Join The Higherside Chats as host Greg Carlwood talks about the latest details of Pizzagate, John Podesta, and the pedophile ring with returning guest, David Seaman.

When it comes to the dark underbelly of the conspiracy world, one of the most consistent claims and rumors over the years about the political, religious, and Hollywood elite is that they maintain and protect an international child tracking ring. The abuses of these children range from every twisted sexual desire, and ritual working you might imagine to even as some claim, engaging in cannibalism.

We’ve seen a few instances where these persistent claims have been substantiated over the years: Jerry Epstein’s private pedophile island, the Franklin Scandal, and the threads of abuse at Canadian catholic run orphanages. Guys like Kevin Annette have been exposing these atrocities for years, but like always the toothpaste seems to get stuffed back in the tube and accountability becomes a pipe dream.

However, with the exposure of the John Podesta emails, and the revelations about Spirit Cooking, and what is now being called PizzaGate – it looks like this is the best chance yet at exposing and breaking this longstanding cycle of power and abuse.

One of the brave journalists digging deep and shouting from the rooftops about this is returning guest David Seaman. David has been one of the most prominent voices in this area, as he’s made this scandal his focus. As a studied journalist, David joins The Higherside to help walk us through this tangled web of dark connections.

5:30 David begins by giving some context to his background, including being fired from The Huffington Post for covering Hillary Clinton’s health issues during the 2016 campaign.

9:25 To dive in, Greg and David start by discussing the details of Spirit Cooking, which is the first instance of some of the elite’s true darkness coming up to the surface in the John Podesta email leaks. One interesting leak from the John Podesta emails includes a private invitation to an event with the graphic, ritualistic performance artist of Marina Abramovic, a favored artist in elite circles, whose work eludes to cannibalistic practices behind closed doors.

16:15 Another picture drawing the attention of journalists researching this scandal is of John Podesta, holding up his palms with the number fourteen and picture of a fish on them. Could this be symbolism for “fishing for 14s”? David breaks down the language and coding used throughout the emails to refer to the details of child trafficking.

25:15 Greg provides a few specific quotes directly from the emails to help reinforce the language and codes being used, including having pizza by the hour and pizza related maps.

27:00 With much speculation surrounding the health of Bill and Hillary Clinton, one possible explanation circulating is that they’ve both contracted a rare neurological disorder found among cannibals of Papua New Guinea, known as Kuru.
34:50 They discuss the weird connections involving D.C.’s Comet Ping Pong and Podesta’s child trafficking ring, including the bipolar and revealing reviews, and a journalists experience while investigating the establishment.
42:57 After examining Besta Pizza’s involvement in Pizzagate, from its symbolic logo suggesting pedophilia, to its owner Andrew Kline, who was suspiciously appointed by Bill Clinton as one of the four attorneys in the Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit of The Department of Justice. They also discuss James Alicante’s, the ex-boyfriend of David Brock, the CEO of Correct The Record, a pro-Clinton media conglomerate known for its manipulation of Reddit.
48:25 Another big offender who’s behavior has raised quite a few eyebrows is creepy Joe Biden.
52:59 They discuss the connection between Laura Silsby and Clarissa Coulter, American women who have been charged with trafficking children from the Dominican Republic to Haiti and, not only the Clinton Foundation but Hillary herself during her time as Secretary of State.
59:34 David and Greg discuss the events surrounding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and the involvement of John and Tony Podesta.
1:08:10 With Obama still in office and capable of pardoning Clinton for her crimes, there is speculation that the wheels of prosecution won’t begin turning until Trump is inaugurated. Will he soften his stance or follow through with campaign promises showing it wasn’t just political rhetoric, but the beginnings of something bigger? Can Trump be trusted, or is he as well connected and devious as the Clinton’s?
1:16:57 While the media critically condemned Trump for unsavory things said in the past, it is obvious to see their complete negligence in covering the egregious actions of the hawkish Hillary Clinton, making them somewhat complicit in these atrocities.
1:28:35 Greg and David discuss the pivotal election results, including a resounding rejection of the “War on Drugs”, by the American populous and how a Trump Cabinet will effect state’s rights.
1:37:30 After experiencing alarming health issues recently, David elaborates on the complicated and sometimes hazardous repercussions journalists face while investigating such high profile politicians.

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