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Join Greg Carlwood, host of The Higherside Chats podcast, as he talks about hands-on energy healing through the scientific lens with, Dr. Bill Bengston.

While the almighty elite prefer to keep us sick and unaware of the personal power of healing, we have come to understand there is a compelling curiosity at the crossroads of reality and consciousness. With so much to lose with the unleashing of this knowledge, the work of Dr. Bengston poses not only a threat to their financial prosperity, but a complete crumbling of their carefully orchestrated system of oppression. His extensive research through detailed lab experiments, first hand experience, and anecdote has opened the doors to the potential for hands on healing aided by consciousness and perfected using rapid imaging techniques.
2:52 As a scientist and skeptic, Dr. Bengston found himself inadvertently studying healing while scientifically testing the abilities of a self-proclaimed psychic. As the psychic’s readings began to turn physical, Dr. Bengston recognized an opportunity to research this phenomena of symptoms transferring to and from people and one’s ability to lay hands and heal.
9:29 Having a controlled environment is necessary for research to be credible and experiments to be replicated in the future. Dr. Bengston describes the obscure path his research has taken, the parameters of his “pre-clinical” studies, and the details behind his study conducted using mice at City University of New York and outlines the captivating results.
19:35 With such inconceivable results, Dr. Bengston details his method of rapid image cycling, how it works and it’s continuous evolution. As Dr. Bengston explains- his technique is one that requires both time and mindful practice, in order to achieve a level of mindlessness similar to something like second nature.
25:42 Dr. Bengston addresses whether his method shares similarities to comparative healing and holistic practices such as Reiki, crystals, and the power of intention. He also details how his method has benefited and effected practitioners in their healing work. Bill also explains how his method has been used in the treatment of Cancer to Alzheimer’s Disease.
32:55 With over 20 experiments conducted into the effects of image cycling used in healing, Dr. Bengston has labored to ensure not only are his results derived from scientifically sound experiments, but that his results can be replicated. This can only be achieved through multiple experiments aimed at weeding out permutations and  then, ultimately focusing on other variations of interest. Listen as he outlines the conditions of his research and the phenomenon of skepticism in science.
36:42 Dr. Bengston continues detailing his research, including one experiment working with MRI machines and healing, and his take on whether or not healing is a conscious act.
41:00 Dr. Bengston explains his hypothesis on energy susceptibility and if a connection is necessary for healing. He also clarifies the role of the conscious mind and it’s importance.
44:35 Dr. Bengston describes the unique brain harmonic pattern created in his experiments and how that compares to other altered states. He also reiterates the importance of the journey from mastery to mindlessness and how healing must have a need of the highest order.
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– the implications of his method on Big Pharma and the medical industrial complex
– the crucial role of The Society for Scientific Exploration and the newest areas of research Dr. Bengston finds most compelling
– the research of psychiatrist, Bruce Greyson, regarding consciousness
– the work of Bernard Grad and it’s influence on healing research
– Dr. Bengston’s work using charged cotton swabs and their effectiveness in healing
A few valuable resources from the episode:
Want more Dr. Bill Bengston? Check out his website or review his research for yourself. You can also find his book and audio course here.
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  1. Greg,
    is there a way to get email notifications when a new show is posted on Plus site? I really don’t like checking the site and/or twitter all the time :)) . I get an email when Crrow posts one.. Also, it would be very useful to get notifications when someone replies to a comment, especially if someone new comes around and goes through older episodes and replies to old comments.
    Are show ratings gone forever or just temporary?

  2. Okay you are right, I’ll pay $5 to a guy that is bringing me a meal that will probably kill me, but not for valuable information that will change my life? Sorry for that oversight. This was the episode, I loved it. I’m very excited to now listen to the second hour and I’ve already ordered the book and CDs. Please keep up the amazing work.

    1. I love this guy and I would love a cohort with whom to cyber practice.

      His technique dovetails with magick beautifully, if that’s a plus.

      In fact this reminds me to relisten to the Disks.

      I still haven’t practiced rapid cycling. I get to maybe a dozen images then … life.

