlemagne stuff too…I mean…oh JEEEESUS.

    She’s claiming that history isn’t to believed for the exact same reason that her interview is so hard to believe (and even listen to).

    Normally, I wouldn’t even rate or comment when I don’t like an episode. But I thought this one was particularly bad and I listened twice fearing that I missed something on the first go.

    Greg was as prepared as he always is and a bunch of times had a better command of the content than the guest did.

    1. ya think this was bad, try reading Dangerous Imagination, Silent Assimilation. i’m trollin all over about that piece of garbage cuz she and harold deserve it for wasting peoples money.

    2. I just kept thinking about Crrow777’s “belief is the enemy of knowing” on this one. I lost count on how many times she said she didn’t know but believed. I like the new chronology movement ideas but seemed she was stuck on too much alien stuff and came off as a kook to me.

  5. Ball Earthers and “Jesus shit”?

    Sorry Greg, the Catholics pulled a 9-11 on Jesus and you have bought it hook-line-and-sinker. You are smart enough to know that there is something going on inside you which pits you against him. Perhaps there is something inside you that doesn’t want you undo the damage the Catholics have done to you.

    I am going to pray for you, but I am unsubbing.

    1. That “Jesus shit” made me go – WHOAA?!
      I`m not religios, I`m not a christian, but those two words together I did not like to hear from you, Greg. Maybe you should cut it out and replaced the audio with the cleaned version? Or whatever 😀 , I liked this show, and I like you.

    2. i have been listening for a couple of years and as of lately i havent liked anything i have heard in last several months. this was the worst. I’ m sorry but i’ve been frustrated with the guests you have had. I’ll give this another month but i dont see a point for paying for something i havent listened to in at least a month. The description sounded good. This woman assumes & guesses way to much. I guess & assume too

    3. In an earlier show Greg commented that it was a dumb idea “to focus mental attention on a sick kid”, referencing prayer. Then he will have 3 more shows exactly about new age magic and manifesting realities by focusing mental attention. This line of thinking is redundant and contradictory to his other off the cuff comments.

    4. There doesn’t need to be proof for the concept of a Christ or even a Jesus figure. There’s a natural path to believing a figure and a power like that exists. That’s my opinion and for me to enjoy this show Greg doesn’t have to share it.

      For those unsubbing because you dislike this speaker, or consecutive series of speakers. I’m calling you reactionary and say you’ve missed the spirit of what this show is about: the processing a wide array of alternative narratives. Leaving this show removes you from it’s rotating doors of characters and stories. If that’s what you decide then fine, it won’t take me out of the loop though, not as long as I’m still enjoying it.

      On another note, I think the Mandella effect is a malicious psyop lie and not a lick of truth is in it and from my current investigation it’s fun but all the video and content producers have radial usernames like GODFOR1 and TRUTHSEEKERZ811 (made those up but you get the point). I don’t think it’s a worthy rabbit hole. I think it normal memory abstraction phenomenons are leveraged to fuel it and that monetization opportunist and paid disinformationists are pumping out most of the supporting content. I think the whole thing should be treated with disdain.

      Just my opinion though. No one paid me to say it. I should be paid though. In kisses.

  6. She has some good points, but some stuff is just speculation. She says “I BELIEVE” too much for my liking, I would not trust her full 100%.

    I really didn`t like what she said about Flat Earth, that it`s purpose is to hide/destroy Astrology. I think that statement is so far from the truth that it makes me wonder about Cara`s motives. FE destroys heliocentric model and Universe as a model. Flat earthers I follow do not say that Astrology is wrong, there is strong emphasis on stars, the sun and the moon being very important, their movement, resons behind their movement and their nature itself. These lights up above ARE there even if the heliocentric model is false, FE or globe does not change that. And no flat earther I know says Astrology is bullshit, even more – I think they (and I) think it is very important as it has always been (before mainstreem horoscope BS). Even if they are made by electromagnetic forces (sonoluminescence?).
    I call myself a flat earther, but I am open minded. I agree with Max Igan, who is not a flat earther, that it is totally wrong to say absolutes, f.e., “The Earth Is Flat”. If we live in a Matrix, the Earth could be different for everyone – a globe, a plane, cube whatever at the same time. But there`s no doubt that powers that be are lying to us about everything and NASA is full of shit. From that and everything I`ve seen this far it`s almost 100% that our Earth is not a spinning globe, at least my Earth.
    My best friend has had dreams and visions, he thinks hes not from this “planet”, he has seen his home planet in his dreams/visions.. he thinks the Earth is a ball and there are other planets, and Space and aliens are real. Who am I to say he`s wrong? That`s why I think there could be different realities for all of us…

    BTW, if the black goo parasites got to Harald (by her words in previous interview on THC), why couldn`t they got to Cara also? Maybe she`s possesed and mixing their lies with truth? Just a thought.

