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Join Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats podcast as he hosts, James Grundvig, to discuss corruption at the CDC and the link between autism and vaccines.

While many people find their flag squarely planted on opposing sides of the polarizing vaccine argument, the one thing they can all agree on is: they really only want what’s best for their children. And unfortunately, while many parents conduct thorough research before making any decision, it’s hard to really know what can be considered credible information. With Big Pharma driven by profits and growth over the health of citizens, it’s easy to see how we can look around and find ourselves over-vaccinated and in the midst of an autism epidemic. Compounding the problem is the nefarious behavior of several top scientists at the CDC and throughout government agencies. Today’s guest, James Grundvig, is not only personally affected by the large scale manipulation occurring, but he has dedicated his life to exposing these dark secrets. He has recently published three books including, “Master Manipulator: The Explosive True Story of Fraud, Embezzlement, and Government Betrayal at The CDC”.
5:35 James begins by detailing the reason behind his extensive research. With his son being one of the original 5,000 cases kicked out of vaccine court, James explains how losing his legal recourse has guided his research. He also describes the devastating effects Thimerosal has had on his son and his family.
8:24 Grundvig details the crucial characters involved in this sinister saga and the roles they played. These include stateside manipulator turned whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson, fugitive at large Danish scientist, Dr. Poul Thorsen, his betrothed Diana Schendel, former head of the CDC Dr. Julie Gerberding and Dr. Coleen Boyle, who has been linked to fraudulent studies involving the side effects associated with Agent Orange.
17:45 After discussing the ways in which the prominent studies cited by pro-vaxxers have been manipulated, Greg and James pivot back to Thimerosal. With several countries around he world banning the use of mercury, Grundvig explains the stranglehold Big Pharma has on government oversight agencies, such as the CDC.
29:30 James continues by discussing the role of Maurice Hilleman, the founder of the MMR vaccine. Grundvig contends Hilleman was aware of the devastating effects of Thimerosal as as early as the 1990’s, but and failed to act. He also elaborates on the way Thimerosal is now used the making of vaccines.
37:42 After Dr. Boyle proved to be a useful tool by manipulating the research conducted into the damaging effects of Agent Orange, it becomes clear to see why she was selected to again run point on the CDC investigation into the link between autism and vaccines. Grundvig explains how this early “success” encouraged her to create the template used to manipulate the autism research results.
47:48 James continues to elaborate on the whereabouts and current projects of Poul Thorsen and Diana Schendel, including recent research they have been involved in and their long and complicated work history.
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– Trump’s involvement in the anti-vax community
– Hillary Clinton’s dangerous approach to the vaccine agenda
– the new constructed crisis, Zika and the various pharmaceutical companies caught with their hand in the cookie jar
– the corruption of trusted medical journals
– real world examples of children affected by vaccines
– the intricacies of Thimerosal poisoning
– the conflicts of interest littered throughout the medical industry

– the roadblocks families face in Vaccine Court

A few valuable resources from the episode:

James Grundvig’s book “Master Manipulator: The Explosive True Story of Fraud, Embezzlement, and Government Betrayal at The CDC”: synopsis of the circumstance surrounding the 5,000 cases dismissed in vaccine court:

Robert De Niro and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s new project World Mercury Project: whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson’s, leaked documents:

Congressional hearing with Dr. Coleen Boyle regarding vaccines and autism:
Congressman Bill Posey calls for an investigation of the CDC’s MMR research fraud:
Dr. Andy Wakefield’s website:

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  1. To vaccinate or not. My head was all over the place coming to a decision. The peer pressure from friends/family and bullying tactics from medical professionals was very intense. I decided to stop the vaccination schedule for my youngest two children, and feel it was the right thing.
    As the law stands here in QLD Australia, the “no jab, no pay” effects low income families and they are basically forced into vaccinating, or they cannot Claim child tax benefits. Child care centres can exclude non vaxed children at their discretion. The ‘choice’ is only there if you can afford it. Sneaky!
    Corporation profits before children’s health. Before a child’s life. It is sickening.
    Thanks for the show Greg, I felt your unease about the subject, for the reason’s you mentioned. But it is part of the puzzle in our fucked up world.

