Harald Kautz Vella | Black Goo, Black Magick, Spider Beings, & The Elite

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German researcher, Harald Kautz Vella joins THC to break down his deep level research into the true nature of the Elite’s campaigns against humanity. According to Harald’s research, an invading version of what is knows as “black goo” landed on our planet roughly 80,000 years ago. This black goo could be considered a type of alien A.I. or a “seed device” for creating life within a biosphere. This invader does not belong here, and has been attempting to unpack it’s program to the determent of our natural order. It contains remnants of it’s original lifeforms, spider type beings, which have been coaxing the elite into carrying out their plans for Earth bound manifestation for as long as we know. Β Our energies have been used as feed, and our environment has been tweaked to make the people weak. The plan to get these higher dimensional Archonic Β beings to “hook” into their human husks is getting closer all the time, and is at the heart of the transhumanist agenda.

Recently, Harald has made contact with higher dimensional beings that could be considered “guardians” of the planet, who have assured him these unnatural plans will be disrupted. Time will tell.

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Harald’s website for Morgellons research:Β

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  1. Amazing show! I was wondering about that book of the guy who meditated in front of the black cube in Egypt. Can you give us the reference of that book? Thanks for the great work!

  2. When you talk of the parasite with the one eye, you need to go back to the TV show Babylon 5 , the thing that takes over londo in season 5. That is it. Good show and you really need to get “the ruiner” on the show.

  3. Dude… Big picture connections all over the place! Fireworks going off in my intuition and brain!

    So I’m guessing Empaths are humans who cannot detach or disconnect from the planet’s pain? I’ve always felt the pain of the Earth… and everything in it. I wish I could turn it off, it’s excruciating beyond description. Have even attempted to end the pain by ending myself, before. I never understood how other people could go about their lives without feeling this pain. Always felt out-of-place in this reality.

    I’ve always innerstood depression isn’t something to be medicated… it’s an alarm system for the human consciousness body that something is very wrong!!! We just don’t listen… easier to throw a pill at it. Or bullshit psychology.

    This stuff he is saying is like the missing pieces that I have been searching for, forever. Dunno if it will have any practical application to my immediate circumstances, but it makes me happy to download this forgotten information into my soul-program. πŸ™‚

    Thank you, Greg. <3

    1. Glad it struck a chord with you. I really thought his angle on Free Will was insightful. Everyone puts a negative spin on Crowley, Thelema, and the whole “Do What Thou Wilt” thing. It never sounded that bad to me to just go live out your life and do what you want, (as long as you don’t hurt anyone) but taking Harald’s perspective into account, it’s easier to see how that could be a negative path of separation.

      1. Definitely! Same here, I never saw why do what thou wilt, harming no one was a bad thing. Never considered a destructive side of free will till now.
        Anything that makes me rethink previously held thoughts, is pretty dope.
        Even though some of the stuff he said seemed highly based in speculation instead of fact, I can still appreciate the lil nuggets that came out of this dude’s perspective. πŸ™‚

    2. Hey,

      I have also felt out of nowhere immense loss from the earth, it comes from nowhere and last about 12 hrs. It comes by surprise and I feel a great weight. I have also experienced many psychic information from the earth mainly concerning a lot of the major disasters in the last 15 years that I have only shared with close friends as they are disasters I know of before they happen.

      1. Greg: Thanks for another blockbuster show! It’s all connecting in crazy but intricate ways. Fantastic.
        Glad you wrote that down (Mumijo) I couldnt quite get what he was saying at that point.

        Thanks Saturn5 – Looking that up as well.

    1. Believe it or not. I never watched that show. I was a little young at the time I guess. I’m having Chris Knowles on in a couple weeks so I’m going to have to cram.

      1. This was actually the first thing that popped into my mind when I heard the term, “black goo”. I’m early 30’s and was obsessed with the show.

        The synchronicity is unerving…

        Lastly, in my opinion, x-files was the last syndicated television show to ever criticize or infer systemic government corruption. I believe the creators used creative license to get around censors. Since then, the “government” has not allowed it to happen again.

    2. THAT was my first thought when I was listening, and XFiles is coming out with another movie πŸ™‚ I loved the X Files shows, too darn bad they quit making them. There are on Netflix, πŸ™‚

  4. I turned down the sound on the creepy black goo movie called ‘Under The Skin’ while listening to this podcast. Music in that movie plus this Intel gave me a super dose of fear. Peerless GC peeps.

  5. Another great show Greg. Despite your youth, you are a skilled interviewer. You respect the views of your guests while standing your ground. You draw out themes without catering to their viewpoints. Always impressive sir.
    Regarding Harald- “demon babies”……another brilliant guy lost in his own rhetoric. I really wanted to like you, but telling us everyone else’s spiritual guides are demonic, but yours are true gangsters? Yep. Hmmmmmm… soon until the sign up sheet for the compound goes up Harald. You are on to some solid ground bro, but you are adding way too many condiments. The truth is simple.