    1. Just finished listening. I will add, that i enjoyed this episode and i want to hear more from her here in the future. Glad to hear that Harald is kinda back, his episode was one of the most interesting ones.

      Greg, I really wish your shows could be longer than 2hours.

    2. “I really didn`t like what she said about Flat Earth, that it`s purpose is to hide/destroy Astrology. I think that statement is so far from the truth that it makes me wonder about Cara`s motives. FE destroys heliocentric model and Universe as a model. Flat earthers I follow do not say that Astrology is wrong, there is strong emphasis on stars, the sun and the moon being very important, their movement, resons behind their movement and their nature itself. These lights up above ARE there even if the heliocentric model is false, FE or globe does not change that. And no flat earther I know says Astrology is bullshit, even more – I think they (and I) think it is very important as it has always been (before mainstreem horoscope BS). Even if they are made by electromagnetic forces (sonoluminescence?).”

      Pretty much what I was thinking. There is nothing about a flat earth that stops you from using celestial movements as a clock. Even if they are just lights in a sky in a pre-programmed pattern of movements; and more likely if they were; they could still be used to track time. To not make that obvious of a connection makes me question the apparently casual dismissal of other theories she doesn’t like as well.

      I still am not sold on the flat earth relative to the setting and rising of the sun as the sun actually moves below the horizon (that clearly is not the sun being pulled away and disappearing into a vanishing point via perspective). The different times of the rising and setting are clearly suggestive of a ball. But I also can’t dismiss many of the proofs offered either or the obvious tomfoolery with the gopro’s. I think like Greg I am a earth shape agnostic but I respect the flat earth theory and think it is a piece of the puzzle with many observations contradicting what we have been told.

      1. I’m going to keep it simple. A weapon on astrology !?!? I’m glad you pulled out of that thread quickly. I hate to use this word but I have to call it like I hear it.. It rhymes with hill, thrill, pill, will , Shhhhhh!!!!

    3. I agree about her “case against” flat earth. If your strongest case is “because is counters this other thing I want to believe in” then you have no case. I wouldn’t call myself a flat earther, probably more along the lines of what Greg calls himself – Earth Shape Agnostic.

      Anyways, rest of the interview is good.

    1. Glad she knows my position better than myself… Traditional astrology and astronomy is FE based. Unless what she means by traditional as in what the Rockefeller education system is pumping down our throats. Traditional as in 500 years to recent times? That’s not traditional by any means. Sun moon and stars are on a cyclical path. It repeats patterns over time. How does anyone know which epoch?
      If this is true then we “evolved” pretty fucking fast. So this would also add to the piles of proof destroying evolution. And the concept of the ether in the show with the shamengeneir, destroys any notion of space travel. You can’t travel through “space” because there is no space, it would be occupied. Catholicism is wrong yes. It’s a controed and hijacked. Jesus wasn’t a catholic. Catholics put a white face on Jesus 500 years later. He’s not medieval or European. That’s an ignorant claim. Catholicism is NOT Christian. Nobody listens to a Christians view of Christianity, only the nonbelievers get their say. So go ahead and tell me my views and what I think. The closest to truth this show has gotten to was with Johnny cirruci. The Vatican is psycho paths child rapist and liars. It wasn’t always like that but look what 1,500 years can do. America wasn’t always fucked up, and it has been around 6 times less as long. So let’s keep making the same ignorant claims about a book I’ll wager you ain’t read. That is the definition of ignorance.

      1. How was the determination concluded that the timeline was off. By astrology? How? This was never explained. The basis of the argument has never been laid out. Donald marshal had more evidence than this story. It takes more faith to believe this than that ” Jesus shit”.

