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Matt Landman | Chemtrails, Geoengineering, & Mind Control

Topics Covered: Geoengineering, Mind Control, Toxic World

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Join host Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats podcast as he talks Chemtrails, Geo-Engineering, and mind control with guest, Matt Landman.

With mysterious cloud patterns littering the skies, fluoride contaminating our drinking water, and petro-chemicals poisoning our food supply, it stands to be said that we are most certainly under attack.
And while greed and corruption are the obvious go-to culprits of this onslaught against humanity, there are other, perhaps more nefarious motives afoot.
Luckily for us, guest Matt Landman, has spent years researching the use of chemicals on citizens, the paper trail connecting various corporate entities to powerful patents, and all the other bread crumbs in between. And, today he joins The Higherside to discuss his documentary “FrankenSkies” and shed some light on the dark actions of the elite while walking us through this vastly complicated all encompassing conspiracy.
2:50 Kicking things off, Greg and Matt begin by examining what inspired Landman to become “The Chemtrail Guy”. They also discuss the chain of events, government programs, military projects, and technological advancements throughout history. Matt also offers some credibility to the more outlandish claims, like weather modification, by discussing the saga of Charles Hatfieldthe US governement’s flood of The Ho Chi Minh Trail during Operation Popeye, and the subsequent Environmental Modification Convention. They also dig further into the exotic patents held by international corporations, the breakdown of the patent process and what this means for deep state tech.
13:42 Addressing several bold claims, Greg and Matt discuss the motive and agenda for disruptive acts such as blocking the sun and spraying chemicals indiscriminately in our skies. Matt elaborates on the effects of ionospheric heating, it’s connection to the global warming narrative and Monsanto’s role in the destruction of local, organic farms.
22:20 Greg and Matt discuss the science of the chemicals involved, including Silver, Aluminum, Barium, and Strontium.
38:20 With previous THC guests such as Harald Kautz Vella and Sofia Smallstorm covering cutting edge Chemtrail and Geo-Engineering research as well as the transhumanist agenda, Greg and Matt expand on their work by discussing nanobots, 5G technology,  and other dark tech that could be used by the elite in order to achieve their agenda. Landman addresses the work of Elon Musk, how his mission to Mars project is pushing transhumanism,
51:55 Matt offers some insight into how our cognitive dissonance and man made constructs influence our understanding of reality and discusses his take on the Flat Earth Theory.
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– the public chemical spraying experimentation scandal from the 60’s-70’s that was exposed in St. Louis, MO

– Iranian President, Ahmadinejad’s public outcry over weather manipulation and his accusations that Iran is being attacked with it

– the recent California drought- how and why it was manufactured

– Ted Gunderson and other Geo-engineering whistle-blowers

– our poisoned environment and what damage Chemtrails might be responsible for specifically Alzheimers, Autism and Dementia

– bee dementia

– websites and personalities dedicated to disinformation on topics related to Geo-engineering

– how Trump and the Paris agreement tie into the larger story

– Wilhelm Reich, weather manipulation, & the groups that still keep his technologies alive

A few valuable resources from the interview:
“The Rainmaker, Charles Hatfield, and the Flood of 1916”:
“Aluminum, Barium, and Strontium: The New Manhattan Project Chemtrail Sprays”:
“Elon Musk launches Neuralink, a venture to merge the human brain with AI”:
“Why Are Chemtrails Being Digitally Added to Old Movies”:
“FrankenSkies” trailer:
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