      I’d love someone with whom to compare notes.

  3. Very intriguing! Thank you Dr. Bill and Greg for excellent THC experience.

    Rapid mental imaging is very interesting. I’m going to try it out. It seems to me that this technique is new way of presenting an old truth: leave your “self” out when doing magic.

  4. I’m only in far enough to hear about the mouse tumors and hands on the cages. But what was described about the growths ulcerating and erupting/imploding, it took me back to when I had a black spot/growth on my face and a friend asked if she could put this black salve stuff on it. She told me that if the spot was malignant, the salve would remove it; if it wasn’t, nothing would happen. She applied a small dollop of the salve on the spot and covered it with a band-aid and told me to remove it in three days. When I removed the band-aid, a little, hard, black, nodule came out of my face, leaving a little crater. The crater over time filled in and skinned over with some rough, dry, slightly off-colored, skin and stayed like that for years. This was about thirty years ago and the strange skin slowly went away and now only the tiniest white scar remains to show anything ever happened there.

    The original site of the spot was where I had been tattooed with some kind of dirt when I was in a serious accident in a Datsun pickup endo where I was nearly killed. The spot on my face was the least of the emergency doctors’ concerns, as I had been extensively cut, scalped, and had lost much blood. In clinical terms, my head was “seriously fucked up.” The ambulance EMTs and crew had told everyone around that I was surely a goner. It took hundreds of stitches and staples to put my head back into some order. I was looking good at the county fair the next weekend. Good for a Frankenstein’s monster, anyway. That wreck was probably forty years ago. I was told later by a dentist that I should get to a dermatologist because that spot looked cancerous to him.

    Anyway, it was the similarity to the tumors coming out of the mice that made me remember this.

    1. Holy shit, man. That’s some story. It sounds like that pleasure of popping a really gnarly black-head, but on a profoundly more powerful level. Any idea what composed the salve?


      1. That’s some story.

        ‘T’weren’t the half of it, really. Me and a friend were conducting a joint study of the worst possible ways to drive drunk in a small pickup without seat belts. As Freewheelin’ Franklin sez, “Smokin’ grass and drinkin’ beer is like pissin’ into the wind.” I was laughing my ass off, thinking the ride was the funniest thing ever before the lights went out. I came to upside down in the dark. Best position to keep from going into shock. I did eventually start losing consciousness for the blood loss, but it was in and out, and I kept the jokes coming as best I could.

        The driver got kept in place by the steering wheel. Me, I got my head slammed in the door that opened when the front right corner of the truck hit the ground, and shut when the tailgate hit the ground. The window frame wrapped around my skull, which bent both the roof and the door, which latched and would not reopen when the truck came to rest upside down.

        Hell of a skull, though (temporarily deformed, but not busted). It was the rain gutter that pealed back my scalp, with half my ear attached. I stayed there, pinned in the door, while the volunteer fire dept tried to pry it open. It took a long time, as the latch mechanism no longer was working. The next year when the fair came around again, the fire department was demonstrating their brand new Jaws of Life. You could say I was an inspiration to them.


        Just do a search on “black salve” and you’ll see plenty to read about that.

        The husband of the woman who put it on me had several of those little white scars on his face and vouched for the treatment.

        1. I use black salve all the time on moles and bumps that look suspicious and have experienced the same thing. It must be the natural route the body uses when given some kind of push. I order mine from Alpha Omega labs who reside in South America now due to US harassment. There are a lot of ineffective salves on the market that I’m sure are purposely sold to diminish interest in the treatment. You have to carefully choose your suppliers.

      1. I have a lot of them I would have never volunteered to be in, but looking back, am glad I got to be there. As the years go by, so many things that seemed bad at the time were gifts in the long run. There is a gratitude there that I wish I could bottle and pass around. But then, I was a very slow learner, so if it hasn’t hit anyone yet, try to entertain that it’s all been put here just for us. When this is seen, the loads we get seem so much lighter.


        And Julie, please check your messages, I have some questions for you there.

    1. Respectfully, Benston’s research has indicated that intent actually interferes with healing.

      A conjectured purpose of the cycling is to prevent this intent, but it’s not conclusive.