  7. O Baby! bring it on Cara, much to the constarnation of family n friends…i barely eat, mostly to be social…. but over 70 now n healthy as can be, no meds, no docs, lots of garden with dirty toes. Rated this excellent, rewound to catch a certain point many times, my best complement. Perhaps a fellow Fae? Big Thanks to you both, keep diggin….and Congrats, love is grand.

  8. It’s an interesting mind experience to contemplate these ideas… I have an axiom I am exploring… Belief creates phenomenon ! The battle is for the hundredth monkeys mind , imagination is the doorway of the future and the past for that matter. Great show Greg I’m back as a plus member keep on with your explorations.

  9. I’m more fascinated with the Mandela Effect than with anything Cara is peddling and her casual dismissal of this phenomenon without knowing anything about it was very telling. Call me a Draco, but Cara’s arguments against science just sounded ignorant. I would argue that the field of science and the scientific establishment has become very politicised, even manipulated, but to suggest, as Cara did, that the scientific method is hokey just undermines her credibility.

    The difficulty I have with the chronology conspiracy is that there are just way too many contradictions to maintain my suspension of disbelief. Even Cara herself almost tripped herself up a couple of times by referring to past historic events and then catching herself when realising that, according to her own theory, the events didn’t happen when we think they did or didn’t happen at all. I don’t know but it all seems at risk of collapsing in on itself. Sorry Greg, but I didn’t rate this episode very highly.

    I will say though that if Jesus was medieval, the carbon dating of the Turin Shroud to around 700 years ago now fits. Boom.

  10. I’ve been wondering if David Icke has been allowed to carry on because, unknown to him, he has spread fear among some of the best imagineers? Maybe it totally suits Rothschild for us to think he is a reptilian shapeshifter when he is just an evil old man. Another thing – I really want to engage with Cara but she has been so negative about quite a few people recently – I saw her and Harald being interviewed on a German station and she kept calling him “he” – see Also if he is draco as she has said then how could they work together for so long when as she says they hate the Fae. She also plagarises others a lot although she does bring a lot together and mentions sources but very much like she has put it all together for the first time which is certainly not the case with Silvie and Anatoly. Regarding the Fae I would recommend the Silmaralion by Tolkein which some think of as true history due to his access to the library at Oxford University where he spent many hours. I wish there was someone you could rely on – at the moment I’m feeling that Lily Kolosova and Harald are the most real – but I may be totally wrong! All that said I think you are a great interviewer Greg and you bring very interesting guests and obviously do so much research. Thanks

    1. David Icke and Alex Jones were a few if my first guides to the stranger side of life… I was pretty terrified and hopeless following them. They play a part and serve a purprose, but to what end? Anyway, Alex reminds me of an adult Eric Cartmen, and Cartmen always has a hidden agenda, right? Alex Jones interview with David Dukes brought up some interesting points. He got Alex to say basically ‘idk who runs the NWO, but it isn’t jews!’ If any knows, shouldn’t it be Alex? Isn’t that his life? Lol, just adding some thoughts, much love for u all

    2. I find her negativity off putting also. I think those in the trenches in Alternative Research are up against some dark stuff. I felt like she was quick to kick Harald to the curb because it might impact her reputation. Now he is back, after deep self care (something also sorely valued and lacking in AR) speaking from a transformative space. It is like abandoning someone when they get cancer. It tainted my view of her deeply. AR is very reactive and unforgiving, this is why I have listened to Greg mostly because he is more rational, but the stress of it all impacts each of us sooner or later. If you have a bad period you can count on this community to go straight for your jugular. Sad as fuck.

  11. Great interview as usual. As a flat earther I have to say that I disagree with Cara’s reasoning to discard it as a psyop. There can still be aliens on a flat earth, they just don’t happen to have to be from other “planets”
    If one thinks about the absurdity of us living on a spinning ball its so obviously the biggest lie ever told. It mocks us as though they tried to come up with the most unbelievable earth model just to see if we would buy into it. Unfortunately we must be that stupid 🙂

  12. This one was great, Greg. I’m sick of the Jesus shit too. Don’t get me wrong, the guy did great work, and I’ll quote him as much as the next guy, but I’m sick of everyone pretending they know him because they read a book and got a fish tattoo. Name droppers are fools. Actions, not words, people! Even the Catholic Poop gives lip service to Jesus. Jesus!

