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Mark Devlin | Musical Truth 2, Lifetime Actors, & Weaponized Sound

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Join The Higherside Chats podcast, with host Greg Carlwood and guest speaker Mark Devlin as they talk about conspiratorial culture creation and dark forces manipulating the music industry.

In his previous book, Musical Truth, Mark brought into light the true nature and objectives of the music industry which includes the deception of the musical offerings of the 60s and the weaponization of the Hip-Hop industry into gangster rap.

Digging deeper into his research Mark found out that this can be present in all areas of entertainment thus, writing Musical Truth 2 which was released this year. The step by step research led him to discover that the main objective of deception and duplicity are connected with military intelligence, the Ivy League, the government and even secret societies.


To start off, Mark shares the first few chapters of Musical Truth 2 about the overlaps and parallels of Summer of Love in 1967 and the UK Acid House in 1988. He also discussed that these events were heavily influenced by the CIA, and that the latter has been related to ecstasy, symbolism, and the Harmonic Convergence.


Moving forward to 2018, there is this rise of massive electronic music dance festivals which hints to futurism having titles like Tomorrow Land, Tomorrow World and Mystery Land. Also, Mark shared the clues found in the Smiley Yellow Face which relates to ecstasy, then connecting it to the Smiley Face killings.


Going into the specifics, Mark mentioned names like Paul Van Dyk and Steve Aoki using logos similar to that of MI5; and that symbolism, drugs and sound frequencies is a malevolent manipulator’s dream.


Greg and Mark talks about the Science of Sound citing that sound can be used for healing people in comatose and those who are experiencing illnesses. Similarly, Mark explains that sound can also be used as a weapon.

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-An updated perspective to the Paul is Dead theory

-the work of Miles Mathis

-the manipulation of the punk music genre

-famous names of the beat movement & their sketchy connections.

-Ed Sharron

-Conspiracy related symbolism in 80’s music and music videos

-the strangeness and symbolism surrounding the seeming ritual death of George Michael

A few valuable resources from the interview:

Musical Truth Volume 1 and 2

Mark Devlin on The Higherside Chats:

 “The Laurel Canyon Tour w/ Mark Devlin”:

 “Military Intelligence Musical Roots & Hollywood’s Elite”:

 “Mind Control and Magick In The Corporate Music Industry”:

The Guardian’s ‘Second Summer of Love’:

1988 Mixmag article “The Balearic Beat Story” written by, Pete Tong and Paul Oakenfold:

The Guardian’s

 ‘From Ibiza to Interzone: Acid house 20 years on’:

 ‘The Birth of Rave’:

Livestyle Inc. (formerly SFX entertainment):

‘SFX Entertainment Rebrands as LiveStyle: The World’s Largest Electronic Music Event Producer’:

William Ramsey’s website:

James Palumbo, Baron of Southwark and Owner of Ministry of Sound in London:,_Baron_Palumbo_of_Southwark

Video of Madonna at the Ultra Music Festival asking about Molly:

Paul Van Dyke’s triangular DJ symbol:

Harmonic Convergence

Smiley Face Killings

The Vigilant Citizen – Symbols Rule the World

Find Mark Devlin on:




Truth, Mind, Reality Conference 2018:

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Hell yea! I love Mr. Devlin!


I welcome a deeper dive into disco and the 70’s, but at the same time I think that decade was full of self evident downward spirals of morality. Teenagers exploited on stage and screen, often naked in seedy sexual ways. Drugs, crimes and promiscuity of the celebrities we exalted, all fucking each other and underage boys and girls. Bad Girls, the number one hit for weeks celebrating prostitution. It was a foul decade on the surface…the depths must be appalling.

james deweaver27

Keith Jesperson was known as “The Happy Face killer” and would leave behind on the scene a “Smiley Face” as Mark Devlin described, he’s known to have killed at least 8 women in the 1990’s until he was finally caught and is now in the psychiatric facility @ the Oregon State Penitentiary forever.


I like how Mark’s research is taking what Dave McGowan started with his Laurel Canyon book and applying it to another music scene with its ties to establishment and intelligence networks.
I’m glad there are a few researchers who follow McGowans method, there is plenty to uncover in all the different scenes and not just music but all aspects of culture.
There was a recent ‘Our Interesting Times’ episode where Tim Kelly spoke to Matthew Sergiou about similar topics including his work on the occult side of the Beatles with some very interesting stories.
Maybe Matthew Sergiou could be a potential future guest.


Greg, Matt’s a good friend of mine and is an impeccable researcher with an encyclopaedic knowledge of The Beatles. I can make an introduction for you if you’d like?


Cool episode. Alan Moore wrote “Watchmen” rather than illustrating it, it was illustrated by Dave Gibbons.


Also, Aleister Crowley was not a chaos magician, he’s was a ceremonial magician. (In fact Alan Moore has been quoted speaking disparingly of chaos magic.) Mark may be getting Moore confused with his rival Grant Morrison.


