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Steven Strong | Out Of Australia, Dreamtime, & The Pleiadians

Topics Covered: Aliens, Human Origins, Nature, Spirit World

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Join host Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats podcast as he talks the Out of Australia theory, Dreamtime, and the Pleiades with guest, Steven Strong.

Many alternative researchers, archaeologists and scholars of history have dedicated countless hours pouring over ancient sites and remains in hopes of piecing together humanity’s hidden origins.

And while the secrets of our past still stand shrouded in mystery, researchers like today’s guest, Steven Strong, have spent decades peeling back the layers in an effort to reconstruct the damaged human psyche. And, thanks to his well-established relationships with the Original Elders of Australia and their willingness to share their sacred oral history, we now have a growing body of recently unearthed evidence to help bring the secret knowledge of mankind’s making to the light.
5:55 In order to properly understand Strong’s alternative perspective, one must first be familiar with the Out of Africa theory. Steven starts by clearly defining the evidence used in the Out of Africa theory, giving a bit of background on the key players involved, and walking through the holes in this now widely scrutinized paradigm. Strong also walks us through the various genetic traits such as Denisovan and Neanderthal, where they are found and what these links tell us about the differences between Original People and Africans.
14:42 After examining the holes in the Out of Africa theory, and touching upon the genetic differences found in the Original People of Australia, Greg and Steven discuss the cosmology and alternative oral history of the Elders, the healing process that began centuries ago, and the seeding of Pleiadian genes throughout the world.
23:42 Greg and Steven discuss the work of Michael Tellinger, our genetic disposition as a slave race, the various other beings that have influenced humanity, and how it connects to Strong’s research.
 33:00  Continuing with their discussion of anomalous site in Australia that have the potential to rewrite history, Greg and Steven discuss Lake George and Panaramitee,  as well as the Kariong Glyphs and the perplexing pendant containing several unidentifiable metals.
41:20 Greg and Steven discuss the element of magic in the Original culture, their Shamanic practices, and the possibilities available when people reach their true spiritual potential.
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– information and stories about the magic rocks that Stephen has been tasked with being the custodian of

– how the Australian Originals’ stories about their animals, like the dingo and kangaroo -as well as the genetic data, might tie into the theme of otherworldly origins

– Steven’s plan to use what he’s learned, along with the help of others and the magic rocks he has, to open a publicly available portal on a sacred island that translated to “Gateway to the Heavens”

– the history of Australia’s colonial takeover, how it differs from what happened with Columbus in America, and how it effected the people of Tasmania

– why the Egyptians have more of a right to set up an embassy in Australia, than the British do.

– how ancestral spirits of the land relate to Australian Originals’, and why they didn’t harm the invading British

– how ancient largely unknown sites in Australia compare, and often dwarf the scale of, more famous sites around the planet

– the struggle with the Australian government to keep them from bulldozing through an ancient 7 step pyramid to make way for a highway extension

A few valuable resources from the interview:
“Mitochondrial DNA and Human Evolution” (1987) by Rebecca Louise Cann, Mark Stoneking, and Allan Charles Wilson:
Uluru (Ayers Rock) in Australia:
Michael Tellinger’s “Slave Species of the Gods”:
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Check out his website “Forgotten Origin”:  where you can keep up-to-date on his latest research.

Or grab any of his books including, “Out of Australia”“Shunned: The Hidden History of Australians” and “Constructing a New World Map” on Amazon:

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