      1. In magic, non-attachement is seen as one of the keys to success. The three ways it can be achieved are forgetting the goal, not caring about the goal, or being certain about success. But worrying about whether it will work ususally makes the ritual not work.

  5. I just kept liking this guy more as it went on. I loved his description of the Skeptics Society: “their arms are folded, their legs are folded, they have a scowl on their face…” Ha ha.

    I am especially interested in the Society for Scientific Exploration. I wonder if high school dropouts can get in. Going to be checking that out for sure.

    Ever since I was a little kid, I have had numerous experiences of fixing machinery by way of the laying on of hands. It has been a joke for some friends, but often enough, I would get the call to do the magic. I fix a lot of stuff, so I wish I could depend on it working in every case. It would beat buying parts, right.

    Anyway, this was a great ‘cast for my tastes, and a guest I would love to just hang out with. Belief does just suck, and I don’t know anything either. It’s just fun to play around in this crazy world, seeing what works, this time. Great guest and interview, Greg. I once again bow before you. Thanks.


    On an unrelated note, to my fellow Highersiders: Today and tomorrow are the final days to ask the outgoing president to free the innocent political prisoner, Leonard Peltier, by granting clemency. The White House phone line has been down for weeks (not interested in hearing people frightened by Trump, I would guess), so today I was forced to use this link: , to beg for this man to be given his freedom. If you know his story, you will want to do as I did and plead for some mercy in this case.

    He has been made an example of, after two other men were acquitted of the same charges, for reasons of self defense. The FBI went nutz over this fact. COINTELPRO lives on, while Leonard sits in prison. They just couldn’t have such a precedent stand. Imagine strange men coming on your land in civilian clothes with guns drawn, you and your friends, fearing for your lives, defend you and yours. The government agents had to railroad someone, anyone they could, so that they could come out looking like the winners and overturn that precedent.

    When it looked like Bill Clinton was going to grant Leonard his freedom in January of 2001, the bureau showed up to protest in front of the White House with signs and such. How ironic is that? J. Edgar Hoover is jacking off in Hell every day that Leonard stays locked up.

    If anyone is interested in this case, there is the book: In the Spirit of Crazy Horse, by Peter Matthiessen, or the documentary produced and narrated by Robert Redford: Incident At Oglala.

    So please, if anyone is moved to help, this is Leonard’s eleventh hour, and not getting clemency will surely mean his death sentence in federal prison.

    Sorry for the hijack of the thread, but the forum is not happening, and this is where it might be seen.

    Please help Leonard Peltier.

    Thank you,


    1. Apparently, it was already too late yesterday. The minds were already made up. I think I can probably say why, since it was the people of the world vs. the FBI. It’s just that the FBI is really that powerful in our nominal democracy.

      John Ryan, a former FBI agent, also urged the president to grant clemency, writing, “Like the vast majority of FBI agents, I joined the agency out of a desire to make the world a better place. I believed then as I believe now in the American values of justice and fairness, but as I look back over the past 41 years, I see neither in the Peltier case.”

  6. After hearing your speech at the end, a response: I am not able to function in the forums. Why is that? I don’t think I will get to see your replies. It has been this way for months. My subscription is about up. Hmmm!

    Will buy the book. Will buy the CDs.

    1. Well, right now it’s under construction but it’s been functioning fine up until a few days ago. It’s directly plugged into the login system, so I don’t know what the issue could have been. Sorry, you’ve been having issues with it!

      1. I just listened to the interview on his website with Sounds True and he mentions that doing the cycling is to put one into a flow state. I don’t think its mention on the HSC interview. My daughter and I had just been talking about flow states and Dr. Bengston is saying his method can enable one to do it. I find that very intriguing and useful in so many other areas. Every interview clarifies a little more. Can’t wait to get the CDs.

        1. Cheers brother! I’m heading to his fourth/final of 2017 in New York @ Omega Institute. I’m in it to win it, as it is – I love healing and I’m trying to stay skeptical :3

          As it is, I highly suggest six time grand slam THC+ returning champion Gordon White’s Rune Soup Premium Membership to help you on your way – consider this another piece gifted from your friend, Occult Fan.