Good catch. Another one I picked up was that Steve Aoki is american not Japanese.


I had a hard time with this one… Mark starts out by saying something dismissing the notion that this could be a case of making something out of nothing or seeing something that isn’t there.. but then he goes on for 30 minutes giving, in my opinion, some really shaky and often anecdotal information, which almost detracts from the point he’s trying to make.. While I’m sure there is some decent evidence for drawing parallels between a lot of these topics, I found myself rolling my eyes quite a few times.. I understand that perhaps there was something deeper and darker at the inception of these ideas involving the first music festivals .. but nowadays I go to 3 or 4 festivals a year – all promoted by smaller companies from the region, and they’re ALWAYS chalk full of the symbolism mentioned – anywhere from the names, (Resonance festival comes to mind) the artwork, and even the bands and their names and lyrics.. but these aren’t CIA funded operations, and they’re not tools for conveying or changing some collective mindset of the individuals at the festivals – in fact – If you look at the majority of the small, individual, self-promoting vendor companies, as well as people selling or creating art, who would conceivably be the target of this nefarious subliminal programming – they all bring the same types of art styles, symbology, and ideas to the table.. and my guess is it’s not because they’re all a bunch of self-activating brainless Manchurian sleeper-cell cattle people who don’t know that every time they take some ecstasy and slap an all-seeing eye sticker on their van, they’re perpetuating some CIA operation..


I think maybe the point is that there are certain questionable origins of these symbols as in the people or companies who started the trends and popularized them in the scene. Once that gets the ball rolling, the smaller companies and individuals are simply copying and perpetuating their usage.


I get that, and that would most definitely be the underlying point.. if it has as much validity as is given to it. I’m not calling BS on the idea as a whole, but where/what is all of this symbology that was created for this purpose? Some bloodshot eyeball logo that was used by the Dead on a flyer? The parallel that was drawn was attempting to connect that image and memes of the original ‘summer of love’ and how they showed up on some 80’s band posters during a shift in the popular music scene decades later.. Is that really an out-of-the-box idea to think that people might make reference to the mindset, the language, and artistic themes of a recent time period which saw similar shifts in culture? Again, it could very well be there – but other than the family ties, I didn’t hear much in the way of anything provable. So what was the point? I get the angle of creating this false sense of change and freedoms by way of fabricating a counter-culture, and I get that most of these things are layered, confusing, and often not apparent – but what did it all create? Never met a Dead head who watched Fox News.. and my guess is that anyone in the position to create and implement mind control methodology for the masses has a better understanding of how reality works and (better) things to do than throw disharmonic wub-wubs in your Bassnectar.


Thanks both – great research. There was a really good documentary series about disco which said it had gone underground and become beloved of gays after some Christian backlash against having fun. This kept it going on into the dance music scene. This was on the bbc so maybe crap! xxx


disco sucks. great episode, man!


also, techno/dubstep sucks.


I could only listen to the first 30 minutes before I gave up. Too many unsubstantiated “facts” being thrown about. I just wish that people that don’t know anything about magick would stop throwing that term around without first doing a little bit of research. Crowley was a chaos magician? Hmmm….

Normally really great stuff, but this show is a miss. Oh well, just have to wait for th next one 🙂

For the real deal, go here:


I didn’t want this episode to end. Very fascinating!
I did want to add that Trent Reznor/Nine Inch Nails sent packages to fans who ordered deluxe edition album,that contained “messy black powder”.
Also, I remember Eminem traveling with a body double who they even had a funny name for. I can’t recall what it was. So I’m sure that most of these highly famous artists do the same.


As a lifelong fan of Black Sabbath, I’m always curious about their ties, considering they (?) single-handedly created an entire genre. Never did hear anything spooky about them. I always found their origin stories very brief and trite, though.


Listening to this episode bit by bit like a good wine (or toking like a nice j). Thank you both!

I dabble in making house music and I would love to get connected with Mark to discuss the possibility of using this powerful tool for hopefully better messages and better states of mind.


Hey Greg,

Thanks for your preface to this show. I appreciate that you’re not going to fight Google over the censorship of Public Mass Shooting Investigations. It’s getting ugly out there. SandyHook, Paddock, and Parkland are so plainly theater it hurts. Part of me feels like Parkland was/is their hail mary, and whatever is coming next is around the corner. At least its a good time to find the path of least resistance. You tweeted a while ago about pressing records of shows. Maybe the shows that get booted from YT are the ones you press to vinyl, as a passive protest and a way to preserve them for posterity.

I don’t have to get too far into this episode to feel pretty heavy disgust and frustration as a result of Mark Devlin’s lumpy analysis.

He seems to have a family tree of culture in his head stuck on the refrain, “x begets, z; z begets y; and on and on” and let the syllogisms and insinuations roll, baby, roll. And I get it, Brown Brother’s Harriman begat the CIA; the CIA begat the LSD craze; the LSD craze begat the Grateful Dead; and the Grateful Dead begat my Hippy Teenage social milieu; Egro, for 10 years of my life, I was a controlled product of the Elite Banking and Oil Oligopoly that run the operative empire and aspire to global domination.