    I really liked the scientism discussion too. I’m so sick of people saying “I believe in science!” Science makes me skeptical and demands proof, so I know science, but I believe in religion… Popular culture is couching science in religious terms because the masses can’t seperate the two. Words matter, people!

  13. Great show! Thank you 1000xs. Let’s get to the waking up from the waking up! Our family’s way has been to move off grid into the woods and enjoy every day with the earth under our feet. It feels really nice.

    1. Two thumbs up on my end, I liked her approach to the research that she is up too. She seemed genuine and I did like the fact that it was a real dialogue not just the question and answer session that you might hear elsewhere.

      The info on Viktor Schauberger and his connection to Anthroposophy, alone, was worth at least the price of admission for me personally.

      Thanks again Carlwood

  14. I love the New Chronology theory and I really liked her show about compulsory schooling, but mixing it in with all the “out there” stuff really only serves to discredit those theories in terms of spreading the ideas to people holding “conventional” beliefs. Granted, it’s a long-form interview—who says she has to stick to only one subject?

    But neither of those ideas are originally hers, so effectively she’s taking someone else’s meticulously researched and historically based work and lumping it in with topics that are almost entirely speculative and far too fringe for most people to get behind. I doubt she’s doing it intentionally, and I wanna make it totally clear that I like her as a guest and I enjoyed this show, but for many people her alternating between the mundane and the fantastic/esoteric is really just gonna poison the well regarding New Chronology and the Education Conspiracy.

  15. Great episode man. I see a lot of people are complaining for several reasons. so what if there was lots of speculation..most shows fall into that category. people complaining about the “jesus shit” comment.. ehh, you said what you felt.. if they don’t dig it, they can bounce. you can’t please everybody.
    again, i thought it was a great show.

    1. Agreed but the baby is getting thrown out with that bath water. A simple off the hand comment cool, but what I’m talking about is the base line. Keep faith out of it cool. Faith is only a belief anyways. Everyone chooses to put their faith somewhere, we all do. My concern is we’re missing a chunk of info that can be gathered from those old biblical texts. We won’t and don’t need to bring up the New Testament I’m talking about the old one. We have discussed every weird and strange story from the sun Saturn flip, to the recent Bok saga. The Old Testament which is absolutely an ancient text, still has a story to be told, but not here. I guess this is one subject too much for this show. No rabbit hole too deep? Naw. We found it, cause we’re not going there. Forget about the Jesus stuff. Example: in free masonry, they have challenges and passes. One of them is to answer the question; ” whom is the roman God vulcan?”. And the correct Masonic reply would be “tubal Cain”. Well tubal Cain was a worker of metal and war, he was the 7th son of Cain. He was the roman God vulcan. And it’s in masonry. I just linked masonry bible and roman mythology. I can do this all day, but there’s a huge piece of info missing, we are not talking about, just because it has been decided to completely lump sum everything. We talked about rh-. Well in genesis it is clear there is two separate lines of the human species.There’s massive amounts about this subject that can be discussed without ever talking about this “savior complex”. Keep faith out I agree, as long as we define faith in this context as to a belief required for an afterlife. Sounds cool to me.

    1. Belief creates phenomenon ! The battle is for the hundredth monkeys mind. You were the hundredth monkey to believe he was a potato and BAM!, you’re a potato. If we live in a matrix creating our own realities, the earth could be flat to my friend and round to me. I am a walrus and you are a potato. Who am I to say he`s wrong? That`s why I think there could be different realities for all of us…

  16. Rather than critique the interview itself, I’d like to just expand on the Nero document she referenced b/c it’s one of my favorite examples of the many (apparent) anachronisms found in Medieval art and writings.

    From History: Fiction or Science Vol 1, pg. 70: “Mark the repercussions of the discussion that appears very odd in our time: ‘Petrarch…made the statement that he was supposed to have based on a number of philological and psychological observations, that the privileges granted by Nero Caesar to the House of Austrian Dukes [in the XIII century a.d.! – A. F.] – were fake. It needed proof in those days’
    For the modern historian [270], the thought that the “ancient” Caesar and Nero were the contemporaries of a mediaeval Austrian house of dukes that had only commenced its reign in 1273 a.d., that is, about 1200 years after Caesar and Nero – is naturally a preposterous one. However, as we see, the mediaeval opponents of Petrarch were of a different opinion, since it “needed proof””
    In other words, the document was known and considered genuine before Petrarch challenged it – but on the language and style, not anything chronological!