          A link, you say, to make it easier? Here go! –>

        1. As far as the book, he mentions doing quite amazing things, but gives no extra information which is disappointing. He healed tinnitus, how, how long did it take? I don’t know. I emailed his center on one matter and his assistant emailed that he didn’t know how he had fixed it, it was too long ago to remember. The only data he details is about curing mice of cancer. The techniques aren’t much elaborated on, I’m guessing you’d be as good to start from this interview then waiting for the book. That being said, I’m only 3/4 the way through it.

  7. I find it very interesting how everyone becomes left handed once they have mastered this technique. Perhaps it’s a completely irrelevant correlation, but it makes me wonder about the church being against left-handed people.

    Just a random observation, I enjoyed this show very much and I’m looking forward to following Dr.Bengston in the future!

    1. After I listened to the Bengston Skeptiko episode, I read his book and then tried the technique on my girlfriend who had chronic back pain. My left hand suddenly felt like it was full of electricity… She could even feel it when she put her hand on mine… right hand? Nothing. Left hand? buzzzzz… Even now, when I just think about healing, my left hand instantly starts tingling. Very strange…

        1. She said it felt warm and soothing and temporarily relieved the pain. We only did this 2 or 3 times… maybe should have done more. It was about 3 years ago that we tried the Bengston method and she still had pain flare up from time to time after that, but her back IS quite a bit better now and I can’t remember the last time she had pain flare up the way she used to. She recently got a punching bag and has been using it with no issues, so maybe it’s totally better?

  8. Have been following the good Dr, and others in this area, and using their tech, ever since reading “The Field” in 2007. He is one of the good guys.
    Props for doing this show Greg.

  9. Awesome, looking forward to listening to this. Just had some real shit family news. Twice. At the same time. Should help me take my mind off it till I can deal with it tomorrow.


      1. Thanks Occultfan, you and Juliesunshine are always such positive happy people and I always look forward to reading both your comments. Was stoked to hear your username read out on the Q&A episode!

        1. Straight up! I’m not always positive, sometimes I shine shadow only, but my ultimate aim, the end product, I believe, is that I am to heighten the spirit of humanity, to spread healing, to inspire kindness and self-sustainability, to coin a term. Definitely feel free to hit me up, coz nothing makes me feel better than helping others when I have the energy. We all have a hand to heal and a hand to kill. The choice is ours alone which we ultimately become. When one leaves the realm of comedian or joker, and starts to take this seriously, perhaps that has missed the point, and I, a pisces rising, am coming to wonder just what I am trying to do, what with all this ‘seriousness’. Healing, I think, is the answer. Anyways, once more, feel free to say what’s up, Trashpunk, iffin’ ya find the urge.

  10. “The primary aim of official propaganda is to generate an “official narrative” that can be mindlessly repeated by the ruling classes and those who support and identify with them. This official narrative does not have to make sense, or to stand up to any sort of serious scrutiny. Its factualness is not the point. The point is to draw a Maginot line, a defensive ideological boundary, between “the truth” as defined by the ruling classes and any other “truth” that contradicts their narrative.

    Imagine this Maginot line as a circular wall surrounded by inhospitable territory. Inside the wall is “normal” society, gainful employment, career advancement, and all the other considerable benefits of cooperating with the ruling classes. Outside the wall is poverty, anxiety, social and professional stigmatization, and various other forms of suffering. Which side of the wall do you want to be on? Every day, in countless ways, each of us are asked and have to answer this question. Conform, and there’s a place for you inside. Refuse, and … well, good luck out there.”

    Just wanted to share this in relation to the story about how all these Universities are full of genuine thinkers who can’t speak out. This was an incredible episode.

  11. I love his assertion that his method/image cycling( sigil work) removes blocks/impediments or dampens frequency.
    Spot on.
    In my forays on this, Quantum Touch adds to, or enhances/entrains frequency, and Pranic Healing does a bit of both; removing crud and enhancing what is there/recharging. All three seem to compliment each other, and do some things better than others.