        1. As a mother who went through the same grueling guilt and confusion of not feeling like I was choosing the right decision either way, I suggest at least holding off for a year plus. Strengthen your child’s immune system, opt for lesser shots in the schedule, get only those that you think are truly important. I do feel that a child with a strong immune foundation can beat measles mumps chicken pox, flu etc.
          My child is now 5, has never had a vaccine (a decision not everyone is comfortable with) and has never been to the emergeny clinic or been sick for more than a couple days. I just gave her her first administration of antibiotics at 5, for an ear infection.
          Point being, give the little bodies a fighting chance to build immunities and their bodies are more resilient than we give them credit for. Also as parents, we will never feel like we are making the right decisions. Accept it and do your best, whatever that looks like to you! Best to you.

  2. The CDC’s fraudulent method of estimating flu vaccine effectiveness (VE) each season could show high VE even if the only people getting sick are vaccinated. The method only looks at sick people and compares vaccination rate in sick people with confirmed flu and the vaccination rate in sick people with influenza-like-illness (ILI) that tested negative for flu.

    So the method relies on the key assumption that the vaccinated population is not more likely to get ILI than the unvaccinated population. This is a bad assumption because: 1) major vaccine side effects are fever, headache, aches, chills, coughing, sneezing – IOW, influenza like illness, 2) the CDC’s own studies show vaccination rates in people with ILI were higher than national averages, and 3) some theorize that vaccines weaken the immune system making one more likely to get ILI.

    I explained it in detail in this blog and worked an example CDC calculation of a hypothetical scenario where pretty much the only people getting sick are vaccinated and the CDC would still claim high VE:

    Another issue is that the general public is not informed what VE really is. It is supposed to be a measure of probability reduction which is not necessarily equivalent to benefit.

    For example: if your probability of getting flu without the vaccine were 2 in a trillion and getting the vaccine lowered your chances to 1 in a trillion, you have reduced your probability of getting flu by 50% so you have 50% vaccine effectiveness, but negligible benefit because the chance of getting sick was so low anyway.

    So in order to know what the true benefit of the flu vaccine would be, we would have to have good info on both the true VE (which we do not as I explained above) and also the typical flu infection rate in the general population. We also don’t know that number, but it seems to be very low.

    So basically there’s no way to make a good case that the flu vaccine is beneficial. …and we haven’t even looked at the risks yet. To make a wise decision, a person has to have good info to weigh both risks and benefits. It appears that the alleged “benefits” are pseudoscientific fluff propaganda.

  3. Thank you for covering this topic! Grundvig is another of the many serious passionate folks who are taking a stand for education and transparency and an end to corruption which gives me so much hope where just a few years ago it seemed hopeless. I know many unvaccinated children, homeschooled sometimes, but some have religious exemptions, which seems may soon not be an option in many places. It’s so sad, because the unvaccinated children are healthier, by far. I know this is just anecdotal evidence from one middle-aged woman, but I have no doubt these things are poison and they do not do what they claim to do. I’ve traveled quite a bit in the past to “less developed” countries, their children are healthier, in general folks abroad are healthier, or at least they still were a decade ago. It is very clear to me we have a devastating health crisis here and “the solutions” seem to always be centered around more drugs to solve more symptoms. Folks need to get back to good wholesome food, real food, that’s how diseases and ill-health can be solved, not more meds and shots. For anyone interested in the best resources I’ve found on health and well-being I highly recommend the Weston A Price Foundation. cheers 🙂

  4. Cool episode. It’s funny me and my girl was just discussing about if we have kids will we get them vaccinated. Didn’t take long before we settled on NO. The waters of information are definitely muddied, but I’ll take my chances on not trusting the medical and pharmaceutical industries!

  5. Thank you for addressing this issue. Its a hot button issue but such an important conversation. I like and support your point that it’s not about the science of the vaccines but the clandestine corporations. That has been my reasoning of opting out and I’m fortunate to have the option to waive it for my child to go to schoo.
    It will be interesting to see if William Thompson will ever be given a hearing. His story needs to go to the courts
    Also, did you ever address with your guest why deniro backed out in supporting the movie Vaxxed but now has teamed up with Kennedy. Isn’t that admitting he was pressured by someone to back off? I hope Kennedy will bring more education and transparency to all of this for the sake of our children’s health and all our futures. I think trump appointed him recently to lead investigation in vaccine safety. Step forward anyways.