    The New Chronology may seem preposterous, but if you look into it you’ll find the ways abnormalities are explained away within conventional history are themselves preposterous. Cara is quite right to say that computers made this new level of critique possible. Historians have recognized for a long time many anachronisms and strangely specific repetitions, but trying to make objective comparisons would be an endless morass of arguable details without the ability to do thousands of calculations.

  17. Wow wow wow! Everything she had said resignated with me. I hope Cara follows through with the Mandella Effect. Greg, a lot of the examples of the mandella effect that you mentioned, for example 52 or 51 states or Mandela himself, don’t resignation with me. Perhaps mandela dying in the 80’s doesn’t resignate because I was to young to take notice. However, 52 or 51 states just sounds so wrong to me. It’s possible that I might be closer to my original timeline than other people. I don’the know. The point I’m trying to make is when exposing the Mandela effect concept to new people perhaps use the more common effects that the majority express concensus being reported. Effects like the bible having numerous changes, most common that most would recognize is “the lion lays down with the lamb,” now reads as “the wolf dwells with the lamb.” Or some geography changes such as South America no longer is directly beneath North America. South America’South West coast now lines up with the east coast of North America. Also I believe the cause is still up for debate. Most mandella effect people suggest that timeline convergence or timeline jumping is the only explanation for all effects. I disagree. We know very little of the actual sciences behind what the earth does what it does. Who is to say that if someone went back in time that that action alone caused the plate tectonics to shift one way instead of the way it was experienced through our memories. What I mean is take the South America example I mentioned before. If someone travelled back in time to the north continent maybe that persons weight alone could have caused some unknown forces we barely understand to shift one way instead of the way that we remember it. Then the butterfly effect just ripples down to our present time causing a different existence than our memory. Perhaps maybe because the person that when back in time was from our original time. Or, this is even bigger for me, the matrix reality. Even Einstein had come to the conclusion that nothing is real. That everything is just information. When taken into context of the era that Einstein came to these conclusions he didn’t have the vocabulary to express a matrix type reality. If indeed we do live in a matrix type reality what is to say that we or those that are running this matrix didn’t have a server crash of sorts and needed to reboot. However, some of the data was corrupt and the reboot was improvised as best as possible. In conclusion of my long winded text here is that there are still many possibilities of why the mandella effect is happening. To say it’s one thing because that is the only conclusion that answers all the effects is naive in thinking. Please please research more and keep a broader mindset when doing so. And thanks for the great interviews. I’m so glad I signed up for plus.

  18. Greg, as always, you da man! And I don’t mean that in an Authoritarian, top of the pyramid way. More of the I dig your style type. Just so tired of the agendas and fixed perspectives of so many other shows.
    I gotta say, wish peoples who were so anti flat earth would give a lil more evidence to back their claims. She’s the third ‘new age’ type I’ve seen to dismiss the subject without addressing a single supportive point. One of the others explained how he’s seen it from space numerous times, so case closed, just trust me 😉 Idk, its especially because the sky and the motion of the stars should be one of our greatest clues to the shape. For example, is there a star viewable from southern Australia, Africa, and South America on the same night? Instead she tried to say living on a plane instead of a Where means we are in 2d? Fail… Always looking forward to the next show. You have unique and thoughtful questioning, an open minded perspective, well worded intos, and we are not constantly bombarded by commercials 🙂 That’s what I’m talking about! Well done.

  19. I love getting new information that FITS. Just where and when it fits is quite another matter. It’s reasuring to know that such intelligent and passionate ppl are working on tho. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and happy happy happy. The Truth is out there Boyz and Girlz. And one of these daze everyone will know It. I’ve a feeling that this may be sooner rather than later. Happy Dance time! ?

