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Tim Swartz | The Inner Earth, Antarctica, & Conspiracy Goodness

Topics Covered: Antarctica, E.T. Agenda, High Strangeness, Hollow / Inner Earth

Show Notes

Join The Higherside Chats podcast, as host Greg Carlwood talks Hollow Earth, Antarctica and The Caves of Malta with guest, Tim Swartz.

Many of us are aware by now that there is a vast array of strings pulled behind the scenes, yet we sometimes get a glimpse into a vast world of mystery that only occasionally bubbles up to the surface. Well, peeling back the curtain has never been easier -and thanks to the work and research of greats like today’s guest, Tim Swartz, we can satiate our appetites with a bountiful Fortean conspiracy smorgasbord. Feast.
2:30 Starting things off with a bang, Greg and Tim dive right into discussing the Hollow Earth, Swartz’s book, “Admiral Byrd’s Secret Journey Beyond The Poles”, and mythologies related to inner worlds. They also examine the theories of bright minds such as Sir Edmond Halley, our current day technology and what that tells us about our planet, and the work of Timothy Green Beckley and Richard Shaver- Dero mysteries.
14:22 Continuing with their discussion of the Hollow Earth, Greg and Tim discuss the work of Marshall B. Gardner, his studies of the Aurora Borealis, and his hypotheses. They also dissect the work of Dr. Wendy Lockwood, her metaphysical speculations of the Hollow Earth, and possible portals to other dimensions hiding underground.
24:42 After detailing the story of T. Lobsang Rampa, Greg and Tim pivot to the saga of Greek geographer Pytheas, his discovery and description of Thule, how it relates to Lobsang Rampa, and Thule mythologies from across the ancient world.
35:00 Pivoting to Antarctica, Greg and Tim talk about the spike of attention, the high profile visitors, and expeditions of foreign nations that have re-ignited conspiracy researchers’ interest.

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– the Tesla group that was tasked with building a ship to get to Mars in response to a call from Martian channelers

– more observations from Dr. Lockwood

– the Philadelphia Experiment, Al Bielek, and the Montauk Project and significant insight as a result of Tim’s proximity to a lot of the major figures in these stories

– time travel and time slip stories

– the hidden agenda of the ultra-terrestrials

– Morgellons, red mercury plagues, and the deep state

A few valuable resources from the interview:

Tim Swartz, “Admiral Byrd’s Secret Journey Beyond The Poles”:
Timothy Green Beckley, “Subterranean Worlds Inside Earth”:
Edgar Rice Burroughs, “The Pellucidar Series”:
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Check out his website Conspiracy Journal:
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