Join Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats podcast as he welcomes back Mark Devlin, author of the massive all-encompassing bible on the crossroads of conspiracy and pop culture, his excellent work, Musical Truth. With several unexplored rabbit holes in this realm left over from his first appearance, Mark returns to pick up where he left off as we explore military intelligence Musical roots and Hollywood’s elite.

It’s no secret that most major industries that play a role in society serve some purpose for the string pullers:

The energy realm carefully keeps us on the resources that turn a profit, the education system is artfully crafted to keep most people at a level of mediocrity, and the entertainment world keeps us thoroughly distracted from reclaiming our own reality.

These are simply the tip of the iceberg, and many of these slices can be broken down even further.But as we’ve discovered, few get quite as weird and deep as the realm of Hollywoods elite and the music industry. With topics ranging from sacrifice and sorcery to psychedelics and Psy-ops, It’s a true cornucopia of conspiracy goodness ripe for the plundering.

1:50 Last time Greg and Mark Devlin talked about how the music industry is used for control of both the artists and the audience. Listen as Mark expands on the origins of this manipulation and who the characters are behind it and whether the music industry is as organic as presented, or if it is a military intelligence think-tank operation from the ground up. Listen as Mark describes how powerful influencers such as the Tavistock Institute, Cambridge University, and Harvard, just to name a few, seem to have a stranglehold on all elements of culture and employ the weapons of culture creation. Mark also helps to clarify the role of the lifetime actor by chronicling examples such as Barack Obama, Bono, Bob Geldof.
8:15 Segueing from the false savior motif to continue with the theory of lifetime actors, Greg and Mark press deeper into the bloodlines of the Hollywood elite hypocrites, from Brad Pitt’s relation to Barack Obama, all the way to Madonna, Britney Spears, and Hillary Clinton. Listen as Mark explains the arrangements and marriages made between these prominent lifetime actors and how they are used to further the elite’s agenda.
13:30 By following the genealogy of some of these elite lifetime actors, we begin to see that many have ties to the Jewish heritage. Mark details what are known as crypto-Jews, or those whose public personas have disguised their Jewish heritage by anglicizing their names such as the infamous Bob Marley.
16:15 Disney may not really be the happiest place on Earth. Listen as Greg and Mark examine the deeply Satanic roots of Disney’ s nefarious machine. Armed with examples such as Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus, Mark walks us through the typical tactics used by Disney like disarming parents and eventually evolving into something much more sinister. Another interesting example involving this clear switch in personas can be seen in the Beatles in 1966 when a poignant transformation begins. Listen as Mark widens our understanding of the Beatles’ impact by explaining their crucial role in social engineering during the turbulent times of the sixties.
26:00 Listen as Mark explains how many cultural icons of the hallucinogenic and psychedelic movement of the sixties such as Terence McKenna and Dr. Timothy Leary, were also controlled assets of the state with links to military intelligence, specifically the CIA. Tied into the world of military intelligence is the dark occult, Satanism and Luciferianism rituals and the secrets they keep about the nature of reality, how to manipulate energy and how the human psyche works.
30:42 Greg and Mark revisit the work of Dave McGowan and examine Jim Morrison’s father’s military ties to the Gulf of Tonkin incident. They also discuss the British musician Cliff Richard, his association to the Kray twins, his father’s employment for Thorn EMI, and their involvement in military defense research.
37:00 Greg and Mark discuss the elements that comprise hip-hop and what their modern interpretations of ancient cultural practice look like today. As Mark details the bastardization of hip-hop music he leads us to understand Jay Z’s role as head of this culture and his influence over social agendas. Co-opted by the royal couple Jay-Z and Beyonce, hip-hop’s message has shifted to one of a darker imagery and violence.
46:00 Mark continues to demonstrate through example, for example, the appearance of violence throughout hip-hop videos. This depiction of violence coupled with race baiting in the news, Mark contends is helping to exacerbate racial tensions and fan the flames of the Black Lives Matter movement.
51:20 Greg and Mark investigate the music industry’s role in normalizing the trans-humanism agenda. Mark elaborates on the saturation of auto-tunes in music and how this helps further trans-humanism by subliminally incorporating electronics into everyday ways of doing things such as speaking or singing.
58:00 Listen as Greg and Mark revisit the 90’s hip-hop transformation into gangster rap, and examine this parallel along with the glorification of gangsters, the prison industrial complex and the war on drugs as one the most obvious manipulations to date.
1:05:10 Similar to the influence of gangster rap in the 1990s, artists of the 1960s glorified the use of drugs such as LSD. Listen as Mark outlines the progression of LSD from it’s inception by the CIA to tales surrounding frequent users such as Paul McCartney.
1:08:20 Listen as Mark describes the interesting parallels between what was going on in the late 1960s with what happened in the UK in the late 1980s. Referred to as the “Second Summer of Love”, this revolution of the dance music scene gave the UK the birth of rave culture and the rise of Ecstasy.
 1:14:12 Moving onto another hot topic, Greg and Mark talk about Prince. With rumors circulating about the suspicious circumstances surrounding his death, Mark breaks down what possibilities he thinks could be behind this mystery. Listen as Mark details the symbolism surrounding Prince’s death and its connection to the ritualistic ways the elite tend to make blood sacrifices.
 1:31:50 In one official police report released detailing a walk through of Michael Jackson’s infamous Neverland Ranch, the public learned of his collection of little boy mannequins, pictures of mutilated animals and a hidden bedroom. Listen as Mark and Greg discuss the circumstances that may have contributed to Michael’s rise to fame and consequent bizarre behavior.
1:42:30 A Vigilante Citizen piece proposes the idea that “the Neverland Ranch was more than just a creepy den for Michael Jackson, it was an elite-owned programming site.” Join Greg and Mark as they analyze what is known as Peter Pan programming.
1:47:00 Blood sacrifices made in search of fame appear to be more commonplace than meets the eye. Mark contends this is a facility that is reserved for those that don’t come from elite bloodlines and families.
1:52:50 As things begin to wind down, listen and Greg and Mark discuss the landscape of the music and entertainment industry going forward.

Want more Mark Devlin? Check out his book Musical Truth on Amazon in hardcover, paperback, and Kindle. You can also email Mark at and arrange for the purchase of an autographed copy. You can see his upcoming talk here, or listen to his conscious music podcast. Sounds of Freedom.

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