    1. I can’t seem to get into words that in which I wish to express. I’m going to try again. It may not be much about tonight’s show, it’s more like about ALL these shows. And all the people who listen and struggle to put tidbits of information in a pleasing form that resembles the True and the Real. How the ppl on earth think and feel is what the ppl on earth will get. The mass conscience of Mankind works a kind of magic that makes how the present chapter in our collective history ends. We must stop buying into the fear and separation messages bombarded in us all so relentlessly. We must forgive eachother. We must forgive ourselves. Remember this~*~ Everyone everywhere is doing the best they can with what they’ve got. We must love one another. We must love ourselves. We must Vslue Life and stop our killing of our Little Brothers and Sisters called the animals. We have to somehow raise our vibration and consciousness to a higher level. And this must be done now. Yesterday. The shit is about to hit the fan. We can all feel it. We can never EVOLVE if we keep doing as we’re doing. As the majority goes so go us all. We’ve come to this life to HELP wake up the sleep walkers. The little truths must be told. It doesn’t matter if you feel embarrassed. If not us then who? WE ARE THE ONES THAT WE HAVE BEEN ORAYING FOR TO HELP US SND OUR MOTHER EARTH. I love you guys. It gives me strength and hope to know that ppl of your caliber are awake and ready to go to work. I mean my fellow members here and of course our fearless leader, Mr. Greg. I fucking ADORE YOU ALL. Now get to work!!

  20. Worthwhile listen. Her bias was clear and she, at least, knew it. Can’t accept flat earth because of her investment in astronomy and tossed out Mandela off-handedly. Mandela effect is tough for everybody, but how can a psyop change the words in my ancient Star Wars VHS or Forrest Gump DVD on my shelf. Or change the Bible for Gods Sake? lol

  21. Great show indeed.
    However i was rather disappointed to know that the conference which was to be held in Byron Bay NSW here in Australia had come and gone by the time this episode came out.
    Sure would’ve loved to attend.
    Lots of really cool things to think about and consider.
    Great interview and fantastic guest.
    Thanks Greg.

  22. Great interview! That said, as one who practices planetary magic yet also feels that the flat earth is a viable concept, I have no problem reconciling the movement of the stars and planets with that of a flat earth. Just saying…

  23. Interesting topic, new chronology is awesome. Funny how they have lied about everything except the shape of the earth. There is much more observable evidence of FE than any of this shows topics which require deep study of ancient texts and lots of speculation. Particularly ironic to hear intertwined in a discussion of cognitive dissonance and a failure to break the Prussian brainwashing.

  24. I like Cara. It is an interesting situation with her and Harold. What can I say? Anyway we entered into the gate 55 the Abundance of Spirit yesterday in the Earth. All I could see yesterday were messages of Abundance. I was inspired to write a blog about it as well to keep the wave going. Abundance is very much connected to kidneys and water. Quite amazing connections really. A client wanted me to test her kidney meridians yesterday as well. Everything I touched, saw posted, talked about with colleges, friends and clients had to do with Abundance, Water and Kidneys. It is about time to clear the muddled waters. BTW and interesting 10 parts integration process that I did on Buddhist on Saturday. Amazingly a very deep Jesus program was running. I need to suffer to help others. It is amazing what we can find when we look under the rug of our own temple. Cao.

  25. According to Cara they’ve lied about pretty much everything, except for the shape of the earth. That is the one truth we can hold on to….thank you Cara for clearing that up for me.

  26. I love this new chronology movement, it is so mind blowing and interesting. To me it does make a lot of sense that the history of our past was changed to keep us ignorant of our potential as humans. To think that there were advanced races or civilizations living among us, and helping us, is by far the coolest idea to me.

  27. This gal is hard to believe, understand, and even harder to maintain an open mind to “maybe’s”. Earnest presentation, not much beef on the bone though. I kinda have a issue with “new-agey” perspectives. Checking out the back-log while home recuping from knee surgery. THC+ Heals!!! :0

  28. I like the wrong time line idea, but its probably better to get interviews more from the source. One of the temptations that is set for people is that they are ‘special’ and her fae talk walks that line. I don’t see how flat earth detracts from astrology or astronomy, these things have been explained in certain flat earth theories so I’m of the mind that she has dismissed something before knowing anything about it and was insulting to those of us that think along those lines, and that puts me off. I don’t mind listening to her, but honestly I’m not as into her as I was before.

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