Join Greg Carlwood, host of The Higherside Chats podcast, as he talks about hands-on energy healing through the scientific lens with, Dr. Bill Bengston.

While the almighty elite prefer to keep us sick and unaware of the personal power of healing, we have come to understand there is a compelling curiosity at the crossroads of reality and consciousness. With so much to lose with the unleashing of this knowledge, the work of Dr. Bengston poses not only a threat to their financial prosperity, but a complete crumbling of their carefully orchestrated system of oppression. His extensive research through detailed lab experiments, first hand experience, and anecdote has opened the doors to the potential for hands on healing aided by consciousness and perfected using rapid imaging techniques.
2:52 As a scientist and skeptic, Dr. Bengston found himself inadvertently studying healing while scientifically testing the abilities of a self-proclaimed psychic. As the psychic’s readings began to turn physical, Dr. Bengston recognized an opportunity to research this phenomena of symptoms transferring to and from people and one’s ability to lay hands and heal.
9:29 Having a controlled environment is necessary for research to be credible and experiments to be replicated in the future. Dr. Bengston describes the obscure path his research has taken, the parameters of his “pre-clinical” studies, and the details behind his study conducted using mice at City University of New York and outlines the captivating results.
19:35 With such inconceivable results, Dr. Bengston details his method of rapid image cycling, how it works and it’s continuous evolution. As Dr. Bengston explains- his technique is one that requires both time and mindful practice, in order to achieve a level of mindlessness similar to something like second nature.
25:42 Dr. Bengston addresses whether his method shares similarities to comparative healing and holistic practices such as Reiki, crystals, and the power of intention. He also details how his method has benefited and effected practitioners in their healing work. Bill also explains how his method has been used in the treatment of Cancer to Alzheimer’s Disease.
32:55 With over 20 experiments conducted into the effects of image cycling used in healing, Dr. Bengston has labored to ensure not only are his results derived from scientifically sound experiments, but that his results can be replicated. This can only be achieved through multiple experiments aimed at weeding out permutations and  then, ultimately focusing on other variations of interest. Listen as he outlines the conditions of his research and the phenomenon of skepticism in science.
36:42 Dr. Bengston continues detailing his research, including one experiment working with MRI machines and healing, and his take on whether or not healing is a conscious act.
41:00 Dr. Bengston explains his hypothesis on energy susceptibility and if a connection is necessary for healing. He also clarifies the role of the conscious mind and it’s importance.
44:35 Dr. Bengston describes the unique brain harmonic pattern created in his experiments and how that compares to other altered states. He also reiterates the importance of the journey from mastery to mindlessness and how healing must have a need of the highest order.
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