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Marty Leeds | Pizzagate, Symbolism, & Secret Societies

Topics Covered: Child Abuse, Conspiracy, Secret Societies, Symbolism

Show Notes

Join The Higherside Chats podcast, with host Greg Carlwood as he and returning guest, Marty Leeds, talk Pizzagate, symbolism and secret societies.

While we may differ on our perspective of the reality that surrounds us, there is one thing we know for certain: there is a sophisticated code baked right in. Today’s guest, Marty Leeds helps us to decipher what this intricate web of encoded message may mean in our grand reality and understanding of self.
2:29 Marty begins by discussing the crazy landscape we are navigating, otherwise known as current events. While we find ourselves in the heart of the historic Pizzagate investigation, researchers have caught themselves in the cross hairs of the “fake news” agenda. Marty reveals his reasons for leaving prominent social media sites, such as Facebook, and how the witch hunt has affected researchers far and wide.
7:20 Greg and Marty dive deeper into the Pizzagate pool, by discussing the some of the more disturbing aspects discovered. As Marty explains, the lewd and lascivious online behavior of many people connected to this scandal should be enough to open a criminal investigation. Couple this with the crackdown on Pizzagate researchers, the obvious subculture built around this abuse, and the government’s involvement through programs such as Project Monarch, the effects are frightening.
17:03 Marty addresses the rumors of a possible Pizzagate investigation under the new Trump administration. He also examines the corrupted political power structure put into place by Washington elites, and whether Trump can deliver on is promise to “drain the swamp” or if instead, he can be implicated in some dark conspiracies himself.
24:42 With a background in the occult and symbolism, Marty is the ideal guest to divulge the details and patterns in Pizzagate. Marty also analyzes the infamous John Podesta photo, and explains the importance behind the fish and number fourteen on his palms.
29:20 Segueing from Pizzagate to his latest book, “Pi & The English Alphabet: Vol. 3”, Greg discusses the foundation of Marty’s work: Gematria and the English alphabet. He also describes it’s significance to the Podesta photo, the number 322 and the Skull & Bones logo.
37:19 Continuing with their conversation about the Skull & Bones logo, Marty details the importance of the use of the femur bone, it’s connection to astro-theology and Sagittarius. Marty also reveals the Masonic connection to the apron, the historic use of it throughout several cultures and it’s symbolism.
46:20 From the paradigm of divine creation seen in examples such as the Fibonacci code and the Golden Ratio, to the nefarious corruption and archon control we actively attempt to subvert, the horizon seems tough to navigate. Marty walks through his take on the the extreme contrasts peppered throughout our reality.
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– the Preamble to the Constitution and the deep seeded symbolism and numerology within it
– cosmological constants, and mathematics as the language of The Creator
– the encoding of Pi to display universal truths about the nature of being
– the septinary system of the English language
– the value and use of mathematics in understanding the extreme balance of good and evil in nature
– the perversion of powerful esoteric knowledge and symbols by the elite
– the fingerprints of Masonry in architecture of our universe, and how this relates to the Flat Earth Theory
– the Bible as a mathematical document
– the number 432 being key to cosmological constants

A few valuable resources from the episode:

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Marty’s interview with Tracy Tyman:

Poynter’s International Fact Checking:

Marty’s “De-occulting of John Podesta” video:
Frank C. Higgins’ book “Apron: It’s Traditions, History and Secret Significances” :
Timothy Hogan’s book “Revelation of the Holy Grail”:
Marty’s video about the Preamble to the Constitution:
Want more Marty Leeds? Check out his website: and his Youtube channel:
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