    1. Greek trans for demon= knowledge.Is knowledge babies better on your pallet? Like the term or not it is pretty simple. Like he said all the demon/AI /alien/evil goo or dark side whatever is bull shit compared to the power of you/heart/soul/light side. I’m with him Fuck these assholes!

  6. A+++
    Very thought provoking; I will probably listen to this one again. My only problem with this guest is his claim that all angels or beings influencing humans are demonic, except for the ones contacting him. He should at least tell us his method of discernment.

    1. Right, but I felt that even he acknowledged the hypocrisy there a little bit. I really think one of the most accurate worldviews is that anything that really reaches critical mass is most likely a manipulation…but I guess that all gets a bit fuzzy when higher beings contact you directly.

  7. Way too short an interview, but please take that as a compliment. I do wish you’d asked some follow up questions when me mentioned intriguing stuff, but in the end it was clear that one can’t follow every rabbit hole when the time is limited. I hope you interview him again. I liked his good news in the end, but then again I had the same inclination as you to wonder is this a ploy so we’ll give up the ‘game’? Though I’ll say it, I’ve noticed a dark side of myself that I’m not sure what to do with. I had wondered if this was something I had been suppressing all along, or something new, but now I wonder if its part of this process he is speaking of that we each have to go though. So this new perspective may be helpful to me.

    1. Agreed. The criticism I get most is that I don’t challenge guests enough. I totally get that, but sometimes the material is so dense that to keep hitting the breaks and asking for evidence or repeatedly challenging someone – doesn’t leave room for the full story. So I try to do that one just major thing like “Why don’t we know more about this black goo stuff if it’s natural to the Earth?” but it’s a fine line, because you can also make a guest more guarded and completely change the tone of the whole thing. I figure for the most part, let em talk, and the listeners will decide what they need to challenge for themselves.

    2. What most people call dark is only dark compared to our ridiculous Puritan based society. Rape and murder fantasies for example are something everybody has, and are just a byproduct of brain activity. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Also, I thought you might be interested in the work that I do – Alchemical Hypnotherapy. Check out my site at Thanks for all you do, Greg!

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  10. Fantastic topic. Would love to hear more about his sources for this information. I’ll take another listen, but the only thing I heard was that he claims he was contacted by some entity.

    This Wave X thing is giving me 2012 / Mayan apocalypse deja’vu.

  11. Greg, I continue to be blown away by the obvious research you undergo prior to each interview and how seamlessly and expertly you bring forth your resultant findings in the context of each interview. No interview was more beautifully conducted than this one, and the net sum of information imparted was highly cogent and impressive.

    Many thanks and kudos toy you, Greg … As has been said before, “you da man!”

  12. Why is it that every time I think I must be seeing the bottom of the Rabit Hole, you interview someone else who digs it even deeper?
    Lunar landings, Lunar Wave, Flat Earth… then Hatybov and now this???
    Good gief Greg! Thanks a lot!
    Funny thing is, it’s all fitting together and making a lot of sense.

  13. Right on point again with another super up-to-date episode. Seems I just start researching something, or ‘find’ someone and then bam…they’re on THC. Love it.

    So much insightful and interesting stuff here but got pretty disappointed with the whole “and then benevolent aliens/Jesus/Angels whatever will come save you all. Fuck em I say. We can do it on our own with the earth & our collective energy. I’m sick of all their meddling ways. Seems like Lily Earthling is one of the only ones left who’s saying ‘if it comes from the skies, or acts like a saviour – don’t go there…the only thing you can trust is the earth, nature and your heart.

    He says he’s “of the bloodlines” so maybe the saviour stuff Is just a program he’s running. Other than that i think it was another awesome guest. Bring on the mimosas! (Mujima..Mumijo; whatever. Good black goo). ; )

  14. Really enjoyed this interview. Thanks!

    May not buy into everything that was said, but interesting to consider. I was especially bothered by what was said about free will, but to tell you the truth, thinking about free will (or is it the illusion of free will?) always gives me a headache.

    I’d really never known a whole lot about the black goo, aside from whats been put out through fiction, but now I know more and I’m definitely going to look into it even more and plan on getting Mr. Vella’s book.