    The bit about Bengston/cycling being left handed also fits well.
    Unless you deliberately override it, the body seems to automatically give with the right hand and receive with the left.
    Interesting that Pranic Healing has a whole protocol for receiving and dealing with “diseased frequencies” s the healer does not get sick, but it is not really a thing with the good Dr’s method. The more you try to steer the ship, the worse off for you, it seems.

    Finally, the cured mouse cell implant curing the same disease in other mice is the most perfect example of ‘resonance entrainment’ you will come across.
    The ‘body’ remembers, even if the ‘conscious brain’ does not.

    I was not aware of the Placebo resonance effect. Sneak fuckers!!

    1. Hammer1 awesome fucking insights!
      The right hand tendency is whirling my mind.

      I wonder too, change topics, how Carlwood’s MeatMeet went? Gregglewood! Come to Boston soon bud! Pot’s legal here too.

  12. Wow! My five bucks was well spent here. This is maybe my favorite episode out of five+ years of listening.

    I appreciate The Carlwood looking out for listeners, and bringing knowledge that can help us kick the 9 to 5 and protect the body and spirit.

    Dr. Bengston’s work hit me like a ton of bricks. Just bought the download of the instruction course, and I’m jumping into it in a few hours.

    One comment that he made of the value of selfishness struck me as interesting. It has been my experience that attracting abundance can be difficult if on a deep level, you don’t feel deserving of it. Every social and ethnic demographic in America is hit with programming that puts them at odds with their own tremendous potential.

    When recently working with one of the Seals of Solomon, the phrase “for the preservation of mind and spirit” was used as the reason for providing the massive toolkit composed of the Pentacles to humans. I find that powerful phrase to be in alignment with Dr. Bengston’s endorsement of selfishness. It isn’t a Gordon Gecko proclamation in the throes of greed, just a stubborn insisting of our right to live in a state of peace and abundance.

  13. My theory on how this works…

    The mind is a hierarchy composed of smaller and smaller subgroups of consciousness that have mini-personalities and are feedback loops. The sense of having a singular undivided “I” personality at the top of this hierarchy is created by a main dominant feedback loop. This top personality feedback loop of consciousness is like a dictator or king ruling over the lower hierarchy of self.

    Just as in political hierarchy, the ruler authors an inspiring story in attempt to get everybody aligned to a common goal which energizes and motivates the people to action.

    Perhaps cycling desirable outcomes mentally is like the great leader, “I”, giving a rousing speech to the masses of conscious elements that compose the hierarchy of an individual’s consciousness and this gets them all amped up and ready to go to work on achieving
    the goals.

    Just like the leader doesn’t have to be aware of the specific activities of the lower levels, but rather casts a vision inspiring action with delegated authority to lower ranks, the cells and neurons go about their business with passionate fervor thanks to the leader’s great speech (cycling).

    In this model, there is knowledge crowd-sourced from the lower levels of the hierarchy of the individual’s consciousness which may not make it all the way up the chain to the “I” at the top. So cells and neurons might perceive the needs of others and act on those needs without explaining what they’re doing to “headquarters”.

    So cycling gets the individual’s pyramid of consciousness amped up for action which generates a type of energy or power that has not been identified by conventional science yet (except in Bengston’s mice studies and other IONS studies).

    How does this power go out and change the external world such that cycled images start finding their fulfillment? One metaphor to explain this is the dream metaphor. If waking life is a dream or sub-reality within a higher reality, then consider how stimulus inside the dream or outside the dream can alter the dreamscape. If someone tickles a sleeper’s hand with a feather, he might start dreaming of bugs or a bunny. Or from the inside he might encounter a frog and suddenly the environment morphs into a swamp.

    So perhaps this reality – being a sub-reality – has this bendable morphing characteristic though much more stable than our own dream realities.

    Cycling which generates “subtle energy” is thus a stimulus like a feather on the hand to the “sleeper” in the higher reality which enjoins his mind to morph the dreamscape to fulfill our goals.