  6. Hi, I have three children aged 11, 7 & 5. My eldest had vaccinations until someone mentioned the controversy over the mmr vaccine, my youngest two have never had any jabs and are less prone to illness and quicker to recover…maybe just coincidence. There are plenty of alternative medicines that really do work, good food and water is best medicine by my reckoning. (Did cook a few g’s of rick simpson oil recently…that was pretty effective)
    Just feeding back my experience in case anyone is in a quandary about vaccinating their kids. I reckon it’s wonky medicine and my doctor friend is vehemently opposed…look into squaline and how it protects the brain, then look at how in some vaccines they mix squaline (oil) with a surfactant and hey presto blood brain barrier comprised. Holy fucking moley, which brain dead tit/twisted fucker thought that up?!
    As it’s my first post I’d like to big you up Greg and thank you for doing what you do.

  7. I didnt think that this one would be a good listen as Greg sort of implied that the fella was not comfortable with long interviews. However, it was very good and I liked the way he expressed himself. It doesnt have to be a mega 2 hour episode to be good! This was quality; excellent stuff and very enlightening as to how things are in the US. Andrew Wakefield’s reputation has been trashed by the MSM over here and he’s typically portrayed as a “quack” so to my mind that makes him a very good authority.

  8. 290 children in my son’s school year (9th Grade) here in the UK. 200 of them had Tetanus, Diphtheria & Polio vaccination in one arm and Meningitus ACWY vac’ in the other. An alarming 60 children did not attend school next day, all with “allergic reaction” to the vacs’. Many others at school were unwell. The school is apparently having an investigation, but thought the reaction was due to the children having the ‘shot’ a year earlier than what has normally been advised. Any views?

  9. Good show, good guest. A bit apologetic in tone though Greg. I think it is OK to risk offending people who strongly believe in vaccination, they do not hesitate to offend those who do not. Plus the pro-vax types are often bullies. We have not vaccinated our 3 year old. He is extremely healthy. As noted by another member, in Australia not keeping to the vax schedule costs us about $7500 per year, which is very annoying for us. I am a scientist, and I teach at the university level. I have several thick medical reference texts citing all the peer reviewed articles about the side effects of vaccination, there are hundreds of such articles, so do not let anyone tell you the science is settled. One important thing though: the way in which autism is assessed is now way looser than it was even 10 years ago, so for sure part of the explosion in autism is due to the change in assessment methods, not a rise in autism. I also think there is a rise in real cases, if judged like they used to be judged, but good to be aware of that everyone. Vaccination is for sure not the only contributing factor to autism, but is an important factor.

  10. Great show Greg, hit’s very close to home as my two year old has autism. With another little one on the way, we are seriously considering not vaccinating. If we choose to go this route, we will have to homeschool as vaccines are mandatory here in New Brunswick Canada.

  11. Thank you, Greg, for this show! No nonsense, short and to the point.
    I stopped vaccinating my oldest daughter when she was a year old maybe? My y.o. youngest daughter is vaccine free, smart and healthy (knocking on wood). Here in Latvia (EU) we have a much better situation – no mandatory vaccinating, less vaccines, I think no mercury (something is causing very serious health problems though), BUT mass media is so full of vaccine shit and fear porn, it makes me mad when I see it all. Sometimes I feel like the stupidity of men is too overwhelming.. how can anyone believe all that bs.

  12. I didn’t vaccinate but I constantly fight my husband and family about it. She is almost two and I try to understand that it scares them as much as it scares me that something might happen! But it’s bull my daughter is supper healthy compared to my neice only three. Not vaccinated she hasn’t had more than one fever, no severe rash problems, and no ear infections. My neice was completely the opposite, very severe rashes, always sick, and tons of ear infections which is common from other parents I talk to! I still have so much pressure to vaccinate by literally every institution that I constantly have to come back and revisit all the information almost as if to convince myself I’m doing the right thing. I just always end up thinking you can always vaccinate later but never can you unvaccinate. It’s because of parents like your guest that I made this choice, thanks for the show 🙂

  13. For anyone interested in exploring the vaccination issues, please listen to Robert F Kennedy and Del BigTree. They present the conflicts of interest inherent within the CDC, as well as the fraud they have committed in presenting their studies.

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