    Speaking of fiction, the interview kept bringing HP Lovecraft’s writings to mind for me. Especially “The Colour Out Of Space”. Here is a link, if anyone wants to read the short story. Been a long time, think I’ll read it again now myself

  15. GC West Coast King of Conspiracy.
    Bro, was gonna leave Ya a VM about this guy like 2-3 weeks ago but couldn’t find his name or the vid I saw about the goo. Then Boom THC!
    Funny cus I couldn’t remember said info because of thc πŸ™ awe.
    Oh yah I think this subject is why the Golden compass trilogy was cancelled after one movie. Lyra in the movie explains in her world there souls live out side of them selfs they are called demons. Her uncle finds a way to other dimensions in Antarctica. And the Magesteriem (Jesuits) church rules in majority of realms. Any way book series “His dark Materials ” 2nd book she crosses over to our realm and realizes that our souls are inside us. But she says “I get it your demons live inside you ” ! Wtf ! THC Boom! ?

  16. Btw , No Xfiles……really? For shame GC for shame πŸ˜‰ jk
    Out of all podcast Nd radio your killing it doggie. And I’m hella old school C2Cam Art Bell, George,Richard, fuk Dave schrdder!
    Ppl like u cus ur not arguing ur very respectful and u get to the point . My GMA would have loved Ya ( she showed me the real world & I inherited the decernment of spirits from her. I believe u as well have the same calling . Much love, fuk alien goo. Fight the good fight !

    1. Yeah, I got an angle on this.
      Everyone’s a different thing. For me, I ate unconsciously for the first 27 years, then a ate ( shit) consciously for a bit, and then went no animal prods for about 18 months, prompted by a multi layered cancer shitstorm in my family.
      3 months into no animal stuff, I couldn’t even handle the idea of eating meat; made me feel ill.
      Then 12 months ago, I thought, fuck it, the high fat paleo thing seems to have legs, and my shamanic fiddling told my that something has to die for me to eat, animal or veg, so I’m back in the game.

      His comments about split personalities and seeing faces take on a demonic aspect, I can now totally feel that shit coming after about 6 months eating animal goodness again. Also, my empathy for animal welfare has dropped.( I work with animals daily) A lot of what this guy is thinking jives with my experience.
      Now, I am not about to cold turkey meat again, I don’ t think, but my concentration while astral travelling or shamanic journeying is now up the shit, and I have to work my arse off to centre and ground compared with 12 months ago.
      So there are definite pros and cons. I am thinking up the fats, coconut oil and grass fed butter style( grain fed dairy is just shithouse!) and try o cut right back on the meats again and see what happens.
      The Indians managed limited meat( high protein in the bugs they ate in their leaf and grains) by going the “liquid meat” route of dairy, but not milk; fermented. Yoghurt and butter/ghee.
      The East Asians really only promoted a veg/grain avoidance diet for advanced “Chi” practitioners, who knew how to extract energy in other ways, it seems.

      Interestingly, the Vikings seemed to live on quite a low meat diet, but high in fermented dairy and honey. Not as bloodthirsty as all that, perhaps…. πŸ˜‰

      Will let you know how my ” starve the deamon” experiment goes! πŸ™‚

  17. Greg,
    I just want to let you know that I’ve listened this show 3 times already and every time I learned something new, heard clicking of new connections in my worn out brain and fallen deeper and deeper to the rabbit hole. What a ride!
    Fuck me, you are the best! Keep it up man! Keep it up!
    Thanks for everything you do for our tortured Sophia and her brainwashed children.

  18. I was really intrigued with Harald for awhile until I came across this interview and heard him talk about autistic children with the host in such a cruel, hurtful and absurd manner. My heart sank and I had to disregard everything he said (and whoever or whatever was feeding him this information):

    He describes a young girl on a train, clinging to her father, whose voice was “demonic” and face was distorted. How ahe was upsetting everyone on the train and he could hardly stand It. He went on to say that autistics are totally possessed beings with no empathy or capacity for love.

    Being diagnosed with autism as a child myself and having two boys on the spectrum, I’m definitely a bit sensitive about the issue. Past memories of myself in a similar situation on a subway with my father, unable to handle (process) all of the input at a young age cascaded through my mind. Autistics are often accused of a lack of empathy or “theory of mind” (unable to put themselves in someone else’s shoes). But I wonder how many of those people try to imagine what it is like to have an expanded perception, without an accompanying supplemental understanding or interpretive abilities. Lots of people have experienced expanded awareness and sensory perception (colors brighter, noises more bothersome) while using psychedelic drugs, but that is still coming from a state of which you have gained a point of reference. Imagine being born that way.

    Ever since discovering how the supposed shooter at Sandy Hook was labeled as autistic on mainstream media within an hour of it happening (source being an unnamed relative reporting it to an unnamed police officer who passed it along to CNN) I have been very concerned about why autistics are being so “demonized”.

  19. Great show. Thinking back to the show with Wayne Bush on whether to follow the light or embrace the darkness, if Gaia manifests as black goo I’m leaning toward embracing the darkness.