  14. My father died at age 92 last November, of congestive heart failure due to hypertension damage. He seemed very healthy, he never complained of chest pain, but then, he never complained at all. But I did. Around last January/February I had two episodes in one week where suddenly my chest was compressed, I was breathless and felt like it was being squeezed in a vice. It went off in about ten minutes, but I was so sure I had heart problems, I asked for a test, which showed no problems. I would perhaps not have connected this with my dad, had it not been for the fact that the first time I ever felt this pain was at the exact time my husband died of a heart attack, 12 years ago. I found out at 5pm, it happened at 9am, and that was when I had the pain, sitting in traffic on my way to work. I am convinced I felt their heart pain. Brilliant episode Gregg.

  15. I loved the episode, but it keeps me coming back to the electric universe. Im sitting here listening contemplating an explination that could possibly tie this together. He said the healing does not have an effect on decaying tissue and defencies within a diet related illeness. The heart has its own electric generator. The brain uses tiny electric snaps to send messages to the other parts of its brain and nervous system, giving you motor control. My point is humans are electric by nature, thats why a Defibrillator rejumps our heart timing. I buy into the Dollard and Thornhill theories. I think thats why planets have more importance to astrology. Maybe they are blobs of plasma. But maybe the brain is generating some weird electric phenomeon. He said you could not mummify a bananna with the charged cotton ball, only by touching. He said several times, some things only worked when it was hands on. I think it has to do with something electrical occuring within our bodies. You cant statically shock someone if you dont touch them. I think it works like that only with the objects and the banannas. Everything else, the healing from a distance, along with the idea that if one mouse was healed then the other mice would be healed if in a bonded group. Well i think the big difference within those two things is concensiousness. Clearly the objects that had no consciousness had to be physically touched. Everything else he said he was healing remotly was in some form alive. That could be the rope that ties all the good Doctor’s research together. Or not

  16. Does anyone know a practice exercise to help with the cycling? Also, which factor would increase one’s healing potential, speed of cycling or how detailed the thought image is? In other interviews he says the cycling is basically twiddling your thumbs while the beginning intention to heal is the key of the practice. I could be wrong >.> maybe I just need to buy the book

  17. The charged cloth aspect was interesting. There is a long tradition of using an “annointed prayer cloth” to send healing distantly. There is mention of Paul doing it in the book of Acts. Perhaps that was the original reason for looking into the phenomena in the first place.

    Really good one Greg!

  18. Reminds me of Richard Bandler (N.L.P.) who has the same manly man self-deprecating humor style. I’m always suspicious of anyone that says outright that he doesn’t believe in what he’s doing -especially if he has a very practiced and charming air. This kind of self-help/new age/magic material is always pushed by spooks and O.T.O. agents whose primary modus operandi is insincerity. Crowley was absolutely a British Agent (check out the excellent Secret Agent 666 by Richard Spence) and most of those pushing this kind of stuff (including drugs) end up being spooks and followers of Crowley (ie. Admitted CIA asset Tim Leary who believed he was carrying on Crowley’s work). It may seem that I’m lumping quite a few things together but my opinion comes from years of watching (and living) this stuff. I know that this show has offered mostly positive views of Crowley and his magical off-shoots but as someone who has read almost all of his work and directly seen his (and the OTOs) effect on music and Hollywood I would urge caution. This Crowley quote clearly shows the connection between the Dr. Bengston/Richard Bandler “skeptic” types and Crowley’s teachings:

    “In this book it is spoken of the Sephiroth, and the Paths, of Spirits and Conjurations; of Gods, Sphere, Planes, and many other things which may or may not exist. It is immaterial whether they exist or not. By doing certain things certain results follow; students are most earnestly warned against attributing objective reality or philosophic validity to any of them.”

    Reminds me of McKenna (who only rarely consumed hallucinogens and was likely pressed into spookdom when busted for drugs) telling everyone to just try mushrooms and see for themselves.) T.M. obviously said some brilliant things but in the end he was a charlatan much like Crowley, Leary and their later ideological torchbearers (like Dr. Bengston) whose philosophies boil down to that of the serpent: “C’mon, just try it!!”

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