I mean, that’s cute. But it misses the fucking script. It looses all content, all internal struggle, all of the actual phenomena of what happened, how and why. You know, there’s a reason why the CIA still actively engages in monitoring and likely influencing the sub-culture grown up around LSD and similar substances. It’s because it remains a very illusive foe to the CIA and its clients. People who learn to see the world with the benefit of entheogenic experience, no longer suffer bullshit so easily, they have an internal strength (when they do it right) and they begin to see through the veils that have been constructed around them. They turn the acts of poetry and meditation into the most inscrutable, unmanageable, uncontrollable personal and political acts of resistance, that cannot be goaded into violence. They impart the power of your dreams. They reveal the freedom to think what you damned well please. That can be a dangerous commodity in the eyes of people who’s dominance relies on your predictability and malleability. And I’m not even talking about the Illuminati or the FED or even the CIA. I’m talking about Time Warner Cable. Or your nice everyday mortgage broker. That’s the shape of the Leviathan, man.

So here’s my challenge for Mark Devlin, for his next book: Rather than casting about for the Nefarious Imperial Archons that MIGHT lurk behind the guises of our culture’s faire angels and feinting daemons, attempt to identify personae in our midst who successfully have evaded detection, the folk-heroes who lie latent beneath the surface, the artists who made their lives a struggle to actually resist the control and influence that you see so neatly packed in the branches of your cultural family tree. There’s no doubt, in the end, most of them succumb, though not all. But if we’re going to make it out of this stupid ugly mess, we need to find the role models among the artists who are worthy of emulation, and who’s song can keep our spirit as we endure and await the next traumatic unveiling. Ya know, man?

It’s, like, as simple as this man:
Some artists serve the Goddess and some artists serve Caesar;
They are all concerned with harnessing the zeitgeist, manipulating the same symbols, divining by astrology, capturing your imaginations and thoughts for something like a dream or a melody that gets stuck in your head.
But they do it with two wholly different goals in mind.
The first seek your liberation; the second your enslavement.

So, Mr. Devlin, sincerely, please, take a moment to figure our who’s lighting the good path so we can avoid all the shit you’re pointing out down the bad path. I’m sure you’ll be surprised and delighted to find that many artists who’ve caught your dark light, might also show up in the lighter spectrum, even more brilliant than you could have imagined.

(You are entirely correct, however, about EDM. It truly does suck; you’re absolutely correct about that. That art serves Caesar like a Triple Aspartame-infused, Monsanto-brand Soymilk Enema w/ an MMR Vaccine chaser. Fuck that noise.)

I’ll even give you a totally profane example to start with.
StrangerThings, Season 1 was an attempt by artists to serve the Goddess and reveal something empowering and enlightening to public audiences hungry for thoughtful contemplation; whereas Season 2 demonstrates a clear effort by the empire to gaslight your experience of Season 1 and subvert the same artists to change their allegiance to Caesar. Now go. It writes itself.


PS. I just finished the whole episode. I changed my mind. My assessment is that Mark Devlin is the British version of Jan Irivin. If they’re not paying him, they’re getting a great deal. He’s weaponizing any and all engagement in culture. And he’s the squarest robot I’ve ever heard discuss artistic symbolism. The specter of The Smiley Face is worthy of the Church Lady. Don’t listen to him. Buy his book for your grandmother so she can scare her pensioner friends at the bridge game. She may have fun sleuthing the modified limited hangouts strewn about his book.


such a great interview… so mu ch In fo… must list en seve ral ti mes! great j ob!


Omar Mateen, Pulse shooter was also on Deep Water Horizon too, no?


I’d love to see an episode on how much damage feminism is doing to our society, both men and women.


And I’d love to see an episode how patriarchy and capitalism mixed together helped foster the rise of feminism. Yeah, elites exploited the movement as a way to increase sales (gotta love the cigarettes industry approach), get more wage slave workers out in the workplace, and potentially atomize and shift the nature of the family unit, but the truth is much much more complicated than that. Maybe Angela Nagle (Kill All Normies) would be a good guest, though she may not be conspiratorial enough. The Right hates her, most of the left hates her. Maybe she would be a good guest.


Yes, Respekt!
It is fact that in Reggae music you really still have some real Artist’s, real instrument’s and real Word’s but I will not deny that some of them (Roots Reggae or Dancehall Artist) are corrupted by money or fame.
So I wonder how the whole Rastafara I lifestyle, movement get or is involved in all the scam if some of the really sing the gospel, flat earth, illuminati, free masons, banksters and all the other stuff.
Cause I think there are a lot of hidden truth and righteousness in the Music of the Allmighty!

Much love bredrin’s and sistren’s

Greetings from Germany


I went to youtube because the site is down again…


I call BS on this one. Nothing new. Theory, theory, vague fact, theory. Not a fan of this dude. ;[[

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