  20. I’m glad everyone else made the X-Files connection. I’d love to know if these ideas emerged spontaneously among the shows authors and your guest.

    I spent several months thinking about the black cube symbolism and saturn symbolism. One possible explanation is it’s the coffin of Osiris. Sort of the base code holy symbol of several mythologies. For christians it’d correspond to the cross. For Star Wars fans, it’d be Darth Vader’s black suit.

    The black goo would be the “system run wild/corrupt system” aspect of saturn–the devourer eating is children.

    I loved this one. good show, really mind stretching.

  21. Very interesting, so many connections.
    I kept wondering – if the Earth is flat and it has a dome, where did the alien black goo come from? Were spiders trapped here? Before or after they built the Moon? Who were the gods that created Earth and the firmament? So many questions and thoughts, can`t translate it all in English correctly πŸ˜€ ..
    Thanks Greg, awesome show! And thanks for asking other guests about this goo stuff too πŸ˜‰ !

  22. We need a timeline recap: which came first to our cosmos?
    A B C D E or F in what order?
    A-Big bang
    C-God ( human like)
    E- Aliens non humans ( non spider ppl)
    F-Spider people

    Did spider people terraform the earth and when did they drag the moon and the sun here? 18 billion years ago? Did they have wars with the Atlantans and Lemurians and later on the Egyptians? are the atlanteans and lemurians in Agartha Hollow earth? Is that why both poles are closed to the public and private funding for expeditions get blackmailed all the time. Did the Chinese find the demons in the ice of Antartic killing and torturing beings is that why all the expeditions were halted and they returned?

    Why not get someone from Mt Shasta to interview about Hollow earth. Are the Greys created by the Annunaki gold miners our cousins? And are they still in control over earth

  23. New sub. Great show. I had an insight when he said that the human soul has a tentative hold on the flesh at birth and that connection can be weakened by pain and confusion so It made me think about these practices that are carried out at birth. If you have your baby in a hospital immediately after birth (used to be slapped) it is ripped from the mother weighed given injections and if it’s a male child it has 1/3 of its penis cut off as dictated by God. This made me think in tribal cultures circumcision is done as a right of passage at the age of man hood in other words maybe came from the tradition of experiencing that pain of your ancestors. In the biblical version it is done as either a servant of God or as a mark of a slave of a Hebrew. Doing this at birth and with just a local anesthetic it is soul shaking trauma that can be measured in elevated levels of cortisol the stress hormone for up to six months after. The foreskin has more nerve endings than the rest of the body combined. In sex those nerve ending connect you to the female which is why women who have sex with uncut males say they feel more connected and satisfied. It makes you wonder if this is why they do this and why no one ever talks about infant male mutilation. It begs the question when is this going to stop? its barbaric. Just my thoughts thanks for bringing them out and giving me somewhere to express them. Peace.

    1. Yes, this turned out to be core dysfunctional programming for me. If circumsized, please immediately tell your penis you love it! Really really love it. Cry a little even then love it everyday.

  24. Pieces of the puzzle. Seems like someone told him something (big) that he thought was true and figured all his data was detrimental to the success of our attempt to get clear of this puppet shit. Sometimes I feel that way, many things I have figured lately that wouldn’t be particular useful for someone not ready to approach that particular “truth”, might even stop them. Don’t want that on me. Everyone just needs to regain sanity whatever that means to you. Quick

  25. I think this amazing – this is the interview on yu tube which got me to THC+. Evidential science which makes what we usually call science look pathetic! but imagine what we could do if we were not held back! Thanks Greg for all the inspiring people you get on show x

  26. I have thought for a long time now that the so called spirit world does not have our best intentions at heart and this is based on experience rather than just speculation or intuition. We are the main course on the menu.
    Cameron Day in his ‘lightworker, darkworker serve the same agenda’ interview was on the ball with that interview but I feel he has been deceived and tricked sometime in 2014, probably based on the same reason most succumb to one power or another outside of themselves…sadness, loneliness, pain, fear.
    To spend as many years as one does searching for truth and having those eureka moments when you think you’ve sussed it and you have finally made it out of the labyrinth, for many (and who can blame them) it comes as too painful for the soul to realise and admit that you may still be stuck in the middle of it, still being deceived, conned and lied to and so a ray of light, that emotional ‘love’ that might be fed to you is too tempting to simply fob off and jump back into the abyss of the labyrinth and start again. AKA Neo at the end of Matrix 2.
    I’m still working on finding a way to exist joyously in this game without selling out to it but it’s a tough one man but it is the only way πŸ˜‰
    Looking forward to listening to this show, going deeper into the rabbit hole is the fun part….

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